Pink Floyd / Complete Aphrodite 1971 / 2CD+Programme Replica

Pink Floyd / Complete Aphrodite 1971 / 2CD+Programme Replica / Sigma

Traslated Text:
Live at Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan 6th August 1971


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Finally outrageous sound source is now a reality.
Floyd fan of everyone, please read by all means Kokoroshite.

August 6, 1971, Hakone Lake Ashi shores – Seikeigakuen Nokazedai, commonly known as “’71 hakone Aphrodite”. What this day, beyond the time recording was recorded Perfect all of the performance that Floyd has made is 45 years, and finally welcomed its !!

Information set by people who saw the list is a discrepancy in the various colors, the mystery of the set list of the day that had caused a kind of paradox is this by completely finalized, besides a first-ever appearance “mystery” is also uncut full recorded in comprise are ultra-treasured recording unique and secret that it is I finally appeared at last !!! and Nante the strongest sound of ultra-special a-class sound quality is to be destroyer in an instant all existing Hakone recording, such a pipe dream or it will be suddenly believe? But this is a real Midsummer Night’s Dream, Duration also’s the appearance of a major incident sound source with a volume of also about 100 minutes more than all of Hakone sound source past greatly !!

Japanese young people of the high-growth period has received a big big baptism of the counter-culture Hakone Aphrodite. Therefore, sound and performance of the euphoria that Pink Floyd went becomes a legend along with the mystical staging that directing is natural, for the Japanese fans has been handed down as a performance with a truly special meaning. But does not exist until this is why complete recordings off all the show of the day-recording, by our also some incomplete recording source fan only to have listened to the repertoire at this time in an incomplete form . Last year 2015 emerged from our Sigma first-ever appearance in 44 years + uncut full inclusion of “the sun Hymn” and the reel recording that contains the “Echoes” is as “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING (Sigma 138)”, the world as it was disconnect the stunned fan, thus I see the incident just unknown scene of the show came out a new part, the full recording of this day have been craving a lot of fans of the well-known during the is.
※ paradox of information, and “mystery” the first sound recording

In addition to play-by-play recording was recorded the entire show there was no show of the day was called also mystery. But I think that you know, word of mouth and recalls of people that visited the site at the time, or on-written in each of the time of the music magazine net, case set list of this day differ greatly in various colors is one after another and it was. Album announcement before that new song title (Japanese title) was still not in, that music manuscript was incomplete that famous moderator of the time, who served as moderator progress of the event was read aloud, and a variety such as each person’s memory difference such is a translation that paradox of the information was going by reason, but there was no way to ascertain whether on earth which is right for the complete recording was not. In particular, information in the “mystery” and that was confusing, also played in this 45 what its outstanding boards and recording source that appeared in years pieces even although that did not come out, in the Japanese edition LP of the album “unsolicited” such as in the photograph there are things that have been said to be a scene you’re playing it, is whether or not really been playing had become a very big mystery. But it is also this time, it was supported perfectly with the advent of all the sound. So, because really I was playing! And all seven songs of the day, including it is you listen at all remains of the playing order full version, this is not nothing short of a true major incident !!

Let bears repeating, is “the full version of all seven songs”. In other words here in addition to the “mystery”, which will become a wholly first appeared in Hakone sound source history is, so far all listen to the only “Simba line”, which has been useful as a source is also the first time in the history of uncut while there is a partial cut in the second half 7 the is the song that I !! and even surprised, by are also included until after its finale of “Simba line” also continued recording for a while, what there “announcement after the show” by the famous presenter of the time Sho !! of course, this also is a translation that is a history full first appearance of the scene, but the important is this “Simba line” by which this scene was first appearance is what determined and certification it was the day the last song is the point that is. This contradiction no thread is pin and the one containing the overall picture of the record, I have been to the contents of the transcendence that also includes enduring documentary of !!!
※ Recorder “4”

Next is the origin of the source to be worried about, but this is what the person in question that was actually recorded in the day of Aphrodite venue through the shop, gave me your offer to Sigma label. Recording equipment in the cassette Densuke brought in the venue, Daewon received a direct offer from the recording’s original cassette tape master (※ will also feature that is not a reel. Seems to have been at that time state-of-the-art recording method from), it is what was this disk into a digital direct. Also of course 45-year acquaintance also on the net, is a super-treasured source of one owner owned did not Demawara all in this world, thought that it would be the first not to come probably everyone out into the world even – does not exist which was the “No way” Let’s say that true of large-sized and large excavation sound source that has been really out. By the way, recording that has been told to play the Floyd in Hakone Aphrodite was there are several up to this, but I think that in the following manner and will again organize the positioning.

Recorder 1:
Valuable recording that contains only the “Simba line”. Master is probably in the reel recording, LP board the recording who has his own expense production.
Puraiveto board of shops selling was not even the illusion.

Representative title
“APHRODITE 1971: Peace Record (import title).”

(Each Duration: about 46 minutes)

Recorder 2:
And the show part of the Buffy St. Mary at the beginning, classic recording that contained the greeting by the famous presenter of the time.

Representative title
“APHRODITE (Sirene-160)”
“APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)”

(Each Duration: about 72 minutes)

Recorder 3:
“The sun Hymn” is in the first-ever appearance uncut recording, the “Echoes” for the first time uncut complete recording of the reel-to-reel sound source.

Representative title
ED RESTORED (Sigma 139) ”

(Each Duration: about 55 minutes)

… And, I mean more than three types of recording has been known up to now, but the first appearance recording of this work used to be in 45 years time, of them exactly the source is different full recording, about 100 minutes “Recorder 4” is a translation becomes !!
※ set list was finally confirmed

Let’s finally get down to business.
The following is the Hakone contents of the full version, the original recording = Recorder 4 of your offer gotten was the first-ever appearance from our label this time recording’s your identity. Is the total 7 songs for the first time all of the playing song order and the song was determined by recording, this is what will be true of the whole picture of the 1971 Hakone Aphrodite first day (August 6).

1. Atom Heart Mother ★ spread of past best tough-sounding is attractive. Of course full uncut!
2. Green Is The Color ★ grade uncut with a dense of exceeding its outstanding!
3. Eugene, Watch out for the ax ★ of the core of the strongest of the transparency and sound strength! Uncut!
4. Echoes ★ song about cheering section over a 1 minute and 30 seconds after recording + the show from also introduced first appearance !!
5. sun Hymn ★ ultra-clear uncut version to surpass lightly the history 2 take second !! its outstanding source
is !!
6. mystery ★ finally of the first-ever appearance !! – totally uncut recording and super beautiful Special A Kyuon
Is the quality !!
7. Simba line ★ first full uncut recording !! sound quality is also Special A class in the history of 2 take second

※ And after the show has entered the end of a show announcement by the famous master of ceremonies, of course this also with the advent of the first-ever is the emergence !! This scene “Simba line” has been proven for the first time it was Angkor end. ( “Sun Hymn” → “Simba line” → the theory that it was the order of songs in a “mystery” was very Nezuyoka’ from the old days would be as everyone you know)

If you leave Supplement, this Recorder 4 is only between songs, a small on-off in order to ensure the have of remaining tape preservation and battery but I can confirm, playing itself is the songs complete recording. In particular to become take the “mystery” is the first appearance, and confident that the highest and strongest here 10 years of Floyd excavation in the sound source !!
※ ultra-high-grade sound quality of horror

It is astounding just say that full sound due to a new Recorder 4, but the topic to further shiver us with excitement and amazement is this “Special A-class superb sound quality.” In the case of ordinary such large excavation-treasured sound source, sound quality even if there is valuable is that one performance full inclusion is what average or less, there are many cases that. And this is to is performances that have special meaning for Japanese Floyd fan, for it seems to be still say “I have too good to be true” is in Japanese A-class sound quality to expel all of its outstanding sound instantly There would be of course. But phenomenal place of this recording is exactly there, idealism of the pipe dream is really to a point that has become a reality. For example you might hear strange, but the difference in the sound quality is really straightforward enough certainty to choose 100% this source even to hear the “Which is good sound?” To children who do not know anything, is there overwhelming disparity. If you an example, actually, but the is the lack of sound due to tape change in the second half of the “Echoes” is present only about 13 seconds as the only drawbacks to this Recorder 4, only in this work in the last year uncut this part appeared called the big topic is “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING: REMASTERED RESTORED (※ = Recorder 3)” has a perfect compensation that were combined in a waveform level 1/1000 from. In, is about 13 seconds that this compensation, but of such as that heard in that Recorder 3 sound was thoroughly restore the reel recording of the master is hazy. If I’d like to crowned listen to if you have any hand in the title, this recording is probably your imagination attaches Speaking’s sound image that there is a closeness and resolution, transparency Loud feeling of the sound output of more than lightly the sound +3 more UGA. On the day, but at that venue it is more of how much you do not know or was trying to play-by-play recording, probably this (= Recorder 4) that can be recorded in more than sound quality you should first did not. Exaggeration opener, listen if 100 people in 100 people to is sure to be amazed with the “so the sound is well hear 71 years of Hakone Floyd, that I heard there is no!”, We are full in the head with a fantasy and ideal to the sound comes really jump out as a reality,’s the strongest in history of Hakone Aphrodite play-by-play recording board !!
※ “’71 Hakone Aphrodite whole book full debut sound source”, the verification

This 100-minute close recording, announcement of the famous presenter who listen in the Recorder 2 what it is unreleased, “Ok, here we go!” Example according to Roger about 5 seconds recording from the front of the shout of starts. But the voice of the Roger, also felt the closeness of the unknown sound image of the spread and the crisp sound output from the periphery of the state suddenly, this would simply be that not a mediocre recordings of only slept 45 years seen in intuition . Their expectations and “Atom Heart Mother” begins becomes a reality, it is sure to shiver out in the power and sense of weight of the rising edge of the sound, including the beginning SE. Scene of the guide vocal coming in from 5 minutes 04 seconds also spread along with the Faded euphoria perfect score of the sound of the pale sound, realistic sound of genuine which had been filled to the main stage of this day in the tone imperial you appear in the ear, 9 minutes how fires of slapping sound rich 02 from entering the drum young Nick’s second initiative is narrowing collapsed snow in my ear in the past best of closeness and resolution, sharp-conditioned Tam rhythm to floating feeling There will grasp in response musical creativity beauty due to the fact that has been added further. “Green Is The Color” also vividly shaken in the guitar and Gilmore of singing voice is dense sound, diffusion of reverberation and sound Yuku been sucked into the nature of Hakone of sound that remains in place is lifted to spectacular . Its performance was full of euphoria is as it is, but it is the translation that follows the “Eugene, Watch out for the ax”, the sound quality from the vicinity of this surprisingly is further improved, Recorder 4 will begin to exert real power. Introductory part increased an impressive melodic progression also increasingly close sharply gloss the tone of the organ, in addition to euphoria of the previous piece is fully captured in the past the best of tone the appearance that come and go to the mysterious mystique, Scream of the scene I jumped in straight sound image even in fairly close, because it has become a sound with a little sense of distance as of each its outstanding sound and completely different things, here in shock a sense of new sound experience is given an unknown marvel It will give me. According to the memoirs of those who watched the day, the fog that has been flowing from Lake Ashi during the performance of this song is entangled in the feet, is so wind that night of the book began to fall was fluttering four hair shed it but, certainly please look forward to how the revived performance of the legend that accompanied such a fantastic beauty is in the strongest of realistic sound.

And even in the “Echoes” is to be surprised, hard to believe it to you to improve or further sound quality from the beginning of this song. Core of the sound becomes bare and jerk, here to reach the close of the SBD recording class of texture and sound almost. Near too that out sound from the introduction of sonar sound, in a breathtaking definitely 100 people of 100 people to this new sound image with a closeness and a serene transparency, clarity of this overwhelming sound output award. Super superb sound quality of this ultra-class is maintained firmly and later from here until the disk end. Although Song Title is is introduced as “Echoes”, there is still “The Return Of The Sons Of Nothing” lyrics also really such vividness singing in the ear of the timing of the initial draft to leave a remnant, of rhythm surface Massive a low range and high range of vocal, etc. flowed Uruwashiku in a very tight sound, respectively. 8 minutes have picked up with a distinctive guitar tuning scene is also clear and loud sound of entering from the vicinity of 46 seconds, overwhelmed by the sound difference between each its outstanding panel that this was also picked up by a thin tone somewhat of core should you. Reach to therefore subtle guitar touch is perfect ear, musical mystique of different dimensions and its outstanding board at that close of the state also sound output to gradually migrate to the rhythm-less intermediate portion stands out the appears with. Also space in the singing scene but then astounded to be SE sound of the wind that is ringing in the back appear in the near and high resolution of up to abnormal, which was born by to echo the cries of birds Between sound and sound more than anything recording at the time the sex came out as good as this also would be the one and only. That such figure that organ from the back is emerge is a line recording itself, there is no difference in everyone surely lose the words those who listen. The second half of the scene (~ ※ 21 minutes 00 seconds), the music flies larger base of the sound is not out with one sound one note very good accent, that the knowledge of integrated and musical opening of the process by the sound and experience the no deep impression awaken, it is a guarantee that the huge music is hit strongly mind to figure that slide into flying while swell again and again. And after finale includes a tuning scene for about a minute and a half, it has become an important first appearance scene that this is not also listen to miss !!

“The sun Hymn” is a super-valuable record of the history of 2 take eyes following the Recorder 3, and this is also a sound quality that surpasses lightly restored version of the Recorder 3 a (※ but was as good as any!) Surprisingly , it comes out in the sound, which boasts the closeness and the resolution of the incredible sound. This mean that it is easy musical expression with this day is more reading in other words, is thoughtful sound of assembly by such whisper of the spell of the chant by the diversity and Roger of minimum rhythm that wriggling under water you will enjoy the feeling that comes crowded penetrates more and more deeply the body. Also an interesting thing about this is I know and listen carefully with headphones, it seems to be well better listen carefully and of the peripheral or recording’s over in the vicinity of 6 minutes and 59 seconds near to 7 minutes and 30 seconds a person has been brought open the canteen of the lid, pour the drink into a cup (= probably the lid), it’s that contains the sound that tighten again turn the lid and Caracalla drinking. Of course, during this period is also mysterious performance sound I have continued to much hit here in an unusual resolution and closeness, but the “season is mid-summer, the song is the sun,” the sound to supply only to the moisture from the canteen there is a keyword strangely vividly, also it is always a point that is poured into water bottle of the cup is really the summer of specific human life of Japan is felt not in bottles in cans, this is also “45 years ago midsummer of Hakone and outdoor venue It gives glare dazzling realism that “. Even after listening is of course a profound ending of the former should be noted, will keep you stir the imagination of hand to listen to a record high.

And mysterious rise beyond the time of finally the disk 2 full first appearance of the “mystery” is finally 45 years, reveals the figure with a full uncut !!! appearance of the surrounding before performance start is, of course, to be gradually emerged at the beginning are also recorded in ultra superb sound of the SBD-class, it has fully grasped how the buzz of advanced knowledge by the beginning of the organ sounds and distorted guitar floating in the mysterious is swirling in the elaboration of the scene. Before long transformation scene drum incoming (4 minutes 56 seconds to) is also fiercely, sound screamed, struggle, how Yuku giving a strong sense of tension to the side to listen rapid uplifting and chaotic rhythm that clash violently phenomenal it appears in sharpness, but interesting things I have picked up a few times firecracker sounds sound in this way. This is a person of the testimony that I saw at that time, that is, “when the” mystery “is played, sound to sound the firecrackers were heard in the distance” intended to support the statement that, this is also in fact any spectacle in which was whether the raw site you can check the sound actually. Before long, the organ of the melody emerge, figure that emits sound of forgiveness and release shaking the slide-guitar melody begins to squeal from far away to is as dazzling, “♪ Ahh ​​… guide vocal sung with “and even road in the euphoric sound boundless, 2 chorus worth plenty of singing Long version (※ the previous year and early playing in many cases ending in 1 chorus) full sense of scale that have been unveiled at the you’ll find pleasure in supreme dynamic sound. Length of song, and this musical experience of because although performance has focused on between the sound and the sound time, to will us to skip the high-far only waited for listeners 45 years, perhaps this song too much of the euphoria at the time you have finished listening, and lesbian couples to the non-reality, I guess whether not to one after another person who feels dizzy.

And the history of 2 take second “Simba line” is also the first-ever full-length full inclusion !! so far had been recorded only in the source of the Recorder 1, did not listen only in appearance that contains the tragic cut in the second half of that only take you to the first time in the history reveal its entire form !! also upper sense of sound is also dramatic, this sound performance sound comes out near the phenomenal is also a large feat to transform the Hakone sound source history award. This not only has been completely resolved in the sound quality of the ultra-class that there is a (8 minutes and 41 seconds to the ※ this recording) is only of that waited 45 years scene that contained the cut in the Recorder 1, sharp knowledge of the entire performance basis euphoria and deep wave is are you revived to perfect. Further recording will not end there, after the finale continues on as it is uncut is the show announcement by the famous presenter of the time. This is also, but is the first ever large feat scene, he is after you introduce the encore (= Simba line) are certainly issues as “your encouragement really big, enthusiastic your support, thank you.” , the advent of this scene because you have this song is what Hakone that the first day was the last of the music is for the first time support, I would like to come crowned your attention until the disk end. This speech scene in the future, will be a very important key in terms of talking about Floyd in Hakone.
Benefits ※: reprinted !! a brochure of that fascination with the new

Further, as a special project this time, the now expensive premiere of which Hakone Aphrodite with brochure, comes with those new full reprinted. Broken or stains and scratches is a super elaborate reduction replica using the original original one not completely mint state (all 42 pages, including color page ※). In separate from it Sirene label was released from “APHRODITE (Sirene-160)” is in, but full-scale replica brochure was attached as a bonus item this time in June 2006, was made in a new from scratch It has become a scaled-down version of the much postcard size. It was full-size version is also great finish that has been attached to the Sirene board, so that at that time and the digital printing and binding technology in the current has improved dramatically (※ also the current world “miniature book” that re-boom , the past few years of print and would be thanks to the rapid progress of the art of bookbinding), this time of the finish has become a special gem items that achieves even higher level finish. Article except size color also is also exactly the same paper quality, this is another copy because it has become a finish of the clone itself beyond the range of replication, that will enjoy surely your satisfaction !! rewarding if you take in hand a miss, in particular column called “your mountain to leave even if for some reason pirate Nanoda” is content to sound the alarm about the Mitsuroku act, which has become a very interesting article in the sense to reconsider all of Hakone sound source.

(The contents of the pamphlet)
Hakone mayor Greetings
Cast in photo testimonials (Floyd two-page spread)
Roundtable: “If there Hakone want to continue every year Afurotite, the music is there, Let enjoy anyway.”

“The night of July 17”
“Love God Aphrodite and the hills and fields of the song”
“Why pirate Nanoda also out on your mountain.”

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At the end ※

Many are coveted over the long time from the Japanese fans, a complete recording of the Floyd Hakone Aphrodite that has been craving. It is this Recorder 4 unleashing it finally is certainly a major event of once in 50 years for the fans and collectors, it will be filled with the mood of rapture and celebration. But this way we were to finally hand the excavation sound source of the historic feat, I think we must re-learn to play in Hakone with humility what now. At the same time there is a strong sense of exhilaration that moisten at once the thirst that had to wait 45 years is here because, because we see plenty of a variety of discovery did not notice at all until now. Because we are also taking the set list one is about was swimming in the 45 years of uncertain information, earnest to learn to play at this time from the entire recording of certain sounds, work Yuku read the wave of performance and sound perhaps only just begun now. Roger, but had said at a press conference at the time that the record company is open and “I Nde no § not mean that came to chat in Japan”, they are understanding of Japan’s counter-culture was still immature at that time while including a slight ridicule against time, the gems glare of the crystal of the new era of rock directly irradiated by its own performance as its reply, pay the blind people who were gathered there, in Hakone of midsummer I think I probably told a hint to re staring at the gathered was his own and that era in the wave of sound.

Passed the time at also 45 years since then, the lock, but we welcome now completely sunset of the era, that’s why this record is to go back up a hand to listen to the origin of the counter-culture, it should come to be at the same time deep question. Of course, suggested that would be very helpful Floyd of the Japan tour and for its sound research has been included in many, real thrilled with the discovery and these unknown excitement, who was both the Floyd and the youth, and of that day for those who have carried the foot in Hakone Aphrodite There is no difference in the highest of the treasure that can encounter in dazzling time irreplaceable. From modern after 45 years with great passion to be able to reverse irradiated with that day, is our privilege of Japanese fans unique. Soredakeni about have heard if Kikikome the full recording, we will Yukeru in place of the jewels of the high more accurately the memory of the midsummer of that Hakone Aphrodite knowledge.

Please taste to fully please this weekend the glare of the full scale of the jewel is crystallized at the highest grade sound quality in this press platen. Instinctive sharp pleasure is life through the you, is a true shock title.
★ of Roger, “OK, this is the last tune we gonna play, it’s called” A Saucerful Of Secrets “, thank you for coming (?)”, Start from the voice of a woman named “good smells ♪” around subsequent recorder 19 minutes (!) “mysterious” that span, all of Old rock fans must listen to. It is no exaggeration to say that the last decade the strongest live take. Anyway, it was good to listen to while you are alive.



1971年8月6日、箱根芦ノ湖畔・成蹊学園乗風台、通称” ’71 hakone アフロディーテ “。何とこの日、フロイドが行った全ての演奏をパーフェクト収録した録音が45年の時を超え、遂にその姿を現します!!

観た人によってセットリストの情報が十人十色で食い違い、一種のパラドックスを起こしていたこの日のセットリストの謎がこれによって完全に確定し、そのうえ史上初登場となる「神秘」もノーカット完全収録で含んでいるという門外不出の超秘蔵録音が遂に遂に登場するのです!!! しかもその音質が既存の箱根録音全てを一瞬で駆逐する超特A級の最強サウンドだなんて、そんな夢物語をにわかに信じられるでしょうか? でもこれは本物の真夏の夜の夢、収録時間も過去全ての箱根音源を大幅に上回る約100分間ものボリュームを持った大事件音源の登場なのです!!

高度成長期の日本の若者がカウンター・カルチャーの大きな大きな洗礼を受けた箱根アフロディーテ。そこでピンク・フロイドが行った響きと陶酔の演奏は自然が演出した神秘的なステージングと共に伝説となり、日本のファンにとっては真に特別な意味を持つ公演として語り継がれてきました。でも何故かこの日のショウを全て録り切った完全な録音はこれまで存在せず、我々ファンも幾つかの不完全な録音ソースによってこの時の演目を不完全な形で聴いてきたに過ぎません。昨年2015年には44年振りに史上初登場+ノーカット完全収録の「太陽讃歌」と「エコーズ」を含んだリール録音が『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING (Sigma 138)』として当Sigmaから登場し、世界中のファンの度肝を抜きましたが、そうしてショウの未知のシーンが新しく一部分出てきただけでも事件となるほど、この日の完全録音が多くのファンに渇望されてきたのは周知の通りです。

※ 情報のパラドックス、そして「神秘」初の音記録

またショウ全体を収録した実況録音が無かった為に、この日のショウはミステリーも呼びました。御存知だと思いますが、当時現地に足を運んだ人々の口伝や述懐、或いはネット上・当時の音楽誌の記述それぞれで、この日のセットリストが十人十色で大きく食い違うケースが続出していました。アルバム発表前で新曲のタイトル(邦題)がまだ無かった事、イベントの司会進行を務めた当時の有名司会者が読み上げた曲目原稿が不完全なものだった事、そして各人の記憶違いといった様々な理由によって情報のパラドックスが起こっていた訳ですが、完全録音が無かった為に一体どれが正しいのか確かめる術がありませんでした。特に情報を混乱させていたのが「神秘」で、この45年間に登場したどの既発盤・録音ソースにも演奏の欠片すら出てこなかった反面、アルバム『おせっかい』の日本盤LPの中の写真にはそれを演奏しているシーンだと言われているものがあるなど、本当に演奏されたのか否かは非常に大きなミステリーとなっていました。しかしそれも今回、全てが音の出現で完璧に裏付けられました。そう、本当に演奏していたのです!! しかもそれを含むこの日の全7曲が演奏順のまま全て完全版で聴けるのですから、これは真の大事件というほかありません!!

繰り返し申し上げましょう、” 全7曲の完全版 “です。つまりここには箱根音源史上で完全初登場となる「神秘」の他、これまでは後半に部分カットがありながらも唯一のソースとして重宝されていた「シンバライン」も史上初めてノーカットで聴ける全7曲なのです!! そして更に驚かされるのは、その「シンバライン」の終曲後も録音が暫く続き、何とそこに当時の有名司会者による” 終演後のアナウンス “までもが含まれている事でしょう!!勿論これも史上完全初登場のシーンとなっている訳ですが、重要なのはこのシーンが初登場した事によってこの「シンバライン」こそがこの日最後の曲であった事が確定・証明された点です。これにより録音の全体像に矛盾の無い筋道がピンと一本入り、揺ぎ無いドキュメンタリー性も備えた超絶の内容になっているのです!!!

※ Recorder ” 4 ”

次に気になるソースの出所ですが、これは当日のアフロディーテ会場で実際に録音された御本人が当店を通じ、Sigmaレーベルに御提供下さったものです。収録機材は会場に持ち込んだカセット・デンスケで、録音者から直に提供を受けた大元オリジナルのカセットテープ・マスター(※ リールではない事も特徴でしょう。当時最先端の録音方法だったそうです)から、今回デジタル・ダイレクトにディスク化したものです。もちろん45年間ネット上にも知人にも、この世の中に一切出回らせなかったワンオーナー所有の超秘蔵ソースであり、恐らく誰もが存在しない・あっても世に出てくることはまず無いだろうと考えていたその” まさか “が本当に出てきた真の大・大・大発掘音源と言えましょう。ちなみに箱根アフロディーテでのフロイドの演奏を伝えてきた録音はこれまで幾つか存在しましたが、位置付けを改めて整理しますと以下の様になると思います。

Recorder 1 :

『APHRODITE 1971: Peace Record (import title)』

(各収録時間 : 約46分)

Recorder 2 :

『APHRODITE (Sirene-160)』
『APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)』

(各収録時間 : 約72分)

Recorder 3 :

ED RESTORED (Sigma 139)』

(各収録時間 : 約55分)

…と、以上3種類の録音がこれまで知られていた訳ですが、今回45年振りに初登場する本作使用の録音は、それらとは出所が全く異なるフル収録・約100分間の” Recorder 4 “となる訳です!!

※ 遂に確定したセットリスト

以下が今回当レーベルが録音者御本人から御提供戴いた史上初登場の箱根完全版・オリジナル録音=Recorder 4の内容です。収録によって初めて全ての演奏曲順と曲目が確定した全7曲であり、これこそが1971年・箱根アフロディーテ初日(8月6日)の真の全容となります。

1. 原子心母 ★過去最高のタフな響きの広がりが魅力です。勿論完全ノーカット !
2. グリーン・イズ・ザ・カラー ★既発超えの濃密さを持った特級ノーカット !
3. ユージン、斧に気をつけろ ★最強の透明度と音の芯の強さ! ノーカット !
4. エコーズ ★曲紹介から収録+終演後の約1分30秒間に渡る歓声部分も初登場 !!
5. 太陽讃歌 ★史上2テイク目!! 既発ソースを軽く凌駕する超鮮明ノーカット版
です !!
6. 神秘   ★遂に史上初登場!! しかも完全ノーカット収録・超美麗の特A級音
7. シンバライン ★史上2テイク目にして初の完全ノーカット収録!! 音質も特A級

※ そして終演後にはあの有名司会者による終演アナウンスが入っており、勿論これも史上初登場です!! このシーンの出現で「シンバライン」がアンコール・エンドだった事が初めて証明されています。(「太陽讃歌」→「シンバライン」→「神秘」の曲順だったという説も昔から非常に根強かったのは皆様御存知の通りでしょう)

補記しておきますと、このRecorder 4は曲間でのみ、テープ残量温存と電池の持ちを確保する為に僅かなオン・オフが確認出来るのですが、演奏自体は全曲完全収録です。特に初登場となる「神秘」のテイクは、ここ10年のフロイド発掘音源中でも最高・最強のものと確信します!!

※ 戦慄の超ハイグレード音質

新たなRecorder 4による完全音源というだけでも驚異的ですが、更に私達を驚嘆と興奮で戦慄させるトピックがこの「特A級の極上音質」です。普通こういう大発掘・秘蔵音源の場合、一公演完全収録という貴重さはあっても音質は並かそれ以下、というケースが多いものです。しかもこれは日本のフロイド・ファンにとって特別な意味を持つ公演ですし、それが全ての既発サウンドを瞬時に駆逐する特A級音質で残っているなんて「話が出来過ぎてるよ」と思われるのが当然でしょう。しかし本録音の驚異的なところはまさにそこで、その夢物語の理想論が本当に現実となっている点なのです。例えが変に聴こえるかもしれませんが、その音質の差は、本当に何も知らない子供に「どっちが良い音?」と聴かせても100%本ソースを選ぶこと確実なほど単純明快で、圧倒的な格差があるのです。例を挙げますと、実はこのRecorder 4には唯一の欠点として「エコーズ」の後半でテープチェンジによる音の欠落が約13秒間だけ存在しているのですが、この部分のみ本作では去年ノーカットで登場して大きな話題を呼んだ『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING : REMASTERED RESTORED (※ =Recorder 3)』から波形レベル1/1000で合わせた完璧な補填をしています。で、この補填した約13秒間ですが、マスターのリール録音を徹底的にレストアしたあのRecorder 3サウンドが霞んで聴こえるほどなのです。もし御手元にそのタイトルがあればお聴き戴きたいのですが、本録音はそのサウンドを+3以上軽く上回る出音の近さと解像度・透明度・ラウド感がある音像だと言えば御想像が付くでしょうか。当日あの会場でどれだけの方が実況録音を試みていたかは判りませんが、恐らくこれ(=Recorder 4)以上の音質で録音出来たものはまず無かった筈です。誇張抜きで、聴けば100人中100人が「こんなに音が良く聴こえる71年の箱根フロイド、聴いた事が無い!!」と驚嘆されること確実ですし、我々が理想と空想で頭を一杯にしたサウンドが現実のものとして本当に飛び出してくる、史上最強の箱根アフロディーテ実況録音盤なのです!!

※ 「’71 箱根アフロディーテ全編完全初登場音源」、その検証

この100分近い録音は、Recorder 2で聴けた有名司会者のアナウンスこそ未収録ですが、ロジャーによる例の「Ok, here we go !」の掛け声の約5秒前から録音が始まります。しかしそのロジャーの声、また周囲の様子から未知なる音像の広がりと鮮明な出音の近さがいきなり感じられ、これが単に45年間眠っていただけの凡庸な録音物では無い事が直感で判るでしょう。「原子心母」が始まるとその期待は現実となり、冒頭SEを含む立ち上がりの音の威力と重量感に打ち震えること確実です。5分04秒から入ってくるガイド・ボーカルのシーンもその淡い音の移ろいが陶酔感満点の響きと共に広がり、この日のメイン・ステージに充満していた純正のリアル・サウンドが特上の音色で耳元に現れますし、9分02秒から入るドラムも若きニックの機智に富んだ打音の放ち方が過去最高の近さと解像度で耳元に雪崩れ込み、浮遊感にメリハリの効いたタムのリズムが付加された事による音楽的な創造美が更なる手応えで掴めるでしょう。「グリーン・イズ・ザ・カラー」もギターとギルモアの歌声が濃密な音像の中で鮮やかに揺れ動き、場に残る音の残響感と箱根の自然に吸い込まれてゆく音の拡散が見事に浮き上がります。その陶酔に充ちた演奏がそのまま「ユージン、斧に気をつけろ」に続く訳ですが、驚くべきことにこの付近から音質が更に向上し、Recorder 4が真の実力を発揮し始めます。導入部で印象的なオルガンの旋律進行もその音色がますます近く鋭く艶を増し、前曲の陶酔感がミステリアスな神秘性に移り変わる姿を過去最高の音色で捉え切っているほか、スクリームのシーンもかなり間近でストレートな音像で飛び出し、各既発サウンドの様にやや距離感のあるサウンドとは全く違うものとなっていますので、ここで体験する新サウンドのショック感は未知の驚嘆を与えてくれるでしょう。当日鑑賞した方の回顧録によると、この曲の演奏中に芦ノ湖から流れてきた霧が足元に絡み付き、夜の帳が降り始めた風がそれを流して4人の髪をなびかせたそうですが、そうした幻想的な美しさを伴った伝説の演奏が最強のリアル・サウンドで甦る様子に是非御期待下さい。

そして更に驚かされるのが「エコーズ」で、信じ難い事にこの曲の冒頭からまた更に音質が向上するのです。音の芯がグッと剥き出しになり、ここで殆どSBD録音級の質感と音の間近さに到達します。導入のソナー音からしてその出音があまりにも近く、この圧倒的な出音の近さと静謐な透明度・明瞭さを備えたこの新音像には100人中100人が間違いなく息を呑むでしょう。以降ここからディスクエンドまでこのウルトラ級の超極上音質がガッチリ維持されます。曲名は「エコーズ」と紹介されてはいるものの、未だ「The Return Of The Sons Of Nothing」時期の名残を残す初期稿の歌詞も本当に耳元で歌っている様な生々しさがあり、リズム面のマッシヴな低音域とボーカル等の高音域がそれぞれ非常に引き締まったサウンドで麗しく流れ込んできます。8分46秒付近から入る特徴的なギターのチューニング・シーンも明瞭かつ大きな音で拾っていて、これもやや芯の細い音色でそれを拾っていた各既発盤との音像差に圧倒される筈です。それゆえ微妙なギター・タッチが完璧に耳元へ届き、リズムレスな中間部へ徐々に移行する様子も出音の間近さが際立っている事で既発盤とは次元の違う音楽的な神秘性を伴って現れるのです。また鳴き声シーンでは後ろで鳴っている風のSE音が異常なまでの近さと高い解像度で現れる事に仰天しますが、何よりも響きと響きの狭間に鳥の鳴き声を木霊させる事によって生まれた空間性がこれほど良く出た当時の録音もまた唯一無二でしょう。その奥からオルガンが浮かび上がってくる姿などはライン録音そのものであり、聴く者全員が確実に言葉を失うに違いありません。後半で音楽が大きく飛翔するシーン(※ 21分00秒~)もベースの音が一音一音極めて優れたアクセントで出ていて、響きによる知の集積と音楽的な開放のプロセスが体験した事の無い深い感動を呼び覚まし、巨大な音楽が何度も何度もうねりながら飛翔してゆく姿に強く心を打たれること請け合いです。しかも終曲後には約1分半ほどのチューニング・シーンが含まれており、これもまた聴き逃せない重要な初登場シーンとなっています!!

「太陽讃歌」はRecorder 3に続く史上2テイク目の超貴重録音ですが、驚く事にこれもRecorder 3のレストア版(※ あれほど優れていたのに! )を軽く凌駕する音質となっており、信じ難い音の近さと解像度を誇るサウンドで出てきます。これは言い換えればこの日の音楽的な表情付けが更に読み取り易くなっている訳で、水面下で蠢くミニマム的なリズムの多様性とロジャーによる呪文の詠唱の様な囁きによる思慮深い響きの組み立てがますます深く体に浸み込んでくる実感を味わえるでしょう。また面白いところでは、これはヘッドホンで注意深く聴くと分かるのですが、よくよく耳を澄ますと6分59秒付近~7分30秒付近に渡って録音者かその周辺の人物が持参したと思われる水筒のフタを開け、飲み物をカップ(=恐らくフタでしょう)に注ぎ、飲んで再びフタをカラカラと廻して締めている音が入っているのです。勿論この間もミステリアスな演奏音は異常な解像度と近さでこちらをずっと直撃し続けているのですが、「季節は真夏、曲は太陽」というキーワードがあるだけに水筒から水分を補給する音が妙に生々しく、またそれが缶でも瓶でも無い水筒のカップに注いでいる点がいかにも日本の夏特有の人の営みが感じられる訳で、これがまた「45年前の真夏の箱根・屋外会場」という臨場感をギラギラ眩しく与えてくれるのです。勿論その先の意味深なエンディングは聴き終えても尚、聴き手の想像力を過去最高に掻き立ててくれるでしょう。

そしてディスク2ではいよいよ完全初登場の「神秘」が遂に45年の時を越え、完全ノーカットでその姿を現します!!!演奏開始前の周囲の様子は勿論、冒頭で徐々に浮上する妖しい立ち上がりのシーンもSBD級のウルトラ極上サウンドで記録しており、ミステリアスに浮遊する序盤のオルガンの音色や歪むギターによる高度な知のざわめきが渦を巻いている様子を精緻に捉え切っています。やがてドラムが入ってくる転換シーン(4分56秒~)も凄まじく、音が悲鳴を上げ、もがき、激しくぶつかり合うリズムの急速な高揚と混沌が聴く側に強い緊張感を与えてゆく様子が驚異の鮮明さで現れますが、興味深い事にこの途中で何度か爆竹が鳴る音を拾っているのです。これは当時観た人の証言、すなわち” 「神秘」が演奏された時、遠くで爆竹を鳴らす音が聞こえていた “という記述を裏付けるもので、これもまた実際どんなスペクタクルであったかが生の現場の音で実際に確認出来るのです。やがてオルガンの旋律が浮かび上がり、遠くから鳴き始めるスライド・ギターが旋律を揺らしながら解放と赦しの響きを放つ姿は眩いほどですし、「♪ Ahh…」と歌われるガイド・ボーカルも限りない陶酔サウンドで充ちており、2コーラス分たっぷり歌い上げるロング・バージョン(※ 前年度や初期の演奏は1コーラスで終るケースが多い)で披露されているフルスケール感を至高のダイナミック・サウンドで御愉しみ戴けるのです。曲・そして演奏が音と音の間を重視しているが故のこの音楽的体感時間の長さは、聴き手を45年間待っただけ高く・遠くに飛ばしてくれるでしょうし、恐らくこの曲を聴き終えた時点であまりの多幸感、非現実感に悶絶し、めまいを感じてしまう方が続出するのではないかと察します。

そして史上2テイク目となる「シンバライン」も史上初のノーカット完全収録です!! これまではRecorder 1のソースにのみ記録されていた、後半に無残なカットが入った姿でしか聴けなかったあの唯一のテイクが史上初めてその全体の姿を露わにします!! またサウンドのアッパー感も劇的で、演奏音が驚異的に近く出てくるこの音像もまた箱根音源史を一変させる大快挙でしょう。これによってRecorder 1でカットが入っていたシーン(※ 本録音では8分41秒~)が45年待っただけの事はあるウルトラ級の音質で完全解決されているだけでなく、演奏全体の鋭い知的陶酔と深い波動がパーフェクトに甦っているのです。更に録音はそこで終らず、終曲後には当時の有名司会者による終演アナウンスがそのままノーカットで続きます。これもまた史上初の大快挙シーンですが、彼はこのアンコール曲(=シンバライン)を紹介した後で「本当に盛大な御声援、熱狂的な御声援、ありがとうございました」と確かに発しており、このシーンの出現によってこの曲こそが箱根初日のラストの楽曲であった事が初めて裏付けられていますので、是非ディスクエンドまで御注目戴きたいと思います。このスピーチ・シーンは今後、箱根でのフロイドを語る上で非常に重要な鍵となるでしょう。

※ 特典 : あの魅惑のパンフレットを新規で復刻!!

更に今回は特別企画として、今や高額なプレミアが付いている箱根アフロディーテのパンフレットを、新しく完全復刻したものが付属します。折れやシミや傷ひとつ無い完全ミント状態のオリジナル原本を使用した超精巧な縮小レプリカ(※ カラーページを含む全42ページ)です。2006年6月にSireneレーベルからリリースされた『APHRODITE (Sirene-160)』には原寸大のレプリカ・パンフレットがボーナス・アイテムとして付いていましたが今回はそれとは別で、一から新規で製作した葉書大くらいの縮小版となっています。Sirene盤に付いていた原寸大版も素晴らしい仕上がりでしたが、あの当時と現在とではデジタル印刷と製本技術が格段に向上していますので(※ 現在世界的に” 豆本 “が再ブームなのも、ここ数年の印刷と製本技術の飛躍的な進歩のお陰でしょう)、今回の仕上がりは更にレベルの高い仕上がりを実現したスペシャルな逸品アイテムとなっています。サイズ以外は発色も紙質も全く同じであり、これはもうコピー・複製という域を超えたクローンそのものの仕上がりとなっていますので、手に取れば確実に御満足戴けるでしょう!! 読み応えのある記事が盛り沢山で、特に「お山に出てもナゼカ海賊ナノダ」というコラムは密録行為について警鐘を鳴らす内容で、これは全ての箱根音源を再考する意味でも実に興味深い記事となっています。

座談会 : 「毎年続けたい箱根アフロティーテ、音楽がそこにあったら、とにかく楽しんじゃおう」

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多くの日本のファンから長きに渡って切望され、渇望されてきたフロイド箱根アフロディーテの完全録音。それを遂に解き放つこのRecorder 4は確かにファンやコレクターにとって50年に一度の大事件ですし、狂喜と祝賀のムードで一杯になるでしょう。でもこうして歴史的快挙の発掘音源を遂に手にした私達は、今こそ謙虚さを持って箱根での演奏を学び直さねばならないのではないでしょうか。何故ならここには45年間待たされたその渇きを一気に潤す強い爽快感があると同時に、これまで全く気付かなかった様々な発見がたっぷり見えてくるからです。セットリストひとつ取っても私達は45年間不確かな情報の中で泳いでいたくらいですから、この時の演奏を確かな音の全記録から本格的に学び、響きと演奏の波動を読み取ってゆく作業は今始まったばかりなのかもしれません。ロジャーはレコード会社が開いた当時の記者会見で「日本にはおしゃべりしに来た訳じゃァ無いんでね」と言っていましたが、彼等は当時まだ未成熟だった日本のカウンター・カルチャーの理解度に対して僅かな嘲笑を含めながらも、その返答としてロックという新時代の宝石が結晶する眩しさを自らの演奏で直接照射し、そこに集った人々の盲を払い、盛夏の箱根に集った自分とあの時代を見詰め直すヒントを音の波動で伝えたのだろうと思います。



★ロジャーの「OK, this is the last tune we gonna play, it’s called “A Saucerful Of Secrets”, thank you for coming(?)」、続くレコーダー周りの「いいにおいがする♪」という女性の声からスタートする19分(!)に及ぶ「神秘」は、全てのオールドロック・ファン必聴。ここ十年最強のライブテイクと言っても過言ではありません。とりあえず、生きてるうちに聴けて良かったです。

Disc 1 (70:31)
1. Atom Heart Mother 2. Green Is The Colour 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Echoes 5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Disc 2 (28:46)
1. A Saucerful Of Secrets 2. Cymbaline

Sigma 160

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