Phil Spector & The Ronettes / Be My Baby Sessions / 1CDR

Phil Spector & The Ronettes / Be My Baby Sessions / 1CDR / Non Label
Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA 5th July 1963

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Phil Spector died in prison at the age of 81 last month. There is no dispute that he was a unique person who left behind various legends, and at the same time he was a great producer representing the music world in the 1960s. “Be My Baby” sung by The Ronettes was his representative song and one of the representative pop songs of the early 1960s. The splendor of that impressive intro and chorus work hasn’t faded.
Fortunately, there is a sound source that captures the session scenery of this masterpiece. A large amount of the session sound source of the 1960s that Specter was doing at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood about 15 years ago leaked. Mania around the world was surprised that such a sound source was left, but it was also surprised that it was as large as five CDs.
However, it is undeniable that this volume is maniac and core content, and the part that is most interesting to many music fans is, of course, the session scenery of “Be My Baby”.
Therefore, this time, only the scene of recording the same song from the session sound source at Gold Star (at this point, it is tentatively titled “My One and Only Baby”) is excerpted. The sound sources on the market are recorded from take 14 where the session has already progressed. A group of artisan musicians such as Hal Blaine’s drums and Steve Douglas’s saxophone, “Wrecking Crew” will continue to take while meeting Specter’s demands. It’s hard to see a complete take, but this is a typical scene of a Specter-style session.
That said, it shouldn’t be frustrating if the take is relentlessly repeated, and it’s also valuable to see Brain screaming “shut up!” To other musicians who hinder counting in front of take 17. ..

First, take 19 is the first complete take, but in the end take 25 becomes the master. It’s worth noting that when it comes to clapping or backing this take, the audio will change from monaural to stereo. This stereo is invaluable because the Specter was mono-heavy. It is also valuable to know that Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes who took the lead vocal was also involved in the backing chorus recording.
This take 25, the overdubbing scenery of the chorus appears first from the stage when the sound source appeared, then returns to monaural and the performance body before dubbing is heard. It seems that the actual order is reversed, but this time as well, the original recording condition is respected. In any case, Take 25 boasts an outstandingly high degree of perfection, and I was convinced that it was adopted as a master.
Surprisingly, the key was lowered a little and the recording continued, but this was a struggle, and it died.
And this time, a version of Take 25 covered with Ronnie Spector’s lead vocals has appeared. There is no backing chorus, clapping, or interlude strings here, and the rough state where you can only listen to the performance and her song is vivid and goosebumps. The end is a version of Take 25 with all the vocal parts added, yet without strings and no fade-out. Not only the making of “Be My Baby”, but also the scene where the history of pop music in the 1960s is made, this is a valuable document with the best sound quality.

先月81歳で獄中死を遂げたフィル・スペクター。色々な伝説を残した個性的な人物であったと同時に、1960年代の音楽界を代表する偉大なプロデューサーであったことに異論はないでしょう。彼の代表曲であり、60年代前半を代表するポップソングの一つでもあったのがロネッツによって歌われた「Be My Baby」。あの印象的なイントロやコーラスワークの素晴らしさは今も色褪せていない。
とはいえ、さすがにこのボリュームはマニアックかつコアな内容であることが否めず、多くの音楽ファンにとって一番興味が沸くパートは当然「Be My Baby」のセッション風景ではないでしょうか。
そこで今回はゴールド・スターでのセッション音源から同曲をレコーディング(この時点では「My One and Only Baby」という仮題が付いています)する場面だけを抜粋。出回っている音源は既にセッションが進行したテイク14から収録。ハル・ブレインのドラム、スティーブ・ダグラスのサックスといった職人ミュージシャン集団「レッキングクルー」がスペクターの要求に応えながらテイクを重ねます。なかなか完奏のテイクが現れませんが、これこそスペクター流セッションの典型的な場面。

そして今度はテイク25にロニー・スペクターのリードボーカルを被せたバージョンが登場。こちらにはバックコーラスや手拍子、さらに間奏のストリングスがなく、演奏と彼女の歌だけを聞けるラフな状態が生々しくて鳥肌モノ。最後はテイク25にすべてのボーカルパートが加えられた状態でありながら、それでいてストリングスがなくフェイドアウトしないバージョンで締めくくり。「Be My Baby」のメイキングというだけでなく、60年代ポップ・ミュージックの歴史が作られる場面を捉えた、これぞ貴重なドキュメントを最高の音質で。

1. My One and Only Baby (working title of Be My Baby) take 14, 15, 16

2. My One and Only Baby take 18, 19, 20

3. My One and Only Baby take 21, 22, 23, 24 (w/back up vocals)

4. My One and Only Baby take 25 (w/ back up vocals)(repeat from above)

5. My One and Only Baby take 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 (w/lead vocal)

6. My One and Only Baby Unknown take (w/ lead vocal+back up vocals)

Phil Spector – producer
Ronnie Spector – lead and backing vocals
Louis Blackburn – trombone
Hal Blaine – drums
Frank Capp – percussion
Al De Lory – keyboards
Steve Douglas – saxophone
Ellie Greenwich – backing vocals
Carol Kaye – bass
Darlene Love – backing vocals
Fanita James – backing vocals
Jay Migliori – saxophone
Gracia Nitzsche – backing vocals
Bill Pitman – guitar
Ray Pohlman – bass guitar
Don Randi – piano
Bobby Sheen – backing vocals
Tommy Tedesco – guitar
Nino Tempo – backing vocals

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