Metallica / Daves Last Gig / 1CDR

Metallica / Daves Last Gig / 1CDR /Power Gate

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Live At L Amours, Brooklyn, New York, USA 9th April 1983.

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History’s strongest heavy metal band, “Dave Mustain + METALLICA”. The best live album is coming to be easy to purchase.
It is contained in this work “New York performances on April 9, 1983”. It is the last show just before Muustine is fired. At the time Mr. Cliff Burton has already joined METALLICA, Mustain / Barton / James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich 4 people. It was a legendary lineup that genuinely, everyone was a super important person. First of all, let’s look back on the position of the show from among the walks of such a quad group.

· March 14: First live
· March 27 – November 30: Local live (28 shows)
· December 28: Cliff participation
· February 15: Immigrated to San Francisco
· March 5th + 19th: San Francisco (2 performances)
“April 1: Kirk-Hammett confluence”
· April 8th + 9th: New York (2 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“April 11: Muzain laid off”
· April 16 – May 7: Live after joining Kirk (5 shows)
“May 10:” KILL ‘EM ALL “Production Start”

This is a crude walk from METALLICA stage debut to “KILL ‘EM ALL”. Cliff joined at the end of 1982, but moved to San Francisco without live performances. So we will perform 4 performances and Kirk will join. In other words, “Live with 4 Mustain & Cliff” shows 4 times in all, and this work is the final performance.
This work which recorded such a show is a very wonderful vintage audience. It was a long-awaited recording for only the legendary four people, but it appeared about 10 years ago and it was extolled as a “mega upgrade!” From mania all over the world. It is currently the highest peak of the press CD’s superstar “LEGENDARY QUARTET: FIRST & LAST (Zodiac 095)”, but that was recorded in the remaster version. This work is original and master as unearthed.
Its quality also makes me shock the mania shook. Anyway direct feeling of de class is great force! The close contact feeling of the club and the roomy feeling are terrible, it is on violently. Although it is a husband sucking in the hall echo, next to next the roar that is exhaled from the PA crushes the echoes and closing his eyes it is so real that the figure of the legendary four people appears in front of me. Despite all that power, it’s clear, so I am afraid. I wrote as “roar” earlier, but of course that METALLICA himself played, heard a sound itself. While this work picks up the roaring sound beautifully, it does not distort even if it is shaken out with Fortesimo. It is a name recording that is furiously violent but even easy to listen.
The show’s fantastic thing drawn with such sound! It is still mustain that attracts more ears than anything else. “KILLING IS MY BUSINESS … AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!” With that sound with a crisp chirping, I will breathe a ruthless and mechanical solo. In “KILL ‘EM ALL” Kirk was drawn on his original line with his unique wah and lyrics, but in this work it is thoroughly complete, ruthless and mechanical. This sucked into the early METALLICA number. It is truly an originator who wrote songs and raised them.
And Cliff. My predecessor Ron McGravney often spent a fraction of a simple route play, but Cliff intertwined with riffs and guns and back melodies come in. Of course, it is not as diverse as “RIDE THE LIGHTNING” “MASTER OF PUPPETS” which Cliff itself becomes the originator, but already the baseline of “KILL ‘EM ALL” is heard. And of course the distorted bass solo “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth”! As it is, it assaults to the explosion “Whiplash” and here also the “KILL ‘EM ALL” arrangement has been completed perfectly.

This album contains all the songs “KILL ‘EM ALL” except “Metal Militia”. In other words, this work is the Mustain version “KILL ‘EM ALL”, it is also 100% of the real life “KILL’ EM ALL”.
Kirk is joining the band one week before this work, and two days after this show, a dismissal play of Mustain, which is becoming a storyteller, will occur. Only in such a moment, the ultimate metal show that appeared in this world. The supreme ultimate slash metal that can only be produced by the legendary four people. Please take this opportunity to fully experience this life!


《5月10日:『KILL ‘EM ALL』制作開始》

これがMETALLICAのステージ・デビューから『KILL ‘EM ALL』までの大雑把な歩み。1982年の年末にクリフが加入するも、ライヴは行われずにサンフランシスコへ移住。そこで4公演を行い、カークが加入します。つまり、「ムステイン&クリフ入り4人組」のライヴは4回がすべてであり、本作はその最終公演なのです。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、非常に素晴らしいヴィンテージ・オーディエンス。伝説の4人組だけに古くから知られた録音でしたが、10年ほど前に登場し、世界中のマニアから「メガ・アップグレード!」と大絶賛されたものなのです。現在ではプレスCDの超名盤『LEGENDARY QUARTET : FIRST & LAST(Zodiac 095)』が最高峰とされていますが、そちらに収録されたのはリマスター・バージョン。本作は発掘されたままのオリジナル・マスターです。
そのクオリティは、マニアが震撼したのも頷ける。とにかくド級のダイレクト感が大迫力! クラブの密着感・密室感が凄まじく、猛烈にオン。会場反響も吸い込んでいるハズなのですが、次から次へPAから吐き出される轟音が反響を押しつぶし、目を閉じれば目の前に伝説の4人組の姿が浮かぶほどにリアルなのです。それだけの迫力にも関わらず、クリアだから恐れ入る。先ほど「轟音」と書きましたが、それはもちろんMETALLICA自身が奏で、ブチかましている出音そのもの。本作は、その轟音を綺麗に拾いつつ、フォルテッシモで振り切っても歪まない。猛烈に暴虐でありながら聴きやすくさえある名録音なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウの凄まじい事! 何よりも耳を惹くのはやはりムステイン。『KILLING IS MY BUSINESS… AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!』そのまんまなチリチリとしたサウンドで、無慈悲でメカニカルなソロをブチかます。『KILL ‘EM ALL』ではカークがオリジナルのラインに、彼独特のワウや叙情感をまぶしていましたが、本作では徹頭徹尾、冷酷で機械的。これが初期METALLICAナンバーにめちゃくちゃ似合う。さすが楽曲を書き、育てていったオリジネイターです。
そして、クリフ。前任のロン・マクガヴニーは割とシンプルなルート弾きで済ますことも多かったのですが、クリフはリフに絡み、ガンガンと裏メロを入れてくる。もちろん、クリフ自身がオリジネイターとなる『RIDE THE LIGHTNING』『MASTER OF PUPPETS』ほど多彩ではないのですが、すでに『KILL ‘EM ALL』のベースラインも聴かれる。そして、歪みまくったベース・ソロはもちろん「(Anesthesia)Pulling Teeth」! そのまま爆走「Whiplash」へ突撃し、ここでも『KILL ‘EM ALL』アレンジがきっちり完成しているのです。

本作に収録されているのは「Metal Militia」をのぞく『KILL ‘EM ALL』全曲。つまり、本作はムステイン版『KILL ‘EM ALL』であり、本生100%『KILL ‘EM ALL』でもあるのです。

1. Hit The Lights 2. The Mechanix 3. Phantom Lord 4. Jump In The Fire 5. Motorbreath
6. No Remorse 7. Bass Solo 8. Whiplash 9. Seek & Destroy

James Hetfield – Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Dave Mustain – Guitar Cliff Burton – Bass

The Last Gig with Dave Mustaine



Power Gate-240

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