Michael Schenker Group / Southampton 1982 / 2CD

Michael Schenker Group / Southampton 1982 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at the Gaumont, Southampton, UK 22nd November 1982


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“Dense recording of audience” and “professional recording”. Each in a different charm live album that was a “delicious where up” of Recording Act of, Do not you think you would like to listen to? Will float first and foremost is the matrix board by IEMs in recent years, but it sound source that can be called far from even before the “professional audience recording” than is (it is but seldom is) is there for. This work, live album that the THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP of name board “Apocalypse” era, was captured in such a “delicious where up sound”. This work is one that was revived blockbuster of Langley label the “ROCK YOU TO THE GROUND” in the latest remastered!
What a “professional audience recording”? Microphone recording by broadcasting stations, microphone recording that was pasted on the stage floor, … in fact such a meeting for recording by members, there are various types. Among such, recording method of this work is “ambient microphone recording that was placed in the PA desk”. Speaking of PA desk, engineers to control the overall sound is “sound of the main”. However acoustic is well, all playing band, let alone position, which can also most accurately grasp to the characteristics of the venue. It is possible to monopolize the great sound than anyone else while approaching the essence of the live, the sound of such “seat of venue No.1” has become Gyuu justified it’s the this work!
Although it is in this work is the classification on the “audience recording,” but, splendor clear of the sound, details Katsuaki sounding of all instruments, which distinguishes itself from the audience recording. Output sound from the amplifier copper sound in the venue, or reaching the audience, sound taper around the world is going to capture become a frenzy have been very easily recording. Taste of recording microphone, while having a reality, it’s a record that was full of weirdness parties outflow. Nevertheless, the master was recorded one shot with a microphone. Or shift the orientation of the microphone, there was somewhat also a scene that fluctuates with sound. Drawback with is such a master was also overcome by digitally re-master, I of this work was finished in Ketteiban it exceeds the Langley board.

Such “audience recording” Naranu of being fully recorded in “Staff seat recording”, the heyday of Michael Schenker. Exquisite time feeling Saewatari to dull, crying tone is also extremely delicate. Band organization without a star player, but do not expect what battle, such as at the time of Cozy Powell enrolled, the first place Michael shine in external “confrontation” internal than an “immersive” guitarist. “Protagonist Who or” closely and understand the, is more important than anything that him and is surrounded by members that knows the way to shine. If people in particular concern to the “MSG than UFO”, I think than you are able to realize what this means.
And one of the points of “MSG than UFO” is “song”. Schenker melody Bubbly UFO is also great, but from groovy rock roll, songs of MSG that specializes in building a sense of dynamism and is laid to the protagonist Schenker melody to direct. Show that it comes Tatamikake from next to the next. MSG live and from this it is of such exceptional! And for that “Apocalypse tour”, but also special. Is a popular tour culmination of MSG of “Without fight only”, but there have been included are numbered or “yang of melody” also. However, “the Apocalypse tour”, only thoroughly “shadow of the essence” to listen with plenty. All songs is a quotient of the hauntingly cry of building a sense of shade firm Kirili, it is to come out and overflowing without any chipping.

Among all carriers of Kano genius guitarist, deeply cry live while aligning the variety of songs you do not see the kind. What’s more, it was left in a very special recording method to be “professional audience recording”. Of course, this taste and true value is know is, has a mesmerizing sensibility to Schenker melody, you may only person who was piggybacked the work of sound source mania. And what if familiar, such people want me to listen also desperately non. Put their feelings, it is the release determined by imposing the press 2CD!


「観客の密録」と「プロ収録」。それぞれに違う魅力の録音法の“美味しいどこ取り”をしたライヴ・アルバム、聴いてみたいと思いませんか? 近年ではIEMsによるマトリクス盤が真っ先に浮かぶでしょうが、それより遙か以前から「プロフェッショナルなオーディエンス録音」とでも呼べる音源が(ごく希にですが)あるのです。本作は、名盤「黙示録」時代のTHE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPを、そんな“美味しいどこ取りサウンド”で捉えたライヴ・アルバム。本作はLangleyレーベルの大ヒット作「ROCK YOU TO THE GROUND」を最新リマスターで蘇らせた1枚です!
「プロフェッショナルなオーディエンス録音」とはどんなものか? 放送局によるマイク録音、ステージ床に貼り付けたマイク録音、メンバーによるミーティング用録音などなど……実は、さまざまなタイプがあります。そんな中で、本作の録音法は「PA卓に置かれたアンビエントマイク録音」。PA卓と言えば、エンジニアが全体の音響をコントロールする“音響の要”です。もっとも音響が良く、バンドの全演奏はおろか、その会場の特性までも一番的確に把握できるポジション。ライヴの本質に迫りながら誰よりも素晴らしいサウンドを独占できる、そんな「会場No.1の座席」のサウンドがギュウ詰めになったのが本作なのです!

そして、「UFOよりMSG」のもうひとつのポイントは「曲」。グルーヴィなロックロールからシェンカー・メロディが沸き立つUFOも素晴らしいですが、構築感とダイナミズムに特化したMSGの曲は、シェンカー・メロディをダイレクトに主役に据えている。それが次から次へと畳み掛けてくるショウ。これだからMSGのライヴは格別なのです! そして“黙示録ツアー”というのが、またスペシャル。「限りなき戦い」のツアーもMSGの総決算として人気ですが、そこにはいくばくか「陽のメロディ」も含まれています。ところが、“黙示録ツアー”は、徹頭徹尾「陰の真髄」だけがたっぷりと聴ける。すべての曲がキリリと引き締まった構築感と陰の泣きを湛えたショウであり、それが一切の欠けなく溢れて出てくるのです。


Disc 1
1. Intro 2. Opening SE 3. Ulcer 4. Cry For The Nations 5. Rock You To The Ground
6. Attack Of The Mad Axe Man 7. Feels Like A Good Thing 8. Member Introduction 9. Into The Arena
10. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 11. Desert Song

Disc 2
1. Courvoisier Concerto 2. Lost Horizons 3. Armed And Ready 4. Doctor Doctor
5. Are You Ready To Rock 6. Rock Bottom

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocal Chris Glen – Bass
Ted McKenna – Drums Andy Nye – Keyboard


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