Eric Clapton / Pensacola 1985 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Pensacola 1985 / 2CD / Beano

Translated text:
Live at Civic Center, Pensacola, FL. USA 13th April 1985.

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Eric Clapton’s treasure sound source of 1985 which is said to have said that “Overcoming alcohol poisoning and playing” second comeback “with fearless looks and vitality full performance is released! It was a complete collection of concerts in Pensacola, Florida on April 13, 1985 hitting the National Tour · First leg with a very good stereo · audience recording. The master of this board was brought from the heavyweight tapar who lives in our English familiar Britain, and it is what of the finest quality on the day when no sound source has been released until now when it is received. Heavenly Taper says, “Personal thought, I think that the sound quality of number one in the past 85 years audience source, and the performance of this day is the highest peak in the 85 year tour.” Because the heavy taper taper which recorded numerous stages themselves and collecting numerous sources by using the network says this, it is good for those who adhere to sound quality and performance to be relieved. Speaking of what our engineers have touched, it is about relaxing the bass that slightly adjusts the pitch and presses it. Although some hiss noise remains, this sound quality is something that our shop can stretch out and recommend. Well, let’s clarify the meaning of this performance over time in this year.

· February 28 – March 15, 1985: Europe tour including England
Meanwhile, «March 1, 1985: release of the album” BEHIND THE SUN “»
· April 9 – May 3, 1985: National Tour, First Leg ← ★ Coco ★
· May 8, 1985: US music live program Late Night With David Letterman Appearance
· June 21 – July 27, 1985: National Tour, Second Leg
· October 5 – October 11, 1985: 6th Japan tour
· October 14 – November 6, 1985: A short-term Europe tour after visiting London, Alaska
· From 3rd to 23rd 1985 December, it is off for a while, but during this time he flew to the concerts of Buddy · Guy & Junior · Wells, Sting, Gary Brooker, Dire · Straits etc and stands on stage

Received the release of the album “BEHIND THE SUN” which was completed in the previous year, a large-scale world tour organized for the promotion of this album. I have never visited in North America. Moreover, by dividing the legs, we have put a change on the set list. In this first leg, Never Make You Cry using the Behind The Sun of the album and the Roland guitar synthesizer rarely from that album, Knock On Wood of Seoul was set in. In the second leg, White Room, Forever Man will replace these, but we have recently released “Concord 1985 1st Night” which recorded the highest performance in the second leg, everyone’s memorable new place. This time I will deliver the highest peak of the first leg here. Already in the early spring in Europe tour, I pulled out the potential of the back band without fail and was a national tour that I was confident with. On this day when it became the stage of only 4th day from the start, the unbelievable performance of the boulders has already been packed. If you listen, you will find out why the veteran heavyweiner taper is said to be “the best.” Where was the evidence he declared so? Of course, a sharp slide play bursts from the opening and high-tension performance is deployed in full story, but it is noteworthy that the flow from the late performance of I Shot The Sheriff to Same Old Blues and the minor blues Double Trouble Is it? It is probably saying that it is hard to be brushy with this. The movement of the finger is no longer beyond the control of Clapton himself. My fingers move freely, bringing phrases from another dimension. It is an incredible feeling that the sound source that contained such a terrible play was asleep for 32 years. Anyway, I want to listen, it is an unreleased sound source that saw the eyes of the sun beyond the 32 years. It does not stay in the meaning of simply a good master of the first public release. After this, Clapton’s ability to take the position at the center of the locking world again, showed the world to the world with the live aid called “Love Aid”, which was said to be the biggest event of the rock world, was put in this stage as soon as possible is. It will be released on the limited press CD with the sticker representing the first edition, so please order as soon as possible.


この間、≪1985年3月1日:アルバム「BEHIND THE SUN」リリース≫
・1985年4月9日~5月3日:全米ツアー、ファースト・レグ  ←★ココ★
・1985年5月8日:米音楽ライブ番組 Late Night With David Letterman 出演

前年にレコーディングが完了したアルバム「BEHIND THE SUN」のリリースを受け、このアルバムのプロモーションのために組んだ大規模なワールドツアー。北米においては二度も訪れています。しかもレグを分けたことにより、セットリストに変化をつけていました。このファーストレッグでは、当該アルバムからの小曲Behind The Sunや珍しくローランド製ギターシンセサイザーを使用したNever Make You Cry、ソウルの名曲Knock On Woodをセットインさせていました。セカンドレッグではWhite Room、Forever Manがこれらに取って代わりますが、セカンドレッグでのパフォーマンスの最高峰を収録した「Concord 1985 1st Night」を先般リリースしましたのは、皆様の記憶に新しいところ。今回はファーストレッグの最高峰をここにお届けしようというわけです。既に初春のヨーロッパツアーにてバックバンドのポテンシャルを存分に引き出し、自信を持って臨んだ全米ツアー。開始から僅か4日目のステージとなったこの日には、既に揺るぎない磐石のパフォーマンスがパックされています。聴いていただければ、ベテラン重鎮テーパーが「最高」と評した理由がお判りいただけることでしょう。彼がそう明言した根拠はどこだったのでしょうか?もちろんオープニングからシャープなスライドプレイが炸裂し、全編でハイテンションなパフォーマンスが展開されているのですが、特筆すべきはやはり I Shot The Sheriffの後奏からSame Old Bluesへの流れとマイナーブルースDouble Troubleでしょうか。筆舌に尽くし難いとはこういうことを言うのでしょう。指の動きがもはやクラプトン自身のコントロールを超えています。指が勝手に動き、別の次元からフレーズを連れて来ています。こんな凄いプレイを収めた音源が32年も眠っていたとは、信じられない思いです。とにかく聴いていただきたい、32年の時を超えて日の目を見た未発表音源です。単に初公開の優良マスターという意味合いには留まりません。この後、ロック界最大のイベントと言われた「ライブ・エイド」出演で健在ぶりを世界に示し、再びロック界の中心にポジションをとったクラプトンの実力が早くもこのステージに込められていたのです。初回盤を表すステッカー付限定プレスCDでのリリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお願い致します。

Disc 1 (79:20)
1. Tulsa Time 2. Motherless Children 3. I Shot The Sheriff 4. Same Old Blues 5. Blues Power
6. Tangled In Love 7. Behind The Sun 8. Wonderful Tonight 9. Someone One Else Is Steppin’ In
10. Never Make You Cry 11. She’s Waiting 12. Something Is Wrong With My Baby 13. Lay Down Sally

Disc 2 (50:00)
1. Double Trouble 2. Badge 3. Let It Rain 4. Cocaine 5. Layla 6. Knock On Wood
7. Member Introduction 8. Further On Up The Road

Eric Clapton -guitar, vocals Tim Renwick – guitar Chris Stainton – keyboards
Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn – bass Jamie Oldaker – drums Marcy Levy – backing vocals
Shaun Murphy – backing vocals


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