Rolling Stones / The Man Who Stole The Sun / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Rolling Stones / The Man Who Stole The Sun / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / MayFlower

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Live At The Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan March 10, 2003. Digitally Remastered



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■ The complete recording of the Budokan concert March 10, 2003 ! !
■ full sound source first appearance in the this quality! !
■ The sound Uomi and natural coexisted clearness and loudness !

Sample sound source

New Rolling Stones , title complete recording of the Nippon Budokan performances were carried out only in history will be also released storage of Japan tour . The 2003 LICKS TOUR, concert took place club , arena , and stadium , the venue of different sizes of the three in the same city just , but it was a long-cherished wish of Japan stop since 1973 in Japan with the flow Nippon Budokan performances I realized March 10, 2003 . It has become the history of more than 10 years ago already , but this Budokan concert has been handed down among fans as a special experience even now . Only Budokan concert attracted the attention of such a large number of titles have been released since then . It was what excited them at the time of course , but when I listen by ear current , or an excess , equalizing raised force the range , and Dattari sound ” vulgar ” of so-called ” laver state” , Best thing both hard to say is almost at the level of the modern with poppy . Just as you would increase the sound pressure to lift the treble in particular , in the sounds that were in vogue at that time , in the current natural -oriented , there is a painful thing to hear a little . More than a decade , Kettei had just been desired from this historic concert . So you mean that this work appeared fully prepared .

This work complete recording of high-quality sound recording with DAT recording of the complete first appearance . I would be obsolete also DAT recorder now , but the cage some people DAT is estimated to be equipment of the best ever , the plump sound image , you can relive the concert hall itself though certainly among recording Mania still splendor like . I am finished in flavor treble is also not sarcasm , the pursuit of naturalness , that sound , that this is what was listening at the Budokan . Richness of bass sounds , such as the breast , especially , this sense of loudness , Budokan itself exactly . Keep the clearness yet Me suppressed somewhat , as it does not give the impression that was full at all , sound Uomi is , gives a new impression to the Budokan concert who are used to hear from natural to cover the whole above all treble . And blessed also recording environment curiously and unrelated to cry and a chat and clapping and applause Na wet blanket , the customer , where did they recorded together in harsh , Super Ultra Deluxe sound source . Splendor of this quality is what certainly, I would like you to experience in the audition anyway .

I mentioned nothing but the sound quality , but for the sound Uomi , Amazing in Dangerous , playing good acting that contains the heat very well playing Stones that Budokan for the first time this also natural that the coexistence of clearness and loudness . Splendor of the Japan tour of 2014 has been told many , but yet ” Jumpin ‘ Jack Flash” to ” You Got Me Rockin’ ” the same as the March 4, 2014 , opening to listen to this Budokan performance Frankly After , it will be that it suggests relatively playing this 10 years ago or was amazing how . And Stones himself would have recognized that this Budokan are in a special concert venue for the Japanese , that it is a place where famous , such as Bob Dylan and Cheap Trick , legend of many was born . Even MC ‘s Budokan for the first time ! I said . , Including the Japanese Mick stupid other , like ” That’s clothes seems high ” or ” good-looking “, ” After this do? ” And , of who I was teaching on earth , all the nostalgic , the charm of this historic concert I can fully enjoy .

The complete recording at a super high-quality sound source DAT first appearance of the Budokan concert March 10, 2003 historic . Will be dismissed in the distance of the M78 nebula its outstanding panel that Amata ! And whether I do hear De industry grounder got free lean to complain to Yara Yara band jacket propaganda bulletin board trader disguised as a review! We affirm that it is the determination of the board Budokan performance to satisfaction the rock fans of true not only Kido teacher Korezo ! Big big big big big big narcissus board at Truly & Amazing & Perfect Sound. Play It Loud! Play And Play Again!! Press platen Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture- disk specification . Japanese with belt .



来日公演の記憶も新しいローリングストーンズが、史上唯一行なった日本武道館公演を完全収録したタイトルがリリースになります。2003年LICKS TOURは、ちょうどクラブ、アリーナ、スタジアムと、同一都市で三つの大きさの異なる会場でコンサートが行なわれましたが、その流れで日本では1973年の来日中止以来の悲願であった日本武道館公演が2003年3月10日実現したのです。既に10年以上前の歴史になってしまいましたが、今でもこの武道館公演は特別な体験としてファンの間で語り継がれています。  このような注目を集めた武道館コンサートだけに、当時から数多くのタイトルがリリースされてきました。もちろん当時はそれらに興奮したものでしたが、現在の耳で聴いてみると、イコライジングが過剰であったり、音域を無理に上げた、いわゆる「海苔状態」の「下品」な音だったりと、けして現代のレベルにおいてはベストとも言い難いものがほとんど。特に高音を持ち上げて音圧を大きくするといった、当時流行していた音作りでは、ナチュラル指向の現在では、少し聴くにつらいものがあります。この歴史的なコンサートから10余年、まさに決定盤が望まれていました。そこで本作が満を持して登場というわけです。



歴史的な2003年3月10日武道館公演を初登場の超高音質DATソースにて完全収録。あまたある既発盤をM78星雲の彼方に一蹴いたします!レビューを装った業者の宣伝掲示板でジャケやら帯やらに文句をたれるタダもらい業界ゴロは聴かんでよかと! これぞ城戸先生のみならず真のロック・ファンをサティスファクションさせる武道館公演の決定盤であると断言いたします! Truly & Amazing & Perfect Sound で大大大大大大スイセン盤。Play It Loud! Play And Play Again!! 美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Introduction
02. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
03. You Got Me Rocking
04. Live With Me
05. Let It Bleed
06. No Expectations
07. Rocks Off
08. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
09. Worried About You
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Member Introductions
12. Slipping Away
13. Before They Make Me Run

01. Start Me Up
02. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
03. Rock Me Baby
04. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
05. Honky Tonk Women
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Brown Sugar
08. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

MayFlower. MF-38/39

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