U.K. / 1978-1979 / 1DVDR

U.K. / 1978-1979 / 1DVDR

Oxford Polytechnic Oxfordshire UK 17th March 1979. High Quality Pro-shot Compilation

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A video collection of precious professional shots from the 70’s that gives a glimpse of the history of U.K. This work contains images of 7 songs and 10 takes, which can be roughly classified into 3 types. Let’s introduce each in detail.

【music clip】
“In The Dead Of Night # 1” “In The Dead Of Night # 2”
“Nothing To Lose” “Rendezvous 6:02”
The first to appear are 3 music clips and 4 types. Each has been reprinted from the best master at the moment. Two types of “In The Dead Of Night” are recorded, but the original broadcast on “Sound SuperCity” is “# 2”. This is invaluable, but only a slightly stricter master remains. “# 1” was produced by an overseas enthusiast who is worried about the current situation. While using the original video, we have made full use of various still images to upgrade the version.
The following two songs “Nothing To Lose” and “Rendezvous 6:02” are completely official quality with question and answer patterns. You can witness the appearance of “the strongest prog trio after EL & P” with a fiercely beautiful iron wall image quality.

[THE OLD GRAY WHISTLE TEST 1979] “Night After Night” “Caesar’s Palace Blues” (Original Broadcast)
“Night After Night” “Caesar’s Palace Blues” (re-edited version)
The next section is two multi-camera pro shots from the BBC’s famous program “THE OLD GRAY WHISTLE TEST”. This video is also valuable, but it is known to enthusiasts as “the sound is not good enough”. In this work, the best master of the original broadcast is also recorded, and a version re-edited by overseas enthusiasts is also recorded.
This re-edited version is also very interesting. The basic concept is “replace with the audio of the live album” NIGHT AFTER NIGHT “”. You can enjoy valuable images with dramatically upgraded sound. However, no matter how close the time is, another performance. After all, some deviation is inevitable. In this video, the parts that do not fit are complemented with still images while synchronizing with the method as much as possible. And not only the photos of the members but also the jacket art of successive bootlegs are inserted in the still image. This is nostalgic again, and it says, “Oh, I heard this.” How long have you loved U.K. and why did you make this video? It is a video that silently conveys the feelings of such a maniac.

[BRUFORD: ROCK GOES TO COLLEGE 1979] “Sahara Of Snow” “Forever Until Sunday”
The last section is the bonus video BRUFORD. This is also a multi-camera pro shot when I appeared on the BBC’s famous program “ROCK GOES TO COLLEGE”. This video has been made into an official DVD, but this work has selected only two songs derived from U.K. from the recent digital broadcasting version. Even though it is a broadcast version, its quality is as high as the official DVD.
And, “Sahara Of Snow” and “Forever Until Sunday” drawn with that quality are “one wing of the original U.K.” itself. The original four were divided into Wetton / Jobson’s “Rock Group” and Bruford / Holdsworth’s “Jazz Group”, and that “Jazz Group” played the song written during the rehearsal of the 1st tour. There is. It is exactly the performance / video that is paired with the above “OGWT 1979”.

U.K., which was disassembled in the air in a short history while embodying the ideal of British progressive rock in the late 70’s. This work records a professional shot of the flow including BURU FORD. It is a set that draws U.K., which was short but surely shining brightly, with the highest quality that can be expected at present.


「In The Dead Of Night #1」「In The Dead Of Night #2」
「Nothing To Lose」「Rendezvous 6:02」
まず登場するのは、ミュージック・クリップ3曲・4種。それぞれ、現状でベストなマスターから復刻致しました。「In The Dead Of Night」は2種が収録されておりますが、“サウンドスーパーシティ”で放送されたオリジナルは「#2」の方。これは非常に貴重なものの、やや厳しめのマスターしか残っていません。その現状に憂う海外マニアが制作したのが「#1」。オリジナル映像も使いつつ、各種の静止画などを巧みに駆使してバージョンアップを図ったものです。
それに続く2曲「Nothing To Lose」「Rendezvous 6:02」は、問答模様の完全オフィシャル・クオリティ。猛烈に美しい鉄壁画質で“EL&P以降の最強プログレトリオ”の姿が目撃できます。

「Night After Night」「Caesar’s Palace Blues」(Original Broadcast)
「Night After Night」「Caesar’s Palace Blues」(再編集バージョン)
次のセクションは、BBCの名物番組“THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST”に出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショット2曲です。この映像も貴重なものなのですが、マニアには“音声が今ひとつ”として知られているもの。本作では、オリジナル放送のベストマスターも収録した上で、さらに海外マニアが編集し直したバージョンも併せて収録いたしました。
この再編集バージョンがまた、何とも面白い。基本コンセプトは「ライヴアルバム『NIGHT AFTER NIGHT』の音声に差し替え」。格段にグレードアップしたサウンドで貴重映像が楽しめるのです。しかし、いかに時期が近いとは言っても別パフォーマンス。やはり若干のズレはどうしても避けられない。この映像では可能な限りの手法でシンクロさせつつ、どうしても合わないパートは静止画で補完しているのです。そして、その静止画にはメンバーの写真だけでなく、歴代ブートレッグのジャケット・アートも差し込まれている。これがまた何とも懐かしく、「あぁ、これ聴いてたよねぇ」となる。どれだけ長くU.K.を愛してきたか、なぜこの映像を作ったのか。そんなマニアの想いが無言で伝わってくる映像なのです。

「Sahara Of Snow」「Forever Until Sunday」
最後のセクションは、ボーナス映像のBRUFORD。これもBBCの名物番組“ROCK GOES TO COLLEGE”に出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。この映像はオフィシャルDVD化されておりますが、本作は近年のデジタル放送バージョンからU.K.由来の2曲だけをセレクトしました。放送版とは言っても、そのクオリティは公式DVDにも劣らぬ凄まじい超ハイクオリティ映像です。
そして、そのクオリティで描かれる「Sahara Of Snow」「Forever Until Sunday」は、“オリジナルU.K.の片翼”そのもの。オリジナルの4人は、ウェットン/ジョブソンの“ロック組”とブルーフォード/ホールズワースの“ジャズ組”に二分したわけですが、その“ジャズ組”が1stツアーのリハーサル時に書かれた曲を演奏している。まさに上記の“OGWT 1979”と対を成すパフォーマンス/映像なのです。


1. In The Dead Of Night #1
2. In The Dead Of Night #2
3. Nothing To Lose(Promo)
4. Rendezvous 6:02(Promo)
5. Night After Night (OGWT 1979) Original Broadcast
6. Caesar’s Palace Blues(OGWT 1979) Original Broadcast
7. Night After Night (OGWT 1979) Audio source from “Night After Night” Live album
8. Caesar’s Palace Blues (OGWT 1979) Audio source from “Night After Night” Live album

Bonus Tracks
“Rock Goes To College” Oxford Polytechnic, Oxfordshire, UK 17th March 1979

9. Sahara Of Snow 10. Forever Until Sunday


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