Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke / Budokan 1978 2nd Night / 2CD

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke / Budokan 1978 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 1st December 1978

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Jeff Beck in 1978, who came to Japan with the famous Stanley Clarke. The world’s premiere audience master of the shock is a new excavation.
The shock master was recorded “December 1, 1978: Nippon Budokan” performance. Recordings to Japan in 1978 are popular with the Jeff collection, and are archived with many masterpieces in our shop. First, let’s organize the collection according to the date of that time, and check the show’s position.

・ November 20: Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center
・ November 22: Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall
・ November 23: Kurashiki City Hall
・ November 24: Osaka Pref.
・ November 26 “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 1978”
・ November 28 “CAT MOVES (Fukuoka)”
・ November 29 “OSAKA 1978 2ND NIGHT”
・ November 30: Nippon Budokan “BUDOKAN 1978 DAY 1”
・ December 1: Nippon Budokan [This work] ・ December 2: Nippon Budokan “OUT OF DARKNESS”
※ Only representative works on each day.

Above, all 10 performances. In our shop, we have introduced 6 performances since Nagoya, and the last is Nippon Budokan 3 DAYS. This work is a live album that conveys the day. And this show is known as the best performance in 1978. Stanley was fine from the beginning of the tour, but Jeff’s condition is another. It is unfamiliar than it was particularly bad. It was a show that sometimes made mistakes while listening to an ugly performance in places. Such Jeff has been in good shape in the second half of the Japan Tour. In particular, for the highlight of the Nippon Budokan, the level of practice and accuracy increased, and on the second day of this Budokan we came to an ensemble that also became a completed form of the 1978 JEFF BECK GROUP. It was such a monumental show, but for the content, the recording side did not go as expected. There have been a number of audience recordings so far, but all in terms of quality. While the greatness of the performance was well known, the sound alone did not lead to a live album that was overwhelming.
This work strikes such a history from beginning to end. It was amazing just to say that it was a new excavation 41 years after the show site, but the contents were amazing. It is an original master of only this work that was given by the sounder himself, and above all else, the on core and detailed details. It is not an adhesion recording that makes a mistake with the sound board, but the core coming through the clear and clear air feeling is fresh and detailed. As a matter of fact, although the whole band can not feel a sense of distance in tone, the exception is Jeff’s guitar. Peek through the whole ensemble and squeeze in front of you. I wrote earlier that “I can’t mistake it for a sound board,” but with regard to guitars, it is a feeling of adherence to line recording levels.
And it’s amazing because the better the show goes, the better. The high quality first bursts from the beginning, but in the second half, the on-site texture increases in the whole band or the on-site PA improves. In particular, Stanley’s bass has a detailed sense of the attack’s honey and also the groove that is vulgar. That’s Jeff’s selfish guitar and tangled, and the two lines that were neatly lined up to the outline weave the tapestry. It’s not just an easy-to-hear guitar and bass, it’s a subtlety that allows you to sense each other’s breathing and even the pre-emptive sound of the next one. Of course, this work is no doubt the best recording of Nippon Budokan on the whole day in total, but this guitar sound and the wonderfulness of the latter half of the improvement are also outstanding in the whole of 1978.
What is drawn with such a sound is “completion of the year in 1978” and praised high praise. A fierce guitar play bursts up before that, and it’s in a great condition from the early stages that it folds up with “Star Cycle” “Freeway Jam”. “Cat Moves” starting from the guitar riff also heats up towards the second half. A great man Stanley who shares the stage with such Jeff is also great. “School Days” and “Lopsy Lu” are all the best if the great and sloppy solo continues well. In “Journey To Love,” which is included in the Japan Tour, “Ralala” and “Scat” make colorful phrases dance while dancing.
The show’s mood is also very good, probably because of the good ensemble no matter what you do. After “Journey To Love”, Jeff put in an MC that teased Stanley, and Stanley rushed to “Lopsy Lu” with “ichiny Sancy ・ Ichiny Sancy” and Japanese count. This good first appearance did not shake from beginning to end, and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Jelly” ran through high tension, and the heat performance of “Superstition” is overwhelming. Even though the recordings so far have seen a glimpse of them, the clear sound of this work makes them feel sharper and vivid.

Even the popular 1978 collection, the highly praised Nippon Budokan second day of the prestigious performance. It is a new excavation master of a miracle that greatly updates its highest peak sound. There is also a cut of tape change after the performance of “Diamond Dust”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Jelly” and “Blue Wind”, but they are all cheering parts between songs, and they have not missed even one heat performance. A cultural heritage-class live album that permanently preserves the best performances of the great performances of rare geniuses such as Jeff and Stanley. Please enjoy it carefully.


・11月28日『CAT MOVES(福岡)』
・11月29日『OSAKA 1978 2ND NIGHT』
・11月30日:日本武道館『BUDOKAN 1978 DAY 1』
・12月1日:日本武道館 【本作】
・12月2日:日本武道館『OUT OF DARKNESS』

以上、全10公演。当店では、名古屋以降の6公演をご紹介しており、そのラストは日本武道館3DAYS。本作は、その中日を伝えるライヴアルバムなのです。そして、このショウは1978年でも最高の名演として知られている。スタンリーはツアー冒頭から快調だったものの、ジェフの調子はもうひとつ。特に不調だったというよりは不慣れ。ところどころで凄い演奏を聴かせつつ、ミスも散見するショウでした。そんなジェフが調子を上げてきたのがジャパンツアーの後半。特にハイライトとなる日本武道館に向けて練度も精度も上がっていき、この武道館2日目で1978年型JEFF BECK GROUPの完成形ともなるアンサンブルにたどり着いたのです。そんな記念碑的なショウだったわけですが、内容に対して録音面はなかなか思い通りにもいかなかった。これまでもオーディエンス録音は幾つもあったのですが、どれもクオリティ面で今ひとつ。演奏の素晴らしさは十分に知られつつ、サウンドだけでも圧倒するライヴアルバムには至らなかったのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、“1978年の完成”と誉れ高き大名演。それまでになく激しいギター・プレイが炸裂し、「Star Cycle」「Freeway Jam」と畳みかける序盤から絶好調。ギターリフから始まる「Cat Moves」も後半に向かってドンドン加熱していく。そんなジェフとステージを分け合う名手スタンリーも素晴らしい。えらく饒舌なソロも快調なら続く「School Days」も「Lopsy Lu」も最高の出来。ジャパンツアー中からセット入りした「Journey To Love」では「ラーララー」とスキャットしながらカラフルなフレーズを乱舞させるのです。
何をやっても快調なアンサンブルのせいか、ショウのムードも実に良い。「Journey To Love」の後では、ジェフがスタンリーを茶化すようなMCを入れ、スタンリーも「イチニーサンシー・イチニーサンシー」と日本語カウントで「Lopsy Lu」へと突入していく。この快調ぶりは終始揺るがず、「Rock ‘n’ Roll Jelly」もハイテンションに駆け抜け、「Superstition」の熱演ぶりも圧倒的。これまでの録音でも名演ぶりは垣間見えたものの、本作のくっきりサウンドでは一層切れ味鋭く、鮮やかに感じ取れるのです。

人気の高い1978年コレクションでも、名演の誉れ高い日本武道館2日目。その最高峰サウンドを大きく更新する奇跡の新発掘マスターです。「Diamond Dust」「Rock ‘n’ Roll Jelly」「Blue Wind」の終演後にテープ・チェンジのカットもありますが、いずれも曲間の歓声部であり、熱演を1音たりとも逃していない。ジェフとスタンリーという希代の天才が音を重ね合った名演を最高峰サウンドで永久保存する文化遺産級のライヴアルバム。どうぞ、じっくりとお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (51:55)
1. Darkness/Earth In Search Of A Sun 2. Star Cycle 3. Freeway Jam
4. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 5. Cat Moves 6. Bass Solo/School Days
7. Journey To Love 8. Lopsy Lu 9. Diamond Dust

Disc 2 (34:42)
1. Scatterbrain 2. Drum Solo/Scatterbrain(reprise)
3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Jelly 4. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
5. Blue Wind 6. Superstition

Jeff Beck – Guitar Stanley Clarke – Bass Tony Hymas – Keyboards Simon Phillips – Drums


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