Heart / Bebe Le Strange In Cincinnati / 2CD

Heart / Bebe Le Strange In Cincinnati / 2CD / Zodiac

Live at Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 30th July 1980 STEREO SBD


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Translated text:

Another excellent soundboard source!  2 Lives from the BEBE LE STRANGE tour of the band’s turning point. Limited 2CD-press.

The second part, BEBE LE STRANGE IN CINCINNATI is live at Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 30th July 1980 soundboard recording very like official CD.

Heart build their career since 1975 fist album and she came to Japan in 1979 with their favorable reception. First peak is then. After DOG AND BUTTERFLY tour Roger Fisher who is core member of the band since ARMY era is secession out of the band. The secession make the band to reborn featuring Wilson sisters.

Heart releases BEBE LE STRANGE without Roger Fisher in 1980. They get USA chart 5 as their best postion ever, This album has new wave taste that the band style was changed.

This release is soundboard recording from the tour in 1980 Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 30th July. it is also same perfect sound as press CD ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Erie 1990 and ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Worcester 1990. You enjoy masterpieces with clear sound from opening Bebe Le Strange. You can clearly listen to Ann’s excellent vocal and Michael Derosier’s Drums, Steve Fossen’s bass, Howard Leese’s keyboards and guitars.

And you should listen to Nancy’s play because after Roger’s out of the band, her guitar is more important on all songs especially Crazy On You, Straight On, And her vocal is also fantastic on Raised On You. You feel fine for hart warm but powerful sound like Strange Night, Just The Wine and Dog & Butterfly. Those performance is not like gorgeous Heart after hit in 1985.

Nancy’s guitar instrumental Silver Wheels to Break are a highlight of This live. It is album order and usually Silver Wheels is played before Crazy On You. Magic Man which Nancy like Robert Plant sing, Hard version Barracuda, they are so exciting tunes for Heart fun.
Cover songs on last part of the concert are all of them Rock And Roll, I’m Down, Long Tall Sally are fantastic. But Very rare performance Tell It Like It Is which is Aaron Neville’s cover are so fantastic, not include the album, you can listen to it in only this live.

This titles and BEBE LE STRANGE IN BLOOMINGTON are definitive release for Heart’s time of the change.Please enjoy their super fantastic soundboard. Limited 2CD-press. Important release for 80’s American Rock.

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