KISS / Amityville 1973 2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

KISS / Amityville 1973 2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac
Live at The Daisy, Amityville, New York, USA 16th June 1973 plus Bonus CDR “Academy Of Music 1973”.  STEREO SBD

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Our own official spilled sound board series that shook the world of mania. Three works that were sold out and abandoned out of popularity will be reprinted.
In our store, we have introduced a lot of sound board sound sources that were not on the market until then. Among them, KISS is a series of masters brought from related parties through their own routes. The world is trembling with a number of live and demos that no one else has heard in the world, or even a sound source that has been well-known. Contributed to dramatic progress in underground research. However, every work is very popular because it is so shocking. Some of them are sold out immediately and many years have passed. However, now KISS is nearing the last performance in Japan. That’s why this week, three of the most popular titles for those who have been missed will be reprinted!
This series is only valuable and superb titles, but the preciousness of this work is de grade. It is a sound board recording of “June 16, 1973 Amityville performance” before debut. First of all, let’s find out the show position from the activity overview of KISS just before debut.

《January Ace Frey join》
・ January 30-February 1: New York City (6 performances)
・ March 9th-April 14th: Amityville (8 performances)
・ May 4: New York City
・ May 26: Parases
・ June 1: New York City
・ June 8-16: Amity Building (8 performances) ← ★ here ★
・ July 13 + August 10: New York City (2 performances)
・ August 17-25: Amityville (8 performances)
・ August 31 + September 1: New York City (2 performances)
《October “ Emissary from Hell ” production started》
・ December 21-31: New York City (3 performances)

This is KISS’s 1973. Former WICKED LESTER’s Paul and Jean welcomed Peter to form KISS, and in early 1973, Ace joined to complete the lineup. Started live activities in New York. The venue is “COVENTRY” in New York City and “THE DAISY” in Amityville, and this work is a sound board recording recorded on “June 16, 1975”.
This show has “Acrobat” recorded in the official work “THE BOX SET”, but this is the full-length version. In 2013, the full-length version came out on the net and became a hot topic, but this work is a different spillage master, and the length and quality of this work are higher. In the net sound source, it was cut between the songs from “Simple Type” to “Acrobat” and the beginning of “Acrobat” was also faded, but this work also recorded 10 seconds longer tuning between songs and “Acrobat” turned on . In addition, the drum solo that had been cut in the middle of the “Acrobat” is perfectly recorded. Although there is tape deterioration in “100,000 Years”, it is the same with the net sound source, and this work is still the highest peak.
Of course, these points are only evidence of the master. More important is sound. The sound directly digitized from the master by the people concerned is overwhelmingly natural and the generation is the ultimate. Since it is an excavation system to the last, the system is different from the official work style, but that is why it is possible to complete cyclone with the young KISS ensemble with the direct connection sound of the brain.
And the full show drawn with its vivid sound is super valuable. It is a rush of precious songs that is not just the number of the debut “Emissary from Hell”. Let’s organize the contents here.

● Emissary from Hell (7 songs)
・ Nothin ‘To Lose / Firehouse / Duece / 100,000 Years / Black Diamond / Strutter / Let Me Know
● Other (4 songs)
・ Songs from the WICKED LESTER era: Want You Beside Me / Simple Type
・ Acrobat (original song of “Love Theme from Kiss”)
・ HOTTER THAN HELL: Watchin ‘You

… and it looks like this. It is the original song of “Want You Beside Me”, “Simple Type” and even “Love Theme from Kiss” of the predecessor band WICKED LESTER that does not stop at “Let Me Know” just because it was early. “Acrobat” is also shown.
Even if you pay attention to each song, it is only a valuable number, but the performance that spells it is the best part. Anyway, it’s wild and tough, and the young enthusiasm bleeds and overflows. After “Strutter”, Paul could n’t think of a later professional show, such as MC stating “Please wait a moment because the guitar has run out.” It’s called amateur rhythm. KISS from the era of handcrafting one show at a time comes out from the speakers.
幾 つ か There are some records before the debut, but it can be said that the full show sound board is a miracle. This work is a live album that can be enjoyed with the ultimate quality of the outflow of those involved. A press CD that permanently preserves the KISS excavations. Please enjoy to your heart’s content.



これがKISSの1973年。元WICKED LESTERのポールとジーンがピーターを迎えてKISSを結成し、1973年初頭にはエースも合流してラインナップが完成。ニューヨーク界隈でライヴ活動を始めました。会場はニューヨーク・シティの“COVENTRY”とアミティビルの“THE DAISY”がメインで、本作はそのうち「1975年6月16日」で記録されたサウンドボード録音なのです。
このショウはオフィシャル作『THE BOX SET』に「Acrobat」が収録されましたが、本作はその全長版となるもの。2013年にはネット上にも全長版が出回って話題となりましたが、本作はそれとも異なる関係者流出マスターで、長さもクオリティも本作の方が上。ネット音源では「Simple Type」から「Acrobat」の曲間でカットされて「Acrobat」冒頭部もフェイドになっていましたが、本作は曲間チューニングも10秒長く、「Acrobat」もオンに記録。さらにその「Acrobat」中盤カットされていたドラム・ソロもばっちり完全収録しています。「100,000 Years」でテープ劣化があるものの、それはネット音源でも同じであり、本作が最高峰である事に変わりありません。

・Nothin’ To Lose/Firehouse/Duece/100,000 Years/Black Diamond/Strutter/Let Me Know
・WICKED LESTER時代の曲:Want You Beside Me/Simple Type
・Acrobat(「Love Theme from Kiss」の原曲)

……と、このようになっています。初期だからこその「Let Me Know」に止まらず、デビュー前にしか演奏していない前身バンドWICKED LESTER時代の「Want You Beside Me」「Simple Type」、さらには「Love Theme from Kiss」の原曲となる「Acrobat」も披露しているのです。


1. Intro.
2. Nothin’ To Lose
3. Firehouse
4. Want You Beside Me (Life In The Woods)
5. Simple Type
6. Acrobat
7. Duece
8. 100,000 Years
9. Black Diamond
10. Strutter
11. Watchin’ You
12. Let Me Know


Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal Ace Frehley – Guitar
Peter Criss – Drums, Vocal



KISS / Academy Of Music 1973 / 1CDR / Non label
Live at Academy of Music, New York, NY. USA 31st December 1973

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This main press CD is a sound board album that conveys the young KISS before debut with the best master of spills. Quality, content, and preciousness are all amazing, but there are other records that tell them before their debut. Among them, especially the New Year’s live that is famous in the past is a bonus included decision.
“This performance was recorded on December 31, 1973 in New York”. It is an audience recording when it appeared in the New Year’s event “NEW YEARS’ EVE ”held at the famous venue“ ACADEMY OF MUSIC ”. This show is legendary in every sense. As you can see from the schedule of the main story, he has created his debut work “Emissary from Hell” but has not yet released it. It was a show that was the night before.
”BLUE OYSTER CULT served as the headliner for the event, and Iggy Pop and TEENAGE LUST also appeared. KISS, who was a newcomer, was the first opening act. Until then, they had played only in clubs and thought that this event was the best, and developed a full-length live. It was a legendary show that was burned into Jean’s hair as if he was unfamiliar not only with the heat performance but also with the wiping performance, and was introduced in the newspaper as “a band where bassists ignite their heads and perform” (an aside) But in “NEW YEARS ‘EVE 1975” two years later, KISS was the headliner and BOC was the opening and the position was reversed.
It is this work that you can experience such a legendary show with “site sound”. The quality is wonderfully real. It’s just a vintage audience recording, not a music work but a document. However, it is not a type of searching for a performance from the roaring sound, but there are few audiences who make a noise because of the undercard, so you can clearly see the performance with a strong core. The set is occupied by the number of “Emissary from Hell”, and “Cold Gin” that was not played on the main press CD also appeared. While minimizing MC, the group of famous songs that will be cherished in rock history is struck with tremendous tension.

】 KISS has been released to the world since “Emissary from Hell” was released a month and a half after this work. The main press CD is the best sound board of such a “club era”, and this work is the first step into the hall world. A gorgeous set of live albums that symbolize the very early days. Please enjoy it carefully.

そんな本作が記録されたのは「1973年12月31日ニューヨーク公演」。今は亡き伝統の名会場“ACADEMY OF MUSIC”で開かれた年越しイベント“NEW YEARS’ EVE”に出演した際のオーディエンス録音です。このショウは、あらゆる意味で伝説的。本編解説の日程をご覧の通り、デビュー作『地獄からの使者』を創り上げつつ、まだ発売はしていない。まさに前夜となるショウでした。
イベント自体のヘッドライナーはBLUE OYSTER CULTが務め、他にイギー・ポップやTEENAGE LUSTも出演。ド新人だったKISSは一番手のオープニング・アクトでした。それまでクラブでしか演奏してこなかった彼らは、このイベントを大一番と考え、勝負をかけた渾身のライヴを展開。その熱演ぶりだけでなく、火拭きパフォーマンスも不慣れだったのかジーンの髪に燃え移り、新聞に「ベーシストが頭に火をつけて演奏するバンド」と紹介された伝説のショウだったのです(余談ですが、2年後の“NEW YEARS’ EVE 1975”ではKISSがヘッドライナー、BOCがオープニングと立場が逆転しました)。
そんな伝説のショウを“現場の音”で体験できるのが本作。そのクオリティも素晴らしくリアル。あくまでもヴィンテージ然としたオーディエンス録音であり、音楽作品と言うよりはドキュメント。しかし、轟音の中から演奏を探すというタイプでは決してなく、前座のせいか周囲も騒ぎ立てる観客が少なく、力強い芯で熱演ぶりがハッキリと分かる。セットは全曲『地獄からの使者』ナンバーで占められ、本編プレスCDでは演奏していなかった「Cold Gin」も登場。MCを最小限に抑えながら、ロック史に名声を刻むことになる名曲群を凄まじいテンションで叩きつけていくのです。


1. Deuce
2. Cold Gin
3. Nothin’ To Lose
4. Firehouse
5. Let Me Know
6. 100,000 Years
7. Black Diamond

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