Gong / Reading 76 / 1CD

Gong / Reading 76 / 1CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Reading Festival, Reading, UK 27th August 1976


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Historical large masterpiece of Ayanami label the whole body shock to run all over the world is the revival in the permanent preservation press CD. Of this work it has been recording, 40 years ago in the summer to leave the now, live album at the time who appeared in “August 27, 1976 Reading Festival”. After founder David Allen withdrawal, is the audience album of Alan Holdsworth and Francis Morse was born joined “PIERRE MOERLEN’S GONG” in June 1976.
The appearance of this recording, was the shock of no exaggeration. Live itself, but also had also barely transmitted in a poor recording length sound from an earlier, appeared to master in 2003, another record at all of which was recorded until the encore. Not just a first appearance, the sound was furious. Recorded only to I no doubt in the audience recording came from information sources to know the person, as if the sound has denied the “fact that the audience recording”. Of course, we have a plenty of vintage feel of 40 years time, trouble and would have been an image of Shobo have sound in the word. Do you say that the so-called “like a sound board”, super near the first time that “this is not a sound board!?”. Outdoor festivals, but it is only in the reverberation zero Nanoha convinced, is amazing thick sense of dimension that can not there be Sappii it. From treble up to the heavy bass, also perfect balance if perfection is all the range. In clear, with thick, tough, a fine-grained, sound is also a rich ………. Sound can not be found though also looking for Ara with full force. In fact, “archaeological discoveries that did not climb even rumors between all traders” from the magazine is at the time excavation, “the birth of the super-good boot,” “(compared to the already issued) sound quality 200% UP,” “outrageous killer title” and so on, I, such as the praise that did his words have been awarded.
Why it was possible such a recording. In fact, this work is of a “professional audience”. Set up a microphone to record company staff officials area at the time, (for the material?) Recording. Soredakeni from the general customer beautifully reach without also completely different ideal sound shield, audience noise was also able to capture the miraculous sound of little. This work is a thing that turned into CD the master tape to direct. Passed since appeared in 13 years of such a shock, I decided to go ahead to the press of to commemorate the 40th anniversary live. Of course, decisive action because it is a historic recording ultra-name, find fault with again full force in the determination of “no matter what decision board to finish!”. However, the result is defeat. Again drawback was not found at all. The world is also in full of an infinite number of name recording, very rare “no of out so hand perfect recording”. That is the sound of this work.
Music that has been recorded in its quality is, furious jazz rock that can not do in just a “valuable”. At the time, we always hit on the eve of the production of “GAZEUSE!”, Already showing off the “Night Illusion”, “Mireille” other than the songs of. On top of that, are playing well, “Wish,” “Gattox” solo album of Holdsworth “VELVET DARKNESS”. Playing the first time that what is fiercely, dreadfulness of rhythm that produces Moulin brothers and Mireille, Boeing of the Pierre & Benoa at the core, of course, there to cut the Hevirifu of Holdsworth, intertwined with the Oriental phrase of Didier Malherbe. Virtuoso Morse also bring heavy frenzy of MAGMA just like, transcendence personality is I far north of the jazz-rock / fusion approaching while becoming a mass has been revealing.

Upon to introduce this work, we twist in the head with a variety of themes. “Although” GAZEUSE! Live Hen, “”, “masterpiece of Ayanami label” also …… either that such “professional audience of weirdness,” and so on is correct, is in front of the “sound of the dignity” of the grim this work stale only. Everything is perfect, everything is precious, all the great recording. If there is such a thing, there’s no other than this work. Earlier was also quoted comments of praise from the time of the magazine, but there was a definitive sentence obtained say truly this work to other. With this simple makeup, I will instead of the introduction of this work.
“Material, high quality, full play, which the not very prestigious. Jazz rock fans only, Holdsworth of the fan, will be the best one for the progressive rock listeners all.”

全世界に衝撃を走らせたAyanamiレーベル渾身の歴史的大傑作が永久保存プレスCDで復活です。本作が録音されたのは、今を去ること40年前の夏、「1976年8月27日レディング・フェスティバル」に出演した際のライヴアルバム。創始者デイヴィッド・アレン脱退後、1976年6月にアラン・ホールズワースとフランシス・モーズが加入して誕生した“PIERRE MOERLEN’S GONG”のオーディエンス・アルバムです。
そのクオリティで記録された音楽は、単なる“貴重”では済まされない激烈なジャズロック。当時は『GAZEUSE!』の制作前夜にあたるわけですが、既に「Night Illusion」「Mireille」以外の全曲を披露。その上で、ホールズワースのソロ作『VELVET DARKNESS』の「Wish」「Gattox」も演奏している。その演奏ぶりこそが凄まじく、核となるピエール&ブノアのムーラン兄弟とミレーユ・ボエが生み出すリズムの凄味はもちろんのこと、そこへホールズワースのヘヴィリフが切り込み、ディディエ・マレルブのオリエンタル・フレーズと絡み合う。名手モーズもMAGMAさながらのヘヴィな狂乱を持ち込み、超絶な個性が塊となりながら迫るジャズロック/フュージョンの極北が現出しているのです。


1. Expresso 2. Wish 3. Esunuria 4. Mandrake 5. Shadows Of 6. Percolations Part 1
7. Percolations Part 2 8. Gattox 9. Reading Jam

Pierre Moerlen – Drums Allan Holdsworth – Guitar Didler Malherbe – Saxophone & Flute
Mireille Bauer – Percussion Benoit Moerlen – Vibes Francis Mose – Bass & Piano
Mino Cinelou – Percussion
Virtuoso 302

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