Led Zeppelin / Parade De Cirque / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / Parade De Cirque / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Wendy 2017

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St Mathews Baths Hall Ipswich Suffolk Uk November 16, 1971. Digitally Remastered


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In 1971 Zeppelin will be on tour for almost the whole year. A new tour started from Belfast in March, with about half a year off from September. What is greatly different from the tours up until that time was that Belfast premiered on the first day and the fourth album was added to the set list and the concert got thicker. And the state of the band was the best state in every sense. And sadly, the singing of the plant is remembered by us as the year when the singing of the plant follows the falling line since this year, showing its last glow. Japanese performances were also organized in September of the same year, but Japanese fans who were able to see the best condition Zeppelin could be said to have been fortunate. We spend March on UK tour, we only perform 6 performances in Europe in the early spring, followed by a large North American tour in August and September. Numerous nominations that have been developed here are still a standard for many collectors items. And, as mentioned above, in September there was a Japanese performance with high honor both nominal performance. Following the aftermath of these successes, in November and December, all British performances were again organized as sharks in 1971.

The UK winter tour in November and December 1971 began on November 11 Newcastle. Although it was Zeppelin, which was not well evaluated in the UK in its initial debut, the success in the United States spread like a reverse import, and it was already popular already at this time. The bands who made their minds on the sale of too many tickets added enough additional performance to make their position decisive on this tour. And it was a very meaningful thing in that it showed off more than its popularity and appraisal on this tour. Especially the tour highlights will be Wembley’s continuous performance entitled “ELECTRIC MAGIC SHOW”. Unfortunately now only recordings with poor sound quality are left, but the enthusiasm of both the band and the audience is fully transmitted. This work is completely recorded on November 16, 1971 Ipswich performance, which was held on the fourth day of the tour and performed on a schedule similar to that Wembley.

One of the features of the Ipswich performance is that it is the only one performing at the tour “Gallows Pole”. It is known that the same song was played on the spring UK tour, but since then, it is a very rare live take that is not played in the US, even in the USA. There is no way to know why it was performed only on this day, it would have been a nice present for Ipswich fans. We are paying attention also to the fact that we are playing another song “Weekend”. Compared to truly rare “Gallows Pole”, “Weekend” is a song playing a comparatively several times, but also on this tour it is a rare number of only two performances of this performance and one previous Dandy show You must. To show off songs not normally played in such encore in the encore, the concert itself is very good, giving a special feeling on that day. As a result of the band himself being a very satisfying performance, he showed off such a rare song as meets both the desire of wanting himself a little more and the acknowledgment of responding to the warm atmosphere of the audience It seems to be.

The rest of the set list is the ones that followed it, but the set list starting with the medley of “Immigrant Song” and “Heartbreaker” will take this tour. “Black Dog” to which “Out On The Tiles” was added to take the first pitch and “Rock And Roll” which was unmodified except for the last day in the Japanese performance are also resurrected and others, the latest 4 Add the first album and finally conclude with “Communication Breakdown” which blows fire. Taking into consideration the state of the day, the state of the audience, etc. Encore is a set list of steel walls like the one you like like, without any gaps.

Although it is a performance with a lot of already launched from the fact that it is a sound source with excellent content and sound quality, the difference between this work and the pre-launch board stands out is the exact pitch ratio. The unstable pitch turbulence associated with old tapes is perfectly matched to Phra Mai Zero in this work. In addition, it relaxes “ringing” of an unpleasant treble that echoes to the brain stem rather than an ear, and has applied superior sound quality processing for more appreciation.

November 16, 1971 Ipswich performance was added to the high-quality sound, and it was perfectly recorded with perfect pitch. In the encore it is a precious record of the 1971 UK tour which is playing rare “Weekend” and “Gallows Pole”. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.


1971年11月と12月の全英ウインター・ツアーは11月11日ニューキャッスルで開幕した。デビュー当初は英国ではあまり評価されなかったツェッペリンだが、アメリカでの成功が逆輸入のような形で広まり、この頃になると既に人気は確実なものとなっていた。あまりのチケットの売れ行きに気を良くしたバンドはいくつかの追加公演を加えるほど、このツアーにおいてその地位を決定的なものとしたのである。そしてその人気と評価以上のものがこのツアーでは披露された点で、非常に意義深いものであった。特にツアーのハイライトは「ELECTRIC MAGIC SHOW」と題されたウェンブレーの連続公演であろう。残念ながら今となっては劣悪な音質の録音しか残っていないが、バンドと聴衆の両方の熱気は充分に伝わってくる。本作は、ツアー4日目にして、そのウェンブレーと近似の日程で行なわれた、1971年11月16日イプスウィッチ公演を完全収録している。

イプスウィッチ公演の特徴としては、まずツアーで唯一「Gallows Pole」を演奏している点が挙げられる。同曲は春のUKツアーでも演奏された事が知られているが、それ以降、日本はおろかアメリカでも演奏されていない非常にレアなライヴ・テイクである。なぜこの日に限って演奏されたのか知る由もないが、イプスウィッチのファンへの素敵なプレゼントとなったことだろう。さらにもう1曲、「Weekend」を演奏している点にも着目である。本当にレアな「Gallows Pole」に比べ、「Weekend」は比較的何度か演奏している曲ではあるが、このツアーにおいても、本公演とひとつ前のダンディ公演の2公演のみというレア・ナンバーには違いない。アンコールにおいてこのような通常は演奏しない曲を披露するというのは、コンサート自体が非常に良い出来で、その日に特別感を付与するものである。バンド自身が非常に満足の行くパフォーマンスであったことで、自ら望んでもう少し演奏したいという欲求、聴衆の暖かい雰囲気に応えたいという謝辞の両方を満たすものとして、このようなレア曲を追加で披露したのだと思われる。

それ以外のセットリストはそれまでを踏襲したものとなっているが、「Immigrant Song」と「Heartbreaker」のメドレーで始まるセットリストはこのツアーが見納めとなる。最初の音程を採るために「Out On The Tiles」が加えられた「Black Dog」や日本公演では最終日以外オミットされた「Rock And Roll」も復活、その他、旧来のセットリストを軸に最新4枚目のアルバムを加え、最後は火を噴くような「Communication Breakdown」で締めくくる。その日の状態、聴衆の様子などを考慮してアンコールは好き放題、みたいな、まさに隙のない鉄壁のセットリストである。


1971年11月16日イプスウィッチ公演を高音質に加え完璧なピッチで完全収録。アンコールではレアな「Weekend」と「Gallows Pole」を演奏している貴重な1971年英国ツアーの記録である。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。


St. Matthew’s Baths Hall Ipswich, UK November 16, 1971
01. Immigrant Song
02. Heartbreaker
03. Black Dog
04. Since I’ve Been Loving You
05. Rock And Roll
06. Stairway To Heaven
07. Going To California
08. That’s The Way
09. Tangerine

01. Dazed And Confused
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03. Celebration Day
04. Whole Lotta Love
05. Weekend
06. Gallow’s Pole


Wendy 2017. WECD-310/311

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