Led Zeppelin / Back To The LA Forum 1977 / 3CD With OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / Back To The LA Forum 1977 / 3CD With OBI Strip / Wendy Label

Inglewood Forum Los Angeles California USA June 22, 1977 Digitally Remastered

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Zeppelin has toured every year since his debut, but after taking a rest in 1974 due to a plant throat surgery, in 1976 there was a fracture due to a car accident in the plant and he never went on tour. . Therefore, the tour in 1977 for the first time in two years was just a big event that brought back Zeppelin. This eventually became the last tour of Zeppelin in the United States. This tour is the last masculine figure to perform in front of an American fan who appreciates Zeppelin prior to his home country.

The 1977 North American tour was a long, three-part program with two rest periods in April, May, June, and July. However, during the tour in July, the third leg, the son of the plant died of illness and was interrupted with only 4 performances, and the band entered a period of indefinite rest. Therefore, the schedule will be reduced from the original schedule, and all 51 schedules will be completed when all 44 performances are scheduled. However, it seems that such troubles have been accepted enthusiastically by fans, as it has been a long-time US tour, and the largest ever tour for Zeppelin.

This tour was accompanied by the hard and hard album “Presence”, and the rehearsal for the tour was conducted carefully for two months from the beginning of the year, partly because the songs of the album were unveiled for the first time. . And on April 1, 1977, the tour finally began in Dallas.

[LOS ANAGELES 6 consecutive performances] During the 1977 tour, a large series of performances were held at MSG and here in LA. In particular, the six consecutive performances in Los Angeles, the final region of the first leg, are no exaggeration to say the highlight of this tour. If the first day is “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”, the third day will say “FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY”, and on this day there will be a lot of name boards with this title. There are still high-quality audience sound sources on June 25 and 27, both of which have high honors with famous performances. The schedule is as follows.

June 21, 1977 “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE” (Wendy)
June 22, 1977 “BACK TO THE LA FORUM” (Wendy)
June 23, 1977 “FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY” (Wendy)
June 25, 1977 “SUNSET BOULVARD” (Wendy)
June 26, 1977
June 27, 1977 “ FULL IMPERIAL COLLAPSE ” (Wendy)

[BACK TO THE LA FORUM] This is the second day of the LA6 performance. It is a concert between Eddie and the badge holder, and it is also an unfortunate day that has not been blessed with so many titles. The unfortunate reason is that the sound quality of both the front and rear days is so great that the sound quality evaluation becomes relatively severe. However, when I listen to this work again, the sound quality as an absolute evaluation is not bad, but rather it is reconfirmed that it is an excellent sound quality among other 1977 sound sources.

What should be noted is the performance. Although it is a concert between Eddie and the badge holder, it is a performance with tension similar to Eddie on the first day. This fact has not been much talked about so far, but if you listen to it, the first song “The Song Remains The Same” is very high tension, especially Bonzo ’s destructive drumming. And it’s one of the best live performances, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that it surpasses Eddie.

The latest Wendy label is a complete recording of the second day of Los Angeles 6 consecutive performances. I hope you will enjoy the concert with the incandescent performance that surpasses Eddie on the first day. A beautifully preserved press with beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese obi.

デビュー以来、毎年ツアーを重ねてきたツェッペリンであったが、1974年にプラントの喉の手術のため休養したのに続き、1976年はプラントの自動車事故による骨折で、やはりツアーを行なうことはなかった。 よって、二年ぶりとなる1977年のツアーというのは、まさにツェッペリン復活をかけた一大イベントであった。そして結果的にこれがアメリカにおけるツェッペリンの最後のツアーとなった。本国英国よりも先にツェッペリンを高く評価したアメリカのファンの前でコンサートをするのは、このツアーが最後の雄姿となるのである。

1977年北米ツアーは4月、5月と6月、そして7月と、間に2度の休養期間を挟み、三つのパートにわけて行なわれた長大なものであった。しかしサード・レグである7月のツアー中にプラントの息子が病で死去し、わずか4公演で中断、バンドは無期休養期間に入ることになる。 よって当初の予定より日程は削減され、全51公演が予定されていた内の44公演を消化した時点で全日程を終えることになる。しかしそのようなトラブルを他所に、久しぶりの全米ツアー、しかもツェッペリンにとってかつてない最大規模のツアーとあって、ファンには熱狂的に受け入れられた模様である。


1977年のツアーにおいてMSGとここLAにおいて大規模な連続公演が行われた。特にファースト・レグ最終地であるロサンゼルスにおける6連続公演は、このツアーのハイライトと言っても過言ではなく、いずれもそれぞれ表情が異なる名演が繰り広げられた。 初日が『LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE』なら、三日目が『FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY』と言った具合に、この日ならこのタイトルという名盤が数多く同タイトルで存在する。6月25日や6月27日も高音質なオーディエンス音源が残っており、いずれも名演奏との誉れが高い。日程は以下の通り。

1977年6月21日 『LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE』(Wendy)
1977年6月22日 『BACK TO THE LA FORUM』(Wendy)
1977年6月23日 『FOR BADGEHOLDERS ONLY』(Wendy)
1977年6月25日 『SUNSET BOULVARD』(Wendy)
1977年6月27日 『FULL IMPERIAL COLLAPSE』(Wendy)


そして特筆すべきはその演奏である。エディとバッジホルダーに挟まれたコンサートであるが、どちらかといえば初日エディに近いテンションを持った演奏なのである。この事実は今まであまり話題にあがることはなかったが、実際に聴いてみれば、1曲目「The Song Remains The Same」から非常にハイテンションな、特にボンゾの破壊的なドラミングが、この公演をして最高のライブのひとつである、むしろエディを凌駕するといっても過言ではないと理解できるだろう。


01. Introduction
02. The Song Remains The Same
03. Sick Again
04. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
05. In My Time Of Dying
06. Since I’ve Been Loving You
07. No Quarter

01. Ten Years Gone
02. The Battle Of Evermore
03. Going To California
04. Black Country Woman
05. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
06. White Summer
07. Kashmir

01. Out On The Tiles – Moby Dick
02. Over The Hills And Far Away
03. Guitar Solo
04. Achilles Last Stand
05. Stairway To Heaven
06. Whole Lotta Love
07. Rock And Roll

Wendy Label. WECD.358/359/360


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