Emerson Lake & Palmer / Korakuen 1972 Original Master Tape / 2CD

Emerson Lake & Palmer / Korakuen 1972 Original Master Tape / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 22nd July 1972

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EL&P’s first visit to Japan, which can only be called a “legend” in every sense. Of only two performances, the historical original master that completely recorded “Arashi Korakuen” is excavated.
1972 EL&P was a “phenomenon”. Not only was the rock masterpiece of the classic classics and the groundbreaking ensemble of guitar-less shocking, but the excitement that caught on with the popularity of idols is a symbol of Western music. LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE achieved the tremendous achievement of double-filling “Korakuen/Koshien” in the days of Nippon Budokan and Osaka Festival Hall. What’s more, a strange space appeared with the bad weather on the scene, and even a riot occurred at Koshien. Why was rock not just a genre of music? It was two performances that condensed the meaning.

[Original cassette of legendary name recording is a miracle excavation] Included in this work is the performance of EL&P’s first live in Japan, “July 22, 1972: Korakuen Stadium”. It is an excellent audience recording of “one who is not a riot”. This show is famous for being broadcast on TV, and its professional shots and sound boards have become super classics of all time. However, the TV pro shot is an excerpt version edited along the broadcasting frame. On the other hand, this work is a full live album that was recorded at the scene. It is also the highest peak in terms of recording time and quality.
Despite being a recording that has been known for a long time, this work is a master that no one has ever heard. In the first place, two Korakuen audiences are known, one was “COMPLETE PERFORMANCE IN THE STADIUM 1972” on the Killing Floor label, and the other was “ROCK EXPLOSION LIVE AT THE KORAKUEN” on the Private Masters label. Of those, the latter was known for having a good sound, but this work was directly digitized from the original master of the Private Masters board.
▽ When you play it, you suddenly cut in from the curle sound. From here, it is clear that everything from Omoto Master is recorded. And of course, the voice of Mr. Oro Itoi was heard from behind the big cheers. That legendary MC, “It’s time to change dresses now,” is also recorded firmly. Furthermore, it is uncut. It was unavoidable to cut in the period pattern tape change part, and even the Omoto master lacked 30 seconds to bake at “The Great Gates Of Kiev” at the end of the “Pictures of the Exhibition”. In this work, that part can be supplemented with a TV broadcast sound board to seamlessly experience the legendary scene.

[Ultra-natural sound that the legendary night blows out as it is] Although this alone is impressive, the sound is even more wonderful. As was the case for the QUEEN board released this week at the same time, the Private Masters label was distorted by unreasonable equalizing and intense hiss reduction because the fashion 20 years ago influenced Moro. On the other hand, this work is the same as the 1972 truth that the master tape sucked. Only the pitch is adjusted accurately, but the fresh and natural sound is beautiful because it is unprocessed.
The thing that surprised me was the strength of the heart and the vividness of the outline. As in history, stadium concerts were still rare at the time. There were no seats on the ground, and everyone was watching from the stand. Of course, this work should have been recorded from the stand, but I don’t think so. Even though it’s an open space with no echo, it’s so clear and clear that it’s a bit unconvincing. I think it wouldn’t have been necessary to process such beautiful and vivid recordings… Anyway, I was able to safely preserve the natural sound that only the Omoto cassette recorded. This is truly a feat.

It is not necessary to talk about the contents only for the legendary show. Due to bad weather, the tuning of Moog and Bass went crazy, and even so, the performance continued. The audience, who witnesses the violent live performances, is in a weird tension because of the light rain. There are several famous bands in rock history, but no band has made a name with the performance as explosive as EL&P, and the intense ensemble rushes into a different dimension in the strange mood of the first Asia and bad weather. is.
Although this work is far from a well-established masterpiece, it is so amazing. Yes, the energy that can only be expressed by the two characters “amazing” that exceeds the description in the era when it was only “Rock is Rock” without subdivision and analysis. This work is a two-disc set packed with bread and bread that can be created because of EL&P because it is the summer of 1972. A live album that is nothing but a cultural heritage. Please enjoy “the time” anytime with Permanent Storage Press 2CD.

★ Excavated the original master cassette of “Rock Explosion: Live At The Korakuen Stadium 1972” (Private Master PM043/044) released in 1999. The sound quality and content have been greatly upgraded!

1972年のEL&Pは、まさに“現象”でした。クラシックの名曲をロック化やギターレスの画期的なアンサンブルが衝撃的だっただけでなく、アイドル的な人気まで巻き込んだ盛り上がりは「洋楽の象徴」の域。LED ZEPPELINやDEEP PURPLEが日本武道館や大阪フェスティバルホールという時代に「後楽園・甲子園」をダブルで埋めるという、とんでもない偉業を成し遂げた。しかも、その現場では悪天候も相まった異様な空間が現出され、甲子園では暴動まで発生。なぜ、ロックが単なる音楽の1ジャンルではなかったのか。その意味を凝縮した2公演でした。

そんな本作は以前から知られていた録音でありつつ、今まで誰も聴いた事がなかったマスターです。そもそも、後楽園オーディエンスは2本知られており、1本はKilling Floorレーベルの『COMPLETE PERFORMANCE IN THE STADIUM 1972』、もう1本はPrivate Mastersレーベルの『ROCK EXPLOSION LIVE AT THE KORAKUEN』でした。そのうち、音が良いことで知られていたのは後者だったわけですが、本作はそのPrivate Masters盤の大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化したものなのです。
再生するといきなりキュル音からカットイン。もう、ここから大元マスターのすべてを収録している事は明らか。そして盛大な喝采の向こうから聞こえてくるのは、もちろん糸居○郎氏の声。「ただ今、お召し替えの時間でございます」という、あの伝説MCもしっかりと収録しているのです。さらに言えば、ノーカット。時代柄テープチェンジ部でのカットは避けられず、大元マスターでも「展覧会の絵」の終盤「The Great Gates Of Kiev」で焼く30秒が欠けていました。本作では、そのパートをTV放送サウンドボードで補填し、伝説の現場をシームレスに体験できるのです。

これだけでも感無量ですが、サウンドは更に素晴らしい。今週同時リリースのQUEEN盤でもそうでしたが、Private Mastersレーベルは20年前の流行がモロに影響し、無理なイコライジングと強烈なヒス・リダクションで歪みまくっていました。それに対し、本作はマスター・テープが吸い込んだ1972年の真実そのまま。ピッチだけは正確に整えておりますが、無加工ゆえの瑞々しくナチュラルな鳴りが美しいのです。

本作に刻まれているのは“整った名演”とはほど遠いわけですが、だからこそ「凄い」。そう、細分化も分析もなく“Rock is Rock”でしかなかった時代、形容を超えた2文字「凄・い」でしか表現できないエネルギー。本作は、1972年の夏だからこそ、EL&Pだからこそ生み出し得たものがパンパンにつまった2枚組なのです。まさに文化遺産以外の何物でもないライヴアルバム。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつでも“あの時”をご堪能ください。

★1999年リリースの「Rock Explosion: Live At The Korakuen Stadium 1972」(Private Master PM043/044)の大元のマスターカセットを発掘。音質も内容も大幅にアップグレード!


Disc 1 (48:12)
1. Goro Itoi Intro.
2. Hoedown

3. Eruption
4. Stones Of Years
5. Iconoclast
6. Mass
7. Manticore
8. The Battlefield incl. Epitaph
9. Aquatarkus

10. Take A Pebble
11. Lucky Man
12. Piano Improvisation
13. Take A Pebble(reprise)

Disc 2 (37:25)
Pictures At An Exhibition
1. Promenade
2. The Hut Of Baba Yaga
3. The Curse Of Baba Yaga
4. Hut Of Baba Yaga
5. The Great Gates Of Kiev ★4:41 – 5:12 サウンドボード補填
6. Rondo
7. Drum Solo
8. Rondo(reprise)
9. Goro Itoi Outro.
10. Finale

Virtuoso 443/444

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