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Led Zeppelin / Definitive Beach Party / 4CD / Graf Zeppelin

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Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California , USA 27th June 1972 Soundboard

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★ Decision board of Long Beach performance for 72 years! Completely using four Aud sound sources and SB sound source!
★ Sound sources are not source sources 1, 2 and 4 are net sound sources, but carefully compiled using collector provided sound sources.
★ Limited numbering entry (numbering attached to the front of the case sticker included).
★ Jacket is the outer coating specification, CD label is the permanent specification love compact disc of picture disc.

Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, USA 27th June 1972

★ Outline of used sound source
Src 1 ··· Mono Aud. The famous Aud sound source for Led Note etc. This sub-source is not a net sound source.
Src 2 ··· Mono Aud. A sound source that is not a net. A live intro which can not be followed even with Src 1 or Src 4, a very slight adoption such as the early immigration phase (about 28 seconds).
Src 3 · · · net “How The West Was, Too!” Stereo Aud sound source. Approximately 102 minutes at this main source.
Src 4 ··· Mono Aud. A sound source that is not a net. R & R etc. which can not be followed even with Src 1, adoption a little bit.
Sound board · · · adopt net sound source. Originally about 26 minutes of sound source.

From 1972 North American tour June 27 Long Beach performance recorded completely using 4 Audience recording and SB!

This live is familiar as a sound source which constitutes the official live board “How the West Was Won” released in 2003 with the L. A. performance on June 25 two days ago. Currently 5 types of materials, 4 kinds of audience recording and stereo · sound board recording, are confirmed in underground.
The first thing that was turned into a sound was in the ‘CD era of the early’ 90s. Two songs “What Is And -“, suddenly “Dancing Days” suddenly at the old scorpio’s famous board “Studio Daze” continue to be “One More Daze” from the Dynamite Studio nostalgic with Scorpio’s outtake “Moby Dick” (incomplete) first appeared on the sound board.
Thereafter there was no significant progress in Scorpio’s recurrence board “Studio Daze Digitally Remastered” (LZ 01) to the extent that a take including the first appearance appears in plain before “Moby” performance, so far the audience recording Not to mention the single item as a ’72 Long Beach performance is not released at all, and the SB appeared suddenly and it made me expect,’ Burn Like A Candle ‘,’ A Night At The Heartbreak Hotel ‘etc. in ’93 In the 25th day LA performance which turned into a major live item in the first place, there was no big update and it was quite watery.

And in 1999, the audience recording board which used the source 1 as the main in the famous board “Wild Beach Party” from this old nostalgic Cobra Led Note finally appeared finally. Although there was a tough part in sound quality, it was not a complete recording, but the whole picture of the live became to be able to worship quite a bit with this, and there is also wonderfulness of the performance and it is a topic. However, since then there is no update item in Angra, the world has entered the 21st century.
By the end of the 21st century, EVSD released about 3 minutes of soundboard part (about 26 minutes) from around EVSD without inter-track cut. Although there are no new updates, there is no upgrade between songs. After this SB part, there is almost the same version thereafter even under the Angra net (multiple adoption also in this board) and it reaches the present.
Also, in the year 2003, the official board “How the West Was Won” finally appeared. As you know, it is a mixture of LA performances and Long Beach performances, as you know, compare and listen to the official version versus the underground version, and at the same time “still need an underground sound source …” There were also many who thought that it was.

And I had to wait until 2006 to show the next big move. The third audience recording “How The West Was, Too!” Which will be the main source even this time in this year suddenly appeared on the net. Although it was the distribution of teeth omission in the state where the performance of the official release was omitted (about 102 minutes · use part is the source 3 of the music piece), it is a stereo while audiences are recording and the tone quality is quite wonderful and it becomes a topic Several titles were released, and it became the classic sound source of the subsequent long beach performance.

Furthermore, the fourth audience recording also appears on the underground and the net, and both the underground sound source and the CD item arrive to the present in a state quite chaotic, but when looking at the performance item calmly, looking at the best sound source collecting all the songs mainly The title which finished to (almost) complete board of all songs uncut by supplementing with source 3 with axis 3 with the sound quality the best is limited to the aiming compilation title only as far as the compilation title is unexpectedly released Godfather Only for the board. However, since the Godfather board contains various problems including editing, sound processing, and missing due to extra editing, it is hard to say that it is a decision board. Also from EVSD there was a full song recording board, but there was not compilation of Aud source 3 main which sounds good, there were three other compilations other than that, and unfortunately it was not a complete recording.

Roughly looking back at the flow of the related board of this performance, it is the title which can be said to be just the decision board which preferentially edited this title title and the best sound of this release.
For the main source that makes up the whole main frame, as mentioned above, Aud recording adopts the best sound source 3. Source 1 is missing for source 3, source 1 is missing in source 3, and source 2 or source 4 is used for padding where source 1 is missing. Please refer to the points of adoption of each source as described in the song.

About the explanation of each source, firstly the main source 3 realizes a clear stereo sound with moderate equalizing processing to such an extent that it does not overdo a little comound sound.
Source 1 is not on the net at all, this time we use the natural Mono Aud provided by the collector, which is also one of the selling of this board. The title which is not copied on the already-related related board is the Led Note board, the Godfather board, the EVSD board, and the surprisingly rare source 1 which finally becomes the 4th title by this board. It is slightly earlier (= source 1 is longer) than before, that switching from early stage supplementary source 2 to source 1 in “Immigrant Song” (Disc 1 “Immigration Song” CD time 0:28) is slightly earlier (= Whole Lotta It is easy to check that it is not a copied copy from the supplemental part of “Going Down Slow” in “Love” (CD time 21: around 16-33 · already burned Led Note than). In the Godfather board, extra processing that the audience’s scream and clapping has been deleted, such as between songs in the source 1 part, has been done, but of course there is nothing like that in the main board.
It is about source 2 and source 4, but these are also not a net, but a sound source by a collector offering. Source 2 is used for the introduction part of Disc 1, “early immigration”, “What Is And -” early stage (few seconds), etc. Of the four Aud sound sources, although it is the sound source that is the most sound sound source, it is an important sound source that includes only live intro and “immigrant” birth. It can be confirmed that the introduction of the live introduction (the beginning of Disc 1) is also slightly longer than the already-released Godfather or EVSD board. In addition, although source sound 4 is distributed also in the net sound source, the tracking noise heard with the net sound source is almost none at this main board, and the cheers (the last part of the live main part) after “R & R” performance using the source still using this source It can be confirmed that it is not a net sound source because it is slightly longer than Godfather board and net sound source. These are all trivial points, but they are only for explaining what is not a copy or net to the last.

Regarding the whole connection editing, I try to make smooth connection processing as possible without feeling uncomfortable as much as possible, from the beginning to the end of the CD from the beginning to the end of the CD, not only the performance, but also the cheers between the songs are also in time series, I am convinced that it is the backing decision board of the very first ‘missing’ ’72 year long beach performance.

Incidentally, in the second half of Disc 3, 3 soundboard sound sources are included as bonus tracks. This is a net sound source, recorded as far as the part where “Moby Dick” fades out as before. Currently Angura SB tone generator is only about 26 songs for these 3 songs. Here, it is recorded in a form not mixed with the main volume considering the sound quality difference between Aud and SB.

Disc 4 is another version of Disc 2 part, and compiled the existing SB and Aud sound source. Due to the difference in sound quality, this time it was the first attempt for this performance as far as there was no compilation version composed of SB and Aud. When viewing, please select Disc 2 or Disc 4 as you like.
Although the SB part is considerably redundant due to the composition of the recording, please understand that Disc 4 is a bonus treatment to the last.


In addition, please refer to the following music list for detailed editing places / comments.
(※ Please acknowledge that the song itself is difficult to see.)

Attach a numbering sticker on the front of the case with limited numbering (1-200).
Jake is the outer coating specification, and the CD label appears on the Picture Disc permanent specification love board!

★72年Long Beach公演の決定盤!4つのAud音源とSB音源を駆使し完全収録!

Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, USA 27th June 1972

Src1・・・Mono Aud。Led Noteなどで有名なAud音源。今回のサブソースで、ネット音源ではない。
Src2・・・Mono Aud。ネットではない音源。Src1またはSrc4でもフォローできないライブイントロ、移民序盤(28秒ほど)など、極少々の採用。
Src3・・・ネット”How The West Was, Too!”ステレオAud音源。今回のメインSourceで約102分。
Src4・・・Mono Aud。ネットではない音源。Src1でもフォローできないR&Rなど、極少々の採用。


本ライブは二日前6月25日のL.A.公演とともに2003年リリースの公式ライブ盤「How the West Was Won」を構成する音源としてお馴染みのライブ。現在アングラでは4種類のオーディエンス録音と、ステレオ・サウンドボード録音の合計5つの素材が確認されています。
最初に音盤化されたのは’90年代初頭のCD時代になってから。いにしえのスコルピオの名盤「Studio Daze」にて、いきなり”What Is And-“、”Dancing Days”の2曲が、続けてスコルピオのアウトテイクとのフレコミで懐かしのDynamite Studioから「One More Daze」で”Moby Dick”(不完全)がサウンドボードで初登場。
その後は’95年頃にスコルピオの再発盤「Studio Daze Digitally Remastered」(LZ01)に”Moby”演奏前に若干初登場部分を含むテイクが地味に登場する程度で大きな進展もなく、ここまでオーディエンス録音はおろか、’72ロングビーチ公演としての単独アイテムも一切リリースされず、いきなりSBが登場して期待させた割には、’93年に「Burn Like A Candle」、「A Night At The Heartbreak Hotel」などで一躍メジャーなライブアイテムと化した25日L.A.公演に比べると大きな更新もなく、かなり水をあけられた格好。

そして’99年になり、これまた懐かしのコブラ系Led Noteから名盤「Wild Beach Party」でソース1をメインに使用したオーディエンス録音盤がやっと登場。音質的には厳しい部分もあり、なおかつ完全収録ではありませんでしたが、ライブの全貌がこれでかなり拝めるようになった事や演奏の素晴らしさもあり話題に。しかし、それからはまたまたアングラでは更新アイテムもなく、世の中は21世紀に突入。
また’03年にはついに公式盤「How the West Was Won」がめでたく登場。その作り込まれた異質なサウンドは置いといて、ご存じのようにL.A.公演とロングビーチ公演との混合であり、公式盤バージョンとアングラバージョンを聴き比べると同時に「アングラ音源もまだまだ必要。。。」と思った方も多かったのではないでしょうか。

そして次に大きな動きを見せるのは2006年まで待たなければなりませんでした。この年に今回のタイトルでもメインソースとなる三つ目のオーディエンス録音「How The West Was, Too!」がネット上に突然登場。公式リリースの演奏は省いた状態での歯抜けの流通でしたが(約102分・使用箇所は曲目のソース3参照)、オーディエンス録音ながらステレオであり音質がなかなか素晴らしいこともあり話題になり、ここから数タイトルがリリースされ、以後のロングビーチ公演の定番音源となりました。



ソース1はネットには一切出回っておらず、今回コレクター提供のナチュラルなMono Audを使用しており、これも本盤の売りの一つでもあります。既発関連盤でコピーではないタイトルはLed Note盤、Godfather盤、EVSD盤、そして本盤でやっと4タイトル目となる意外とレアなソース1。”移民の歌”での序盤の補填ソース2からソース1への切り替え(Disc1 “移民の歌”CDタイム0:28)が既発よりも若干早い(=ソース1が長い)こと、”Whole Lotta Love”中の”Going Down Slow”の補填部分(CDタイム21:16-33付近・既発Led Noteより良音)などから既発コピーでないことは容易に確認できます。またGodfather盤ではソース1部分の曲間などで観客の叫び声や拍手が削除されているという余計な処理がなされていますが、本盤ではもちろんそのような事は一切ありません。
ソース2、ソース4についてですが、これらもやはりネットではなく、コレクター提供による音源。ソース2はDisc1の出だしイントロ部分、”移民”序盤、”What Is And-“序盤(数秒)などで使用。4つのAud音源のうちでは一番音質的に厳しい音源ですが、ライブイントロや”移民”出だしを唯一収録した重要音源。こちらもライブ出だしイントロ(Disc1の出だし)が既発GodfatherまたはEVSD盤より僅かに長いことを確認できます。またソース4はネット音源も流通していますが、本盤ではネット音源で聞かれるトラッキングノイズはほぼ皆無であり、なおかつ本ソースを使用した”R&R”演奏後の歓声(ライブ本編の最後部分)がGodfather盤やネット音源よりも若干長い事でネット音源ではないことを確認できます。なお、これらは些細なポイントばかりですが、それらがあくまで既発コピーやネットではない事に対する説明になります。


なお、Disc 3の後半部分にはボーナストラックとしてサウンドボード音源3曲を収録。こちらはネット音源で、既発同様”Moby Dick”がフェードアウトする箇所までの収録。現状アングラSB音源はこの3曲・約26分のみ。ここではAudとSBの音質差を考慮し本編に混ぜない形で収録したもの。

また、Disc 4はDisc2部分の別バージョンとなり、現存するSBとAud音源を編纂したもの。音質差があるためか、今まで本公演に関してはSBとAudで構成した編纂バージョンが一切なく、これが初の試みとなりました。鑑賞の際はDisc2またはDisc4を、お好みで選択下さい。
また収録の構成上SB部分がかなり重複する結果となっておりますが、あくまでDisc 4はボーナス扱いですので、ご了承下さい。




DISC 1 (72:09)
1. Introduction ※Src2 ★出だしは既発より僅かに長い
2. Immigrant Song ※Src2(頭28秒)+Src1 ★Src1へ切り替わりは既発より若干早い(=Src1が全既発より長い)
3. Heartbreaker ※Src1
4. Black Dog ※Src3
5. Over The Hills And Far Away ※Src3
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You ※Src1
7. Stairway To Heaven ※Src1 ★8:30付近のカット(既発は全て切れています)をSrc4で違和感なく補填
8. Going To California ※Src1
9. That’s The Way ※Src1+3
10. Tangerine ※Src3
11. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp ※Src1

DISC 2 (57:57)
1. MC ※Src1+4+3
2. Dazed And Confused ※Src3
3. What Is And What Should Never Be ※Src1 ★Src3(0:00-0:05)+Src2(0:05-0:15)補填
4. Dancing Days ※Src1
5. Moby Dick ※Src3

DISC 3 (62:32)
1. MC ※Src3
2. Whole Lotta Love ※Src3 ★Going Down SlowをSrc1で補填(21:16-21:33)
3. Rock And Roll ※Src4

Extra Trax: Soundboard Recording
4. What Is And What Should Never Be* ※SB
5. Dancing Days* ※SB
6. Moby Dick* ※SB

EXTRA DISC (57:56)
※本ディスクは、Disc 2の別バージョンで、サウンドボードの存在する3曲(Disc3 #4-6のトラック)と+オーディエンス録音で編集し直したバージョン。サウンドボード主体で聞きたい人はDisc2の代わりに本ディスクを聞いて下さい。※当日のSBとAudの編集バージョンは既発リリースが一切なし。
1. MC ★Src1+4+3
2. Dazed And Confused ※Src3
3. What Is And What Should Never Be* ※SB
4. Dancing Days* ※SB
5. Moby Dick** ★SB+終盤Src3で補填(15:58付近以降終了まで)

* Soundboard Recording
** Soundboard Recording + Audience Recording
Extra Disc : Alternate version of disc 2

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-027ABCD

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