Pink Floyd / In Concert Delicate Sound Of Thunder Japanese Laser Disc Edition / 1DVD

Pink Floyd / In Concert Delicate Sound Of Thunder Japanese Laser Disc Edition / 1DVD / PF

Translated Text:
Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, USA 19th-23rd August 1988. Pro-Shot



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Released last week, the overwhelmingly was revived in excellent sound quality “NASSAU COLISEUM 1988 (Sigma 120)” or would have Itadakemashita another charm you? Only in title only outflow sound board sound source ’88 has been brushed up, it was a very “light – Perfect Live! / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER” hand vividly to realize can title the original form that has not been added to the I think. But would not stay Forgot that there was a video version of the title by the former video and laser disc in this live. Decision now is what weekend it was revived been subjected to digital remastering using its “light – Perfect Live! / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER” latest equipment 2015 official video of, emergency stock as a press machine from overseas we have been!

For some reason, or any reason is unknown, but this video version of “DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER” has not been officially on DVD, the current DVD is bad boot leg made of Brazil is in circulation in such a form of half-official the reality is there. It is not very amusing to quality manner, or with Chira tracking noise from beginning to end, for example at the bottom of the screen, originally 4: have come up with distortion in the video due that stretched to 9 wide screen of: assertive the screen size of 3 16 is settlement. However, the present work, which appeared from this time abroad using basic video specs are higher was a Japanese board laser disc Original Release of (※ product number 42LP136 / reflection plate corrosion degradation and those vans wound is absolutely no mint state of) , absolutely no those negative factors in that it has sought to further improve the image quality and sound with the latest equipment, we have achieved the highest ever finish. Speaking to have excellent laser disk to save the state turned into it and brush up DVD title, Whitesnake, which is acclaimed to fans and professional journals are released from our shop last year “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN: 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION” and, Asia 83 years Budokan performances digitally recorded in ultra-high-quality “ASIA IN ASIA: DEFINITIVE AUDIENCE MASTERS (Virtuoso 170/171/172/173/174)”, etc. will also be home those who vividly feelings cause. This work was the tradition flow has become a thing that said that the third installment of the brush up the video title, revived in modern times the unparalleled quality that Japan version LD had at the time in the best shape, decisive video edition “light – Perfect Live! / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER” and I turned to that!

When you press the start button while projected is purple of the laser beam, blue mist in wrapped in the venue, followed by the appearance of a myriad of lighting to illuminate it for a while like a revolving lantern, but this is introduced into good and sharp sharpness of the color and will have watched from the department. With there tend Chira in LD that was degraded by corrosion of the reflection film, or the like to also do not have any, is nothing of course tracking noise. And then you think and soon to to become your notice that guitar sound output of “Shine On You …” is coming out with a sound that core sharp Komu stabbed in the chest, already both image quality and sound quality at this point in you I think you are able to realize that it has become a quality that surpassed the old video version · LD board. Will appear in the “Learning To Fly” Gilmore and state of Renwick also vivid image to take a lead playing the rhythm guitar in, but again your in beautiful video that revived the two musical dialogue that twist Adorivu of guitar if confirmed appreciated, there is no difference to the new perspectives and perceptions for this performance. “Sorrow” in but how the whole stage is multifaceted projected by a multi-camera, this video is at strategic points while change is viewpoint constantly so chasing the progress of the music with a focus on the instrument, the person just to have, did not cut convey the charm of playing properly in earlier video that was slightly hazy far. But in this film grade rose of the video you will you are able to realize that the discovery obtained from such visual surface was asleep still many. “The Dogs Of War” is also attention to the song by part of the guitar has increased has become more extensive content, but feverish dialogue with guitar in the middle of Scott plays sax and Gilmore is more than a resolution to this Please noted that come out from the screen at a high vivid image. “♪ You can knock at any door,” then you looming hot than ever scene that hit the microphone 6 times to suit Gilmore to the rhythm part of, clearly at a considerable frequency female chorus of 3 people in the middle it also does not miss it reflected in. Among them, because the beauty of Rachel Fury has been recorded in the past best colorful beautiful image quality, this let’s say check required even invoke besides what if her fans.

Tell the start of the second half of the show “One Of These Days” is Gilmore’s face and fingers of facial expressions strum the steel guitar, pigs fly through the air, enthusiasm to the audience, such as a variety of light circular screen to continue issues throughout a bunch of, Floyd at the time playing force some of the thickness revived in course of that skilled crew and stage designer trick of lighting by even more of sharpness. The caster part “On The Run” is slammed into how, it at the same time as the finale stage flying overhead in silhouette, such as Police spinner and bed are, ie, “Icarus” is the movie “Blade Runner”, which became a grip tire spectacular sight of explosion is to appear in front of you in the past best powerful beautiful image quality Te, “the Great Gig In The Sky” in Durga Rachel led, Margaret our stunning volume of voice and good looks are brushed up appropriate to say that the video was to have revived in the beautiful video. Also as you know this playing June 21 88 France did in (※ or22 days) Although those in the previous Versailles has been edited part, impressive sight of how and fireworks of outdoor stage distant view it has been revived as also beauteous neat video, Isham director will Yuki decorate the girls mouth casually of close-up the write fetish viewpoint video also vivid color screen. On the other hand, “Us And Them” is I take it finely while gluten playing landscape in the middle of the sax solo and back, possible and musical diversity of lineup at the time again when in contact with them in this picture quality that was revived in vivid colors and then you think to be reminded to gender, will raise the voice of admiration in that it appears none classic “Comfortably Numb” in each scene with lots of short-range-medium-range to move changes the point of view one after another is in the best image quality. Rick to support the back chorus also is attractive that reflected clearly. Also you reflected a state here playing the black headless guitar rather than the Scott sax, but with its distinctive thick sound that can be obtained by resonance of the head is gone, how the cry of guitar Gilmore is entangled Please check therefore certainly also comes out with excellent sound image that has been brushed up. Improvement of these quality surface to be seen also in the “Run Like Hell” Monogaa
Ri, I’m revived here singing part of Guy Brad emanating from the right channel and in the sharp sound and video dialogue with the singing part of Gilmore emanating from the left channel is full of a sense of stereo,. Also and how the flashing retractable retractable light hurriedly at stage front, last so appears at hand in the past the best picture quality and sound quality around the circular screen, which is also powerful manner in which bursts all at once, tied eyes to the show it is a guarantee that there is no.

As you know this live video has been configured by selecting the ones best from live that made five consecutive days in the United States Nassau Coliseum on August 19 to 23, 1988. This video was created by Wayne Isham coach has become a thing that was intensive cross fade to show slow motion and soft focus, and at the same time while overlapping multiple scene translucent but, at the time such video effect of Floyd of stage There was also a voice that they’ve killed the appeal to reverse. But who is actually experience seeing Floyd live of, even try to play it, no matter how expensive 5.1ch audio, and even trying to just how good the video shooting, the body mid in the flood of light and sound Ano scene full of tension enough to rigor, what not than you started known in the skin feeling that it’s almost impossible to be to reproduce in a flat image. It is the same as our shop, you do not say it with such taste the same force and live at that time in the place that you brush up the good Japanese board laser disc of much quality. However, this video is the first place rather than a real documentary of such live performance, essentially because the Floyd live is what fabricated to easily Enlightenment for at home, by raising the quality of video and audio in the modern state-of-the-art it is should be possible to increase the “pleasure of as a work”. Then you might aim also at the bottom of this work, in fact this video work is to captivate a person to watch in Imagi native enough to too sufficient even if the current appreciation of the 21st century, Floyd expression that was integrated audience and stage = people and music of the show business how I am beautifully conveyed in shooting methodology of ’88 at that time. That’s why, it is I want I have you experience the discovery and excitement that can be felt in that has been brushed up on this occasion. Best And then at present latest video version of “DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER”, now please please please expect a stock weekend!


先々週にリリースされ、その圧倒的に秀逸な音質で甦った『NASSAU COLISEUM 1988 (Sigma 120)』はもうお愉しみ戴けましたでしょうか?88年唯一の流出サウンドボード音源がブラッシュアップされたタイトルだけに、それはまさしく『光~パーフェクト・ライブ! / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER』の手を加えられていない本来の姿を生々しく実感出来るタイトルだったと思います。しかしこのライブにはかつてビデオとレーザーディスクによる映像版タイトルがあった事をお忘れの方は居ないでしょう。今週末はその『光~パーフェクト・ライブ! / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER』の公式映像が2015年最新機材を用いたデジタル・リマスタリングを施されて甦ったものが、海外よりプレス盤として緊急入荷が決定致しました!

何故か、いかなる理由かは不明ですがこの映像版『DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER』は公式にDVD化されておらず、現行のDVDはブラジル製の粗悪なブートレッグがハーフオフィシャルの様な形で流通しているのが現状です。それはクオリティ的にもお粗末なもので、例えば画面下にトラッキングノイズが終始チラついたり、元々4:3の画面サイズを強引に16:9のワイド画面に引き伸ばしているせいで映像に歪みが出ている始末です。しかし今回海外から登場した本作は基本的な映像スペックが高かった日本盤レーザーディスクのオリジナル盤(※製品番号 42LP136 / 反射板の腐食劣化や盤の傷が一切無いmint状態のもの)を使用し、最新機材で画質と音声の更なる向上を図ったことでそれらのマイナス要因が全く無い、過去最高の仕上がりを実現しています。保存状態に優れたレーザーディスクをブラッシュアップしDVD化したタイトルと言えば、去年当店よりリリースされファンと専門誌に絶賛されたホワイトスネイクの『SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN: 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION』や、エイジア83年の武道館公演を超高画質でデジタル収録した『ASIA IN ASIA: DEFINITIVE AUDIENCE MASTERS (Virtuoso 170/171/172/173/174)』等を鮮やかに想い起こされる方も居られるでしょう。本作はその流れを汲むブラッシュアップ映像タイトルの第3弾と言えるものとなっており、当時の日本版LDが持っていた比類なき品質を現代に最高の形で甦らせた、決定的な映像版『光~パーフェクト・ライブ! / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER』となっているのです!

スタートボタンを押すと暫く映し出される紫のレーザー光線、青い霧に包まれた会場内、それを照らす無数のライティングの様子が暫く走馬灯の様に続きますが、その発色の良さと鋭い鮮明度にこの導入部から見入ってしまうでしょう。反射膜の腐食で劣化したLDにありがちなチラ付き等も一切ありませんし、勿論トラッキングノイズも皆無です。程なくすると「Shine On You…」のギターの出音が胸に刺し込むほどシャープで芯のある音で出てくる事にお気付きになると思いますし、この時点で既に画質・音質の両方で旧ビデオ版・LD盤を凌駕したクオリティとなっている事を実感して戴けると思います。「Learning To Fly」でのリズムギターを弾くギルモアとリードを執るレンウィックの様子も鮮やかな映像で現れますが、ギターのアドリヴを効かせた2人の音楽的対話を甦った美麗映像で改めて御確認戴ければ、この演奏に対する視点と捉え方を新たにするに違いありません。「Sorrow」ではマルチカメラによってステージ全体の様子が多角的に映し出されますが、この映像は絶えずそうして視点が変わりながらも要所ではその楽器・その人物に焦点を当てて音楽の進行を追っているだけに、これまでの若干ぼんやりした旧映像では演奏の魅力がきちんと伝え切れていませんでした。しかし映像のグレードが上がった本作ではそうした視覚面から得られる発見がまだ多く眠っていた事を実感して戴けるでしょう。「The Dogs Of War」はギターのパートが増えたことで曲がより充実した内容になっているのも注目ですが、中盤のスコット奏でるサックスとギルモアのギターによる熱っぽい対話がこれまで以上に解像度の高い鮮やかな映像で画面からに出てくる点に御注目下さい。”♪ You can knock at any door,” の部分でギルモアがリズムに合わせてマイクを6回叩くシーンもこれまで以上に熱く迫ってきますし、中盤では3人の女性コーラス隊がかなりの頻度で鮮明に映る事も見逃せません。中でもレイチェル・フューリーの美貌が過去最高の色鮮やかな美麗画質で記録されていますので、これは彼女のファンなら何を差し置いても要チェックと言えましょう。

ショウ後半のスタートを告げる「One Of These Days」はスチールギターをかき鳴らすギルモアの顔と指の表情、空中を飛ぶ豚、熱狂する観客、多彩な光の束を終始発し続ける円形スクリーンなど、当時のフロイドの厚みのある演奏力は勿論のこと熟練したクルーとステージ・デザイナーによるライティングの技が一層の鮮明さで甦ります。「On The Run」ではキャスター部分がグリップタイヤになっているベッド、即ち”イカルス”が映画『ブレードランナー』のポリス・スピナーの様なシルエットで頭上を飛ぶ様子、終曲と同時にそれがステージに激突して爆発するスペクタクルな光景が過去最高の迫力ある美麗画質で目の前に現れますし、「The Great Gig In The Sky」ではレイチェルを筆頭にドゥルガ、マーガレット達の見事な声量と美貌がブラッシュアップされた映像と言うに相応しい美麗な映像で甦っています。また御存知の通りこの演奏は88年6月21日(※or22日)にやったフランスはヴェルサイユ宮殿前でのものが部分編集されていますが、屋外ステージの遠景の様子と花火という印象的な光景も麗しい端正な映像として甦っており、アイシャム監督が彼女達の口元をさりげなくクローズアップしたライト・フェティッシュな視点の映像も色鮮やかに画面を彩ってゆきます。一方「Us And Them」は中盤のサックスのソロやバックの演奏風景を流転させながら細かく撮っているので、色鮮やかに甦ったこの画質でそれらに接すると改めて当時の布陣の音楽的多様性と可能性に気付かされると思いますし、名曲「Comfortably Numb」では次々に視点が変わって移る近距離~中距離を多用した各シーンがどれも最良の画質で現れる事に感嘆の声を上げるでしょう。バックコーラスで支えるリックもくっきり映るのが魅力です。またここではスコットがサックスではなく黒のヘッドレス・ギターを弾いている様子が映りますが、ヘッドの共鳴が無くなった事で得られるその特徴的な太いサウンドと、ギルモアの泣きのギターが絡まる様子もブラッシュアップされた秀逸な音像で飛び出してくるので是非チェックしてみて下さい。こうした音質面の向上は「Run Like Hell」にも見るべきものがあ

御存知の通りこのライブ映像は1988年8月19日~23日に米国ナッソー・コロシアムで連続5日間行ったライブからベストなものを選んで構成されています。ウェイン・アイシャム監督によって創られたこの映像はスローモーションやソフトフォーカス、そして複数シーンを半透明に重ねながら同時に見せるクロスフェイドを多用したものとなっていますが、当時はそうした映像効果がフロイドのステージの魅力を逆に殺してしまっているという声もありました。しかしフロイドのライブを実際に御覧になった経験がある方は、あれをどんなに高価な5.1chオーディオで再生しようとも、そしてどれだけ優れたビデオシューティングをしようとも、光と音の洪水で身体が半ば硬直するほどの緊張感に溢れたあの光景を、平坦な映像で再現するのはまず不可能だという事を肌感覚で分かっていらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。それは当店としても同じであり、幾ら質の良い日本盤レーザーディスクをブラッシュアップしたところであの時のライブと同じ迫力が味わえるなどとは申しません。しかしこの映像はそもそもそうしたライブ・パフォーマンスのリアル・ドキュメンタリーではなく、あくまでもフロイドのライブを家庭で手軽に愉しむ為に製作されたものなのですから、映像と音声のクオリティを現代の最新技術で引き上げる事で” 作品としての愉しみ “を高める事は可能な筈です。本作の狙いもまたそこにありますし、実際この映像作品は21世紀の現在鑑賞しても充分過ぎるほどイマジネイティヴで観る者を虜にし、観客とステージ=人と音楽を一体化させたフロイド式のショウ・ビジネスの様子を88年当時の撮影方法論で見事に伝えています。だからこそ、それがブラッシュアップされた事で感じられる発見と感動をこの機会に御体験戴きたいのです。現状で最高にして最新の映像版『DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER』、今週末の入荷をどうぞ御期待下さい!

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2. Signs Of Life 3. Learning To Fly 4. Sorrow 5. The Dogs Of War
6. On The Turning Away 7. One Of These Days 8. Time 9. On The Run 10. The Great Gig In The Sky
11. Wish You Were Here 12. Us And Them 13. Comfortably Numb 14. One Slip 15. Run Like Hell
16. Shine On (Reprise) (End Credits)



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