Kinks / Los Angeles 1978 Mike Millard Second Generation Tapes / 2CD

Kinks / Los Angeles 1978 Mike Millard Second Generation Tapes / 2CD / Wardour

Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 25Th June 1978


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how Mike Millard sound source that was left behind is only us surprise Will you continue to do it? Last week, JEMS released a surprising mirrored sound source. That’s the June 25, 1978 LA concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Kinks. What Millard was recording up to the Kinks. But that’s not all, the time he was recording is very valuable. The Kinks of this year started the tour in May with the new album “MISFITS”, but there are almost no items that captured the stage in 1978 since the LP era.
The previous year, as a reflection of the success of “SLEEP WALKER”, which made a big hit in the US by returning from the concept album line by Ray Davis until then and returning to a straight rock line, it becomes a live sound source throughout the year Blessed time. On the contrary, London, which is a staple at the end of the year, even has live footage at the Rainbow Theater. In fact, from the UXBRIDGE label, the soundboard album “LIFE GOES ON” in February 1977 was “NIGHT STAKER”, and the end of the year, which was a great success, was recorded by Dan Lampinsky as a masterpiece audience “JUKE BOX MUSIC”. The title was released.
This year’s 1978 contrasts with such a fulfilling 1977, but I thought that the Kinks of this year would go straight to a straight rock line in response to the success of the previous work, and the sound was surprisingly calm. Released a hidden masterpiece “MISFITS” that is organized into songs and songs. It seems that this is reflected in the situation that there is no sound source or item, as it is a sales step.

For that reason, it was only lucky that Millard caught the Kinks in June 1978. In addition, he went to Universal Amphitheater in LA. Millard had already visited the venue earlier this month and captured Bob Dylan’s series of performances there with a shocking quality that could be called “miracle is the default”, and they are limited press CDs. Many maniacs remember that it was released in. In other words, the Universal Amphitheater was a self-explanatory venue for Millard in June 1978.
If that happens, the Kinks stage will be recorded with outstanding quality. Perhaps because it was a group far from Millard’s recording carrier, JEMS got a second generation copy tape this time. Perhaps only tapes at this stage exist. Fortunately, it is a low-generation copy, so the sound quality is still marginal and of the highest quality, reflecting the work done at the venue where I was used to recording for the above reasons, and here it is also a sound board-level sound image.
At the time of this limited press CD release, the pitch deviation that occurred only in the first three songs was firmly adjusted. With this, you will be promoted to a state where you can listen to the amazing quality mirrored recordings on the press board with confidence. Other than that, this time the sound quality is really great, so I didn’t do any equalization, nor did I have to do it.

The 1978 Kinks stage, which you can enjoy with the finest quality of such mirrors, is too valuable. First and foremost, in 1977, the chorus team and horn section, which were accompanied by the remnants of the concept era, were finally removed. The band formation, which plays straight rock, was completed on this tour for the big break after 1979. Still, it is easy to understand with a straight ball after 1979, but on the other hand, unlike the sound that can be seen and hidden, the sound and composition that still has a profound taste are very attractive.
Of course, it seems that the number from “MISFITS” is featured extensively on the tour immediately after the release, and the song that Dave Davies takes lead vocals is valuable as “Trust Your Heart” from the same album. , Tells the nature of this tour. What’s more amazing is his guitar playing. It’s no longer touched, but Dave was the only guitarist in the 1960s British beat group to transform into a hard rock or heavy metal style. For example, in “Mr. Big Man” and “Hey Fever”, his technical and sophisticated hard rock guitar exploded.
It is his brother Rei who demonstrates the outstanding showman for the first time. It is said that this tour was the beginning of the tampering with “Lola”, which is a regular event at subsequent Kinks live shows. The audience was delighted that the performance was finally performed as the third honesty in the middle of the show, while showing the pretense of playing twice.
The audience’s excitement at the Amphitheater is tremendous in the face of Ray’s superb show-up technique, and the sense of presence is also captured in a spectacular balance. It is natural to sing in the famous song “Sunny Afternoon”, and after “Alcohol” which is always sung in the Kinks show, the best-selling Ray sings the concept period number “Ducks on the Wall” with almost a cappella. If you try to put it out, it’s the excitement that the audience will sing and continue singing in chorus. At the end, the best scene of call and response from the just released album to “Live Life” is captured.
And in front of the encore, it was announced that the bassist John Dalton who supported the Kinks in the 70’s was coming to see it, and the venue became a warm atmosphere. Of course, immortal masterpieces such as “You Really Got Me” and “All Day And All Of The Night” are performed with hyper momentum. Kinds, who revived from the success of the previous year, had a great break in the United States, and Millard captured the stage in “MISFITS” mode, which performed hot at the Amphitheater with the best sound quality. The best audience album that can be confidently recommended to all rock fans as well as Kinks enthusiasts!

(Remastered memo)
★ Only the first 3 songs have a high slope of about 30% of the semitone, so adjust.
★ I raised the overall sound pressure and raised the smaller sound pressure at the beginning.

★ Exceptional mirrored recording. Super high quality sound.

置き去りにされたマイク・ミラードの音源が私たちだけの驚きだと思いますか?先週、JEMSは驚くべきミラー音源をリリースしました。 1978年6月25日キンクスのユニバーサルアンフィシアターでのLAコンサートです。ミラードがキンクスまで録音していたもの。しかし、それだけではありません。彼が録音していた時間は非常に貴重です。今年のキンクスは5月にニューアルバム「MISFITS」でツアーを開始したが、LP時代から1978年にステージを捉えたアイテムはほとんどない。
前年はレイ・デイビスのコンセプトアルバムラインからそれまでのストレートロックラインに戻ってアメリカで大ヒットした「SLEEP WALKER」の成功を反映して、ライブ音源となる年間を通して祝福された時間。逆に、年末の定番であるロンドンは、レインボーシアターでもライブ映像を上映しています。事実、UXBRIDGEレーベルから、1977年2月のサウンドボードアルバム「LIFE GOES ON」は「NIGHT STAKER」で、大成功を収めた年末はダン・ランピンスキーが名作オーディエンス「JUKE BOX」としてレコーディングしました。音楽”。タイトルを公開しました。


最高級の鏡で楽しめる1978年キンクスステージは、とても価値があります。何よりもまず、1977年、コンセプト時代の名残を伴ったコーラスチームとホーンセクションがようやく撤去されました。 1979年以降の大ブレイクに向けて、今回のツアーではストレートロックを演奏するバンド編成が完了した。それでも1979年以降はストレートボールで理解しやすいが、逆に見えたり隠れたりする音とは違う。 、いまだに重厚な味わいのある音色と構成が魅力です。
もちろん 『MISFITS』のナンバーはリリース直後のツアーでも幅広く取り上げられているようで、デイブ・デイビスがボーカルをリードする曲は同アルバムの「Trust Your Heart」として貴重。 、このツアーの性質を伝えます。さらに驚くべきことは彼のギター演奏です。もはや触れられていないが、デイブは1960年代のイギリスのビートグループでハードロックまたはヘビーメタルスタイルに変身した唯一のギタリストでした。たとえば、「Mr。Big Man」と「Hey Fever」では、彼のテクニカルで洗練されたハードロックギターが爆発しました。

Disc 1 (57:39)
1. Intro
2. You Really Got Me Intro
3. Life On The Road
4. Sleepwalker
5. Mr. Big Man
6. Waterloo Sunset
7. Misfits
8. Permanent Waves
9. Hay Fever
10. Lola
11. Celluloid Heroes
12. Well Respected Man
13 . Death Of A Clown
14. Sunny Afternoon

Disc 2 (44:39)
1. Band Introductions
2. Trust Your Heart
3. You Really Got Me
4. Slum Kids
5. Demon Alcohol
6. Rock & Roll Fantasy
7. All Day And All Of The Night
8. Live Life
9. Hello John Dalton
10. Juke Box Music

Ray Davies-vocals, guitar
Dave Davies
–lead guitar, vocals Mick Avory –drums, percussion
Jim Rodford –bass, backing vocals
Gordon Edwards –keyboards , backing vocals


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