Megadeth / Monsters Of Rock 1988 / 1 CDR

Megadeth / Monsters Of Rock 1988 / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Live at Castle Donington, England 20th August 1988

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Iron Maiden in the UK August 20, 1988 that have been made to the birds “Monsters of Rock”, Megadeth live about 54 minutes complete recording of which appeared in third place. Compared to the Original, you can enjoy the show of the whole picture in a more superior sound Surui. The sound quality is also the highest sense of separation in the clear. Intense PA noise is generated at the 30 th second around the second song of The Conjuring, the state in which the audience also surprised have been recorded. Playing with an increased sense of scale is the best, can be a performance featuring the distinctive rhythm and complex riffs with a solid that has been described as at that time, “intellectual-slash”, enjoy a performance of compelling punchy you. Anarchy In The UK In the Axl Rose and Lars Ulrich appeared in guest chorus, has been how to be scrupulously record to accompany the flowers in the historic stage.

アイアン・メイデンをトリに行われた1988年8月20日イギリス「モンスターズ・オブ・ロック」で、3番手で登場したメガデスのライブを約54分完全収録。オリジナル盤に比べ、より優れたサウンドでショウの全貌を堪能するいことができます。音質はクリアーで分離感も最高。2曲目の The Conjuringの30秒目辺りで強烈なPAノイズが発生し、観客も驚いている様子が記録されています。スケール感を増した演奏は最高で、当時「インテレクチュアル・スラッシュ」と形容されたソリッドで独特のリズムと複雑なリフをフィーチャーした演奏を、パンチの効いた迫力満点の演奏を楽しむことができます。Anarchy In The UKではアクセル・ローズとラーズ・ウルリッヒがゲストコーラスで登場し、歴史的ステージに華を添える様子も克明に記録されています。

1. Soundcheck 2. Opening S.E. “Orange Light” (from “Apocalypse Now” OST) 3. Wake Up Dead
4. The Conjuring 5. Hook In Mouth 6. Into the Lungs of Hell/Set The World A Fire
7. Mary Jane 8. In My Darkest Hour 9. Devil’s Island 10. These Boots 11. Peace Sells
12. Anarchy In The UK (with W. Axl Rose & Lars Ulrich)

Dave Mustaine – Guitar/Vocals David Ellefson – Bass/Vocals
Jeff Young – Guitar Chuck Behler – Drums

Special Thanks: Crazy S.

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