Kiss / Long Beach Arena 1975 / 2CD

Kiss / Long Beach Arena 1975 / 2CD/ Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. USA 31st May 1975 .


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“ALIVE!” Changed all fates. It is a masterpiece of “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR 1975” which produced the famous masterpiece, and the best alive live album is appearing.
This work includes “Long Beach Performance May 31, 1975”. Unlike “ALIVE!”, It is a concert in the middle. Let’s imagine the relationship with “ALIVE!” In the schedule.

· March 19th: North Hampton (First day)
· 16th May: Detroit (33th show) “ALIVE!”
· May 31: Long Beach (44 performances) 【this work】
· June 21: Cleveland (53 performances) “ALIVE!”
· July 20: Davenport (60 performances) “ALIVE!”
· July 23: Wildwood (62 performances) “ALIVE!”
· August 28: Indianapolis (73 final days on the final day)

Pretty snack, but this is a key performance of “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR 1975”. “ALIVE!” Is a live album organized from four performances, you will realize that the long beach arena performance of this work is in the midst of it.
This show has long been known for its superb sound source, but this work is neither its copy nor remaster. Master who was discovered by the prestigious prestigious “KRW_CO” very recently. It is the highest peak digitized directly from the original analog cassette. The sound is “a really audience!?” It’s awfulness to twist your head. Anyway, both musical sounds and singing voices are super clear & direct. There is no faint feeling such as reverberation at the hall, it is direct recording feeling like a direct penetration of the line plug into the ear. Although it feels like “I think probably it is an audience … …” because there is a lively cheer before the performance or between songs, if you listen to it normally, you can experience the immersive feeling that is the same as the sound board. Moreover, the ultimate freshness of Master Direct is intense. Although the conventional sound source was extremely tone, the edges became round due to dubbing deterioration, and the tape yore was also scattered. However, this direct master does not have such a deterioration at all. It looks as if it was recorded yesterday … No, now it’s a fresh feel like KISS is playing here.
That sound board is a minor recording, but this work is still audience recording. It feels like a reality “rare” to feel it. I feel realism of cheers and enthusiasm, but the “presence” of the performance is amazing beyond that. Playing like playing, breathing feeling that air exists between members, and the vibe that the PA feels trembling in a large volume. “I have a guy” · “I am locking here, right now” feeling is amazing.
The show drawn with that sound is exactly suitable for calling “100% real life” ALIVE! “”. The set is a collection of all songs “ALIVE!”, But if there is no feeling of editing of multiple performances, there is no replacement to push into the analog board. Heavy performance of “ALIVE!” Which took over history with a brute force is blowing out “from the spot” as it is from the speaker.

It does not start even if I say the fourth five to the terrible live album so far. This work “ALIVE!” Tastes at the highest peak of “DRESSED TO KILL TOUR 1975”, 100% real life feeling. It is neither more nor less than that (but “there can not be any more”).
It is a superior · super best live album that pounds the full show with powerful force “Feeding the soundboard” and the experiencing board of the legendary tour which does not have any more. It is one of the finest in KISS whole history, a majestic excavation.
総ての運命を変えた『ALIVE!』。かの大名盤を生み出した“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR 1975”の代表作にして極上の本生ライヴアルバムが登場です。


かなりかいつまみましたが、これが“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR 1975”の要点公演。『ALIVE!』は4公演から組まれたライヴアルバムであり、本作のロングビーチアリーナ公演は、その最中にあることが実感していただけることでしょう。

ここまで凄まじいライヴアルバムに四の五の言っても始まりません。本作は“DRESSED TO KILL TOUR 1975”の最高峰、本生100%の現実感で味わう『ALIVE!』。それ以上でもそれ以下でもないのです(でも、「それ以上」なんてあり得ませんね)。
Disc 1 (31: 46)
1. Intro. 2. Deuce 3. Strutter 4. Got To Choose 5. Hotter Than Hell 6. Firehouse
7. She 8. Ace Solo 9. C’mon And Love Me

Disc 2 (53: 57)
1. Intro. 2. Rock Bottom 3. Nothin ‘To Lose 4. 100,000 Years 5. Peter Solo
6. Black Diamond 7. Cold Gin 8. Rock And Roll All Nite 9. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll

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