Pink Floyd / BBC Top Gear 1967 Upgrade / 1CD

Pink Floyd / BBC Top Gear 1967 Upgrade / 1CD / Sigma

Translated Text:
BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK 25th September 1967 Broadcast 1st October 1967


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The long-awaited, 2016 Floyd is the Beginning !! Floyd professional Sigma is the first edition in 2016 to deliver the 1967 sound source that what the label’s first title appeared !! so poor in the most number of sound sources in the Floyd sound source History release at the time that has been in ’67 Syd Barrett enrolled that craving title is finally released from Sigma !!

Floyd of activities at the time of full-fledged start the ’67 Cid enrolled sound source, such as Sweden sound source of the sound source and the September 10 in Denmark Star Club also September 13 while the absolute number of live is small, Some of the sound source has been left informal. But will that the quality of the sound is excellent in a stable business broadcasting for mono recording of localization and, it is not in the other is still put on-air sound source of the UK BBC “Top Gear” which has been recording and broadcasting in ’67 the second half. As you know this ’67 BBC sound source was a little chaotic state out there is a wide variety in items from the era of analog Bootleg LP, Harvested is about half a year at that time was a global archive team of Floyd research in 2011 sound source that was scrutinized, compiled the 60s BBC session of their mixture of wheat and chaff over a period and effort, between was left a big mark on the Floyd sound source history. Onban of two sets made overseas was straight copy Harvested public version of that time in the title “BBC Archives 1967-1969 (PFBBC-67/6869)” as including “Ultimate compilation of rare tracks 1967-1969 SBD (Utimate Edition) etc. “and” 40th Anniversary Edition “, also has appeared in the past as some of the upgraded version is our gift board. But this latest work that appeared this time and may not have been uploaded to the net even rehash of layers was Harvested version, we use the original source that is provided directly to Sigma from overseas Floyd mania, your in them its outstanding sound source and we have realized the quality further to surpass the quality of the sound was familiar!

The upper sense of sound quality than surprising, it is enough to listen to this so far Harvested sound source can be seen to everyone it was lacking in the dynamic and clear feeling, it has the height of a certain quality. Especially regained the sharpness round sound that has been hardened at higher center edgy, everyone MUST be marvel to Tsubudachi and clarity sense of thin skin is one peel was such a sound. Only two songs at the beginning by direct de-pitch of the original sound increased hiss but has enters somewhat larger, but the source then you are used brilliant mono-take of the original that BBC has mix (※ you, but it is not a pseudo-stereo fake of course), just are pitch perfect adjust, fine sense of luxury of sound it does not at all impaired.

Also this time that the DJ of the talk has been recorded while at the time of broadcasting is also noted, this also served to further shine to the sound source. In the above each its outstanding panel of sometimes had focused on the music itself, the song introduction and talk presenter John Peel that was originally present in the front and back of each piece of music had been cut whole. If Harvested only hear the sophisticated sound was carefully selected it is a translation it was also good, but the recent unilateral cut-by such producer side that came to original appearance of the raw is desired sound source editing is rather specific of disappointment. But this film came out in a different route and Harvested With the further improvement of sound quality, all scenes DJ part that has been entirely cut up to this also have survived has been restored with the original figure. And yet another one, in this work let’s also include topics that song order has been recorded in the broadcast when the original song order. If you’d like crowned by comparing the songs forward with this work when it was have a Sunde-hatsu-ban in your hand, but should become to see you’re quite violently reversed. This newly resurrected DJ talk part (※ re-introduction and songs that were run now, then to flow, such as introduction of the song contains) a to you listen to and recording the order of this work is in the correct order of songs in broadcasting Street things will be ascertained, but it should begin to see the fact that has been replaced with Kyoku-jun when already issued board has cut the DJ talk part at the same time. One point, we have inserted behalf track (3) of the “Scarecrow” (4) “Flaming” only in recent years the BBC re-broadcast the take, but broadcasting the song order This is the correct answer.

Even so, Floyd of Syd era of meat Sako in this brilliant sound quality and raw feeling, will feel the unbearable charm without a core fans. For example, “The Gnome” in which contains the song introduction and comments by no John Peel to its outstanding panel before performance start, you should be able to feel that are equipped with vivid clarity feeling from the sound that becomes the onset of barely . Thin melody and then you hear in the fresh breath, sigh further also close of celesta contained in part part, a scene that contains again songs introduced after the finale to connect to the next song was also song order is replaced Sunde-hatsu-ban In addition it will increase the side of satisfaction to hear there is no natural flow in. “Matilda Mother” voice of Sid also the base of the movement is strong and sound output, figure is a record high of clarity the sound of how and hi-hat that organ tone slide into change strange Yuku jump out vividly towards the outside in will you’ll find pleasure. It was replaced inserted in recent years of re-broadcasting take a “Scarecrow,” “Flaming” is sound image is phenomenal improvement, more than alive space of that can be heard in the album you can enjoy. In particular, “Flaming” is that ran to the scale of up electric piano will be shaken more and more glaring that often enters as an accent, “the sun Hymn” The thing Oeru a good high-level sound of the further outlook movement of each instrument, the initial structure of the song There is just happy to also know to take in hand. “Apples And Oranges” is (1) to (6) and is something that has been played in the BBC of the same September 25 recording, as you know on-air only this song is another day (※ same November 5 67 on-air. In this single is perhaps tailored to the November 18 to be released), it was unreleased in its outstanding board. However, the present work is this also has been newly added recorded by the fact that the same day of the performance. Of course, this sound quality is also good, eh glimpse the falling sound type of from 1 minute 35 seconds late appearance to surrender to the romantic sound to Sid and initial Floyd is more than recording take after, it is impressive.

From John Peel MC of the track (8) is a session of the December 20, 67. This also increases the resolution of the sound is a jerk than its outstanding record, but a track (1) to (7) or more sound source of September 25 that was listen to in is characterized by has become a sharp sound standing edge . This is already noticeable from the “Vegetable Man”, it will have impression that receives and its outstanding sound that has been recorded in mild sound quality that mellow is realize’re very different. Even the rich depth of the monaural unique also to gives us a comfort to hear of one rank by increased transparency, that the DJ talk that had been removed in its outstanding has been recorded remains of the original as a track (10) Do not miss also. “Scream Thy Last Scream” becomes even more sharply elongation and residual sympathy of the guitar by a clear sense of the spread has been greatly improved, is increasingly close even organ of attitude. “Jugband Blues,” but also in its outstanding panel was flat sound that was solidified by the central, where you’ll also be reminded hate to the fact that improved breadth and vividness of the sound. To vivid also becomes how the tambourine that fall in the middle, series of comical dull sound that is heard in the back also offers pleasure in the past best clear sound. “Pow R Toc H” is also strange voice and breath of Roger (Sid?) Is more vivid sound output, fine sound of surroundings that had become the recessed in its outstanding is thing hear clearly and sucks and full of experimentalism I think I’ll find pleasure songs representation in Perfect. That outlaw MC by John Peel, which has been erased in the also already issued after the finale has been revived as a track (14) is also worth checking.

By the way, thus before but is the program presenter John Peel to come out often in the joint between the songs in this work, is to serve the BBC he he According to the interview told knew Floyd in the 1970s, the United States when you were in California (you will when I was working for ※ radio station KMEN or KOMA), it is like and the acquaintance had heard that the said hot Floyd and Jimi Hendrix that was seen in London was beginning. Such that he began working for the BBC to return to the United Kingdom in 1967 spring, that is, but I mean it was just the year that you hear in this work, even actually impressed so much watching Floyd had been told immediately acquaintance hot back is not subject to, but rather was impressive is said was Arthur Brown who was co-starring. It is such because he has confessed it was when I listened to the debut LP has had noticed the significance of the existence of Floyd (※ = will be the fact that the release date, August 5, 67 or later), in this work the time to listen broadcasting John Peel exactly the voice of the admiration he was immediately after the eye-opening to Floyd of (※ September 25 and December 20), is a translation that would be that was muffled by Tokimei chest thermal voice. And to So DJ part tinged with such hot air in its outstanding panel was the negative factors that can not be neglected had been plump cut include, but his lie unfeigned feverish talk in this work are included as-air The thing is, in fact I have become hidden listening far from worthy of much attention. That name moderator Despite was watching Floyd in advance Puraivu~eto, actually when I proceeded to listen and put back situation in mind and that did not have a special interest in Floyd until just before recording, to the sound source you’ll be able to discover the fun that was different.

In addition, further details of this John Peel has told Floyd, gift board was recorded radio program that was broadcast in the late 1970s in Japan – to “PINK FLOYD STORY Japanese Broadcast Edition Part 1” The Early Years “” Te, you I have you heard as a Japanese translation of the broadcast version. Many of the interesting comments by each member of the Floyd of course, is a good thing title listen in even Japanese translation valuable interview with Sid palette in his lifetime. Since it has available in this week’s gift board, enjoy in conjunction with all means this work if you now have your interest.

Although I have written at length from the 2016 first series title, as we reported at the beginning this sound source is the ’67 title of this label’s first. It does not mean had downplayed the course initial Floyd, but Floyd specialty label, yet it does not deny the fact that it had not hit a spot on the sound source at the time of Sid enrolled. But thus it is precisely because was traveling around in iron, is Sigma is to release a crucial unmatched by other label when you issue. This ’67 BBC that can enjoy the sight of the use source raw in the past the best sound quality to will ensure that you receive a big impact without a core fans, great music tips Sid is that had been shot to posterity and that era there is more and more of the response, and has become an excellent title that it is possible to decipher in it went the actual sound. Come this weekend is the year of Floyd Beginning with the latest version of the famous sound that symbolizes the origin activity of Floyd, try to surrender to the excellent sound that exceeds the classic Harvested source. And also to startle of Floyd New releases already some Ahead is 2016 Sigma, I want crowned increasingly your attention the future!

お待ちかね、2016年フロイド事始めです!!フロイド専門のSigmaがお届けする2016年第1弾は何とレーベル初タイトルとなる1967年音源が登場!! そう、フロイド音源史の中で最も音源数に乏しくリリースが渇望されている67年シド・バレット在籍時のタイトルが遂にSigmaからリリースされます!!

フロイドの活動が本格的にスタートした67年・シド在籍時の音源は、ライブの絶対数が少ないながらも9月13日のデンマーク・スタークラブでの音源や同9月10日のスウェーデン音源など、幾つかの音源が非公式で残されています。しかし定位の安定した業務放送用モノ録音でサウンドの質が優れたものとなりますと、やはり67年後半に録音・放送された英国BBC” Top Gear “のオンエア音源を於いて他にありません。御存知の通りこの67年BBC音源はアナログ・ブートレッグLPの時代から多種多様にアイテムが出回って殆どカオス状態でしたが、2011年にフロイド研究の世界的なアーカイヴ・チームだったHarvestedが当時約半年間という期間と労力を掛けてそれら玉石混交の60年代BBCセッションを精査・編纂した音源がフロイド音源史に大きな足跡を残しました。音盤化タイトルでもその時のHarvested公開版をストレートコピーした海外製の2枚組『BBC Archives 1967-1969 (PFBBC-67/6869)』を初めとして『Ultimate compilation of rare tracks 1967-1969 SBD (Utimate Edition)』や『40th Anniversary Edition』等、幾つかのアップグレード版が当店のギフト盤としても過去に登場しています。しかし今回登場するこの最新作はそうしたHarvested版の焼き直しでもネットにアップロードされたものではなく、海外のフロイドマニアからSigmaに直接提供されたオリジナル・ソースを使用しており、それら既発音源で御馴染みだったサウンドの質を更に凌駕するクオリティを実現しているのです!



それにしてもこの鮮やかな音質と未加工感で肉迫するシド時代のフロイドは、コアなファンでなくとも堪らない魅力を感じるでしょう。例えば「The Gnome」では演奏開始前に既発盤には無いジョン・ピールによる曲紹介とコメントが入っており、出だしのカツカツと鳴る音から鮮やかな明瞭感が備わっているのが実感出来る筈です。部分部分に入っているチェレスタの細い旋律や生々しい息継ぎ・吐息も更に間近で聴こえますし、終曲後に再び曲紹介が入って次の曲に繋ぐシーンも、曲順が入れ替えられていた既発盤には無い自然な流れが聴く側の満足度を更に高めてくれます。「Matilda Mother」もシドの声とベースの動きが力強く出音し、オルガンの音色が奇妙に変化してゆく様子やハイハットの音が外側に向かって鮮やかに飛び出してゆく姿が過去最高の鮮明さで御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。近年の再放送テイクに挿し換えられた「Scarecrow」と「Flaming」は音像が驚異的に向上し、アルバムで聴ける以上に活きた空間性が堪能出来ます。特に「Flaming」はアクセントとして度々入るあの駆け上がるエレキピアノの音階がますます眩しく揺れ動きますし、「太陽讃歌」では各楽器の動きが更に見通しの良い高水準サウンドで追える事で、曲の初期構造が手に取るように分かるのも嬉しいところです。「Apples And Oranges」は(1)~(6)と同じ9月25日収録のBBCで演奏されたものですが、御存知の通りこの曲のみオンエアが別の日(※同67年11月5日オンエア。このシングルが発売される11月18日に合わせたのかもしれません)で、既発盤では未収録でした。しかし本作はこれも同日の演奏という事で新規追加収録しています。勿論この音質も良好で、シドと初期フロイドが後のレコーディング・テイク以上にロマンティックな響きに身を委ねる姿が後半1分35秒からの下降音型で垣間見え、感動的です。

トラック(8)のジョン・ピールMCからは同67年12月20日のセッションです。こちらも既発盤よりサウンドの解像度がグッと増していますが、トラック(1)~(7)で聴けた9月25日の音源以上にエッジの立った鋭いサウンドとなっているのが特徴です。これは「Vegetable Man」から既に顕著で、角が取れたマイルドな音質で収録されていた既発サウンドとは受ける印象が随分違っているのを実感されるでしょう。透明感も増した事でモノラルならではの豊かな奥行きも1ランク上の聴き心地を与えてくれますし、既発では削除されていたDJトークがトラック(10)としてオリジナルのまま収録されている点も見逃せません。「Scream Thy Last Scream」も明瞭感と広がりが格段に向上した事でギターの伸びと残共感が更に鋭くなり、オルガンの出方もますます間近です。「Jugband Blues」も既発盤では中央により固まった平坦なサウンドでしたが、ここでは音の広がりと鮮やかさが向上している事に嫌でも気付かされるでしょう。中盤で入るタンバリンの鳴り方も鮮やかですし、その後ろで鳴るコミカルな鈍い音の連なりも過去最高の鮮明サウンドで御愉しみ戴けます。「Pow R Toc H」もロジャーの奇声と吐息(シド?)がより生々しく出音し、既発では奥まって鳴っていた周囲の細かい音がスッと明瞭に聴こえる事で、実験性に溢れた曲表現をパーフェクトに御愉しみ戴けると思います。終曲後も既発では消されていたジョン・ピールによるアウトローMCがトラック(14)として甦っている点も要チェックです。


尚、このジョン・ピールがフロイドを語っている更なる詳細は、70年代後半に日本で放送されたラジオ番組を収録したギフト盤『PINK FLOYD STORY – Japanese Broadcast Edition Part 1 “The Early Years”』にて、日本語訳放送版としてお聞き戴けます。フロイドの各メンバーによる興味深いコメントの数々は勿論、存命中のシド・パレットによる貴重なインタビューも日本語訳で聴ける優れものタイトルです。今週のギフト盤でも取り扱っていますので、御興味を持たれましたら是非本作と併せてお楽しみ下さい。


BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK 25th September 1967
Broadcast 1st October 1967

1. The Gnome 2. Matilda Mother 3. Scarecrow 4. Flaming 5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
6. Reaction In G 7. Apples And Oranges (Broadcast 5th November 1967)

BBC Media Vale Studios, London, UK 20th December 1967
Broadcast 31st December 1967

8. John Peel Intro. 9. Vegetable Man 10. Tommy Vance and John Peel 11. Scream Thy Last Scream
12. Jugband Blues 13. Pow R Toc H 14. John Peel Outro.

Sigma 149

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