Jeff Beck With Santana / Definitive Sound Market 86 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Jeff Beck With Santana / Definitive Sound Market 86 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Live at Prince Hotel, Karuizawa, Japan 1st June 1986 plus Bonus DVDR “SOUND MARKET ’86 THE VIDEO” STEREO SBD


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The legendary event “Sound Market: Rock in Karuizawa” of the 1980s with Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, and Steve Lucasser. The large classic stereo sound board recording greatly updates the highest peak in history. Introducing the permanent storage press 2CD.

[Maximum coverage of existing soundboards for historical events] Of course, “June 1, 1986: Karuizawa Prince Hotel” is recorded in this work. Jeff Beck’s “FLASH TOUR” was realized only in Japan 7 performances, but on the first day, not only Jeff but also SANTANA and Steve Lukather participated as guests. It was held in a festival format at a special outdoor venue. Western music fans all over Japan are paying close attention to the fact that all three super-individual guitar heroes of the current generation are stepping on. As a matter of course, it became a big event that was broadcast on TV and radio as a special program. The pro shots and sound boards have created countless existing groups, and this work shines at the top. Master freshness / sound quality / editing … It’s the supreme soundboard album that makes the existing ones out of the question at every point.
Also, this show has too many appearances, and there are many similar titles. Many people may be confused as to “what is different?” And “which is great?” However, I can’t live to introduce all the successive titles here, so let’s pick up the three most important works that we are dealing with.

・ A: “SOUND MARKET ’86” * Complete version audience 3 discs
・ B: “DEFINITIVE SOUND MARKET ’86” * SBD full version 2 discs (this work)
・ C: “SOUND MARKET ’86 THE VIDEO” * TV broadcast Pro shot

I have listed 3 works in order of length. “A” is a superb full audience recording excavated by our shop. Most of the episodes on that day were based on FM broadcasts, but the broadcasts were not perfect. “A” is a one-of-a-kind full-live board where you can experience everything on the day, including unbroadcasted parts. And the second “B” is this work. Based on a long FM broadcast, the TV broadcast sound board complements the unbroadcast “Going Down”. It’s a two-disc set that completely covers the existing sound board sound sources, though not all of the performances of the day.
Although he said “not all at the time,” it is actually “most.” This festival has a complicated turn of three people, so let’s organize it together with the composition of this work.

● DISC 1
・ SANTANA alone (10 songs in total)
・ SANTANA + Sukasah (2 songs / 4 songs)
・ JEFF BECK alone (3 songs at the beginning)
● DISC 2
・ JEFF BECK alone (6 songs / 9 songs)
・ JEFF BECK + Sukasah (2 songs in total) * Going Down only TV audio
・ 3 people co-starring (4 songs in total)

…… and so on. The show is largely in the flow of “SANTANA → Jeff”, with Lukather appearing at key points. 27 songs out of 32 songs on the day are being broadcast, and this work completes that broadcast.

[Official work-class sound that updated the highest peak in history] Well, it’s been a long time, but here is the first move. Let’s finally get into the main subject of this work.
The main subject is quality and editing that is precise and updates the highest peak. First of all, there may be some people who look at the above and think, “What? Jeff’s three songs are on the first piece !?” I think that most of the existing groups so far were “SANTANA = 1 + Jeff = 1”, but in reality, they were packed by making this, speeding up the pitch, cutting, etc. If you try to adjust the pitch accurately and record the existing sound board without leaking the maximum, Jeff’s version will not fit on one CD. As a result, only 3 songs of this work are recorded in DISC 1.
Of course, it’s not just the pitch. The sound is also the highest peak. It goes without saying that we are using the best master that has not exceeded in the past 34 years, but in this work we have further refined it with meticulous mastering. Of course, instead of earning unnecessary sound pressure, it is carefully arranged for each range and the stereo feeling is also corrected. It has been reborn as a wider and wider range of sounds. Expressed sensuously, the original sound has a high-quality sound, but I felt the lightness and thinness of “actually broadcasting”, but this work is a rich official work-class sound. Of course, only one song, “Going Down,” which is a TV sound, is thoroughly treated. I finished it with a sound that is as natural as possible from the main story.

Let’s omit the contents only for the legendary stage that has been widely loved by many existing ones. The complete experience of the day will be handed over to the superb audience recording “SOUND MARKET ’86 (Wardour-083)”, and this work is the largest and highest peak of the sound board version. It is a 2-disc set that is a refinement of the standard large standard to the quality of the official work level. A big decision board that makes a lot of existing groups meaningless. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press 2CD.

(Remastered memo)
★ As a result of correcting a slightly faster pitch (* actually quite fast), Jeff Beck could not fit in Disc2. Disc1 Start from the middle.
★ Upgrade with adjustments to widen the range.
★ “Going Down”, which has nothing but TV broadcast sound sources, is individually equalized to reduce discomfort.


[過去のイベントの既存のサウンドボードの最大範囲] もちろん、この作品には「1986年6月1日軽井沢プリンスホテル」が収録されています。ジェフ・ベックの「FLASH TOUR」は日本7公演でのみ実現したもので、初日はジェフだけでなくSANTANAやスティーブ・ルカサーもゲストとして参加。特別な野外会場でフェスティバル形式で開催された。日本中の西洋音楽ファンは、現在の世代の3人の超個性的なギターヒーローがすべて踏みつけているという事実に細心の注意を払っています。当然のことながら、特別番組としてテレビやラジオで放映される大きなイベントとなった。プロショットとサウンドボードは、数え切れないほどの既存のグループを作成しており、この作品はトップに輝いています。鮮度・音質・編集をマスター…既存のサウンドボードをあらゆる点で疑問視してしまう最高のサウンドボードアルバム。

・A:「SOUND MARKET ’86」※完全版オーディエンス3枚組

3作品を長さ順に掲載しています。 「A」は当店発掘による極上のオーディエンス録音です。その日のエピソードのほとんどはFM放送に基づいていましたが、放送は完璧ではありませんでした。 「A」は、放送されていないパーツも含め、当日すべてを体験できる唯一無二のフルライブ盤です。そして2番目の「B」はこの作品です。長いFM放送に基づいて、テレビ放送サウンドボードは非放送の「ゴーイングダウン」を補完します。これは、既存のサウンドボード音源を完全にカバーする2枚組のディスクですが、その日のすべてのパフォーマンスを網羅しているわけではありません。

・SANTANA + Sukasah(2曲/ 4曲)
・JEFF BECK単体(冒頭3曲)
・JEFF BECK単体(6曲/ 9曲)
・JEFF BECK +スカサ(全2曲)※TV音声のみ下へ

…… 等々。ショーは主に「サンタナ→ジェフ」の流れであり、ルカサーがキーポイントに登場します。当日の32曲中27曲が放送されており、本作でその放送は終了。

主な主題は、正確で最高のピークを更新する品質と編集です。まず、上記を見て「何?ジェフの3曲が最初の曲にあるのか!?」と考える方もいるかもしれません。これまでの既存のグループのほとんどは「SANTANA = 1 + Jeff = 1」だったと思いますが、実際にはこれを作ってピッチを速めたり、カットしたりして詰め込んでいました。ピッチを正確に調整しようとすると最大をリークすることなく既存のサウンドボードを録音すると、Jeffのバージョンは1枚のCDに収まりません。その結果、DISC 1にはこの作品の3曲しか収録されていません。
もちろん、ピッチだけではありません。音も最高峰です。言うまでもなく過去34年を超えない最高のマスターを使用していますが、本作では細心のマスタリングでさらに磨き上げました。もちろん、不要な音圧を稼ぐ代わりに、レンジごとに丁寧に配置し、ステレオ感も補正。ますます幅広い音域に生まれ変わりました。感覚的に表現すると原音は上質な音ですが、「実際に放送する」ことの軽さと薄さを感じましたが、本作はリッチなオフィシャルワーク級サウンドです。もちろん、TVサウンドである「Going Down」の1曲のみ徹底的に扱います。本編よりなるべくナチュラルな音に仕上げました。

多くの既存のステージで愛されてきた伝説のステージだけのコンテンツは省略しましょう。その日の完全な体験は、素晴らしいオーディエンスレコーディング「SOUND MARKET ’86(Wardour-083)」に引き継がれ、この作品はサウンドボードバージョンの最大かつ最高のピークです。これは、標準の大きな標準を公式の作業レベルの品質に改良した2枚組のセットです。多くの既存のグループを無意味にする大きな意思決定委員会。永久保存プレス2CDでお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (69:21)
1. Intro
2. Primera Invasion
3. Victim Of Circumstance
4. Incident At Neshabur
5. Black Magic Woman
6. Gypsy Queen
7. Oye Como Va
8. Evil Ways
9. Jingo
10. By The Pool
11. Europa
12. Right Now * In the second half DJ Narrative
13. Introduction Of Steve Lukather
14. Open Invitation (with Steve Lukather)
15. Songs Of Freedom

Carlos Santana –Guitar Raul Rekow –Percussion Orestes Vilat –Percussion
Armando Peraza –Percussion Chester Thompson –Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson –Bass Buddy Miles –Vocal Tom Coster –Keyboards
Graham Lear –Drums

16. Star Cycle
17. Love Will
18. Ambitious

Disc 2 (65:06)
1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
2. Stop, Look And Listen 3.’Cause
We’ve Ended as Lovers
4. Escape
5. Blue Wind
6. Wild Thing
7. Freeway Jam (with) Steve Lukather)
8. Going Down (with Steve Lukather)
9. Super Boogie (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather)
10. Hong Kong Blues (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather)
11. People Get Ready (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather)
12. Johnny B. Goode (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather)

Jeff Back –Guitar
Jan Hammer –Keyboards
Simon Phillips
–Drums Doug Wimbish –Bass
Jimmy Hall




Jeff Beck & Santana / Sound Market 86 The Video / 1DVDR)
Live at Prince Hotel, Karuizawa, Japan 1st June 1986 PRO-SHOT

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Main press 2CD is the highest and highest peak of the sound board that recorded the legendary festival. This is an official live album. As mentioned in the commentary, this show is also familiar to TV broadcast pro shots. Therefore, one of the largest and highest peaks of the video version is decided to come with a special bonus (that is, “C” in the main story commentary is this work).
That’s why this work contains the same multi-camera pro shot of “June 1, 1986: Karuizawa Sound Market” as the main press 2CD. This is a TV special program “Karuizawa 100th Anniversary: ​​Rock in Karuizawa” featuring a big event. SANTANA and Steve Lukather had only one special appearance at the festival, but for Jeff Beck it was also part of a solo Japan tour. It’s a good opportunity, so let’s organize the position of the show together with our live album collection.

・ June 1: Karuizawa Prince Hotel ← ★ This work ★
・ June 3: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall “OSAKA 1986 1st Night”
・ June 5: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
・ June 6: Osaka Festival Hall
・ June 8: Nagoya City Assembly Hall
・ June 10: Japan Budokan “THANK THE LORD”
・ June 11: Nippon Budokan “THANK THE LORD”

All 7 performances. Jeff at that time came to Japan for the first time in six years, but it is also special in the world. Although “FLASH” attracted attention, there was no tour, and the live was realized only in Japan. The “Karuizawa Sound Market ’86” of this work is the best of all, and the broadcast was enthusiastically watched by fans all over the world. This work is a DVD version of such a monumental program. Although it has been a standard video since that time, its highest peak master has been adopted, and it is still the best version that does not exceed. The natural coloring and vivid contours are the broadcast waves of the time, and the freshness without any dubbing marks is completely official.
The beauty of the image depicts a miracle stage where three super-individual and talented guitarists line up. The broadcast frame of TV is less than half of the main press 2CD of radio broadcasting. The songs that can be witnessed in that limited space are as follows.

・ SANTANA alone (2 songs): Primerainvasion / Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
・ SANTANA + Sukasah (1 song): Open Invitation
・ JEFF BECK alone (3 songs): Star Cycle / Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers / Wild Thing
・ JEFF BECK + Sukasah (2 songs in total): Freeway Jam / Going Down
・ 3 co-stars (3 songs): Super Boogie / People Get Ready / Johnny B. Goode

11 songs, about 70, although not far from the radio The volume of minutes is a level that can be fully established as a musical work. What’s more, each song is an enthusiastic performance by the guitar heroes who are thrilling now. You can enjoy it with official quality.
And the impact beyond that performance is actually the beginning. Starting from a special venue in Karuizawa nestled in the morning mist, the live “Super Boogie” will be played on the day, and the audience will gradually gather as the sun rises. The scene is a strong sense of the times. Young people dressed in 80’s fashion gather one by one to form a line, buy beer at the stores lined up in a row, and flow into the venue. The venue, which was originally only a slope of the field, is filled with a crowd of people who can’t even see the greenery, and eventually it becomes a “carpet of people”.
And the show begins as the large crowd raises their hands and wriggles … Speaking of Jeff Beck and SANTANA, it is an image that is preferred by experts in Western music, and Karuizawa is by no means convenient for transportation. Still, a huge number of young people are gathering. Not to mention the power of the three artists, it is a video that shows the greatness of the Western music boom itself.

The enthusiastic performance by the three guitar heroes does not reach the main press 2CD, but this work tells us the power of “Sound Market: Rock in Karuizawa” and the Western music boom of the 1980s. It is a shocking video masterpiece that exceeds a hundred words at a glance. The main press 2CD, which is the biggest and highest peak sound board of a big event, and this work, which is the biggest and highest peak version of the video edition. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

1. Opening ★ This is the best. Must-see! !!
メインプレス2CDは、伝説のフェスティバルを録音したサウンドボードの最高峰です。公式ライブアルバムです。解説で述べたように、この番組はテレビ放送のプロショットでもおなじみです。したがって、ビデオバージョンの最大および最大のピークの1つは、特別なボーナス(つまり、メインストーリーの解説の “C”がこの作品です)が付属するように決定されます。
だからこそ、この作品には、メインプレス2CDと同じ「1986年6月1日軽井沢サウンドマーケット」のマルチカメラプロショットが含まれています。ビッグイベントをフィーチャーしたTV特番「軽井沢100周年記念:ロックイン軽井沢」。 SANTANAとSteve Lukatherはこのフェスティバルで特別な出演は1回だけでしたが、Jeff Beckにとっては、ソロジャパンツアーの一部でもありました。良い機会なので、ライブアルバムコレクションと一緒にショーの位置を整理しましょう。

・6月3日:大阪福祉年金会館「OSAKA 1986 1st Night」
・6月10日:日本武道館「THANK THE LORD」
・6月11日:日本武道館「THANK THE LORD」

全7公演。当時のジェフは6年ぶりに来日しましたが、世界でも特別な存在です。 「FLASH」は注目を集めましたが、ツアーはなく、日本のみでのライブとなりました。本作の「軽井沢サウンドマーケット’86」は何より最高で、世界中のファンから熱狂的に放送されました。この作品は、そんな巨大な番組のDVD版です。当時からスタンダードな映像でしたが、最高峰のマスターを採用し、今なお超えない最高のバージョンです。自然の色使いと鮮やかな輪郭が当時の放送波で、吹き替えのない鮮度は完全に公式です。

・SANTANA単独(2曲):Primerainvasion / Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
・SANTANA + Sukasah(1曲):Open Invitation
・JEFF BECK単独(3曲):スターサイクル/恋人として終わった原因/ワイルドシング
・JEFF BECK +スカサ(全2曲):Freeway Jam / Going Down

そして、そのパフォーマンスを超えた影響は実際に始まりです。当日は朝霧に囲まれた軽井沢の特別会場を皮切りに、ライブ「スーパーブギ」が上演され、日の出とともに徐々に観客が集まります。時代感が強いシーンです。 80年代風の装いの若者が1人ずつ集まって列を成し、並んだ店でビールを買って会場に流れ込む。もともとは畑のスロープだった会場は、緑さえ見えない人でにぎわい、やがて「人のじゅうたん」になります。
そして、ショーは大群衆が手を上げてくねくねと始まると始まります…ジェフベックとサンタナといえば、それは西洋音楽の専門家に好まれるイメージであり、軽井沢は決して交通手段として便利ではありません。それでも、膨大な数の若者が集まっています。 3人のアーティストの力は言うまでもなく、欧米の音楽ブームそのものの素晴らしさを映し出した動画です。


2. Intro./Primera Invasion
3. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
4. Open Invitation (with Steve Lukather)

5. Star Cycle
6. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
7. Wild Thing
8. Freeway Jam (with) Steve Lukather)
9. Going Down (with Steve Lukather)

10. Super Boogie (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather)
11. People Get Ready (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather)
12. Johnny B. Goode (with Carlos Santana & Steve Lukather) )

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 111min.

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