Led Zeppelin / Tour Over Zurich / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / Tour Over Zurich / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Wendy Label

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Hallenstadion Zurich Swetzerland June 29, 1980. Soundboard Recording


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■ June 29, 1980 The Zurich Show recorded a sound board.
■ The latter part of the only missing part “Kashmir” is complete complemented with the same day audience sound source.
■ The last rehearsal of September 1980 is recorded.
■ Includes news reports that tell Bonzo the death.

Although Led Zeppelin made his debut in 1968, Jimmy Page was initially formed, he said he was lost as to whether to orient acoustic as a direction of the band, or to go on a hardrock route. And finally choosing hard rock seems to be due to the presence of Bonzo. Bonzo’s drumming is unique as it makes it decisive, it was an unparalleled thing to draw a line with other drummers. It can be said that Bonzo is also a Jimihenian-like existence in drums, as Jimi Hen did not allow similar existence either later or earlier. John Paul Jones says as the first impression of a group of four people in a small studio, “I was convinced that this band will be great by listening to the performance of John Bonham.” It can be said that the existence of Bonzo has greatly influenced the determination of Zeppelin’s musicality.

Led Zeppelin, who passed through the 70’s in a stroke, was a symbol of “the decade” that formed the era. However, unlike musical instruments, plants that have to show their own vocalizations, the overuse of the throat from the early stages of the band has been followed, after the tour in 1973, we will step on the throat who got hurt. Therefore, the tour which was held every year since the debut has not been done only in 1974. After waiting for recovery after surgery again in 1975 a large national tour, more legendary London performed Earls Court continuous performances. After a year’s blank again Zeppelin started. However, the misfortunes that strike the band one after another will result in greatly limiting the activities after that. First of all, in 1975, the plant fractured both feet in a car accident, the tour was canceled and it was decided to focus on treatment again. As a result, the tour was not conducted in 1974 following the year 1974. “Presence” recorded during this time is told that the plant sang while sitting in a wheelchair.

In 1977 the band will start again. Plant changed the singing law, with the help of equipment again, great Red Led Zeppelin again, a large nationwide tour that has never been done. This 1977 tour is a masterpiece, and coupled with the completion of the new album ‘Presence’ at that time, it is a very popular tour among fans. In particular, continuous performances at MSG and LA are positioned as an important concert remaining in Zeppelin history. However, during the second half of the tour, the misfortune comes when the eldest son of the plant Kallak dies of viral infection. Along with a plant shocked by his son’s death, the band is obliged to suspend indefinitely.

Since its debut, it was a Led Zeppelin who has done large-scale tours with large and small tours, but after 1974 and 1976, it was not in the state of doing any tour in 1978 as well. After that, she appeared in Nebworth Festival in 1979 and performed 2 performances in Copenhagen as its warming up gig and performed a total of 4 performances this year, but it is far from the bands before that I can not deny the feeling. It might be influenced by the band’s blank and the state of the plant, but what is the biggest reason why Zeppelin’s musicality was a little out of harmony with the times?

In the late 1970s, punk was at its best in the era. Punk as a total living style has been greatly accepted by young people, from singing extreme lyrics of dissidents to simple fun and challenging but also not only music but also fashion, and Red Zeppelin etc It was regarded as an old existence like a dinosaur which became too big to be immobilized. The time had to change from moment to moment, it was time to be conscious of Zeppelin.

The album ‘IN THROUGH THE OUTDOOR’ was recorded in November 1978 and was released in 1979. It was always Jimmy Paige who held the leadership of the band until then, but this album reflected his color strongly as if he had transferred its initiative to John Paul Jones ing. In contrast to the previous album “Presence” was a keyboardless album, in this album the keyboard was pushed to the front, credits are being made with the number of songs exceeding Jimmy even in composition. And with this announcement of the album, the European tour was announced in 1980. The tour for the first time in 3 years entitled TOUR OVER EUROPE was a small scale with all 14 performances that would have been like the preliminary tour of the nationwide tour that we planned later on and the mass communication was dry in Great Britain It was announced to avoid Europe and to go around Europe with West Germany as the center.

The European tour of 1980 was a mysterious tour in real time, unlike the present where soundboard sound sources are widely distributed so far. The state of the stage that can be seen in the picture is a rough style plant called T-shirt for jeans, John Paul Jones who trimmed her hair shortly, wiped out the atmosphere of the past 70’s, strongly touched the 1980’s It is conscious. And at the stage, Jimmy Page is surprisingly speaking MC, it is a sight that was not seen before. It might be that Zeppelin himself searched for a style of a new era. On the other hand, however, not to make the times but to comply with the times, so to speak, a comprehensive attitude could make us feel the conservation and the end of the band.

The concert is unexpected and starts with the same yard birds ” Train Kept A Rollin ” as in 1969. It may be a sign of consciousness to return to the origin when opening a long blank. From the new album “IN THROUGH THE OUTDOOR” only the three songs “In The Evening”, “Hot Dog” and “All My Love” remain, and all others are replays of past songs. In addition, the overall compact configuration shows that the show fits in about 2 hours as a whole. Longer “dazzled”, “No quarter”, “Moby Dick” etc are all omitted, it is a very simple stage. Although the main part of the concert is common to each performances, the encore is almost a daily set list.

【Zurich Show on 29th June 1980】
In the European tour of 1980, except for Vienna and Munich, the sound board sound source has leaked in part. Soundboard sound source is of course a variety of sound quality, but the soundboard sound source of this Zurich performance has been popular since long ago as one of the best of them. A rich sound image and a clear tone color are excellent sound quality that makes full use of the advantages of the sound board sound source. Although this sound board sound source is not impeccable, the latter part of “Kashmir” which is the only missing part is supplemented with the same day audience sound source. Whether that “Kashmir” was missing someone’s composition on the way, it would be lovely that the melody is playing. In addition, the panquish arrangement which scoured the extravagant in “rock’n’roll” makes me think that the truly Zeppelin had to adapt to the times as well.

【September 1980 tour · rehearsal】
Led Zeppelin, who finished the Europe tour in July 1980, was planning a tour in North America. The schedule was about 17 months from 17th October 1980 to 15th November 1980, Canada started all 19 shows until the last place in Chicago, starting with Montreal. But as History shows, on September 25, 1980 John Bonham died at the young age of 32 because John Bonham clogged vomit. Initially it seems that there was a plan to add a substitute drummer to continue the band, but as I wrote in the beginning, it was the existence of a bongozu, which is unmistakable, as it is making Led Zeppelin Zeppelin. We reach the conclusion that the continuation of the band is impossible without presence of Bonzo and declare the dissolution.

This sound source is a rehearsal sound source performed in September just before its North American tour, commonly called “last rehearsal”. This is also a soundboard recording. First of all, “White Summer” takes 2 take, it is a polite performance as if Jimmy checks one sound at a time. And as it is, just like the composition of the concert, do not get caught and move to “Kashmir”. It seems to be a rehearsal and the plant seems to sing somewhat sinking. And the long “Achilles final battle” has turned and turned into a performance full of speed just like the real number. “Stairs to heaven” sounds applaudable, probably a stuff in the intro. Dora rings and the mix changes from the part of Jajaja – n, because this is also confirmed by changing rehearsal unique sounds.

【Bonzo’s death news report】
The second half of Disk 3 contains radio programs of the time that convey the death of Bonzo. Of course it is English. A considerably long time has been spent, and it is understood that the interview of stakeholders is accompanied, and details of Bonzo dying are conveyed. It can be said that the degree of shock given to the people of those days can be heard. And in the coming months ahead John Lennon’s death is on the verge of it. In Japan, such as retirement of Yamaguchi Momoe and Oh Sadaharu, the year of 1980 was not the beginning of the new decade, it was not a memorable year for people who will be the milestone of one era around the world I wonder. In fact, the world after the 1980s actually did not determine the chaotic direction, speaking of diversity can be said to have heard but it is said to have entered an unstable era. The Led Zeppelin was of the 1970’s and could not survive after the 1980s.

This work is a complete recording of the Zurich performance on June 29, 1980 from the European tour of 1980 which became the last tour of Zeppelin by the sound board. A few missing parts are supplemented with the audience sound source of the same day, and it is a complete collection of this concert. It is one of the best among sound board sound sources which many sounds out in sound quality. In addition, Disc 3 contains the rehearsal sound source of the 1980 North American tour which was canceled due to Bonzo’s death, and the sound source which is reported as the last rehearsal of Zeppelin. Also included are news reports of those days that convey the death of Bonzo. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.







アルバム『イン・スルー・ジ・アウトドア』は1978年11月にレコーディングが始まり、翌1979年にリリースされた。それまでバンドの主導権を握っていたのは常にジミー・ペイジであったが、このアルバムはジョン・ポール・ジョーンズにその主導権を譲り渡したかのように、彼の色彩が色濃く反映されたものとなっている。前作『プレゼンス』がキーボードレスのアルバムだったのとは対照的に、このアルバムではキーボードが前面に押し出され、作曲においてもジミーを上回る曲数でクレジットされている。そして、このアルバムの発表に伴い、1980年に欧州ツアーが発表されるのであった。TOUR OVER EUROPEと題された3年ぶりのツアーは、後に予定している全米ツアーの予行のような位置づけでもあったのであろう、全14公演と小規模なものであり、マスコミが辛口な英国を避け、西ドイツを中心とした欧州を回ることが発表されたのである。


コンサートは意外や1969年当時と同じヤードバーズの「Train Kept A Rollin’」で開幕する。長いブランク開けに際し、原点回帰しようという意識の表れであったのかもしれない。ニュー・アルバム『イン・スルー・ジ・アウトドア』からは「In The Evening」「Hot Dog」「All My Love」の3曲にとどまっており、それ以外は全て過去の曲の再演となっている。また全体的にコンパクトな構成で、ショウは全体で2時間程度の長さに収まっている。長大な「幻惑されて」や「ノー・クォーター」、「モビーディック」などは全て省かれ、非常にシンプルなステージである。コンサート本編は各公演共通だが、アンコールがほぼ日替わりのセットリストとなっている。






Hallenstadion Zurich Swetzerland June 29, 1980

01. Introduction
02. The Train Kept A Rollin’
03. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
04. Black Dog
05. In The Evening
06. The Rain Song
07. Hot Dog
08. All My Love
09. Trampled Underfoot
10. Since I’ve Been Loving You

01. Achilles Last Stand
02. White Summer – Black Mountain Side
03. Kashmir
04. Stairway To Heaven
05. Rock And Roll
06. Heartbreaker

LAST REHEARSAL September 1980

01. White Summer #1
02. White Summer #2
03. Kashmir
04. Achilles Last Stand
05. Stairway To Heaven

BONZO’S DEATH NEWS September 25, 1980
06. News Report #1
07. News Report #2
08. News Report #3
09. News Report #4

Wendy label. WECD-288/289/290

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