Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 / 2CD / Sigma

Translated Text:
Live At Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan 6th August 1971


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First visit to Japan and Hakone Aphrodite legendary Floyd appeared in the latest mastering! It can be said that made ​​full use of the audience recording of multiple existing, in the past the longest version unfeigned exactly, the first sheet the version of the stereo master main, the current state best was recorded respectively in the 2nd version of the mono master main Ketteiban of Hakone Aphrodite the finished content. The item was supplemented the missing portion to the main stereo master of the first sheet, and we come out with the same concept from the Godfather board while ago, but pseudo-editing, which is based on mono-master that was recorded in the second piece this time board has not been released at all until now, this title will be the first attempt.

It is a commentary of the first sheet first. The first appearance “APHRODITE” in (Sirene / 2CD), was recorded “MEMORIES OF THE EAST” and the like (Sigma / 2CD) then, tone generator is based in the first sheet, also recorded in sound quality at the moment the stereo master of the best also in contents, the longest “APHRODITE” and (Dynamite Studio / CD), and supplemented with mono master of two that had been recorded “APHRODITE” in (Sirene / 2CD) · Disc2 further this reproduce the board. Stereo master of the main was that there is a flame of slight volume balance between the left and right originally, (an easy comp is not over), and improvement while some balance, but only time and yet was subjected to a precise adjustment for each channel I was slightly remove hiss. However, it is only modest noise reduction, there is no sense that the air may be impaired. For example, if it is possible than the old Sigma board to play the part of Buffy St. Mary of the intro, you can be assured that performance while still sounds slightly larger, hiss does not mean that increases in proportion. I am now To Simba whole line of MC atom heart mother played just before, the intermediate portion of the Eugene, and Echoes second half, with respect to compensation. Supplemented with mono master “APHRODITE” of (Sirene / 2CD) · Disc2 “Ok, here we go!” Only MC of Gilmore atom heart mother before a performance of this. In compensation “APHRODITE” from (Dynamite Studio / CD) everything else, we try to source a smooth change is subjected to cross-fade longer this time. Bridging was unnatural because it does not there is a pitch with its outstanding Godfather board is compensation of Eugene intermediate part, but it is perfect in this board. In addition, sound twist that results from (2 minutes near CD time), to the stereo master this compensation after stood out in the left channel, but here sound twisted to matrix Dynamite Studio Edition for a few seconds to stand out of the sound twist only to the left channel you can Watch without discomfort surprisingly to eliminate, by appropriate treatment. Unfortunately in the compensation of the second half of Echoes, for playing itself is not wrapped in a mono master and stereo master originally, it is edited to change the mono master to fade once. Simba line that has been recorded in the last Li master recording of from Dynamite Studio whole board. However, this line is the Simba ruffian fine, you can hear the MC Itoigorou Mr. “Pink Floyd!” Piecemeal before a performance, but this is different from a MC of that he heard live beginning. Moreover, it is difficult to hear the Simba line After playing, but you can see the third MC yet another of his called “Pink Floyd!”. If you do so, Simba line itself or, (? Or three times live before the start Encore before Live after the show) is the next day (or more), or have had three times MC His (appearance scene) in this performance and whether the performance of the 7th, it’s such where these facts are not clear, but the materials and means to clarify these is a shortage at the moment, it was therefore not possible to conclude, and the contents in Dynamite Studio Edition is here then followed, it was recorded as it is.

The main mono-master “APHRODITE” of (Dynamite Studio / CD), with respect to the missing part, the second piece was supplemented did on monaural stereo master. Mono master – they simply do not exist originally for playing the part of Buffy St. Mary, but dare recorded here also monaural stereo master. Direct rhea-phantom LP boot appears that supplements for Dynamite panel that was used in the main, on a CD that was released in the 1990s, and was released in the 70’s in contents “Live” of (PEACE RECORD / LP) it is estimated to copy. LP boot itself became Omoto this is a super-ultra-hard-to-find board, the real thing thingy never author was also apparent. Dynamite panel is ultra-high quality sound that bass also ride growth in natural untouched by equalizing processing and noise reduction while Fortunately, there is a flavor different from the stereo master at this, this is stereo even when viewed in a comprehensive manner · I think than some people who think that those that do not outdone never the master, who here is surprisingly easy to hear. Also edit items to this main mono master in the past because we have none, this title will be the first attempt. It was a mix of mono and stereo with the first shot, but that it was consistent with the mono In this second piece, you can enjoy the smooth editing less discomfort. Moreover, since was what song sequence in (LP and its) Dynamite panel was also different from the actual, mono version that you hear in the correct track order more you can appreciate the very fresh. It should be noted that the first MC of Itokyo Mr. are also included in the Dynamite panel, but in consideration of the fact that the linkage process is increased, you are through in mono version of the stereo master as it is this time.

Ketteiban of Hakone Aphrodite was recorded two versions say in the past the longest version that utilizes the audience recording of multiple existing and current situation best. It is the emergence from Sigma label limited pressing CD! !


まず1枚目の解説です。1枚目でベースとなった音源は、「APHRODITE」(Sirene/2CD)で初登場し、その後「MEMORIES OF THE EAST」(Sigma/2CD)などにも収録された、現時点では音質的にも収録内容的にもベストのステレオ・マスターで、これに「APHRODITE」(Dynamite Studio/CD)と、さらに「APHRODITE」(Sirene/2CD)・Disc2に収録されていた2種類のモノラル・マスターで補てんし最長盤を再現。メインのステレオマスターは元々左右の音量バランスに若干の難があるものでしたが、各チャンネルに緻密な調整を施し(安易なコンプはかけてません)、バランスを若干ながら改善、なおかつ今回に限りヒスノイズを僅かに除去しました。ただしあくまで控え目なノイズリダクションであり、空気感が損なわれる事はありません。例えば出だしのバフィー・セントメリーの演奏部分を旧Sigma盤と比べて頂ければ、演奏は若干大きめに聞こえながらも、ヒスは比例して大きくなっているわけでない事を確認できるでしょう。補てんに関しては原子心母演奏直前のMC、ユージンの中間部、エコーズ後半、そしてシンバライン丸ごととなっております。このうち原子心母演奏前のギルモアのMC「Ok, here we go!」のみ「APHRODITE」(Sirene/2CD)・Disc2のモノラル・マスターで補てん。それ以外は全て「APHRODITE」(Dynamite Studio/CD)からの補てんで、今回は長めにクロスフェードを施しスムーズなソースチェンジを心がけました。ユージン中間部の補てんは既発Godfather盤ではピッチがあっていないため繋ぎが不自然でしたが、本盤ではバッチリです。また、この補てん後(CDタイム2分付近)、ステレオマスターに起因する音ヨレが左チャンネルで目立ちましたが、ここは左チャンネルにのみ音ヨレの目立つ数秒間にDynamite Studio盤をマトリクスし音ヨレを解消、適切な処理により驚くほど違和感なく鑑賞頂けます。エコーズ後半の補てんでは残念ながら、元々ステレオ・マスターとモノラル・マスターで演奏そのものがラップしないため、一旦フェードしてモノラル・マスターにチェンジする編集です。ラストに収録されたシンバラインは丸ごとDynamite Studio盤からのリマスター収録。しかし、このシンバラインが結構くせ者で、演奏前に断片的に糸居五郎氏のMC「Pink Floyd!」が聞けますが、これはライブ冒頭で聞ける同氏のMCとは別物です。また、シンバライン演奏後には聞き取りづらいですが、同氏の「Pink Floyd!」というさらに別の3つめMCが確認できます。そうしますと、本公演では同氏のMC(登場場面)は3度(またはそれ以上)あったのか(ライブ開始前・アンコール前・ライブ終演後の3回か?)、あるいはシンバラインそのものが翌日7日の演奏なのか、これらの事実がはっきりとしないところなのですが、現時点ではこれらを明確にする資料・手段が不足しており、断定できませんでしたので、ここではDynamite Studio盤の収録内容を踏襲し、そのまま収録しました。

2枚目は、「APHRODITE」(Dynamite Studio/CD)のモノラル・マスターをメインに、欠落部分に関しては、ステレオ・マスターをモノラル化したうえで補填しました。バフィー・セントメリーの演奏部分に関しては元々モノラル・マスターは存在しないのですが、ここもステレオ・マスターをモノラル化し敢えて収録。メインに使用したDynamite盤について補足しますと、90年代にリリースされたCDで、内容的には70年代にリリースされたと思われる激レア・幻LPブート「Live」(PEACE RECORD/LP)のダイレクトコピーと推測されます。この大元になったLPブート自体が超ウルトラ入手困難盤であり、実物は筆者も見かけた事のないブツ。幸いながらDynamite盤はノイズリダクションやイコライジング処理とは無縁のナチュラルで低音域も伸びのる超高音質サウンドであり、これはこれでステレオ・マスターとは違う味わいがあり、総合的に見てもステレオ・マスターに決してひけを取らないもので、案外こちらの方が聞きやすいと思う方もいるのではないでしょうか。また過去にもこのモノラルマスターをメインにした編集アイテムは皆無でありましたので、本タイトルが初の試みとなります。1枚目ではステレオとモノラルとの混在でしたが、この2枚目ではモノラルに一貫したことで、違和感も少なくスムーズな編集を堪能頂けます。しかもDynamite盤(とそのLP)では曲順も実際とは異なったものでしたので、より正しい曲順で聞くモノラル・バージョンは非常に新鮮に鑑賞頂けます。なお糸居氏の最初のMCはDynamite盤にも収録されておりますが、繋ぎ処理が増えることを考慮し、今回はそのままステレオ・マスターのモノラル化バージョンで通しております。


Disc 1: Stereo Master(72:08)
1. Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Circle Game 2. Soundcheck/Announcement
3. Atom Heart Mother 4. Soundcheck 5. Green Is The Colour 6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
7. Soundcheck 8. Echoes 9. Cymbaline

Disc 2: Mono Master(72:08)
1. Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Circle Game 2. Soundcheck/Announcement
3. Atom Heart Mother 4. Soundcheck 5. Green Is The Colour 6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
7. Soundcheck 8. Echoes 9. Cymbaline

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