Pink Floyd / JFK Stadium 1987 / 4CD

Pink Floyd / JFK Stadium 1987 / 4CD / Sigma

Translated text:
Live at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA. USA 19th September 1987. Stereo SBD


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This year 2015 from the fact that it hits the 25 anniversary of the announcement of the 1988 “depression / MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON”, until last week and “NASSAU COLISEUM 1988 (Sigma 120)”, “DEFINITIVE LILLE 1988 (Sigma 122)” and the like, the ’88 Although we have delivered the brush up-to-date version of the name title representative, it is a place that soon become “depression” and tour of the sound source care of another year. Also at the time for performance content, such as similar there were many, some chewy and more different taste if listen, it would be natural to that want to listen to performances what has been full of stimulus and tangy. And is what those good only sound quality can also be speaking the greed is good … but, this time will be appeared fittingly Yeeshkul! Title embodying it. It in the United States JFK Stadium performances of September 19, 1987, contains a valuable “Echoes”, which was played only only 12 times in those days as the opening, and what the end of the last as Angkor last is “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” rare set that is played is bear, performances of ’87 “depression” tour first period (only 6 performances eyes) is, as intense four sets of ultra-high quality of excellence audience recording + stereo sound board recording I appeared!

Of the four, disk 1-3 using the 2015 latest equipment the master sound source that has been used, a person label has introduced the other day even Sunde-hatsu-ban “ECHOES OF CONSPIRACY (Sirene-180/10 月 年 2006 release)” the thing you have digital remastered by. This is was called at that time reputation as a good board title that captures the state of the ’87 of depression tour earliest, but also is the fact that it overlooks the entire contents included there was some negative points. Among them, the lack of musical tone of approximately 1 minute 20 seconds were present in the scene, “Learning To after ~ Gilmore MC ~ Yet Another Movie first half curtain of Fly”, and “Wish You Were Here” musical tone that existed for about 37 seconds at the beginning of missing was the prime example. However, the present work to a new appearance each time this is of course already issued board was having perfect repair of them cut point, removal of noise that was present in various places, also to those strictly positive the was unstable pitch in that other improvements in sound quality also is aimed, has become a major topic also point to polish the original sound polite and has been successful in issuing in one step before the performance sound in that it was increasing the resolution. That is, playing with all of the scene and the first part of it !! In addition, a disk 4 of the same day has become the upper version of the rapture dancing that have gone up even sound quality after that came to Toseru listen as non-stop full-length version I have recorded a valuable stereo sound board sound source. But this is what it was known by the title that had come out 20 years ago to “HAND OF FATE (ROTA-05)” that ROTATION label (’93), in recent years, overseas mania is skipping and pitch deviation of became a hot topic published in the prominent on the net is what was aimed at the review to the contents of inclusion, it is what it that this time our Sigma was subjected to further elaborate digital remastered with the latest equipment. In other words, the mania even skipping a perfect repair of could not fix, strict pitch correction, and sound is realized that it was full of the high upper feeling than that it was eliminating the Mogomogo sense of overall noticeable tone, originally it is the sound image as a quality stereo sound board that regained the height of the has become a disk that is touching the huge musical excitement of the day !!

Ultra centerpiece song that appeared suddenly in the disk 1 “Echoes” is noise that was in the 58 th second of Sunde-hatsu-ban is greatly reduced, is the first happy point of playing sound came to pass that statement. The to Gilmore voice of overwhelming closeness and outlook of each instrument I think that it also be surprised that we have significantly improved than sound that had been Mishi~tsu until now, the impression of the song that is strongly striking rather than a chopper also progression of the base to deepen it should be noticed that out with clear color more muscular. “Signs Of Life” is 1 minute 50 seconds of Sunde-hatsu-ban, in the noise in the vicinity of 4 minutes and 30 seconds had been generated this work this is perfectly removed, and has realized the sound image with higher quality. “Learning To Fly” also contains the cut after the show in its outstanding panel, MC by Gilmore should there had been erased in the fade-out. But this is also the same day of the line recording is inserted from (※ disk 4- (that part of the 3)), it has become without discomfort listen Toseru like in that it was subjected to a careful treatment (※ 5 minutes 05 seconds to 39 seconds around). Similarly, “Yet Another Movie” but was also state that beginning has also lost about 46 seconds in the already issued board, this was also regained its original appearance by the patch from the relevant portion of the disk 4 (4). That is always a scene missing a total of about one minute and 20 seconds that existed between the two songs you are revived all in this work, this let’s say a big Advantages of this work. “A New Machine Part 1” and to effect the effect of eliminating the vocals from performances after in is I think that it is surprised to that appear high texture than ever, then the “Terminal Frost” in the thick sound in the stand out better even more vivid to I am revived. In particular and texture of saxophone tone, grace notes of the keyboard that incoming occasional would not fair to say a different thing. “Sorrow” is no longer in perfect noise that was present in the early 1 minute 07 seconds to 09 seconds, it should also be reminded disgusting in that a flat sound image that has been felt in its outstanding board has come out as a heavy sound. Recording who is to further improve the sound image or to adjust the recorder with 3 minutes 47 seconds is similar Sunde-hatsu-ban, but this also will see that transparency and clarity feeling is increasing. “On The Turning Away” 1 minute 35 seconds in already issued, Yes and had been noise suffered in the same 46 seconds which is also removed perfectly, moisture rich sound will persist until the end.

Disc 2 “One Of These Days” in recording person from the vicinity of 1 minute 29 seconds to ask the state that seems to change the recording position again, the proximity of the sound of the outlook and the sound is improved as strange from around the same 37 seconds you will be surprised to things. With sound quality improvement effect of this original sound from “Time” of the of the following represents the earnest distinguished himself, actually this part but I was something of quite even in its outstanding of Sirene board, even Ya each line recording this time about say I am revived in the sound image that stood in sharp. Main vocal of Rick entering in the middle also arrives in the proximity of the startle, the entire sound laid the firm waist Center Yuki spread at a resolution far beyond its outstanding board. Melody of guitar of returns that fall in the middle of a song (※ 2 minutes 14-15 seconds, the same 29-30 seconds, 4 minutes 42-43 seconds, the same 56-57 seconds) is also clear sound type like playing after still it has been captured perfectly the manner in which is not solidified, this also will interesting place. “Wish You Were Here” is missing at the beginning about 35 seconds of that existed in its outstanding board the (※ 00 minutes 02 seconds to 37 seconds), and was recorded Toronto performances of two days later, the 21st sound quality good “ECHOES FROM TORONTO (Amity 128) have become like Oeru the progress of the discomfort without song that to compensate from the same part of “, it’s a big topic has become to like Toseru listen without cut. And what has changed a also recording position after this finale, following “Welcome To The Machine” from the vocal from the left channel as if it had been sandwiched between the both sides in the speaker performance sound, basso continuo and acoustics from the right channel SE is heard, you have jumped almost played as stereo sound image. This situation and the effect of sound group moving equipment of the day is probably the extremely valuable scene that can experience while 2.0ch. “Us And Them” In the Can you slumbering deeply to sound image that was reborn in the latest remastered. Converge into one while drifting slowly saxophone sound and ensemble wide range, please experience all means a state in which the Yuku blend into the space while bleeding sounds like the title has emerged in almost thick character. “Another Brick … Part 2” is also thick ensemble is sound output is a vivid manner of movement bouncing well comfortable, complex sense of tone and melody I will pop out energetic sound that road to feeling upper.

State of “Comfortably Numb” at the Guy singing with great heat at A Mello disk 3 of course, female chorus in B Melo has (※ especially Rachel) and harmony Gilmore weave is revived in excellent sound image. Angkor this day “One Slip” has been set down (the 17th Cleveland performances ※ 2 days is similar), start from “Run Like Hell”. This is also jumped in the powerful sound than before how the song progresses in a slightly slow tempo also said that the features of the tour first period, also playing with Guy and Gilmore of dialogue and uplifting feeling is alive in a more beautiful sound. And finally here is the appearance of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, song Rhea excitement that has been played in this position will burst. And then you say that happy point is the tone of the sound image also guitar that has been refurbished by remastered comes out along with a clearer outline, after playing the introduction of the approach is from slightly different 6 minutes 01 seconds and the keyboard of deployment also vividly sound output. Harmony of gloss by Gilmore and women chorus, Scott (and until ※ ~ 10 minutes 31 seconds, – the same 34 seconds later) tonal changes of scene traveling dimensional worlds on tenor sax from baritone, and one sound by plenty of reservoir also how to rock the move way and melody of rhythm twist comes looming in the near and resolution of past best sound so by all means please expected.

Disk 4 is a valuable stereo sound board recording version of Part 1 show of the day (which was listen in disk 1). It is composed of the difference of the sound image with a variety of discovery can be disk, you have in the immediately jumped closeness and power of the line recording unique that road to the texture of the sound from the beginning, “Echoes”. Although this song is has become a cut-ins from? Lyrics No. 1 middle mistake of the of the day of the recording engineer, but raises the clear sense that it polished the original sound, and there in 15 minutes 08 seconds of the original sound source flashy sound jump was also is the point of have improved quality of sound itself in that it has perfectly repair. “Learning to Fly” jumped out in good playing and all of sound, including a video SE is multi-track-specific separation sense, this night of performance is reported very high musical creativity that has been presented in detail will give me. Polite remastered effect in the dense this label has been applied also I think here in the deep your feel able. “Yet Another Movie” because the single tone to issue a state and side guitar take delay on vocals in the second half songs appear in the disk one or more of the sound image, understanding of performance will increase dramatically. By the way this delay has continued into the MC after finale, this is it is interesting place also to be found in close sound (human voice). “Sorrow” is the first half of the introduction part is missing for some reason, we are suddenly connected to the beginning 3 chorus eyes in the vicinity of the 00 minutes 28 seconds. Just playing this day because the state of the subsequent guitar solo over the finale is you have become a thing full of creativity, by discovery and surprise you want care-by in contact with this up close sound is said to point to very large quotient. “On The Turning Away” is noted that the dampers of the keyboard which has not been felt most in the disc one song first half is heard from the left channel bottom. Rachel and Margaret of female chorus entering from 4 minutes and 40 seconds is has entered to separate the left and right channel, please do try charm a state in which the melt together gorgeously while fruition in their beautiful three-dimensional sound.

This ’87 “depression” tour earliest, and “pair” and have in common the tour after, it would be to have laid the heterogeneous songs to opening each. “Echoes” Yea, is “Astronomy Domine” Yea. Both to also attract interest, and music it is, but you can read it also had broad appeal the box office with be the centerpiece was climbed the topic of people, but the attitude that Gilmore Floyd came dare bring it to the opening it does not go to the translation you do not feel the challenge. In addition to this performance is Angkor last “Shine On You …” very unusual even for being insert the (※ To September 12,13,14,16,17,19 days was unveiled at this location only without a total of six times, to this performance is the last), the latest fine upper feeling by re-master for nature and Kizukeru in total sound image, and musical the band that was a great organization had also I think that it’ll feel to fully possible. Music is what you come closer when in contact with a surprise rather than understanding, but precisely because “depression / MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON” now the announcement falls 25 anniversary of, and surprise of this work to again at that time of Floyd opportunity that and I think I would like to have it shortens the distance. The encounter with the approach of the rare performances that have been redesigned as the latest remastered full-length version, this weekend please please stay tuned.


今年2015年は1988年『鬱 / MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON』の発表から25周年に当たる事から、先週までは『NASSAU COLISEUM 1988 (Sigma 120)』や『DEFINITIVE LILLE 1988 (Sigma 122)』等、88年を代表する名タイトルのブラッシュアップ最新版をお届けして参りましたが、そろそろ別の年度の『鬱』ツアーの音源も気になるところです。また当時は似た様な公演内容が多かった為、聴くならもっと違うテイストと噛み応えのある、ピリッと刺激に充ちた公演内容が聴きたいと思うのが自然でしょう。そして欲を言えば音質も出来るだけ優れたものがいい・・となるものですが、今回はズバリそれを具現化したYeeshkul! なタイトルが登場致します。それは1987年9月19日の米国JFKスタジアム公演で、オープニングとして当時僅か12回だけ演奏された貴重な「Echoes」を含み、そして何とアンコール・ラストとして最後の最後に「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」が演奏されるというレアなセットが組まれた、87年『鬱』ツアー最初期(僅か6公演目)の公演が、超高品質の優秀オーディエンス録音+ステレオ・サウンドボード録音の強烈な4枚組として登場致します!!

4枚のうち、ディスク1~3は既発盤『ECHOES OF CONSPIRACY (Sirene-180 / 2006年10月リリース)』でも使用されていたマスター音源を、当レーベルが先日導入した2015年最新機材を使用してデジタルリマスターしたものです。これは87年の鬱ツアー最初期の様子を捉えた好盤タイトルとして当時評判を呼びましたが、しかし収録内容全体を見渡すと幾つかのマイナスポイントがあったのもまた事実です。中でも「Learning To Flyの終演後 ~ ギルモアMC ~ Yet Another Movie前半」に存在した約1分20秒間ほどの楽音とシーンの欠落、そして「Wish You Were Here」の冒頭に約37秒間ほど存在した楽音の欠落はその最たるものでした。しかしこのたび新登場する本作は既発盤が抱えていたそれらカットポイントの完璧な修復は勿論のこと、各所に存在したノイズの除去、また不安定だったピッチを厳密に正したものとなっているほか音質の向上も図っており、原音を丁寧に磨いて解像度を上げた事で演奏音を1歩手前に出す事に成功している点も大きなトピックスとなっています。つまり全てのシーンと演奏がノンストップ全長版として聴き通せる様になったうえ音質も上がっているという狂喜乱舞のアッパー版となっているのです!! 更にディスク4には同日の第1部を貴重なステレオ・サウンドボード音源で収録しました。これは20年程前に『HAND OF FATE (ROTA-05)』というROTATIONレーベル(93年)から出ていたタイトルで知られていたものですが、近年、海外のマニアが音飛びやピッチの狂いが目立ったその収録内容に見直しを図ったものがネット上に公開されて話題となり、それを今回当Sigmaが最新機材で更に念入りなデジタル・リマスターを施したものです。即ち、そのマニアも直しきれなかった音飛びの完璧な修復、厳密なピッチ補正、そして全体的に目立ったトーンのモゴモゴ感を解消させた事でより高いアッパー感に充ちたサウンドが実現し、本来の質の高さを取り戻したステレオ・サウンドボードの音像としてこの日の巨大な音楽的興奮に触れられるディスクとなっているのです!!

ディスク1でいきなり登場する超目玉曲「Echoes」は既発盤の58秒目にあった異音が大幅に軽減され、演奏音がそのぶん通る様になったのが最初の嬉しいポイントです。ギルモアの声の圧倒的な近さや各楽器の見通しが今まで見知っていた音より格段に向上している事にも驚かれると思いますし、チョッパーというよりは強く打弦する事で曲の印象を深めるベースの進行も更に骨太で明瞭な色で出ている事に気付かれる筈です。「Signs Of Life」は既発盤の1分50秒、4分30秒付近にノイズが発生しておりましたが本作ではこれが完璧に除去され、より質の高い音像を実現しています。「Learning To Fly」も既発盤では終演後にカットが入り、そこにあるべきギルモアによるMCがフェイドアウトで消されていました。しかしこれも同日のライン録音(※ディスク4-(3)の該当部分)から挿入し、丁寧なトリートメントを施した事で違和感無く聴き通せる様になっています(※5分05秒~39秒付近)。同様に「Yet Another Movie」も既発盤では冒頭が約46秒間も失われた状態でしたが、これもディスク4-(4)の該当部分からパッチする事で本来の姿を取り戻しました。つまりこの2曲間に存在していた合計1分20秒程のシーン欠落が本作では全て甦っている訳で、これは本作の大きなアドヴァンテージと言えましょう。「A New Machine Part 1」では後の公演から無くなるボーカルのエフェクト効果がこれまで以上に質感高く現れる事に驚かれると思いますし、その後の「Terminal Frost」での分厚いサウンドの浮き立ちも一層鮮烈に甦っています。特にサックスの音色の質感や、時折り入ってくるキーボードの装飾音は別物と言って差し支えないでしょう。「Sorrow」は序盤1分07秒~09秒に存在したノイズが完璧に無くなり、既発盤で感じられた平坦な音像が重厚なサウンドとして出ている事に嫌でも気付かされる筈です。3分47秒で録音者がレコーダーを調整したのか音像が一段と向上するのは既発盤同様ですが、しかしこれも透明度と明瞭感が増しているのが分かるでしょう。「On The Turning Away」も既発では1分35秒、同46秒にノイズが被っていましたがこれも完璧に除去してあり、潤い豊かなサウンドが最後まで持続します。

ディスク2「One Of These Days」では1分29秒付近から録音者が再び録音位置を変えているらしい様子が伺え、同37秒付近からはサウンドの見通しと音の近さが異様なほど向上する事に驚かれるでしょう。この原音の音質向上効果が本格的に頭角を現すのが次の「Time」からで、実はこの部分は既発のSirene盤でもなかなかのものがあったのですが、今回はライン録音もかくやというほどシャープで立った音像で甦っています。途中で入るリックのメイン・ボーカルも驚愕の近さで届き、センターにしっかり腰を据えた全体音が既発盤を遥かに超える解像度で広がってゆきます。歌の途中で入るギターの返しの旋律(※2分14~15秒、同29~30秒、4分42~43秒、同56~57秒)もまだ後の演奏の様に明確な音型が固まっていない様子を完璧に捉えており、これも興味深いところでしょう。「Wish You Were Here」は既発盤で存在した冒頭約35秒分の欠損(※00分02秒~37秒)を、2日後・21日のトロント公演を音質良好に収録した『ECHOES FROM TORONTO (Amity 128)』の同部分から補填する事で違和感無く曲の進行を追える様になっており、カット無しで聴き通せる様になっているのは大きなトピックスです。そしてこの終曲後でまた録音位置を変えたのか、次の「Welcome To The Machine」からは両脇をスピーカーで挟まれたかの様に左チャンネルからボーカルと演奏音、右チャンネルからは通奏低音と音響SEが聞こえ、殆どステレオ音像として演奏が飛び出してきます。これは当日の音群移動装置の様子と効果が2.0chながら体験出来る極めて貴重なシーンと言えるでしょう。「Us And Them」では最新リマスターで生まれ変わった音像に深くまどろんで戴けます。サックスの響きとアンサンブルが広い音域をゆっくり漂いながらひとつに収束し、まるで太い文字でタイトルが浮かび上がった様な音色が滲みながら空間に溶け込んでゆく様子を是非御体験下さい。「Another Brick…Part 2」も分厚いアンサンブルが心地良く跳ねて動く様子が鮮やかに出音し、音色と旋律の複合感がアッパー感に充ちたサウンドで元気に飛び出します。

ディスク3の「Comfortably Numb」ではAメロで熱を込めて歌い上げるガイの様子は勿論、Bメロで女性コーラス隊(※特にレイチェル)とギルモアが織り成すハーモニーが秀逸な音像で甦っています。アンコールはこの日「One Slip」がセット落ちしており(※2日前の17日クリーヴランド公演も同様です)、「Run Like Hell」からスタート。これもツアー最初期の特徴とも言える若干スローテンポで曲が進行する様子が以前より力強いサウンドで飛び出し、ガイとギルモアの掛け合いや躍動感のある演奏も更に麗しいサウンドで息衝いています。そしていよいよここで「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」が登場となり、曲がこの位置で演奏された激レアな興奮が炸裂します。リマスターによって一新された音像もギターの音色がより明瞭な輪郭を伴って出てくるのが嬉しいポイントと言えますし、後の演奏とは導入のアプローチが微妙に違う6分01秒からのキーボードの展開も鮮やかに出音します。ギルモアと女性コーラスによるハーモニーの艶、スコットがバリトンからテナー・サックスに持ち替えて進行するシーンの音色変化(※~10分31秒迄と、同34秒以降~)、そして一音ずつたっぷりと溜めを効かせたリズムの動かし方と旋律の揺らし方も過去最高の音の近さと解像度で迫ってきますので是非御期待下さい。

ディスク4はこの日のショウ第1部(ディスク1で聴けたもの)の貴重なステレオ・サウンドボード録音版です。その音像の差から様々な発見が出来るディスクとなっており、冒頭「Echoes」から音の近さと質感に充ちたライン録音ならではの威力が早速飛び込んできます。この曲は当日の録音エンジニアのミスなのか歌詞1番途中からのカット・インとなっているのですが、しかし原音を磨き上げた事で明瞭感が上がり、元音源の15分08秒にあった派手な音飛びも完璧に修復した事でサウンド自体のクオリティが向上しているのがポイントです。「Learning to Fly」は演奏と映像SEを含めた全ての音がマルチトラック特有の分離感の良さで飛び出し、この夜のパフォーマンスが非常に高い音楽的創造性を提示していた事を詳細に報告してくれるでしょう。当レーベルが施した濃密にして丁寧なリマスター効果もここで深く御実感戴けると思います。「Yet Another Movie」は曲後半でボーカルにディレイが掛かる様子やサイドギターが出す単音がディスク1以上の音像で現れる為、演奏の理解度が飛躍的に高まります。因みにこのディレイは終曲後のMCに入っても続いており、これが間近な音(肉声)で確認出来るのも面白いところです。「Sorrow」は前半導入部が何らかの理由で欠落しており、00分28秒付近で突然3コーラス目冒頭に繋がっています。ただこの日の演奏はその後のギターソロから終曲にかけての様子が創意に溢れたものとなっている為、これに間近な音で接する事で気付ける発見と驚きが非常に多いのがポイントと言えるでしょう。「On The Turning Away」は曲前半でディスク1では殆ど感じられなかったキーボードの弱音が左チャンネル下側から聴こえていることに注目です。4分40秒から入るレイチェルとマーガレットの女性コーラスが左右チャンネルで分離して入っており、それらが麗しい立体的なサウンドで結実しながら華やかに溶け合う様子をお愉しみ下さい。

この87年『鬱』ツアー最初期、そして後の『対』ツアーで共通しているのは、それぞれ異質な曲をオープニングに据えている事でしょう。「Echoes」然り、「Astronomy Domine」然りです。どちらも興味を惹きますし、それを人々の話題に上らせ目玉とする事で興行を広くアピールしていたとも読めますが、しかしギルモア・フロイドがあえてそれをオープニングに持ってきた姿勢に音楽的な挑戦を感じない訳にはいきません。しかも本公演はアンコール・ラストに「Shine On You…」を挿れているのも非常に異例(※この位置で披露されたのは9月12、13、14、16、17、19日の計6回しかなく、本公演はその最後)ですし、最新リマスターによって細かなアッパー感がトータルな音像の中で自然と気付ける為、大編成になったバンドが持っていた音楽的な可能性も存分に感じて戴けると思います。音楽は理解ではなく驚きを持って接するとより近くにやってくるものですが、『鬱 / MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON』の発表から25周年に当たる今だからこそ、本作を機に改めて当時のフロイドへの驚きとその距離を縮めて戴きたいと思うのです。最新リマスター全長版として一新された稀有な公演との出逢いと接近に、今週末はどうぞ御期待下さい。

Disc 1(75:17)
1. Intro 2. Echoes 3. Signs Of Life 4. Learning To Fly 5. Yet Another Movie 6. Round And Round
7. A New Machine Part 1 8. Terminal Frost 9. A New Machine Part 2 10. Sorrow
11. The Dogs Of War 12. On The Turning Away

Disc 2(51:58)
1. One Of These Days 2. Time 3. On The Run 4. Wish You Were Here 5. Welcome To The Machine
6. Us And Them 7. Money 8. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2

Disc 3(30:39)
1. Comfortably Numb 2. Run Like Hell 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Disc 4(65:47)

1. Echoes 2. Signs Of Life 3. Learning To Fly 4. Yet Another Movie 5. Round And Round
6. A New Machine Part 1 7. Terminal Frost 8. A New Machine Part 2 9. Sorrow
10. The Dogs Of War 11. On The Turning Away

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