Genesis / Definitive Tokyo 1978 2nd Night / 2CD

Genesis / Definitive Tokyo 1978 2nd Night / 2CD / Virtusos

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Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 28th November 1978


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GENESIS first visit to Japan, is a live album appeared impact of the new excavation original master. This is the first visit to Japan of many of the masterpiece title it has given rise in 1978 even until now, however, the present work is something different that none also. Even it’s a surprise, but only been new excavation beyond the ’37 of space-time, astounding for more than that, the best of the sound. It is a I do not the best quality live album also be heard up to now. It is not the best of this day. The entire Japan tour, house, I Kore or more levels that have not Omenikaka~tsu the sound source, even the entire 1978 tour.
This time excavation has been master, audience recording that contains the “November 28, 1978 Nakano Sun Plaza performances” of the Japan tour the second day. However, enough to hesitate to call and its sound quality is “audience”. This is a live, which is known in “IZAKAYA”, “FRONT ROW” from ancient times, but do you say and different from them at all …, it does not become comparison. What the audience recording from fresh applause it’s a certainty, but it is not at the level of the direct feeling barrel and audience recording. Synths and vocals, as well as twin drums base also smooth and collapse even without any cracks, it it has been beautifully recorded. Recording position is I do not know, the reverberation of the venue at least, enough to forget completely that it is and will begin playing the audience recording neat. That’s sound board, no, natural sound and balance of the sound output is more than that. This will also convinced if the latest digital equipment recording, but … the 70s.
It just also impact freshness that implements the sound of. Twisting and distortion, it’s the emotion just is not dubbing degradation, but more than that is not felt at all in ’37 of time. Daryl arpeggio of Suchuma is Tsubudachi also a meticulous, synth of Tony Banks smooth even the vibration of air. Though, and fresh and I sound a fresh as if it had been this tape only time has stopped. Of course, and I finished the freshness of the sound maximum, to mastering that you cherish. Begins suddenly playing the original master, because there was a cut of tape change in the middle of “drunk is the story of ……” MC, I was supplemented with the part already issued in the “FRONT ROW”. It is a performance not related to the scene, but you can enjoy the full version because it is the name MC of laughter.
Live spread in such a beautiful sound, great as beyond description. Although it is in the “remaining GENESIS three people”, but still firmly place the foot in the field of progressive rock, “Ripples”, “One For The Vine”, “The Cinema Show,” such as five times Quadruple era epic also plenty. Ensemble to play such music, it welcomed the Daryl and Chester Thompson of the quasi-members increases the more stable sense than “SECONDS OUT”, it has finally reached perfection. And the sophisticated ensemble as well, it is of me perfectly portrays a fantastic music world in the majestic, stately, magnificent in large impression of the sound just the symphonic sound.
Of course, now pat From Japanese MC Phil Collins has become even a legend. Japanese Phil is echoed in the clear in a quiet venue, we call the LOL of the audience. Unfortunately, the audience for “with me Let’s go to Tokyo tavern” return “all right, Tottsu~an!” Is I do not hear, indeed foreigner seems clear enough to take hear even accurate also one of the particle Japanese. “The Cinema Show” to introduce also “eventually Romeo of story that does nothing”, and I hear clearly as you’ve never experienced.

The Recall words, the late 1970s was the era of the Passion. KING CRIMSON is long ago without, PINK FLOYD becomes a presence that does not reach far hand, YES and EL & P to the “something different” and in 1978 it did not seem only. That era, had me deliver the symphonic rock of large spectacle in Japan, was none other than GENESIS. Then, they also traveled to another world, but I the beautiful and complex and fantastic music just before the me fascinated us.
That said honestly, “Japan tour of the live album,” When I listen to is what many things you do not know what is the difference and overseas performances. However, in this work showmanship that was enthusiastic the audience by making full use until the Japanese have been engraved on the rich. That “can not happen other than Japan” to live, it is one that will deliver in 2015 at the sound of the history of the highest peak. GENESIS fan as well, even that era, and even now, to everyone that continues loved progressive rock unchanged. We will deliver this crucial “LIVE IN JAPAN”.

今回発掘されたマスターは、ジャパンツアー2日目の「1978年11月28日中野サンプラザ公演」を収めたオーディエンス録音。しかし、そのサウンド・クオリティは“オーディエンス”と呼ぶのが躊躇われるほど。古くから「IZAKAYA」「FRONT ROW」でも知られるライヴですが、それらとはまったく違う……と言いますか、比較になりません。生々しい拍手から客席録音なのは確実なのですが、そのダイレクト感たるや客席録音のレベルではない。シンセやヴォーカルはもとより、ツインドラムもベースも滑らかで潰れも割れもなく、それはそれは美しく録られている。録音ポジションは分かりませんが、会場の残響も少なく、演奏が始まってしまうと客席録音であることをすっかり忘れてしまうほど端正。それこそサウンドボード、いや、出音の自然な鳴りやバランスはそれ以上。これが最新デジタル機材の録音なら納得もしますが、70年代とは……。
それだけのサウンドを実現している鮮度も衝撃。ヨレや歪み、ダビング劣化がないだけでも感激なのですが、それ以上に37年の時間がまったく感じられない。ダリル・スチューマーのアルペジオは粒立ちもきめ細やかで、トニー・バンクスのシンセは空気の振動までも滑らか。まるで、このテープだけ時間が止まっていたかのように新鮮で瑞々しいサウンドなのです。もちろん、そのサウンドの鮮度を最大限、大切にしたマスタリングに仕上げました。オリジナル・マスターはいきなり演奏が始まり、中盤の「酔っ払いの話です……」MCでテープチェンジのカットがありましたので、その部分を既発「FRONT ROW」で補填しました。演奏とは関係ないシーンですが、爆笑の名MCですので完全版でお楽しみいただけます。
そんな美麗サウンドで広がるライヴは、筆舌に尽くしがたいほど素晴らしい。“3人が残ったGENESIS”ではありますが、未だしっかりとプログレッシヴ・ロックのフィールドに足を置き、「Ripples」「One For The Vine」「The Cinema Show」といった5人時代・4人時代の大作もたっぷり。そんな楽曲を演奏するアンサンブルは、準メンバーのダリルとチェスター・トンプソンを迎えて「SECONDS OUT」よりもさらに安定感を増し、ついに完成の域に達しています。そして、その精緻なアンサンブルはもとより、そのシンフォニックな響きだけでも大感動のサウンドで荘厳・重厚・壮麗にして幻想的な音楽世界を完璧に描き出してくれるのです。
もちろん、今や伝説とさえなっているフィル・コリンズの日本語MCもばっちり収録。静かな会場にフィルの日本語がクリアに響き渡り、観客の大爆笑を呼ぶ。残念ながら「私と一緒に東京の居酒屋へ行きましょう」に対する観客の返し「いいぞ、とっつぁん!」は聞こえませんが、いかにも外人らしい日本語も助詞のひとつさえ正確に聴き取れるほどクリア。「The Cinema Show」を紹介する“結局なにもしないロミオの話”も、経験したことがないほどハッキリと聴けるのです。

思い起こせば、70年代末は受難の時代でした。KING CRIMSONはとうになく、PINK FLOYDは遠く手の届かない存在となり、YESやEL&Pには“何か違う”としか思えなかった1978年。あの時代、日本に大スペクタクルのシンフォニック・ロックを届けてくれたのは、他でもないGENESISでした。その後、彼らも別の世界へ旅立ちますが、その直前に美しくも複雑で幻想的な音楽を私たちに魅せてくれたのです。
正直なところ「日本公演のライヴアルバム」とは言っても、聴いてみると海外公演と何が違うのか分からないものも多いものです。しかし、本作には日本語まで駆使して観客を熱狂させたショウマンシップが濃厚に刻まれている。その“日本以外にあり得ない”ライヴを、史上最高峰のサウンドで2015年に届けてくれる1本です。GENESISファンはもとより、あの時代も、そして今も、変わらずプログレッシヴ・ロックを愛し続けている皆さんへ。この決定的な“LIVE IN JAPAN”をお届けします。

Disc 1(61:55)
1. Intro 2. Eleventh Earl Of Mar 3. In The Cage 4. Burning Rope 5. Ripples
6. Deep In The Motherlode 7. One For The Vine 8. Squonk

Disc 2(61:43)
1. MC 2. Say Its Alright Joe 3. The Lady Lies 4. The Cinema Show 5. Afterglow
6. Follow You Follow Me 7. Dance On A Volcano 8. Drum Duet 9. Los Endos
10. I Know What I Like

Phil Collins – Vocals, Drums, Percussion Mike Rutherford – Bass, Guitar
Tony Banks – Keyboards Chester Thompson – Drums & Percussion Daryl Stuermer – Guitar

Virtuoso 257/258

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