Heart / Capitol Rarities 1985-1994 / 2CD

Heart / Capitol Rarities 1985-1994 / 2CD / Zion

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Rarities 1985-1994

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Ultra super fine rare track collection of the Golden Age is appearing in press 2CD. This work covers from “HEART” in 1985 to “DESIRE WALKS ON” era. It is a treasure that was not recorded in the original album, while being recorded at the heyday. Of course, the former is an official track, so quality is completely official. It also features carefully selected trucks of the rare rare board in mint state and beyond (it will be described later). It is not just an unusual collector’s item but it is one of the highest peaks in history, which is more than enough for listening in line with the official original album.
Let’s introduce the shining treasure in detail. I would be pleased if you read back while listening.

【1985 “HEART” era】
First of all, it is 15 tracks of a rare take of a song “HEART” that has become a breakthrough. As roughly divided ……
· Long / remix · version (4 songs · 6 take)
· Original · Version (2 songs)
· Songs not included in the album (1 song)
· Demo track (3 songs)
· Live · Take (3 songs)
Among them, attention is 3 These Takes “These Dreams”. It is a take only of 12 inches · etched single for British, not to mention CD. Besides, this single is not just a thing. It is a silo monochrome that scratches and noises occur frequently even with an unsealed board in the shipping state because the surface with grooves is in contact with the mount. In this work, collect a number of core and collector treasures and remastore the best one among them. We recorded “Best Take only for this work” which removes scratch / noise as much as possible. This is the “truck over the official” I mentioned at the beginning.
Also, the “original version” also points. It is two songs “Never” and “Nothin ‘At All”, but after the single sale, it is replaced with a remix version in the album. In the recurrence board after that, it remained unchanged as a remix version, and it has reached the present. In this work, the original version which became valuable conversely is recorded from the circumstances.

【1987 “BAD ANIMALS” era】
· Another version (2 songs)
· Remix · Version (2 tracks / 4 tracks)
Long versions and remixes that were recorded only for single ones. It was troublesome to collect small trucks, but you can do a single stroke in this work.

【1989 – 1990 “BRIGADE” era】
· Single with ANN & NANCY WILSON (1 song)
· Demo · Track (1 song)
· Songs not included in album (3 songs)
· Live · Take (1 song)
“Here Is Christmas” in the name of ANN & NANCY WILSON is an instrument version with only single, “I Do not Wanna Lose Tonight” is a demonstration track. Like the demo in the “HEART” era above, this demo is an unreleased song that has not been released at all. The songs that are not included in the album are three songs “Cruel Tears”, “Never Stop Loving You”, “The Will To Love”.

【1993 – 1994 “DESIRE WALKS ON” era】
· Remix · Version (1 song)
· Demo track (2 songs)
· Songs not included in the album (1 song)
· Live · Take (3 songs)
The main feature here is “Demo · Take (2 songs)”. Both are rare tracks of the official box ‘STRANGE EUPHORIA’. First, “Desire Walks On” was a demo called “Beach Demo Corrected Version” which was supposed to be originally recorded in the box. However, since the album version was mistakenly recorded in the official box, I recorded the original rare version in this work.
In addition, “What Is And What Should Never Be” is a rare rare track recorded only in “ZEPPISH” which was attached to the first volume limited store of “STRANGE EUPHORIA”. John Paul Jones of ZEP is participating demo track.

More than 33 tracks of hidden treasures. Unreleased songs that you hear for the first time, live performances that were difficult to collect, and remixes that supernexant fascinates another face … …. It is a two-sheet set condensed with all the existing highest version. Everything is filled with the glitter of HEART at its heyday, yet only fresh treasure. Please, please enjoy plenty.

黄金時代の超・極上レアトラック集がプレス2CDで登場です。本作がカバーしているのは、1985年の『HEART』から『DESIRE WALKS ON』時代まで。まさに全盛期に記録されながら、オリジナル・アルバムには収録されなかった秘宝たちなのです。もちろん、元は公式トラックですから、クオリティは完全オフィシャル級。それもミント状態の激レア盤やそれ以上(後述します)のトラックも厳選収録。単に珍しいコレクターズ・アイテムではなく、公式オリジナル・アルバムと並べて聴いても十二分に楽しい史上最高峰の1本です。

この中でも注目なのが3テイクある「These Dreams」。未CD化なのはもちろん、イギリス限定の12インチ・エッチド・シングルのみのテイクです。しかも、このシングルがただ物ではない。溝のある面が台紙と接触したパッケージになっており、出荷状態の未開封盤ですら傷が多くスクラッチ・ノイズが多発するというシロモノなのです。本作では、コア・コレクターの秘蔵品をいくつも集め、その中からベストなものを更にリマスター。可能な限りスクラッチ・ノイズを除去した“本作だけの最良テイク”を収録しました。これが冒頭でお話しした「公式以上のトラック」なのです。
また、「オリジナル・バージョン」もポイント。「Never」と「Nothin’ At All」の2曲なのですが、シングル発売以降はアルバムでもリミックス・バージョンに差し替え。その後の再発盤でもリミックス版のまま統一され、現在に至っています。本作では、その経緯から逆に貴重となってしまったオリジナル・バージョンを収録しているのです。

【1987年『BAD ANIMALS』時代】

・ANN & NANCY WILSON名義のシングル(1曲)
ANN & NANCY WILSON名義の「Here Is Christmas」は、シングルだけのインスト・バージョン、「I Don’t Wanna Lose Tonight」はデモ・トラックです。このデモは上記『HEART』時代のデモと同じく、これまで一切発売されなかった未発表曲。アルバム未収録曲は「Cruel Tears」「Never Stop Loving You」「The Will To Love」の3曲です。

【1993年-1994年『DESIRE WALKS ON』時代】
ここでの目玉は、ズバリ「デモ・テイク(2曲)」。どちらも公式ボックス『STRANGE EUPHORIA』絡みのレアトラックです。まず、「Desire Walks On」は、“Beach Demo Corrected Version”と呼ばれるデモで本来ボックスに収録されるはずだったもの。しかし、公式ボックスでは間違ってアルバム・ヴァージョンが収録されてしまったので、本作に本来のレア・バージョンを収録しました。
さらに「What Is And What Should Never Be」は『STRANGE EUPHORIA』の量販店初回限定盤に付属していた『ZEPPISH』にのみに収録された激レアトラック。ZEPのジョン・ポール・ジョーンズが参加しているデモ・トラックです。


Disc 1(75:33)
1. What About Love [Extended Version] 2. Never [Extended Remix] 3. These Dreams [Extended Remix] 4. Nothin’ At All [Extended Remix] 5. Never [Original Version] 6. Nothin’ At All [Original Version] 7. These Dreams [Remix] 8. Love’s Taken Over Me [Unreleased Demo 1985] 9. Victim Of Paradise [Unreleased Demo 1985] 10. Heart Of Darkness [Non Album Track] 11. These Dreams [Instrumental Remix] 12. If Looks Could Kill [Live at Dorton Arena, Raleigh, NC. USA 31st August 1985] 13. Barracuda [Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 25th June 1986] 14. Magic Man [Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 25th June 1986] 15. Alone [Long Version] 16. Who Will You Run To [Rock Mix]

Disc 2(76:58)
1. There’s The Girl [12 Inch Remix] 2. I Want You So Bad [Extended Remix] 3. There’s The Girl [Remix] 4. I Want You So Bad [Remix] 5. Here Is Christmas [Instrumental] 6. I Don’t Wanna Lose Tonight [Unreleased Demo 1989] 7. Cruel Tears [Non Album Track] 8. Never Stop Loving You [Non Album Track] 9. The Will To Love [Non Album Track] 10. How Can I Refuse [Live at the Palace, Auburn Hills, MI. USA 11th November 1990] 11. The Woman In Me [Remix] 12. Desire Walks On [Beach Demo Corrected Version] 13. Risin’ Suspicion [Non Album Track] 14. Love Hurts [Acoustic Live at Captol Recording Studio B, Hollywood, CA. USA 27th August 1993] 15. These Dreams [Acoustic Live at Captol Recording Studio B, Hollywood, CA. USA 27th August 1993] 16. Crazy On You [Acoustic Live at Captol Recording Studio B, Hollywood, CA. USA 27th August 1993] 17. What Is And What Should Never Be [Demo 1994 with John Paul Jones]


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