Pink Floyd / Santa Monica October 1970 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Santa Monica October 1970 / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, USA 23rd October 1970 .


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This weekend, tremendous best new title appeared to Sigma! Album If me “Atom Heart Mother” was released in conjunction about 1 month Santa Monica performance of the last day, October 23 monthly was done in 1970 the Second North American tour … and of, fan anymore your familiar to would performances. After all the early 1970s, to was probably Floyd’s first boot leg LP board “LIVE (TMOQ 2804)” familiar with such as exiting from TMOQ, another of the same day source also from its TMOQ use source from our Sigma you use the “CREATURES OF THE DEEP (Sigma 39)” is released in 2009, it has been popular long. However, this “CREATURES OF T
HE DEEP (you have ※ later “Sunde-hatsu-ban”) source that was used on the disk 1 and 2 “is sometimes missing or partial tape degradation of” the sun Hymn “, the processing of cut-and-insert has been found here and there, It was excellent in Zunuke is in the title of this day was out at that time, was also not deny honestly that there was a sweetness of nails. Then as the Sigma has also caught this matter, and I had continued to wish the new standard of the day … and the source different from the source of TMOQ board used, but this month, its outstanding board to at finally 6 New Year’s Eve and we were successful in the best tape of availability that has been produced in reel master of the 1st reel-to-reel from Gen using. And degradation and is a translation that you listen in the label the sound completely free but …. it will good if you tell if the time of excitement. After all it was happened to be there, boot addict Everyone label staff = Floyd is astounded that are no longer surprised at the things of another easy matter, in recent years rarely seen impress you with was it because I was a super superb sound!

This sound should be called Pandora’s box had been sealed exactly 45 years, the overwhelming closeness and clarity sense of performance sound, extremely high transparency, rich texture of sound and surprisingly collapse and distortion by the wide dynamic range of the width, In and blur without any heroes sound image, it’s a tremendous master sound also said extremity of correctly audience recording. Of course, was also missing in the source of its outstanding use “sun Hymn”, is present in a perfect figure to the position should be, besides big feature that state before curtain are also much longer recording than its outstanding it has become. In addition localization of sound left channel was slightly rightward to Oshidama~tsu in already Hatsu-ban source has also been firmly fixed from the original to the center (※ This is the perfect course to the end) does not miss the point. Even places that dabble because it is a too perfect sound image without, we have tried to re-mastered with the latest equipment, do not do other than the adjustment to the very slight noise removal to the extent that does not affect the original sound once. Honestly this is the other upper panel with another dimension of music experience rather than, it is not an exaggeration to say that 45 years ago the venue of excitement can be directly experience, it is has become an ultra-class outstanding title !!

First, it is the opening, but its outstanding panel includes about about 46 seconds state before the performance starts, including the sound check of Me light was accrued, already Advantages exists from the disk start. “Astronomy Domine” starts and jumps to bold low center of gravity rhythm, music is at once open (or release), but then suddenly the surprise to be burst, is not or collapse completely or cloudy in strong sound, of course, amazing It will be stunned to play sound close to appear. Kyokuso there is static clef overwhelming transparency even from the once quiet 4 minutes and 29 seconds, I think notice clearly that this is a sound experience of a different dimension to the sound of the sound is far its outstanding was turbidity feeling. Singing melody reminiscent of a curvaceous such will melt in the “Green Is The Colour” is, will captivate those who listen exit at overwhelming closeness and transparency. When the back playing starts moving it is to become more dense, and rich sound, but with its outstanding panel this scene it should sound is surprised only in the upper feeling was hot things somewhat listen cloudy. “Eugene, Watch out for ax” in you Yuke change of tone throughout drifting in the song is chasing to perfect. Yowane representation also will be like can feel to the place fine expression of the song for track the process by your perfectly, charm of sound rich between the lines leading to the termination and musical convergence after Screaming also will you are able to fully enjoy. “Fat Old Sun” is, its outstanding board in exactly the bleeding thing, not here the base and Tam of movement that was subducting is, on the contrary I think that become noticed to the fact that sound is produced floating clean. Singing voice is also very close, is another dimension as ever even goodness of gloss and the outlook of the entire performance sound. This will be like slow tempo peculiar uplifting feeling is felt even up close, dexterity to restart the theme melody from during the rest to the way and the songs sound I think that can be seen in more definite response. “The sun Hymn” is in the unreleased songs that were missing in the source that was used to Sunde-hatsu-ban “CREATURES OF THE DEEP”, is the time that first appearance. Beat sounds of introduction (the gong or crash cymbals have hit it with a mallet?) Spread astounding sound image is at once from crescendo effect of, once in the middle of the sound collage to turn off the rhythm and sound is its outstanding board of each instrument enough to not be compared sharply it has clearly jumped. Also playing here or bass and guitar is not a performance that hook, also rapid and distinctive place where rhythm advance a fixed form is violently transformation (3 minutes and 50 seconds to), so-many far from listening in the playing surface or else it would be attractive. “Cymbaline” is jumping in the sound singing voice of rhythm and strong Gilmore that sense of weight has been honed a regal, even the sense of urgency has been transmitted to the real opening and closing of the scene in the middle of footsteps and doors. These scenes and sound
To connect them easier, ie surprise and fun of articulation accompanied by visual and hearing here have come up with the highest value.

“Mystery” is also a song that can enjoy the remarkable upper sense. The spread rose of avant-garde piano chords and melody to deploy to the middle, heinous guitar feedback effect, is loud, such as sounds flashy beat of drums and gongs to be repeated like a spell, without or crushed or cloudy, respectively none will come out with a sharp sound that core. If you enter a sudden loud and limitations more volume as of this song, usually it is something distorted the waveform to saturation level but, but this ’45 before the master sound even without sound the slightest shake is strong “and standing” weaving, range acceptable range of recorded reel tape has also become a scene that tells strongly what was how deep ones. Of course it is derived from the organ music is come out with a glossy tone musical tone of each also late towards the heavens there is dignity, this the figure decoration of sound full of inspiration is slide into Ascension become every single innocent prayer I should have thought to see in the sound. And it is led to the “Atom Heart Mother” orchestral version of the other, in the existing audience recording this is let’s thank clearly the most sound is good. Sound output of the mixed chorus and brass corps also is also good fusion sense of clear and band sound, you have to fruition at a much higher dimension than the dark concerted dialogue of their density is orchestral version which the title of the recording that listen to this I. There are also discovered in that the sound quality has been greatly improved, for example, in a scene in which the slide guitar that had been singing as sew the sound of the orchestra disappearing (6 minutes 03 seconds to 09 seconds ※), faint sound of vanish verge until it has heard the Katsuaki, this is the scene that I did not know most of the is far blurred sound in the same scene of Sunde-hatsu-ban. The scene Kyokuso comes to sound collage disappears (~ near ※ 18 minutes 47 seconds) is also, in its outstanding panel or reminded that the guitar playing of Gilmore not there originally had been inserted (※ Sunde-hatsu-ban 17 minute equivalent to 25 seconds near to 18 minutes 34 seconds), No oriental string of melody that besides coming out in 22 minutes 00 seconds to 12 seconds Hunt is clearly melody far turbid sound in its outstanding but was, this time, such as Yukeru is chasing clearly to sound every single chord, you have the care that scene for a variety of things are scattered many. “Interstellar Overdrive”, I’d be astounded to thick dense sound from 3 minutes 01 seconds to start moving playing is guided to slender guitar. This can be seen from the comparison of this sound output day has become a representation of strength has been taken widely, but it is interesting place also’re out sharply rapid DRIVE sense of ensemble at the same time. Performance of boned is distort the fairly dust and facial expressions that come in invaded, unpredictably how the slide into transformation enjoyed the spectacular point-blank range, high-resolution sound Please try your pleasure.

Even so What is the upper version? Depending on the degree and human sensibility of that has been in contact with the boot leg I think it can be a variety of interpretations, but those of Sigma is it believes “to reduce the abstraction coming from the sound quality of the poor, the sound image more bring concreteness”. Here it is properly what is to, on the contrary its definition even have jammed another dimension of musical experience that goes beyond lightly. Whether, please contact Kokoroshite to this sound. That sound image that had Mishi~tsu is overwritten with the surprise of the sound, you should feel clearly that the real melody Floyd of that time had been shot is shining here in the pure beauty. An abstract of what fullness of sound of all this fresh sound was waste, are those that in ’45 before the reverberation of the Civic Auditorium venue that was present in the evening = Echoes, and 45-year-old Floyd continue to prominence we thought I would say a real response that arrives.

Weekend this work of the Sigma number one title of the first half of the year can be said that almost certainly is now, we appeared awaited with Limited numbering, Stickers and beautiful picture disc specification. Please spend a great trembling out weekend in the longest version, superb sound quality of excitement and excitement by the 1st generator that had continued sleeping 45 years !!



今週末、とてつもない極上新タイトルがSigmaに登場します!アルバム『原子心母』のリリースに合わせ約1ヶ月間行われた1970年第2次北米ツアーの最終日・10月23日のサンタモニカ公演…とくれば、ファンにはもう御馴染みの公演でしょう。何と言っても1970年代初頭、TMOQから出た恐らくフロイド初のブートレッグLP盤『LIVE (TMOQ 2804)』等でお馴染みでしたし、当SigmaからもそのTMOQ使用ソースとは別の同日ソースを使用した『CREATURES OF THE DEEP (Sigma 39)』を2009年にリリースし、長く親しまれてきました。しかしこの『CREATURES OF T
HE DEEP (※以降” 既発盤 “とします)』のディスク1と2に使用したソースは「太陽讃歌」の欠落や部分的なテープ劣化、カット&インサートの処理が散見された事もあり、当時出ていたこの日のタイトルの中では図抜けて秀逸でしたが、詰めの甘さがあった事も正直否めませんでした。Sigmaとしてはその後もこの件が引っ掛かっており、TMOQ盤使用のソースとは違うソースでこの日の新定番を…と願い続けていたのですが、今月、遂に6年越しで既発盤に使用したリール・マスターの1st Genからリール・トゥ・リールで作製された極上テープの入手に成功したのです。そして劣化が全く無いそのサウンドをレーベル内で試聴した訳ですが….その時の興奮をどうお伝えしたら良いのでしょう。何しろそこに居合わせた、もう並大抵のモノでは驚かなくなっているレーベルスタッフ=フロイドのブート中毒者一同が仰天する、近年稀に見る感動を伴った超極上サウンドだったのですから!


まずオープニングですが、既発盤には未収だった軽めのサウンドチェックを含む演奏開始前の様子が約46秒ほど含まれており、ディスク・スタートから既にアドヴァンテージが存在しています。「Astronomy Domine」が始まると重心の低いリズムが大胆に跳ね上がり、音楽が一気に開放(或いは、解放)される驚きがいきなり炸裂しますが、強い音でも全く濁ったり潰れたりしないのは勿論、驚くほど間近に現れる演奏音に唖然とされるでしょう。曲想が一旦静まる4分29秒からの静音部でも圧倒的な透明度があり、音が遠く濁り気味だった既発のサウンドとは別次元のサウンド体験である事にハッキリ気付かれると思います。「Green Is The Colour」では蕩けるような曲線美を思わせる歌唱旋律が、圧倒的な近さと透明度で出て聴く者を魅了します。バックの演奏が動き出すと更に濃密でリッチなサウンドになるのですが、既発盤でのこのシーンは音が混濁してやや聴き辛いものだっただけにそのアッパー感に驚かれる筈です。「ユージン、斧に気をつけろ」では曲中で終始漂う音色の変化がパーフェクトに追ってゆけます。弱音表現も完璧に追えるため曲の表情が微細なところまで感じ取れる様になり、スクリーミング後の音楽的収束と終息に至る響き豊かな行間の魅力も存分に堪能して戴けるでしょう。「Fat Old Sun」は、既発盤では沈み込んでいたベースとタムの動きがここでは全く滲む事無く、それどころか綺麗に浮いて音が出ている事にお気付きになると思います。歌声も非常に近く、演奏音全体の艶と見通しの良さもこれまでとは別次元です。これによってスローテンポ特有の躍動感が一層間近に感じられる様になり、音の休ませ方と曲中から主題旋律を再起動させる巧みさが更に確かな手応えで理解出来ると思います。「太陽讃歌」は既発盤『CREATURES OF THE DEEP』に使用したソースでは抜け落ちていた未収録曲で、今回が初登場です。導入の打ち鳴らし(銅鑼かクラッシュ・シンバルをマレットで叩いている?)によるクレッシェンド効果から驚異的な音像が一気に広がり、一旦リズムを消す中盤のサウンド・コラージュでも各楽器の音が既発盤とは比べ物にならないほど鋭く明瞭に飛び出してきます。またここでの演奏はベースとギターがフックのあるパフォーマンスをしていたり、定型で進むリズムが激しく変容する箇所も急速で特徴的(3分50秒~)なので、演奏面での聴きどころの多さも魅力でしょう。「Cymbaline」は重量感のあるリズムと力強いギルモアの歌声が豪奢で研ぎ澄まされたサウンドで飛び出し、中盤の足音とドアの開け閉めのシーンもその緊迫感がリアルに伝わってきます。こうしたシーンと音

「神秘」もまた目覚しいアッパー感が堪能出来る一曲です。中盤まで展開する前衛的なピアノの和音と旋律のばら撒き、凶悪なギターのフィードバック効果、呪文の様に繰り返されるドラムや銅鑼の派手な打ち鳴らし等の強音が、それぞれ濁ったり潰れたりせずどれも芯のある鋭い音で出てきます。この曲の様に突発的な強音や限界以上の音量を入力した場合、通常はレベルが飽和して波形が歪むものなのですが、でもこの45年前のマスターサウンドは微塵のブレも無く音が力強く” 立って “おり、録音されたリールテープのレンジ許容域がどれほど深いものであったかを強く物語るシーンともなっています。勿論オルガンから導かれて音楽が天上へ向かう終盤もそれぞれの楽音が品格ある艶やかな音色で出ていて、霊感に充ちた音の装飾がひとつひとつ無垢な祈りとなって昇天してゆく姿をこの音の中に視る思いがする筈です。そして管弦楽版の「Atom Heart Mother」に至ってはもう、現存するオーディエンス録音の中ではこれが最も音が良いとハッキリ申し上げましょう。混声合唱やブラス隊の出音も明瞭でバンド音との融合感も良く、それらの密度の濃い協奏的対話がこれまで聴けた管弦楽版収録のどのタイトルよりも遥かに高い次元で結実しているのです。また音質が格段に向上したことで発見もあり、例えば管弦楽の音を縫う様に歌っていたスライド・ギターが消えてゆくシーン(※6分03秒~09秒)では、消え入る寸前の微弱な音まで克明に聞こえており、これは既発盤の同シーンでは音が遠く不鮮明で殆ど分からなかったシーンです。また曲想が消えてサウンドコラージュのようになるシーン(※18分47秒付近~)も、既発盤では本来そこに無いギルモアのギタープレイが挿入されていた事に気付かされたり(※既発盤17分25秒付近~18分34秒に相当)、他にも22分00秒~12秒で出てくる東洋的な弦の旋律は既発では音が混濁してここまでくっきり旋律が追えませんでしたが、今回はひとつひとつの弦の響きまで鮮明に追ってゆけるなど、様々な事に気付けるシーンが多く散見されるのです。「Interstellar Overdrive」は、か細いギターに導かれて演奏が動き出す3分01秒からの分厚い濃密なサウンドに仰天されると思います。この出音の対比からも分かる様にこの日は強弱が幅広く取られた表現となっていますが、同時にアンサンブルに鋭く急速なドライヴ感が出ているのも興味深いところです。攻め込んでくる骨太の演奏がじんわりと表情を歪ませ、予測不能に変容してゆく様子を圧巻の至近距離・高解像サウンドで存分にお愉しみ下さい。

それにしてもアッパー版とは何でしょう? ブートレッグに接してきた度合いや人の感性によってそれは様々な解釈が出来ると思いますが、当Sigmaはそれを” 音質の悪さから来る抽象性を減じ、より具体性をもたらす音像 “と考えます。ここにあるものが正しくそれですし、それどころかその定義すら軽く超えた別次元の音楽体験が詰まっています。どうか、心してこのサウンドに接して下さい。見知っていたあの音像が驚きのサウンドで上書きされ、あの当時のフロイドが放っていた本物の旋律が純粋な美しさでここに輝いている事をハッキリ感じ取る筈です。抽象性を全て廃したこの生々しい音の響きの充満こそ、45年前の夜に存在したシビック・オーディトリウム会場の残響=Echoesそのものであり、そして我々が想いを馳せ続ける45年前のフロイドから届いた本物の応答と言えるでしょう。


Disc 1(65:47)
1. Introduction 2. Astronomy Domine 3. Green Is The Colour 4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
5. Fat Old Sun 6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 7. Cymbaline

Disc 2(71:50)
1. A Saucerful Of Secrets 2. Roger Introduction 3. Atom Heart Mother (with orchestra and choir)
4. Interstellar Overdrive

Sigma 130

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