Deep Purple / Definitive Hiroshima 1973 / 2CD

Deep Purple / Definitive Hiroshima 1973 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue
Translated text:
Live at Hiroshima-shi Kokaido, Hiroshima, Japan 23rd June 1973

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There was a continuation in the new excavation of the shock … …. The other day, DEEP PURPLE first discovered from its own route The new master “OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT (Darker Than Blue 243/244)” “2ND NIGHT (Darker Than Blue 245/246)” has given a great reputation Although it was not only that two. Following the “legendary first visit to Japan” is the “second fate”. Yes, this time it is the new excavation master of live in Japan in 1973!
This work includes “Hiroshima City Public Hall on June 23, 1973” performance. This week, 1973 live in Japan released three simultaneously. Let’s summarize the tour schedule and representative works of each day in the meaning of organizing.

· June 23: Hiroshima City Auditorium 【this work】
· June 24: Nagoya City Auditorium “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1973”
· June 25: Nippon Budokan “DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1973”
· June 26: Nippon Budokan (canceled)
· June 27: Osaka Health Pension Center “FINAL BLACK”
· June 29th: Osaka Health Pension Center “” THE END “”
(* Representative press titles for each day only)

This is the second schedule of the performance in Japan. At our shop, we have delivered all of that live press and album. Hiroshima performance of this work is a concert which is the first day of that. The decision board of this day is “LIVE IN HIROSHIMA (Darker Than Blue 141/142)”, but this work is neither its remaster nor recurrence. It was digitized directly from a new excavation cassette master brought from the same route as “OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT” and “2ND NIGHT” the other day.
Like the two first albums coming to Japan, this work is also firmly engraved “sound” which was not in the earlier stage. There are several seconds to tens of seconds, such as the beginning of each disc and tape change, but there are cheers and enthusias that have never been heard before. At that time “audible noise” … “sound” was erased without being caught in mind. The air sucked in by the on-site recorder is contained as much as possible.
Of course, this work is not an album for such a few seconds. That is “evidence of new excavations” to the last. The real value is the sound that goes through the full story. As well as “OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT” and “2ND NIGHT”, detailed generation information has been lost, but I feel powerful “youth” from the flowing sound. It is Hiroshima recording, which is originally known for the bass sound of poor quality, but the sound of this work is tough and stout. Of course, there is no sense of roughness as raised with equalization, and a fat thick bass naturally conveys the power of British hard rock that is contemporary. …… Writing like this may result in a “low bass boom” sound, but it is not the case. Only slimming sound originally crowned and tightened does not become a debut even if it builds up. The outline is also clean and beautiful, it is the sound which got the strength of steel.

The truth of the first day when “Fate of 1973” began is drawn with that sound. To be honest, it is a definite show unique to the first day, but the lord is not the other “golden five people”. That is also the second stage of the culm that is quite different from the re-formation era. Of course, it does not reach the miraculous concert of the first visit to Japan, but if it says that, DEEP PURPLE himself can never make such a miracle again. Despite the final end, the young Ian Giran barks, Jack is not losing Richie Blackmore’s show is not going to hurt, the Hiroshima enthusiasm welcoming it is also wonderful. The breathing feeling of the audience who witnessed “real thing” for the first time, being crazy by “LIVE IN JAPAN”. It is a document / album wrapped in the scene and experienced together.
Following the first visit to Japan, a new excavation which was realized even in the second visit to Japan. The first impression that touched “1973 Hiroshima” can be experienced once again with the sound which became brilliant. It is such a nostalgic new live album.
衝撃の新発掘には、まだ続きがあった……。先日、独自ルートから発掘されたDEEP PURPLE初来日の新マスター『OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT(Darker Than Blue 243/244)』『同 2ND NIGHT(Darker Than Blue 245/246)』が大変な評判を賜っておりますが、その2本だけではなかった。“伝説の初来日”に続くのは、“運命の2回目”。そう、今度は1973年のライヴ・イン・ジャパンの新発掘マスターなのです!

・6月23日:広島市公会堂 【本作】
・6月24日:名古屋市公会堂 『DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1973』
・6月25日:日本武道館 『DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1973』
・6月27日:大阪厚生年金会館 『FINAL BLACK』
・6月29日:大阪厚生年金会館 『”THE END”』

これが2度目の来日公演スケジュール。当店では、そのすべてのライヴをプレス・アルバムでお届けしてきました。本作の広島公演は、その初日にあたるコンサートです。この日の決定盤というと『LIVE IN HIROSHIMA(Darker Than Blue 141/142)』になるわけですが、本作はそのリマスターでも再発でもありません。先日の『OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT』『同 2ND NIGHT』と同じルートからもたらされた新発掘カセット・マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化されたものなのです。
もちろん、本作はそうした数秒のためのアルバムではありません。それはあくまでも“新発掘の証拠”。本当の価値は、全編を貫くサウンドなのです。これまた『OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT』『同 2ND NIGHT』と同様に、詳しい世代情報は失われてしまったのですが、流れ出るサウンドからは力強い“若さ”を感じる。もともと低音の痩せた音質で知られる広島録音なのですが、本作のサウンドはグッとタフで逞しい。もちろん、イコライズで上げたようなムリヤリ感はなく、ナチュラルに太い低音が当代きっての英国ハードロックのパワーを見事に伝えてくれるのです。……このように書くと「低音ボワボワ」なサウンドをイメージされるかも知れませんが、そうではありません。元がキリリと引き締まった痩身サウンドだけに、ビルドアップしてもデブにはならない。輪郭もクッキリと美しく、鋼の逞しさを手に入れたサウンドなのです。

そのサウンドで描かれるのは、“運命の1973年”が始まった初日の真実。正直なところ、初日ならではの確実なショウではあるのですが、その主が他でもない“黄金の5人”。それも、再結成時代とはまるで違う“絶頂の第2期”なのです。もちろん、初来日の奇跡的なコンサートには及ばないわけですが、それを言ったらDEEP PURPLE自身が二度とあんな奇跡は起こせていない。最終末とは言え、若きイアン・ギランが吠え、ヤル気を失っていないリッチー・ブラックモアが弾き倒すショウが悪かろうはずがなく、それを迎える広島の熱狂も素晴らしい。『LIVE IN JAPAN』に狂わされ、初めて“本物”を目の当たりにした観客たちの呼吸感。その現場に包まれ、共に体験できるドキュメント・アルバムなのです。

Disc 1 (52:02)
1. Intro. 2. Highway Star 3. Smoke On The Water 4. Strange Kind Of Woman
5. Child In Time 6. Keyboard Solo 7. Lazy 8. Drum Solo 9. The Mule

Disc 2 (31:09)
1. MC 2. Space Truckin’ 3. Black Night

Darker Than Blue 253/254

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