FREE / West Germany 1970 Revisited / 1CD

FREE / West Germany 1970 Revisited / 1CD / Wardour
Taken from the original reel to reel tapes (Recorded by a Japanese taper who lived in Dusseldorf 1970)

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Brush up the original legendary FREE recording. Appears on a permanent preservation press CD.
The legendary recording is “LIVE IN WEST GERMANY 1970”, a very popular work of “REEL MASTERS”, which is the world ’s first appearance master. It is a decision board that re-digitalizes the original reel of that masterpiece audience recording and measures the ultimate upgrade.

[Mysterious master reel that surprised mania around the world] “LIVE IN WEST GERMANY 1970” was a real shock. After all, speaking of 1970’s FREE, there are almost no satisfactory recordings, despite the climax of the great names “FIRE AND WATER” and “HIGHWAY”. Many of you may have a sigh of “Let’s listen to anything that exists …” in “BBC IN CONCERT” of “LIVE AT THE BBC”. It was “LIVE IN WEST GERMANY 1970” that suddenly emerged from this historical gap. The reel case brought from the original route is only marked “Live in West Germany” and the performance date and venue are unknown. However, it was a rich vintage FREE that flowed out of it. It was a performance that was different from all the records that had been around, and the quality was excellent. It should be that taper which provided a lot of West German performances to “REEL MASTERS” series that recorded this reel. Yes, it is the same person as that of LED ZEPPELIN’s “DUSSELDORF 1970”.
The enthusiasts of the world trembled in the contents of the shock. There has been a lot of research on when and where the actual stage ignited the quest for a great sound and show. “ It will be recorded in 1969 because there is no All Right Now ” “ No, it should match in 1970 because I do Ride On A Pony and Be My Friend ” “ If it is the same taper as ZEP, it is still Düsseldorf !? Etc. As of 2019, the “JOINT MEETING” theory of May 16-18 is considered promising, but no conclusive evidence has been found yet. It is still a mysterious and unknown live album.

[Design board that achieves the highest quality by taking all means] This work is a master who enthusiastically enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s not just a recurrence board, but an ultimate board that has been polished with all possible methods. First of all, re-digitization from Daimoto Master. “REEL MASTERS” first appeared in 2004, but since then, digital know-how has improved dramatically. This time, the sound that was blown into the original reel was digitized to the fine details. And not only the sound, but the longest. If you have experienced the previous edition, you probably know this recording, but this recording has been paused in a long tuning specific to the 70’s to save tape. In the previous edition, the sound at that end was cut for a few seconds, but this work pulled out all the recorded site sounds to zero comma or less. In terms of both quality and length, “all of the original reels” were completely transferred to digital.
And the remaster accuracy after digitization is also greatly improved. This does not mean “equalizing”. There are various things, but the most important point is unification in the best condition. I think there are many people who say “????”, but this is tremendous. For the sake of explanation, let’s go back to the recording status of Daimoto Reel.
If you’re a vintage enthusiast, you’ll come to the point, but in the early 70s there were many monaural recordings. However, not only mono tape, but also stereo tape. By recording on stereo tape using a monaural microphone, the same sound is recorded on the right and left channels, creating “two masters on one tape”. When recording with this method, even if a defect (sound drop, noise, etc.) occurs on one channel, one channel will complement it. However, the story changes when this goes through the times. There is a difference in the storage status between the left and right channels, and if you play in a stereo environment, even if one is beautiful, noise or twisting will be heard from one and it will be tingling.
The previous edition was the master’s truth, but the CD was made as it was, but this time the left and right channels are individually digitized. I ran through the whole song and the whole volume with only the intact channel (the shaking during recording and the twist of the tape itself remain). You may think “go back and forth between channels!”, But don’t worry because the recording itself is mono. As I mentioned earlier, it is the same as “Two Daimoto Masters”, so there is no sense of incongruity even with the best part. It’s just a glossy and seamless stability without noise or aging. In addition, even the noiseless songs / parts are compared for good sounding, and the whole story is unified in the best condition.

[CREE FREE spelled with natural sound] Measures are taken in this way, but equalizing is not done only one. The previous edition was adjusted to complement the texture that could not be picked up from the reels, but this time it was not necessary. I was able to pull out that rich sound from the original reel. Actually, it is completely different from the previous edition. Of course, since the recording itself is not different, the sense of distance remains the same, but the natural feeling is overwhelming. Even without emphasis, the vibe of the deep bass is beautiful, and the response of the mid range with a mass feeling is also excellent. Nevertheless, the unprocessed natural sound is deep.
The live performance with such a sound is wonderful. As mentioned above, this recording was recorded from 2 performances with unknown details. The first 9 songs were recorded on “REEL # 1” and the last 7 songs were recorded on “REEL # 2.” Let’s organize the contents.

● TONS OF SOBS (3 songs, 4 takes)
・ I ’m A Mover (2 Takes) / The Hunter / Walk In My Shadow
● FREE (3 songs, 5 takes)
・ Woman (2 take)
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: Songs Of Yesterday (2 Takes) / Free Me
● FIRE AND WATER (3 songs, 4 takes)
・ Fire And Water / Mr. Big (2 Takes)
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: Don’t Say You Love Me
● HIGHWAY (3 songs)
・ Ride On Pony / Be My Friend
・ Songs you can’t listen to on FREE LIVE !: The Stealer

… and it looks like this. In the 2 performances, 3 songs were selected beautifully from 4 works up to “HIGHWAY”, “Songs Of Yesterday” “Free Me” “Don’t Say You” that cannot be heard in the traditional live performance “FREE LIVE!” You can also enjoy numbers such as “Love Me” and “The Stealer”. And more than that, the ensemble is the ultimate blues rock. Singing voices from the soul, an unchanging bass, a guitar that crys with one sound, a drum with a casual groove that is too deep … I will avoid repeating the awesomeness of FREE that was talked about, but such four people and overwhelming reality You can face each other with a sense of realism.
The master reel that mania of the world shook. This is a live album that thoroughly explores the possibilities. This reel is so great that I want to study so much, and the live is so hot that I cannot help searching for the true identity of the show. One piece that does not stop, stir the heart of mania. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD thoroughly.

★ The masterpiece that has been sold out is a CD with the latest mastering!
★ Digitalization from master again.
★ Pitch correction
★ EQ processing is not natural because it is more natural than the previous edition
★ There are a few first appearance fragments etc. at the end of details slightly from the previous.

その伝説録音とは、全世界初登場マスターを連発した“REEL MASTERS”の大人気作『LIVE IN WEST GERMANY 1970』。あの名作オーディエンス録音の大元リールを再デジタル化し、究極アップグレードを計った決定盤です。

『LIVE IN WEST GERMANY 1970』は、真に衝撃でした。何しろ、1970年のFREEと言えば、大名盤『FIRE AND WATER』『HIGHWAY』を連発していた絶頂時代にも関わらず、満足な録音がほとんど存在しない。『LIVE AT THE BBC』の“BBC IN CONCERT”をかけては「存在するモノは何でも聴きたい……」と溜息をついている方も多いでしょう。そんな歴史のスキマからフッと現れたのが『LIVE IN WEST GERMANY 1970』でした。独自ルートからもたらされたリール・ケースには「Live in West Germany」とだけ記され、公演日も会場も不明。しかし、そこから流れ出てきたのは濃厚なヴィンテージFREE。それまで出回ってきたあらゆる記録とも異なる演奏であり、しかもクオリティまで絶品だったのです。それもそのはず、このリールを録音したのは“REEL MASTERS”シリーズに大量の西ドイツ公演を提供したテーパー。そう、あのLED ZEPPELINの『DUSSELDORF 1970』と同じ人物なのです。
その衝撃の内容に世界中のマニアが震撼。あまりに素晴らしいサウンドとショウに探求に火が付いたのか、実際のステージがいつ、どこだったのか盛んにリサーチも行われてきました。「All Right Nowがないから本当は1969年録音だろう」「いや、Ride On A PonyやBe My Friendをやってるから1970年で合ってるはずだ」「ZEPと同じテーパーならやはりデュッセルドルフじゃないか!?」等々など。2019年現在では「5月16日-18日の“JOINT MEETING”」説が有力視されていますが、それも決定的な証拠が発見には至っていない。未だ謎多き不明のライヴアルバムとなっているのです。

本作は、そんな世界中のマニアを掻き立てたマスター。単なる再発盤ではなく、考え得るありとあらゆる手法で磨き込んだ究極盤なのです。まず第一に、大元マスターからの再デジタル化。“REEL MASTERS”から初登場したのは2004年でしたが、その後にデジタル化ノウハウも飛躍的に進歩。今回は大元リールに吹き込まれたサウンドを細部の微細部に至るまでデジタル化したのです。しかも、サウンドだけでなく最長。前回盤を体験された方ならご存じと思いますが、この録音はテープ節約のため、70年代特有の長ーいチューニングでは録音を一時停止している。前回盤ではその端の音が数秒切れていましたが、本作は録音されていた現場音をゼロコンマ以下まですべて引き出した。質的にも長さ的にも「大元リールのすべて」を完全にデジタルへ移し替えたのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれるライヴこそが素晴らしい。前述の通り、この録音は詳細不明ながら2公演から録音されており、前半9曲が「REEL #1」、後半7曲が「REEL #2」に収録されていました。その内容を整理してみましょう。

●TONS OF SOBS(3曲・4テイク)
・I’m A Mover(2テイク)/The Hunter/Walk In My Shadow
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:Songs Of Yesterday(2テイク)/Free Me
●FIRE AND WATER(3曲・4テイク)
・Fire And Water/Mr. Big(2テイク)
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:Don’t Say You Love Me
・Ride On Pony/Be My Friend
・FREE LIVE!で聴けない曲:The Stealer

……と、このようになっています。2公演合わせると『HIGHWAY』までの4作品から綺麗に3曲ずつセレクトされており、伝統の公式ライヴ作『FREE LIVE!』では聴けない「Songs Of Yesterday」「Free Me」「Don’t Say You Love Me」「The Stealer」といったナンバーも楽しめる。そして、それ以上となるのがブルースロックの極みとなるアンサンブル。魂から絞り出される歌声、変幻自在なベース、1音で泣き叫ぶギター、さり気ないグルーヴが深すぎるドラム……語り尽くされたFREEの凄みを繰り返すのは避けますが、そんな4人と圧倒的な現実感と臨場感で対面することができるのです。




Reel #1

1. Fire And Water
2. I’m A Mover
3. Ride On A Pony ★トラック頭に1秒程度初登場部あり
4. Be My Friend
5. The Stealer ★前回盤で見られたトラック頭のデジタルノイズなし
6. Woman ★トラック頭に2秒弱程度初登場部あり
7. Mr. Big
8. Don’t Say You Love Me
9. Songs Of Yesterday


Reel #2

10. The Hunter ★トラック頭コンマ数秒ながら初登場部分あり
11. Walk In My Shadow
12. Songs Of Yesterday ★頭1秒ほど初登場あり
13. Woman
14. Free Me
15. I’m A Mover
16. Mr. Big

Paul Rodgers – Vocals
Paul Kossoff – Guitar
Simon Kirke – Drums
Andy Fraser – Bass


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