Emerson Lake & Palmer ( ELP) / Korakuen Stadium 1972 / 1CD

Emerson Lake & Palmer ( ELP) / Korakuen Stadium 1972 / 1CD / VIrtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 22nd July 1972 SBD.



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Including the full first appearance Part, July 22, 1972 Korakuen Stadium concert sound board longest recording board of is appeared in press CD. This performance at the time, is broadcast live on commercial television broadcast that night, but was re-broadcast also done, in this panel while the master is the same and broadcasting take, there the longest line take that also includes part was accrued is the you have recorded over the 67 minutes and 39 seconds concert.

First, as the most important point, the broadcast version of the previous Take A Pebble was accrued from Emerson of MC song at the beginning part of the No. 1 song by (broadcasting that is included in the line recording “my face still so gently …” cut-in from around). This part takes about 1 minute 15 seconds is very important take. Furthermore, in broadcasting is that the first part of 4 minutes of Rondo was a recording from the drum solo appeared in history for the first time line recording. This alone I think the fan is not of being Nara to easily you can see that it is the most important one that must absolutely get.

The original’s a cassette tape that was obtained from the time of the parties, but here in the broadcast line recording of Korakuen is, I had been recorded in choppy as what intention or best takes collection. (Announcer voice as the TV here (provider referral) does not suffer) sound check at the beginning of the had been recorded and Tarkus is about 10 minutes and 50 seconds from the beginning (cut out here), first appearance Take A Pebble ~ Lucky to Man, each complete recording of Pictures At An Exhibition and Rondo that includes a beginning that is. Original total time on one side of a 90-minute tape is 45 minutes and 38 seconds. So, the rest of the line recording is all you Yes finish by adding from the television broadcast sound source to the line recording the full-length version. This time, 22 minutes of the time had been recorded in broadcasting in accrued to the newly excavated line recording tape. And all Hoedown in music terms, until last from 40 seconds onward of Manticore of Tarkus. From the late piano solo of Take A Pebble to the end, connect from the video voice was recorded taped broadcast, you Yes finish pseudo longest version included. In fact the sound part of the check sound recording of about 30 seconds at the beginning, this also but I mean that and I’m out in the cut-out, here is a television broadcast “this program is Greco guitar, connecting the world of Japanese wing-Japan the word aviation “we have suffered, but in this time of take does not have suffered by this announcement. Therefore, and connect with the subsequent video voice, “and Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd., will be sponsored by Lion fats and oils.” That only appears in the announcement, you can listen to “Greco guitar & Japan Airlines introduces no version”. Other than mania is located in the place said, “to what kind of to ask?”, But said that the part is what you have suffered originally, to say exactly not broadcast before the take, it is fresh and you are quite listening . Since the previously described tape Hoedown was accrued, because it is not only here also use the TV broadcasting take, the familiar “Yes Good evening, it is Good evening Yagi-chan do you hear, and Nikki -.. Is now, we two people you have come to Korakuen, but now, its in Korakuen has happened is great! “that will have your words also accidentally enter of course, here is if think that the such, this is would be listen fun with this you. Whatever, it first appeared in ’72 parts of Japan tour line recording was 42 years, the short but also fan would be must listen to the absolute. Of course, there is a niche planning of mania-only, but the fans definitely must listen – a must-have. It is a release determined by the limited press CD from the popular Virtuoso.


まず、最重要なポイントとして、放送版未収だったTake A Pebble前のエマーソンのMCから曲冒頭部分がライン録音で収録されていること(放送では歌の1番の「my face still so gently…」あたりからカットイン)。この部分は1分15秒程ですが非常に重要なテイクです。更に放送ではドラムソロからの収録だったRondoの4分間の前半部分が史上初めてライン録音で出現したことです。これだけでもファンは絶対に入手しなければならない最重要な1枚であることが容易にお判りになられるのではないでしょうか。

元は当時の関係者から入手したカセットテープなのですが、ここには後楽園の放送用ライン録音が、どういう意図かベストテイク集のように細切れに収録されていたのです。収録されていたのは冒頭のサウンドチェック(ここにテレビのようにアナウンサーの声(提供会社の紹介)が被らない)とTarkusが冒頭から10分50秒程(ここでカットアウト)、初登場となる冒頭を含むTake A Pebble~Lucky Manまで、Pictures At An ExhibitionとRondoのそれぞれ完全収録。元は90分テープの片面でトータルタイムは45分38秒。ですので、それ以外の部分のライン録音は全てテレビ放送音源から追加してライン録音全長版に仕上げてあります。今回、新たに発掘されたライン録音テープに未収で放送では収録されていたのは時間にして22分。楽曲的にはHoedown全てと、TarkusのManticoreの40秒目以降からラストまで。Take A Pebbleのピアノソロ後半からエンドまでは、録画放送を収録したビデオ音声から繋ぎ、疑似最長版収録に仕上げてあります。実際は冒頭のサウンドチェック音のパートは約30秒間の収録で、これもカットアウトで切れてしまっているわけですが、テレビ放送ではここで「この番組はグレコギター、世界を結ぶ日本の翼・日本航空」と言う言葉が被っていますが、今回のテイクにはこのアナウンスが被っていません。よって以降のビデオ音声と繋げると、「明治製菓と、ライオン油脂の提供でお送りいたします。」だけがアナウンスで出現するという、「グレコギター&日本航空の紹介無しヴァージョン」を聴くことができます。マニア以外には「そんなの聞いてどうするの?」と言った箇所ではありますが、本来被っていたものが一部とはいえ、全くない放送前のテイクと言うのは、結構聴いていて新鮮です。前述の通りテープにはHoedownは未収だったので、ここもテレビ放送テイクを使用するしかないので、お馴染みの「ハイこんばんわ、こんばんわ八木ちゃんです。聞こえますか、ニッキ―です。今、僕たち二人は後楽園に来ていますが、今、その後楽園では素晴らしいことが起こっています!」というお言葉も勿論入ってしまっていますが、ここはそういうものだと思えば、これはこれで楽しく聴けてしまいます。何であれ、42年ぶりに初登場した72年日本公演ライン録音のパーツは、短いながらもファンは絶対に必聴でしょう。勿論、マニア・オンリーのニッチな企画ではありますが、ファンは間違いなく必聴・必携。好評Virtuosoから限定プレスCDでリリース決定です。

1. Introduction 2. Hoedown 
3. Eruption 4. Stones Of Years 5. Iconoclast 6. Mass 7. Manticore 
8. The Battlefield incl. Epitaph 9. Aquatarkus 

10. Take A Pebble 11. Lucky Man 12. Piano Improvisation 13. Take A Pebble(reprise) 

Pictures At An Exhibition
14. Promenade 15. The Hut Of Baba Yaga 16. The Curse Of Baba Yaga 17. The Hut Of Baba Yaga 
18. The Great Gates Of Kiev

19. Rondo 20. Drum Solo 21. Rondo(reprise) 22. Finale


Virtuoso 200 

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