Bad Company / Camden 2016 / 1CDR

Bad Company / Camden 2016 / 1CDR / Uxbridge

Translated Text:
Live at BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ. USA 12th June 2016


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It is the emergence of the latest live album from the coupling tour “ONE HELL OF A NIGHT TOUR 2016” with Joe Walsh. From May 12, 2016 until July 3, but is the North American tour of about 8 weeks all 26 performances, what is contained in this work, just the 14th hit in the middle, “June 12, 2016 Camden performances” of the audience – it is an album …… maybe.
And suddenly, “maybe”, but I have become unreliable writing with me, I get lost really whether this is of a customer record. No, taper itself I “I have Roku’ was” audience recording undoubtedly because it is public and, like a super-clear musical tone in the thick sound board. Howard Leeds (former HERAT) & picking nuance of Rich Robinson (ex-THE BLACK CROWES), 1 stroke one stroke of Simon Kirk, all is a super clearly ……… of the swell of Lynn Sorensen, always in the street write up and they will be the image and “always sound of the street”, but thick clear sound up to this point, not as usual. Not only a direct feeling full, neat “sound” of a single one of the sound is rich. As I wrote the earlier “as sound board”, is beautiful like a rather neatly treatments have been FM broadcasting and the official board.
However, if finished the ear headphones, also this work is not the difference in the audience recording. In the sound board, the cheers of the audience, which covers the performance too vivid. The Do not get me wrong, the fact that the record “not” was covered in great cheer. As also wrote earlier, Zubutoku beautiful musical sound as official board is while penetrate the whole volume, cheer, feel the chorus has suffered small. This is downright, it is you brew the site feeling of downright good feeling. Especially great for very popular songs such as “Feel Like Makin ‘Love,” “Ready For Love”. Most leave to sing a full chorus in the venue. In the rust, but Paul Rogers is left to the audience, thick wide thing of the chanting! In addition, we sang one person alone remember the tightly and lyrics, it is just what become the wave of song that was clear as choir or something.
While it followed by a such thousands of chorus, what singing voice of decline knowing that Rogers is the leading role. To say that it is age 66 years of age, that tone, stretch, control, and emotion …… can not see signs of decline of all in about pieces that ooze. But you also feel like being chanted “Do not think ○-year-old” all the time to listen to the large veteran of live, it is the fact that “great is the ○-year-old.” However, now a little different in the case of this person dimension that “I do not know what time of the recording.” The more I feel also era a sense of what “2016” to the sound of the best quality, do not doubt that voice is in their 30s, also is said to be in their 40s. Singing and beautiful voice is praise for a long time, I mean singer is often said, “his When you sing skillfully even half”, this voice in the 48-year debut. Now I think also to join “good, even the period of his half.”
Set full of classic group of the original BAD COMPANY is sung in the voice. And …… spree crazy era feeling really, Omoikiya. Middle of startle back is the show. What I “Crazy Circles” and “See The Sunlight” is sung. The former It is hidden masterpieces “DESOLATION ANGELS”, non-album song latter saw light of day in the “STRAIGHT SHOOTER” Deluxe Edition. Both are songs that came to be played this year, especially for a “See The Sunlight” Wahon’no only not in the record about five-six times Rhea song. Yet the song is also a plenty of likeness 70s BAD COMPANY music, I fresh wind flows that have never heard until now.

In the age 66-year-old, Paul Rogers sounded your golden singing voice that now. It is a live album that was fully captured in this production 100% sound longer virtuoso singer who stepped in the region of the human race unreached. Yet once To unchanging voice, superb sound that can not be there if it is not 2016. And, one condensed a place delicious rhea number ……. Please, please enjoy freely.

ジョー・ウォルシュとのカップリングツアー“ONE HELL OF A NIGHT TOUR 2016”からの最新ライヴアルバムの登場です。2016年5月12日から7月3日まで、約8週間全26公演の北米ツアーですが、本作に収められているのは、ちょうど真ん中にあたる14回目「2016年6月12日カムデン公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムです……たぶん。
いきなり「たぶん」とは、我ながら頼りない書き出しになってしまいましたが、本当にこれが客録なのか迷ってしまう。いや、テーパー自身が「俺が録った」と公開しているので間違いなくオーディエンス録音なのですが、極太で超クリアな楽音はまるでサウンドボードのよう。ハワード・リーズ(元HERAT)&リッチ・ロビンソン(元THE BLACK CROWES)のピッキング・ニュアンス、サイモン・カークの1打1打、リン・ソレンセンのうねりの総てが超クッキリ………と、いつも通りに書き立てると“いつも通りのサウンド”とイメージされてしまいますが、ここまで極太ハッキリなサウンドは、いつも通りではない。単にダイレクト感満載なだけでなく、1つひとつの音の“鳴り”がリッチで端正。先ほど「サウンドボードのよう」とも書きましたが、むしろ綺麗にトリートメントされたFM放送やオフィシャル盤のように美しいのです。
しかし、ヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませば、やはり本作はオーディエンス録音に違いない。サウンドボードにしては、演奏に被さる観客の声援が生々しすぎる。誤解しないでいただきたいのは、大歓声にまみれた録音“ではない”ということ。先ほども書いた通り、オフィシャル盤のように図太く美しい楽音が全編を貫きつつ、声援、唱和が小さく被っている感じ。これがなんとも、なんとも良い感じの現場感を醸しているのです。特に凄いのは「Feel Like Makin’ Love」「Ready For Love」といった大人気曲。会場中がほとんどフルコーラス歌いっぱなし。サビでは、ポール・ロジャースが観客に任せますが、その唱和のぶ厚く広いこと! しかも、1人ひとりがキッチリと歌詞を覚えて歌っており、それこそ合唱団かなにかのようにハッキリとした歌の波になるのです。
その声でオリジナルBAD COMPANYの名曲群だらけのセットが歌われる。本当に時代感覚が狂いまくる……と、思いきや。ハッと我に返るのがショウの中盤。なんと「Crazy Circles」や「See The Sunlight」が歌われるのです。前者は『DESOLATION ANGELS』の隠れた名曲ですし、後者は『STRAIGHT SHOOTER』デラックスエディションで日の目を見たアルバム未収録曲。どちらも今年になって演奏されるようになった曲で、特に「See The Sunlight」はほんの5・6回ほどしか記録にない激レア曲なのです。歌も音楽も70年代BAD COMPANYらしさたっぷりでありながら、今まで聴いたことのない新鮮な風が流れ込むのです。


1. Intro 2. Live for the Music 3. Gone, Gone, Gone 4. Feel Like Makin’ Love 5. Burnin’ Sky
6. Electricland 7. Ready for Love 8. Crazy Circles 9. See the Sunlight 10. Run With the Pack
11. Movin’ On 12. Shooting Star 13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy 14. Bad Company 15. Can’t Get Enough

Paul Rodgers – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica Simon Kirke – drums
Howard Leese – guitar Rich Robinson – guitars Todd Ronning – bass

Uxbridge 575

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