Genesis / Definitive Zurich 1977 – 2nd Press / 2CD+Bonus DVDR 

Genesis / Definitive Zurich 1977 – 2nd Press / 2CD+Bonus DVDR  /Virtuoso

Live at Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland 2nd July 1977 Stereo SBD (UPGRADE)

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Translated text:

Daimyo’s stereo soundbow which was said to be “closest to the complete version of SECONDS OUT” is reappearing with 2nd press. That famous board is “DEFINITIVE ZURICH 1977”. It is a super-decision board which has been sold out and out of stock within popularity, renewing the highest peak of the traditional classic sound board “July 2, 1977 in Zurich”.
Actually, “WIND AND WUTHERING 1977” has many masterpiece sound boards, but this work is special among them. It is because it can be thin to the true figure of that “SECONDS OUT”. In the first place, “SECONDS OUT” is engraved deeply and deeply in our soul, “General Proposal of Progress GENESIS” · “Hackett GENESIS Last Shine”. But regrettably, it is not a complete version of the show, but the order of the songs also falls apart and another tour is also mixed (thanks to Bill Braford enjoyable though). Although it is a Daimyo board as a work, I did not respond to the feelings I wanted to listen to through a single live show. That is why, “1977 Soundboard” has continued to be special. Even now after 41 years still, the complete version of “SECONDS OUT” on the same day does not even show the appearance, but it is this work that pains the dream.
So why is this work “closest”? In order to explain the meaning, let’s first check the position of the show from the whole picture of the world tour.

· January 1 – 23: UK (21 performances)
· February 2 – May 1: North America (45 shows)
· May 10 – 22: South America (12 shows)
· June 2 – July 3: Europe (22 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is all 100 performances of “WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”. The Zurich performance of this work is the 21st performances of “European” legs, the second time since the end of the world tour. And “SECONDS OUT” was recorded in Paris in the same “European leg” performance, just half a month ago this work. This “WIND AND WUTHERING 1977” has many other super high quality sound boards, and our shop “3RD NIGHT AT RAINBOW (Sirene-127)” “WINDY DAY SOUTHAMPTON (Virtuoso 061/062)” “EXECUTIVE ACTION Virtuoso 024/025) “and so on have received popularity. However, they are sound boards of “Britain” and “North America” ​​in the first half of the tour. It is quite a time gap.
The closeness of this time is not only on the data story. After all, “WIND AND WUTHERING 1977” is the first tour of Chester Thompson. Since it is a masterpiece, there is nothing that will collapse from the early stages of the tour, but this work will take you around the world carefully over half a year and will listen to the ensemble that was able to be completed. Moreover, the North America which became the essential point of success, South America which was an unknown country also turns around, and the feeling of relief which tried reviving to familiar Europe spreads out. Furthermore, unlike English in the UK / USA, the mood unique to Europe such as MC using French and German is floating throughout the show. Everything is very similar to “SECONDS OUT” and it is the reason why I wrote in the beginning “closest to the complete version of SECONDS OUT”.

Of course, you can not listen to “Complete version SECONDS OUT” just by the show. The essential sound quality is overwhelming. This soundboard master first appeared on the Sirene label ‘LAST SUPER LIVE (2004)’. In that case, maniacs all over the world trembled with too perfect sound. A perfectly beautifully recorded, slightly cheerful but far off mix, an official sense mix. It was a natural quality to gather a rave prize with “the best sound of 1977!”.
However, it was not perfect at first appearance. The shortcoming is that there is no recording. After the “Firth Of Fifth” show, it was lacking in less than 4 minutes until the first half of “The Carpet Crawlers”. After that, “ZURICH 1977 DEFINITIVE VERSION (Amity 169)” which made it complete with a complete audience recording also appeared, but this work is also different. The most important thing is beautiful sound board · master for Giragirahara, not the full-length matrix, but only the missing part of less than 4 minutes is supplemented with an audience. Moreover, the audience recording used for the supplementary part is the same as “ZURICH 1977 DEFINITIVE VERSION”. In other words, it is a super high quality master that can be matched with a sound board.
Fullshow painted with that sound is exactly what you can call “complete version SECONDS OUT”. “One For The Vine”, “Inside And Out”, “In That Quiet Earth”, “Eleventh Earl Of Mar” and “Drum Duet” which were not listened even at “SECONDS OUT” are plentiful. Moreover, it is unfolded in the natural flow of the liberated from constraints by analog one side … …. In particular “Inside And Out” is a rare song only for “WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”, after all “In That Quiet Earth” and “Afterglow” are the only ones to follow. This is the complete version of the show which did not come true even if you asked for “SECONDS OUT”.

“Complete version SECONDS OUT” was consecutively called, but even if you forget the official name board, this work is special. The last two performances of “WIND AND WUTHERING 1977” is also the second from the end for Steve Hackett. The tour pole which ended such a milestone at the end of the pole. You can taste the whole picture with the ultra superb sound board. It is a super masterpiece that caught the dream “complete form SECONDS OUT”, more than that, “general progression of Progres GENESIS” · “Hakketto GENESIS last shine” caught. Those who missed the 1st press, please experience this opportunity.

★ It becomes a new wearing jacket of the second press · disc.

「SECONDS OUTの完全版に最も近い」と言われた大名盤ステレオ・サウンドボーが2ndプレスで再登場です。その大名盤とは『DEFINITIVE ZURICH 1977』。伝統の大定番サウンドボード「1977年7月2日チューリッヒ公演」の最高峰を更新し、大人気の内に完売・廃盤となった超決定盤です。
実のところ、“WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”には傑作サウンドボードがいくつもあるのですが、本作はその中でも特別。あの『SECONDS OUT』の真の姿に肉薄できるからです。そもそも『SECONDS OUT』は、“プログレGENESISの総決算”・“ハケットGENESIS最後の輝き”として、私たちの魂に深く深く、刻まれています。しかし惜しむらくは、ショウの完全版ではなく、曲順もバラバラ、別のツアーも混ざっている(おかげでビル・ブラフォード入りが楽しめたわけですが)。作品としては大名盤ではありながら、1回のライヴを通して聴きたい気持ちには応えてくれなかった。だからこそ、“1977年のサウンドボード”は特別であり続けてもきました。41年を経た現在でもなお、『SECONDS OUT』の同日完全版は姿を現すそぶりさえ見せていませんが、その夢に肉薄するのが本作なのです。


以上が“WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”の全100公演。本作のチューリッヒ公演は「欧州」レッグの21公演目でして、ワールドツアーの最後から2回目。そして、『SECONDS OUT』が録音されたのも同じ「欧州」レッグのパリ公演であり、本作のわずか半月前なのです。この“WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”には、他にも超高品質サウンドボードが多数あり、当店でも『3RD NIGHT AT RAINBOW(Sirene-127)』『WINDY DAY SOUTHAMPTON(Virtuoso 061/062)』『EXECUTIVE ACTION(Virtuoso 024/025)』等々が好評を頂いてきました。しかし、それらはツアー前半の「英国」や「北米」のサウンドボード。かなり時期がズレているのです。
この時期の近さは、データ上の話だけではありません。なにしろ“WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”は、チェスター・トンプソンの初ツアー。名手ですから、ツアー序盤から崩れるようなことはありませんが、本作は半年をかけてじっくりと世界を回り、こなれにこなれたアンサンブルを聴かせてくれる。しかも、成功の要となる北米、未知の国だった南米も回り、馴染みのヨーロッパへ凱旋した安堵感も滲む。さらにはイギリス/アメリカでの英語とは違い、フランス語・ドイツ語を使ったMCなど、ヨーロッパならではのムードがショウ全体に漂っている。そのすべてが『SECONDS OUT』に酷似しており、冒頭に書いた「SECONDS OUTの完全版に最も近い」の所以なのです。

もちろん、ショウが近いだけでは「完全版SECONDS OUT」としては聴けない。肝心要のサウンド・クオリティこそが圧倒的なのです。このサウンドボード・マスターが初登場したのは、Sireneレーベルの『LAST SUPER LIVE(2004年)」。その際には、あまりにパーフェクトなサウンドに世界中のマニアが震撼した。完璧に美しく録音され、わずかに歓声が遠目なものの、オフィシャル感覚のミックス。“1977年のベストサウンド!”との激賞を集めるのも当然のクオリティだったのです。
ただし、初登場時には完全無欠ではありませんでした。その欠点とは録音漏れ。「Firth Of Fifth」終演後から「The Carpet Crawlers」前半までの4分弱が欠けていた。その後、完全オーディエンス録音とマトリクスさせた『ZURICH 1977 DEFINITIVE VERSION(Amity 169)』も登場しましたが、本作はそれとも異なる。ギラッギラに美しいサウンドボード・マスターを最重視し、全編マトリクスではなく、4分弱の欠落部分のみをオーディエンスで補填したものなのです。しかも、補填部分に使用されたオーディエンス録音は『ZURICH 1977 DEFINITIVE VERSION』と同じもの。つまり、サウンドボードとマトリクスできるほどの超・高音質マスターなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるフルショウこそ、まさしく「完全版SECONDS OUT」と呼べるもの。『SECONDS OUT』でも聴けなかった「One For The Vine」「Inside And Out」「In That Quiet Earth」「Eleventh Earl Of Mar」「Drum Duet」といった名曲たちがたっぷり。しかも、アナログ片面ずつの制約からも解放されたライヴの自然な流れで繰り広げられていく……。特に「Inside And Out」は“WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”だけのレア曲ですし、やっぱり「In That Quiet Earth」と「Afterglow」は続いてこそ。これこそ『SECONDS OUT』に求めても叶わなかったショウの完全版なのです。

「完全版SECONDS OUT」を連呼しましたが、公式の名盤を忘れても本作は特別。“WIND AND WUTHERING 1977”の最後から2公演目ということは、スティーヴ・ハケットにとっても最後から2公演目でもあるわけです。そんな節目を目前に控えたツアー極末期。その全貌を超極上サウンドボードで味わえるのです。夢の「完全形SECONDS OUT」を味わえ、それ以上に“プログレGENESISの総決算”・“ハケットGENESIS最後の輝き”を捉えきった超傑作。1stプレスを逃された方は、ぜひこの機会にご体験ください。


Disc 1(69:20)
1. Squonk
2. One For The Vine 3. Robbery, Assault And Battery 4. Inside And Out 5. Firth Of Fifth
6. The Carpet Crawlers 7. In That Quiet Earth 8. Afterglow 9. I Know What I Like

Disc 2(54:03)
1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar 2. Supper’s Ready 3. Dance On A Volcano 4. Drum Duet
5. Los Endos 6. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 7. The Musical Box (closing section)

Phil Collins – Lead Vocal, Drums, Percussions Steve Hackett – Guitars, Bass Pedal
Mike Rutherford – Bass, Guitars, Bass Pedal, Backing Vocal
Tony Banks – Keyboards, 12 string Guitar, Backing Vocal
Chester Thompson – Drums, Percussions


Virtuoso 259/260


Genesis / Seconds Out Promos /1Bonus DVDR
Live at Moody Coliseum, Dallas, TX. USA 19th March 1977 PRO-SHOT

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Translated text:

The main volume press 2CD is the stereo sound board album that approaches the “complete version SECONDS OUT”. It is exactly a live album that makes GENESIS fans long-term dreams come true. To that bonus, we prepared a pro shot film that glimpses another dream “video version of SECONDS OUT” like the 1st press.
Such a work is a pro shot picture which seems to have been taken for the promotion of “SECONDS OUT”. It is distributed as “SECONDS OUT PROMO” among collectors. Unlike “SECONDS OUT” which was a Paris show in June, the content of the live was “19th March 19th Dallas Show”. It is not a complete version of the show but a digest video edited from 6 songs to 27 minutes and half. Although it is an excerpt, of course, the sound is the soundboard of the burrigari (by the way, on this day, the complete version soundboard is running out and you can enjoy it with “EXECUTIVE ACTION (Virtuoso 024/25)”). And it is a tremendous piece of preciousness that can be seen with multiple cameras “WIND AND WUTHERING TOUR 1977”.
Indeed, it is the world of SECONDS OUT that can be unfolded with warm film of film sensation. At that time, the cutting-edge lighting and laser performances were also used, Chester Thompson’s arms and legs moved with banging, Steve Hacket spun out a fantastic phrase with a serious look. A light falling falling from overhead which is also becoming a traditional artwork moves, while being wrapped in it, “five people alone on this tour” will perform a terrible performance. Especially, it is a masterpiece that this tour leads from Chester and Phil Collin’s “Drum Duet” to “Los Endos”. GENESIS ‘s fantasy world where the overwhelming light show and the tremendous performance emerge is exactly the “total progression of the progression era” itself. “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” middle stage and “The Musical Box” At the end, there is a disorder of images which seems to be attributed to the master for a moment, but there are no deterioration-like deterioration other than that. Looking at the jacket of “SECONDS OUT”, the spectacle that was thought at the other side of the sound spreads in full color.

“WIND AND WUTHERING TOUR 1977” which produced the official daimyo ban “SECONDS OUT”. This work is one of the few pro shots that will convey that scene to the present age. Not only is this work itself a wonderful live video, it also inflates the imagination of the main press 2CD and even the official ‘SECONDS OUT’ by dozens of times. It is one delicious twice or three times. By all means, you also experience “the world of SECONDS OUT jacket” with moving pictures!
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本編プレス2CDは「完全版SECONDS OUT」に最接近するステレオサウンドボード・アルバム。まさに、GENESISファン長年の夢を叶えるライヴアルバムです。そのボーナスには、1stプレスと同じく、もうひとつの夢「SECONDS OUTの映像版」を垣間見せるプロショット・フィルムをご用意しました。
そんな本作は『SECONDS OUT』のプロモーション用に撮影されたと思われるプロショット映像。コレクター間で『SECONDS OUT PROMO』として流通しているものです。ライヴ内容は6月のパリ公演だった『SECONDS OUT』とは異なり、「1977年3月19日ダラス公演」のもの。ショウの完全版ではなく、6曲分から27分半ほどに編集されたダイジェスト映像です。抜粋とは言え、もちろん音声はバリバリのサウンドボードです(ちなみに、この日には完全版サウンドボードが流出しており、『EXECUTIVE ACTION(Virtuoso 024/025)』でお楽しみいただけます)。し、“WIND AND WUTHERING TOUR 1977”をマルチカメラで見られる貴重さが凄まじい1枚です。
実際、フィルム感覚の暖かみのある映像で繰り広げられるのは、まさに「SECONDS OUTの世界」。当時、最新鋭だったライティングやレーザー公演も駆使され、チェスター・トンプソンの手足がバタバタと動き、スティーヴ・ハケットが真摯な眼差しで幻想的なフレーズを紡ぎ出す。伝統的なアートワークにもなっている真上から降り注ぐ光の滝が動き、その中に包まれながら“このツアーだけの5人”が凄絶な演奏を繰り広げる。特に圧巻なのは、このツアーが初となるチェスターとフィル・コリンの「Drum Duet」から「Los Endos」へと繋がる流れ。圧倒的な光のショウと凄まじい演奏が浮き立たせるGENESISの幻想世界は、まさに“プログレ時代の総決算”そのもの。「The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway」中盤と「The Musical Box」最後に一瞬、マスター起因と思われる映像の乱れがありますが、それ以外に劣化らしい劣化も見当たらない。『SECONDS OUT』のジャケを見つめ、音の向こうに思い浮かべていた光景がフルカラーで広がるのです。

オフィシャルの大名盤『SECONDS OUT』を生み出した“WIND AND WUTHERING TOUR 1977”。本作は、その光景を現代に伝えてくれる数少ないプロショットの1つ。本作自体が素晴らしいライヴ映像であるだけでなく、本編プレス2CD、さらにはオフィシャル『SECONDS OUT』のイマジネーションも何十倍も膨らませてくれる。2度も3度も美味しい1枚です。ぜひ、あなたも「SECONDS OUTジャケットの世界」を動く映像でご体験ください!

1. Firth Of Fifth 2. Dance On A Volcano 3. Drum Duet 4. Los Endos
5. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 6. The Musical Box (Ending Section)


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