Heart / Rock The House Live Worcester 1990 / 2CD

Heart / Rock The House Live Worcester 1990 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at The Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 28th November 1990 STEREO SBD


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From the sound source series “Wolfgang’s Vault” collecting the topics of rock and mania together, the long-awaited press CD title is released again! This time ‘HEART indispensable in the American rock in the late’ 80s appeared. Two performances recorded in November 1990 recorded for the official live work “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!”, Full collection of uncuts · I will make it full of excellent official class sounds.
This work “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Worcester 1990” was adopted in the official live album on November 28, Massachusetts State Worcester Performance with a sound not to be defeated to its official, 112 minutes from opening to show end · complete Recorded! You can collect the complete version of “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!” Which fans have been waiting for with the highest sound quality · press CD!

Since 1985 ‘s hit work “HEART”, HEART blew the world with gorgeous and gorgeous sounds. Even in the ‘BAD ANIMALS’ in ’87 and ‘BRIGADE’ in ’90, making songs that “sell” extruded external songwriters, strengthening visual routes further featuring Ann and Nancy’s sister Wilson, American rock of the era itself. Many of the works they released were greatly successful with the support of the heavy metal boom and the tour was done on a large scale never before. HEART popularity was exactly the crown.
However, this direction was such that Ann and Nancy said “too much”, and the gap with the original musicality of the band was getting bigger. They are third place nationwide “BRIGADE” as a break of “gorgeous routes”, and after the tour is over, the band activity is temporarily suspended. In addition to announcing the album “DESIRE WALKS ON” which aimed at returning to the origin in ’93, Wilson sisters started “LOVEMONGERS” of the acoustic project.
The live work announced during the suspension of the activity is “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!” As a collective live album (unexpectedly) this band’s first work is exactly the content that can be said to be the ’80s general summary, and it is in the position.

In this work, we newly discovered the Massachusetts State Worcester Performance on November 28, officially adopted, “Wolfgang’s Vault” from 4 performances recorded for the “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!” In November, 90 It is recorded with the stereo sound board that was done! Among the currently known 4-day materials, the complete recorded version of the live is on November 25 held in “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Erie 1990” and this work is November 28 alone.
Although it was not only sound but official grade, we performed elaborate remastering in this work as well as making it sound. While correcting the degradation of the partially seen sound, by giving sharpness to the original sound source which was a flat plate, we are sublimating to the sound which can be officially released as it is. Especially this Woster performance is the best in both recorded state and performance. It boasts contents that are comparable to those of the completed official live work compared to listening comprehension!
The splendor of sound quality is clear as early as punchy sound of “Fallen From Grace” decorating the opening. Ann ‘s vocals, Nancy and Howard Reese’ s guitar are not to be said, the rhythm the Mark Andean ‘s base and Denny Kamassi’ s drums weave are also very real. The sound source that can listen to the musical tones of the band so far is hard to find even among the items of HEART! Following this “Fallen From Grace”, the first half of the show, including “Call Of The Wild”, “How Can I Refuse”, “Shell Shock” Still more vivid sound is a texture that can not be officially tasted (moreover some MCs are first appearing). It was also surprising that the first track “Wild Chid” was official, actually it was the latter half of the recording. As you can see, it is also a feature that you can check the correct set list at the time in this work. Also I’m listening to the official “I Did not Want To Need You”.
The acoustic part of the live middle stage “Love Alive” and “Under The Sky”, like the previous Erie show, is a big listening for the tour. Sharp and sharp “If Looks Could Kill” is as usual listening. In case
The feature of the biggest feature of this work is the official unrecorded songs that are repeated in the latter half of the show! In making this “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!”, Nancy said that ballads and elements of an external songwriter dared to hit strong hit songs. Still speaking of HEART at that time, “These Dream” sung by Nancy is the point that everyone wants to hear, pop popular “Never”, “Alone”, “What About Love” are indispensable. If you can not hear “Crazy On You” in the first place, you will not feel like HEART’s live!
Also in the encore, “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” is officially rejected. As there is a number to listen carefully at this melody, the last “Barracuda” gets more momentum and dramatically closes the live!

In “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Erie 1990” released simultaneously this time, on November 25, which was not officially adopted · Another piece of “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!” That did not even know the enthusiastic mania, holding a pattern of Erie performance I put a spot on.
And this work revealed the truth of the official work “ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!” And the songs that were not yet recorded in the official came to be able to be tasted all the time. Hit songs and ballads that were intentionally removed from the official are important factors in knowing HEART at that time. Is not it the total royalties of “gorgeous routes” when listening to them all?
In the era when HEART was the most spectacular, the light that became the last time. In this work, I can enjoy living like that in 1990, with the radiance of the time! Not to mention the HEART fans, one that can not be overlooked for American rock mania is a two-piece limited release press CD release set here!

ロック・マニアの話題を一身に集める”Wolfgang’s Vault”音源シリーズから、再び待望のプレスCDタイトルがリリース決定です! 今回は’80年代後半のアメリカン・ロックで欠かせないHEARTが登場。公式ライヴ作品「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」用に録音された1990年11月のライヴを2公演、ノーカットの全編収録・極上の公式級サウンドで満喫させます。
本作「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Worcester 1990」は、公式ライヴ・アルバムに採用された11月28日,マサチューセッツ州ウースター公演を、そのオフィシャルにも負けないサウンドで、オープニングからショウエンドまで112分間・完全収録! ファンが待ち望んだ「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」完全版を、最高音質・プレスCDでコレクションできます!

1985年の大ヒット作「HEART」以降、HEARTは華やかでゴージャスなサウンドにより一世を風靡しました。’87年の「BAD ANIMALS」そして’90年の「BRIGADE」でも、外部ソングライターを押し出した”売れる”曲作り、アンとナンシーのウィルソン姉妹をさらにフィーチャーしたヴィジュアル路線の強化などは、まさに’80年代のアメリカン・ロックそのもの。彼らが発表した作品の数々は、ヘヴィメタル・ブームの後押しもあって大成功し、ツアーもかつて無い大きな規模で行われました。HEART人気はまさに絶頂でした。
しかしこの方向性は、アンとナンシーも「やり過ぎだった」と述懐するほどで、バンド本来の音楽性とのギャップが大きくなっていました。彼女らは全米3位となった「BRIGADE」を”ゴージャス路線”の区切りとし、そのツアーが終了したのちバンド活動を一時停止。ウィルソン姉妹は’93年に原点回帰を図ったアルバム「DESIRE WALKS ON」を発表したほか、アコースティック・プロジェクトの”LOVEMONGERS”を開始したのです。
その活動停止中に発表されたライヴ作品が「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」です。まとまったライヴ・アルバムとしては(意外なことに)バンド初の本作は、まさに’80年代の総決算といえる内容であり、位置づけにあるのです。

本作ではその「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」用に収録された’90年11月後半の4公演から、公式採用された11月28日のマサチューセッツ州ウースター公演を、”Wolfgang’s Vault”で新たに発掘されたステレオ・サウンドボードで収録しています! 現在知られている4日間の素材のうち、ライヴの完全収録版は「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Erie 1990」に収められた11月25日と、本作の11月28日だけ。
音質の素晴らしさは、オープニングを飾る「Fallen From Grace」の、煌びやかでパンチの効いたサウンドで早くも明らか。アンのヴォーカル、ナンシーとハワード・リースのギターは言うに及ばず、マーク・アンデスのベースとデニー・カーマッシのドラムが織り成すリズムも非常にリアル。バンドの楽音をここまでオンに聴ける音源は、HEARTのアイテム中でもなかなか見当たらない! この「Fallen From Grace」に続き、「Call Of The Wild」・「How Can I Refuse」・「Shell Shock」など、ライヴ前半は公式でも確認できた流れ。それでもより生々しいサウンドは、公式で味わえない質感です(さらに一部のMCは初登場です)。また公式で1曲目だった「Wild Chid」が、実はライヴ後半の収録だった事も驚き。このように本作では当時の正しいセットリストを確認できるのも特徴でしょう。さらに公式未収の「I Didn’t Want To Need You」も聴き所です。
ライヴの中盤「Love Alive」や「Under The Sky」のアコースティック・パートは、直前のエリー公演同様、同ツアーの大きな聴き所。シャープで鋭い「If Looks Could Kill」も相変わらずの聴き応えです。
本作最大の特徴は、ライヴ後半で連発される公式未収録曲の数々! ナンシーはこの「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」製作に当たり、バラードや外部ソングライターの要素が強いヒット曲を敢えて外したとの事。それでも当時のHEARTといえば、ナンシーが歌う「These Dream」は誰もが聴きたいポイントですし、ポップな「Never」や「Alone」,「What About Love」も無くてはならない存在。そもそも「Crazy On You」が聴けなければ、HEARTのライヴという気がしないでしょう!
さらにアンコールでも「All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You」は公式未収。このメロディアスでじっくり聴かせるナンバーがあるから、最後の「Barracuda」がさらに勢いを増し、劇的にライヴを締めくくれるのです!

今回同時リリースされる「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE! Erie 1990」では、公式採用されなかった11月25日・エリー公演の模様を収め、熱心なマニアも知らなかったもうひとつの「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」にスポットを当てました。
そして本作では、公式作品「ROCK THE HOUSE LIVE!」の真実を明らかにし、オフィシャルで未収録だった楽曲も、残らず味わえるようになりました。公式から意図的に外されたヒット曲やバラードは、当時のHEARTを知る上で重要なファクター。これらを丸ごと聴いてこそ、”ゴージャス路線”の総決算ではないでしょうか。
HEARTが最も華やかだった時代、その最後にはなった光芒。本作ではそんな1990年ライヴを、往時の輝きのまま楽しめます! HEARTファンはもとより、アメリカン・ロック・マニアなら見逃せない一本が、完全限定プレスCD2枚組でここにリリース決定です!

Disc 1 (42:27)
1. Intro 2. Fallen From Grace 3. Call Of The Wild 4. How Can I Refuse 5. I Didn’t Want To Need You
6. Shell Shock 7. Stranded 8. Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger 9. Love Alive 10. Under The Sky

Disc 2 (70:16)
1. The Night 2. If Looks Could Kill 3. You’re The Voice 4. These Dreams 5. Who Will You Run To
6. Never 7. Crazy On You 8. Alone 9. Wild Child 10. What About Love 11. Band Introduction
12. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You 13. The Way Back Machine 14. Barracuda


Ann Wilson – Vocals Nancy Wilson – Guitar, Vocals Howard Leese – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Andes – Bass Denny Carmassi – Drums


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