Mick Taylor & Hot Water Band / Statesboro Blues 1987 / 2CD Digipak

Mick Taylor & Hot Water Band / Statesboro Blues 1987 / 2CD Digipak / Idol Mind Production
Translated text:
Live At Live Inn, Tokyo April 9, 1987(2nd Show) 73.Mins.

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★ Mick · Taylor’s First Visit to Japan ’87, Legendary Club · Gig!
★ 2 high-quality sound source, completely released in both performances, press CD!
Resurrection IMP 6th release, from the 1987 Tokyo tour that was the first tour to Japan, on April 9, released the first show of the first and second show at Shibuya LIVE INN at the first CD release. At that time it was a phenomenal high-quality audience sound source, including a total of 16 songs played on the day. 13 years since Stone’s withdrawal, 8 years since solo album announcement, the activity situation was enveloped in a mystery What kind of song does he play in what way? Together with such various expectations with the fans who gathered at the venue, we played original songs, played Jimihen, Allman Brothers, and classical blues numbers in that unique phrase. Especially Billie Preston’s masterpiece “Will It Go Round In Circles” develops a funky and tasty play that reminds me of the 1973 European tour that Taylor went with Billy! In addition, it is also interesting that the gentle audience warmly supports Taylor, the wild audience skips merciless Yazi in the second part, and the atmosphere of the venue changes shimmer, the atmosphere of each part and the atmosphere of the live A wonderful recording that tells without limit. In the second part, guest guitarist jumps in with three songs “Stormy Monday Blues”, “Statesboro Blues” and “Rock Me Baby”, and it is also listening at rare that they are performing a competition with Taylor and a guitar battle! The legendary play now revives the listeners fans!

復活IMP第6弾は、初来日ツアーとなった1987年の東京公演より、4月9日、渋谷LIVE INNでのファースト&セカンド・ショーの2ショーの模様を初CD化音源にてリリース。当時としては驚異的な高音質オーディエンス音源で、当日演奏された延べ16曲を全て収録。ストーンズ脱退から13年、ソロアルバム発表から8年、活動状況が謎に包まれていた彼が一体どんな曲をどんな風にプレイするのか?そんな様々な期待を胸に会場に集まったファンの前でオリジナル曲を交え、ジミヘン、オールマン・ブラザース、そしてクラシック・ブルース・ナンバーの数々をあの独特のフレーズで縦横無尽に弾きまくり。特に故ビリー・プレストンの名曲「Will It Go Round In Circles」ではテイラーがビリーと行った1973年ヨーロピアンツアーを彷彿させるファンキーかつタメの効いたプレイを展開!また1部はジェントルなオーディエンスが暖かくテイラーをサポートし、2部ではワイルドなオーディエンスが容赦ないヤジを飛ばしまくりと、会場の雰囲気がガラリと変わっている様子も面白く、各パートの音及びライブの雰囲気を余す所なく伝える素晴らしい録音。さらに2部ではゲスト・ギタリストが、「Stormy Monday Blues」「Statesboro Blues」そして「Rock Me Baby」の3曲で飛び入り参加し、テイラーとギターバトルの競演をしているのもレアで聴きどころ!あの伝説のプレイが今よみがえるファン必聴モノ!

(DISC-1)/1987-04-09 1st Show
01. Opening/ 02. Tusks/ 03. Put It Where You Want It/ 04. Will It Go Round In Circles/ 05. Red House/ 06. Goin’ South/ 07. Giddy Up/ 08. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/ 09. Going Down
(DISC-2)/1987-04-09 2nd Show
01. Opening/ 02. I Don’t Know/ 03. Put It Where You Want It/ 04. Stormy Monday Blues/ 05. Statesboro Blues/ 06. Hot Water Music/ 07. Goin’ South/ 08. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/ 09. Rock Me Baby
Idol Mind Production. IMP-N-006

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