U.K./ Rainbow Theatre 1978 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

U.K./ Rainbow Theatre 1978 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR  / Virtuoso

Translated Text:

Live at Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK 15th May 1978 Plus Bonus CDR “NEWCASTLE 1978”


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Ultra live album is in the very beginning of original U.K. In our shop, we have delivered many masterpiece live albums, but this work is a gem in the gem that is older than any of them and also has a superb sound.
Such a work is contained in “London performance on May 15, 1978”. It is exactly “U.K. in U.K.”, but let’s take a closer look at the activities of the original U.K., how early this London performance will be.

“January: 1st album release”
· April 29 – May 15: UK (13 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“About 1 month later”
· June 23 – August 8: North America # 1 (22 performances)
“About 1 month later”
· September 1 – 11: North America # 2 (3 shows)
· September 18 – October 8: North America # 3 (8 shows)
“About 1 month later”
· November 9: North America # 4 (1 performance)
“November: demolition of four people → start 2nd album creation”

This is the big picture from the release of “The Fourths of the Mourning” to the 2nd Album Production. The live album that our store has dealt with so far is “North America # 1”. This work is the last day of the home country tour that took place before that. This recording has been loved by collectors as “the only record of the UK performance” (research has advanced now, it is not the only one). However, this work is not a copy of it, but a new master that appeared in recent years. It is a finest product that has been CD-converted directly from an analog cassette.
That sound is truly amazing. As you play it, the beautiful synth roars, but its glossiness, direct feeling is not “sound board” … … but “This is not a sound board!” When the beginning of “Alaska” is over, real acclaim occurs, so I notice that it is an audience recording, but I can not believe that if you listen to only musical sounds, it is a customer record. There is no sense of distance, the thickness of the core is over, the details are fine, there is no cracking and nois … …. None of this, as if it were a broadcasting sound source. No matter how many times you hear it, the doubt that “Is it really a radio broadcast of the time?” Is a superb sound that can not be cleared.
It is drawn with that sound, the original U.K. truth in the early stages. First of all, it is surprising that the number recorded in later BRUFORD “ONE OF A KIND” has already been played. The soundboard album “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER (Virtuoso 350)” was the oldest among those introduced so far, but not only the “The Sahara Of Snow” that I could listen to, but also “Forever Until Sunday” Also played. Of course, it was played in most of the shows, but it was already being shown at the beginning “UK”. Similarly for the new songs “Carrying No Cross”, “The Only Thing She Needs” and “Caesar’s Palace Blues” that were unpublished at that time, the members’ comments such as “I wrote down during the tour rehearsal to compensate for lack of repertoire” are backed up. Of course, it seems that the performance seems to be too early and fresh. There is also part of Alan · Holdsworth which is not in “Studio Makeover” of the “DANGER MONEY”, and you can enjoy the rough version before it is polished.
And the whole composition is different from many live albums. Although I mentioned in the explanation of “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER”, the original U.K. has two kinds of “initial set” and “late set”, and switching was the beginning of “North America # 1”. Since “UK leg” of this work earlier than that, it will be “course first half set” of course. The big difference is from the middle stage of the show to the second half. Although the performance song itself seems not to be much different from the latter part of the tour, the order of the songs is different, and the mood of the album “The Fourth of Mourning” remains remarkable. Specifically, after “Thirty Years”. This “Initial Set” will be performed with the flow of “In The Dead Of Night”, “By The Light Of Day”, “Presto Vivace And Reprise” on the album A side. This “initial set” record is representative of “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER”, but in this work it is the complete form of the show which has even recorded the final song “Caesar’s Palace Blues”.

Official grade sound board “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER” and this work of the broadcast sound source class audience. These two are miraculous live albums that sounds are also abnormal dimensions, although they are valuable sources that convey the very early stages of the original UK. And this work which was blown up to 2 songs “Forever Until Sunday” and “Caesar’s Palace Blues” that can not be heard even at that “EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER” is the decision board in the “U.K. in U.K.” decision board. A miracle live performance left by four miracles. It is a press CD that permanently preserves its highest peak.

★ Shock high sound quality board. This quality is astonishing when considering the times. Recording sound source of the masterpiece.
そんな本作に収められているのは「1978年5月15日ロンドン公演」。まさに“U.K. in U.K.”なわけですが、このロンドン公演がどれほど初期にあたるのか、オリジナルU.K.の活動概要を俯瞰してみましょう。


そのサウンドで描かれるのが、オリジナルU.K.極初期の真実。まず何より驚かされるのは、後のBRUFORD『ONE OF A KIND』に収録されるナンバーがすでに演奏されていること。これまでご紹介した中ではサウンドボード・アルバム『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER(Virtuoso 350)』がもっとも古かったのですが、そこでも聴けた「The Sahara Of Snow」だけでなく、「Forever Until Sunday」も演奏されている。もちろん、ほとんどのショウでも演奏されたわけですが、冒頭の「UK」でもすでに披露されていた。当時未発表だった新曲「Carrying No Cross」「The Only Thing She Needs」「Caesar’s Palace Blues」も同様で、「レパートリー不足を補うためにツアーリハーサル中に書き上げた」というメンバーのコメントを裏付けています。もちろん、演奏ぶりも初期らしくフレッシュ。『DANGER MONEY』のスタジオテイクにはないアラン・ホールズワースのパートもあり、まだまだ磨かれる前のラフ・バージョンが楽しめるわけです。
そして、全体構成も多くのライヴアルバムとは異なる。『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER』の解説でも触れましたが、オリジナルU.K.には2種類の「初期セット」と「後期セット」がありまして、その切り替えは「北米#1」の序盤でした。本作の「UKレッグ」はそれより以前にあたるので、当然「ツアー前半セット」になる。その大きな違いは、ショウの中盤から後半にかけて。演奏曲自体はツアー後期と大差ないようにも見えますが、曲順が異なり、アルバム『憂国の四士』のムードが色濃く残っている。具体的に言いますと「Thirty Years」の後。この「初期セット」ではアルバムA面通りに「In The Dead Of Night」「By The Light Of Day」「Presto Vivace And Reprise」の流れで演奏されるのです。この「初期セット」の記録は『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER』が代表を務めておりますが、本作ではさらに最終曲「Caesar’s Palace Blues」まで収録したショウの完全形なのです。

オフィシャル級サウンドボード『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER』と、放送音源級オーディエンスの本作。この2本は、オリジナルU.K.の極初期を伝えてくれる貴重音源でありながら、サウンドも異常な次元という奇跡のライヴアルバムです。そして、その『EL MOCAMBO 1978: REEL MASTER』でも聴けない2曲「Forever Until Sunday」「Caesar’s Palace Blues」まで吹き込まれた本作は、“U.K. in U.K.”決定盤中の決定盤です。奇跡の4人が遺した奇跡の生演奏。その最高峰を永久保存するプレスCDなのです。

1. Alaska 2. Time To Kill 3. The Sahara Of Snow 4. Carrying No Cross 5. The Only Thing She Needs
6. Forever Until Sunday 7. Thirty Years 8. In The Dead Of Night 9. By The Light Of Day
10. Presto Vivace And Reprise 11. Caesar’s Palace Blues

John Wetton: Bass, Vocals Eddie Jobson: Keyboards, Violin
Allan Holdsworth: Guitar Bill Bruford: Drums, Percussions

Virtuoso 361
U.K. – Newcastle 1978 / 1Bonus CDR / Non label
Translated Text:
Live at Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, UK 4th May 1978

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The main press CD is a big decision board that will let you listen to the very early “U.K. in U.K.” with a superb sound. To that bonus you will be presented with super and early live albums uncovered in recent research.
Such a work included in “Newcastle Performance May 4, 1978”. I also wrote in the commentary on the main press CD, but “UK leg” has 13 performances in total. The main performance of London performance was the last 13 performances, but the Newcastle performance of this work is a vintage record called the fifth show.
That quality is also a wonderful vintage audience. Although it is not comparable with “RAINBOW THEATER 1978” which sounds like just a broadcasting sound source, even with this work, it is not the level of “just being thankful to listen”. Although there is distortion due to the master deterioration, the core of the musical sound is caught gracefully and the ringing is also very beautiful. There is almost no sound cracking and noise, and if an Omoto master who inhaled air at the scene appeared, it might surpass even the main volume press … … It is a sound that understands the goodness of the original recording so much that it thinks that way.
Ultra-extreme early depiction with that sound is valuable. Here again, the flow of the album A side which is the feature of the “previous term set” is inscribed with “In The Dead Of Night → By The Light Of Day → Presto Vivace And Reprise”, but the order of the other songs is also different. Moreover, it is not merely different, it is splendidly blocked. Specifically, “Song of the Mourning” × 3 → “DANGER MONEY” Song × 2 → “Four Men of the Mourning Count” A Surface Song × 3 → “ONE OF A KIND” Song × 2. Even here we are playing 4 new songs, but it is completely divided into 2 sections. Four of the original U.K. are divided into “Wetton / Jobson group” and “Blueford / Hallsworth group”, but they are divided as if to suggest their future.

U.K. in 1978 which is traditionally known as a great harvest area of ​​a powerful sound source. It is a valuable live set of “U.K. in U.K.” which is extremely early among them. It is good to pursue the footsteps of the short history which passed through, it is good to taste the feeling of the air in the late 1970s, it is good to read and understand the relation of the genius 4 people. Of course, one by one is also the best Progress live board. A masterpiece set of Audience Records that can be enjoyed in any way. Please, please enjoy it altogether.

本編プレスCDは、極初期の“U.K. in U.K.”を極上サウンドで聴かせてくれる大決定盤です。そのボーナスには、近年の研究で発掘された超・極初期ライヴアルバムをお贈りします。
そのクオリティもまた、素晴らしいヴィンテージ・オーディエンス。まるで放送音源にしか聞こえない『RAINBOW THEATRE 1978』とは比較にならないものの、本作にしても「聴けるだけありがたい」というレベルではない。マスター劣化による歪みこそあるものの、楽音の芯は図太く捉えられ、鳴りも非常に美しい。音割れやノイズもほとんどなく、もし現場で空気を吸い込んだ大元マスターが登場したら、本編プレスさえも凌駕するかも……そんな風に思ってしまうほど元録音の良さが分かるサウンドなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる超・極初期こそ、貴重極まる。ここでも「前期セット」の特徴であるアルバムA面の流れ「In The Dead Of Night → By The Light Of Day → Presto Vivace And Reprise」が刻まれているわけですが、それ以外の曲順も異なる。しかも、単に違うのではなく、それが見事なほどブロック分けされているのです。具体的に言いますと、『憂国の四士』曲×3→『DANGER MONEY』曲×2→『憂国の四士』A面曲×3→『ONE OF A KIND』曲×2。ここでも新曲を4つも演奏しているわけですが、それが完全に2セクションに分割。オリジナルU.K.の4人は「ウェットン/ジョブソン組」と「ブルーフォード/ホールズワース組」に分裂するわけですが、その先行きを暗示するかのように分かれているわけです。

伝統的に強力音源の大豊作地帯として知られる1978年のU.K.。その中でも極初期である“U.K. in U.K.”の貴重なライヴセットです。駆け抜けた短い歴史の足跡を追いかけるのも良し、70年代末期の空気感を味わうのも良し、天才4人の関係を読み解くのも良し。もちろん、1本1本が最高のプログレ・ライヴ盤でもあります。いかようにも楽しめるオーディエンス記録の傑作セット。どうぞ、併せて存分にお楽しみください。

1. Alaska 2. Time To Kill 3. Thirty Years 4. The Only Thing She Needs 5. Carrying No Cross
6. In The Dead Of Night 7. By The Light Of Day 8. Presto Vivace & Reprise 9. Forever Until Sunday
10. The Sahara Of Snow

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