KISS / Animalize Live Uncensored / 1DVD

KISS / Animalize Live Uncensored / 1DVD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA 8th December 1984.  Pro-Shot

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KISS’s first live video work revived with the highest peak quality ever! This work is an official video “ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED” containing “ANIMALIZE WORLD TOUR” which was also the first tour of Bruce · Clyric. KISS has released numerous video works, but this is the first issue that released live works in home video. Bruce became an official member Memorial “December 8, 1984 Michigan Performance (Mark St. John officially withdrawal)” was put in multiple camera · pro shot, has not been converted to DVD yet It is a visual work of phantom.
At that time VHS video was also released, but this work is reprinted from the Japanese version laser disc to investigate “highest peak”. Of course, as well as laser reprints so far, we keep a mint quality board which domestic core / collector was treasured, and entrusted it to a manufacturer specializing in analog images abroad. It is digitization for everything in a high-end environment. In this way the process is the same as before, but the quality is not the same. I have worked on reprinting a number of laser discs so far, but there was never a terrible image beauty as much as this work. It is not only “the highest peak” of this picture “but” the highest peak “of the reprint series. In fact, its vivid visual beauty is an extraordinary dimension. It is beautiful even if it is seen with the modern eyes of the digital blessing … … Is it saying “This is not a digital master !?” surprisingly. From a long black hair one metal brilliance shimmering drum kit, costume that looks even lint, one particle of splashes flying with fire wipe, everything is vivid in transcendence. Its color development is also vivid enough to be thought only as “as it is” as it is rather than “at that time”. The title logo and Japanese subtitles are also attached to the rock star MC, but the sharp edge of that font’s edge! Even if the main master remains on the official side, this freshness will be incomprehensible … that is so much visual beauty.
It is exactly the image of the super class quality, but its content is also a class. They are the ones who dropped the makeup from the previous “LICK IT UP WORLD TOUR”, but the luxurious mood is getting even higher, because it is bright and dark. Especially costumes and gestures are sexy and sexy, and the brilliance of Paul Stanley which became the authorization of the sex symbol is not a huangpa. It is erotic that you take off the shirt and throw it into the audience while explaining the narrator in fine detail to the nurse at the hospital … …. On the other hand, Jean Simmons embodying “Wild” is also terribly cool. It reminds us exactly how dazzling they were in the real era.
Of course, it is luxurious not only for looks but also for musical reasons. This image is said to be “the most variety show rich in KISS history”, and plenty of songs other than the standard staple are also seen. Of course, we also play the golden ’70s repertoire, but only 5 songs out of 15 songs. It is a trilogy of “CREATURES OF THE NIGHT”, “LICK IT UP”, “ANIMALIZE”, and it is a standard part such as “I Still Love You” “Lick It Up” “Heaven’s on Fire” Of course, you will be presented with “Fits Like A Glove”, “Young And Wasted”, “Under The Gun” unique to the real era, and even “Thrills In The Night” with little performance record itself.

Rare rabbits and horns, valuable official footage that has just come true. It is the highest quality quality version ever. The beauty of the image which was missed even in the reprint series. And, the glow of “1984” which charm of the real face KISS fascinated. Please, save it permanently at your convenience.

KISS初のライヴ映像作品が史上最高峰クオリティで蘇りました! 本作は、ブルース・キューリック初のツアーでもあった“ANIMALIZE WORLD TOUR”を収めたオフィシャル映像『ANIMALIZE LIVE UNCENSORED』。これまで数々の映像作品をリリースしてきたKISSですが、ホームビデオでライヴ作品をリリースしたのは、これが第1号。ブルースが正式メンバーになった記念すべき「1984年12月8日ミシガン公演(この日をもってマーク・セント・ジョンが正式脱退)」をマルチカメラ・プロショットで収めたで、未だにDVD化されていない幻の映像作品です。
当時はVHSビデオでもリリースされましたが、本作は“最高峰”を究めるべく、日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻。もちろん、これまでのレーザーディスク復刻と同様に国内コア・コレクターが秘蔵していたミントクオリティ盤をお預かりし、海外のアナログ映像専門メーカーに委託。ハイエンド環境にて万全を期してのデジタル化です。このように工程はこれまでと同じですが、同じではないのがクオリティ。これまで幾多のレーザーディスク復刻を手がけてきましたが、本作ほど凄まじい映像美はかつてなかった。「この映像の“最高峰”」なだけでなく、「復刻シリーズの“最高峰”」なのです。実際、そのビビッドな映像美は異常な次元。デジタル全盛の現代の眼で見ても美しい……と言いますか「これがデジタル・マスターじゃない!?」と驚くほど。たなびく黒髪の1本1本から金属光沢キラめくドラムキット、糸くずさえ見えそうな衣装、火拭きで飛ぶ飛沫の1粒1粒まで、ありとあらゆるものが超絶に鮮明。その発色も「当時そのまま」と言うより、「現場そのまま」としか思えないほどに鮮やか。タイトルロゴや、いかにもロックスターなMCに日本語字幕も付いているのですが、そのフォントのエッジのシャープなこと! もし、オフィシャルサイドに大元マスターが残っていたとしても、これほどの鮮度はムリだろう……それほどの映像美なのです。
まさに超ド級クオリティの映像なのですが、その中身もド級。1つ前の“LICK IT UP WORLD TOUR”からメイクを落とした彼らですが、煌びやかで豪奢なムードは一層高まるばかり。特に衣装も仕草もえらくセクシーで、セックスシンボルの権化となったポール・スタンレーの輝きはハンパじゃない。病院で看護婦とよろしくヤるくだりを細かに説明しながらシャツを脱ぎ、客席に投げ入れる姿のエロいこと……。それに対して“ワイルド”を体現するジーン・シモンズも恐ろしくカッコイイ。素顔時代の彼らがいかに眩しかったかを今さらのように思い出させてくれます。
もちろん、見た目だけでなく音楽的にも豪華。この映像は「KISS史上、もっともバラエティ豊かなショウ」とも言われており、ド定番以外の曲もたっぷりと見られる。もちろん、黄金の70年代レパートリーも演奏しますが、15曲中わずか5曲のみ。軸となるのは『CREATURES OF THE NIGHT』『LICK IT UP』『ANIMALIZE』の3部作でして、現在でも演奏される「I Still Love You」「Lick It Up」「Heaven’s on Fire」といった定番はもちろんのこと、素顔時代ならではの「Fits Like A Glove」「Young And Wasted」「Under The Gun」、さらには演奏記録自体がほとんどない「Thrills In The Night」まで披露されるのです。


1. Intro. 2. Detroit Rock City 3. Cold Gin 4. Creatures of the Night 5. Fits Like a Glove
6. Heaven’s on Fire 7. Thrills in the Night 8. Paul Guitar Solo 9. Under the Gun
10. War Machine 11. Drum Solo 12. Young and Wasted 13. Bass Solo 14. I Love It Loud
15. I Still Love You 16. Love Gun 17. Lick It Up 18. Black Diamond
19. Rock and Roll All Nite



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