Led Zeppelin / The Destroyer / 6CD

Led Zeppelin / The Destroyer / 6CD / Graf Zeppelin

Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio, USA 28th April 1977

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★ Decisive board on April 28, 1977!
★ 2 versions of almost complete recording, complementing two types of Audi sources!
★ Source 1 (not the net) Best source without any hysteresis!
★ Source 2 (net + not net) adjusts pitch for the first time!
★ Limited number included!

The classic live performance of April 28, 1977 finally appeared in the best version using two types of sources!
The place of performance may be Cleveland, but it seems that it was actually in the same place called Richfield in Ohio, and the place name Richfield can be confirmed in the materials at the time. This venue does not seem to exist anymore.

The 1st-3rd is a version edited mainly from the source 1 familiar from the LP era, and the 4th-6th is a version centered on the new Audi source that has been distributed in recent years. Both versions complement each other in missing parts of the source, and both versions have achieved almost complete recording. It ’s probably the first time that a well-edited title has been edited so far.

Natural master that is not the net is used for the 1-3rd Aud source 1 main part, and the appearance itself of the non-net version has been quite long. In the net version frequently used in the existing board in recent years, it was a bad sound with a digital odor due to the effect of hysteresis, but in this board a natural master with a feeling of air is used, The phase has been carefully modified for the first time, and you can experience the massive sound of the center position from beginning to end. The massive sound of the bass that can be said to be unique to this source was the one at the time of recording. Compensation is done very carefully, and it is compensated appropriately so that there is no sense of incongruity, such as missing NQ (refer to the disc 1-8 CD time 18:27 vicinity) where it was already counted and not counted as cut It is. By complementing each other this time, “almost” complete recording has been realized, but there is a place where the cut in the song can not be compensated for only one place, that is Moby Dick (this Disc 3 second track CD time 22 : See around 05)) and there is probably a few seconds missing in the cheering part in front of “Don Don Don Don!” At the end of the performance. The corresponding part is also missing in the new source 2 (* By the way, there are some other items that have been released in source 2 recently, the corresponding part has been crossfade and edited for about 3 seconds shorter), only this part is in the song There will be a cut. Even so, the recording time has increased by more than 15 minutes compared to the previous one, and it has become a total of more than 180 minutes, which is no doubt the longest decision board of the main version of the Audi source.

The 4th-6th Aud source 2 is mainly the net version released at the end of last year, the non-net version of the source is also used in part, the source 1 is used for compensation and the best version of the Aud source 2 main We now have.
Apparently, this Aud source 2 was already in circulation among a few traders around 2015, and it seems that it was digitized using Mobil’s UltraDisk CDR. And at the end of last year, the 24-bit 96khz version was released and became a hot topic, but the 24-96 version was subjected to fade or crossfade processing in the intro and outro of the 2015 version, the cut part between songs, from the live start to TYG It seems to be an up-converted version of 24-96 that has been subjected to removal of high-frequency noise near 14khz that was mixed in between, and further raised the high range slightly.
This time it is the best version of the main Audi source 2 supplemented with the Audi source 1 used in Disc1-3, with the remastered version used mainly for the intro and outro and the cut section between songs.
This Aud Source 2 is a high-quality Aud that is harder to match than Source 1. There seems to be some sense of distance, but it is a clearer sound than source 1, and it is not as heavy bass as source 1, but it is a high-quality sound that is well balanced and hard to fit. In addition, there are few cuts, and there are several cuts between songs, but the cuts in the song are only one place at the end of the Moby and it is a very good sound source.
However, there is a pitch problem between this source 2 and the live start to TYG (it seems to be a problem of the battery at the time of recording of the original), and there is a lot of pitch fluctuation continuously, so it will be awakened (In the case of already issued, the NQ start is easy to understand, and the TYG area is also easy), but this time, this is the first time that the pitch has been thoroughly corrected, and it is also possible to appreciate it without any problems. This advantage is great and will definitely be the source 2 decision board as a version of this board with pitch adjusted.

Jacquet is THE DESTROYER familiar from the LP era. Speaking of performances on the 28th, it would be this.
In recent years, the contents of the jacket on the 27th the previous day are often confused with the contents, but the 28th performance is determined by this pattern.
Specification with numbering included (No.1-200), with a numbering sticker attached to the front of the case.
Jake is an outer coating, CD label is a permanent version of picture discs!




1-3枚目のAudソース1メインの部分はネットではないナチュラルマスターが使用されており、ネットではないバージョンの登場自体が実に久々。近年の既発盤で頻繁に使われるネットバージョンではヒスリダクションの影響によりヒュルヒュルとしたデジタル臭のある抜けの悪いサウンドでしたが、本盤では空気感も備えたナチュラルマスターが使用されており、しかも初めて位相も丁寧に修正されており、終始センター定位のどっしりしたサウンドが体感できます。本ソース独特とも言える低音域のどっしりとしたサウンドは録音時点でのものだったのですね。補填は極めて丁寧に行われており既発でカットとカウントされていなかった箇所、例えばNQ(本盤Disc1-8曲目CDタイム18:27付近参照)の欠落なども違和感のないように適宜補填されています。なお今回互いに補完しあうことで「ほぼ」完全収録を実現しているのですが、1箇所のみ曲中カットが補填しきれない箇所があり、それはMoby Dick(本盤Disc3 2トラック目 CDタイム22:05付近参照)で演奏終盤の「ドンドンドンドン!」の前の歓声部分で恐らくほんの数秒の欠落があります。該当箇所は新ソース2でも欠落があり(※ちなみに近年リリースのソース2採用の他盤アイテムでは該当箇所はクロスフェードされてさらに3秒ほど短く編集されているものもあり)、この箇所のみ曲中カットありということになります。それにしても既発と比べ15分以上も収録時間が増え、トータルで180分以上に及ぶものとなっており、これがAudソース1メインバージョンの過去最長決定盤で間違いなしです。

このAudソース2については、どうやら2015年頃にはごく一部のトレーダー間に既に流通していたようで、モービルのウルトラディスクCDRを使用してデジタル化されたものが大元のようです。そして昨年末に24bit 96khzバージョンが公開され話題になりましたが、その24-96バージョンは2015年バージョンのイントロやアウトロ、曲間カット部にフェードまたはクロスフェード処理を施し、ライブ出だしからTYGまでの間に混入していた14khz付近の高周波ノイズの除去などを施し、さらに若干高域を持ち上げた24-96のアップコンバートバージョンと思われます。

ジャケはLP時代からお馴染みのTHE DESTROYER。28日公演と言えばコレでしょう。

Disc 1 (65:56) & Disc4 (65:51)
1. Introduction
2. The Song Remains The Same
3. The Rover / Sick Again
4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
5. In My Time Of Dying
6. Surrender
7. Since I’ve Been Loving You
8. No Quarter

Disc 2 (46:55) & Disc 5 (46:55)
1. MC
2. Ten Years Gone
3. The Battle Of Evermore
4. Going To California
5. Black Country Woman (Incl. Dancing Days)
6. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
7. White Summer
8. Black Mountain Side
9. Kashmir

Disc 3 (70:59) & Disc 6 (71:04)
1. MC
2. Out On The Tiles / Moby Dick
3. Guitar Solo (Incl. Star-Spangled Banner)
4. Achilles Last Stand
5. Stairway To Heaven
6. Rock And Roll
7. Trampled Underfoot

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-428

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