Led Zeppelin / Ipswich 1971- New / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Ipswich 1971 / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
St. Matthew’s Baths, Ipswich, UK 16th November 1971


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1971 is a time to call a vertex among the live activities of ZEP, first visit to Japan performance in this year that was realized was dictated the popularity of ZEP in Japan. Even subtracting that was done in our country, there is no doubt that the first visit to Japan performance is the apex of ’71. In that respect, their tour in their native United Kingdom that have been made after the first visit to Japan performances would say that had played such a role. The United States and of the frenzy, unlike Japan, which was Mise was lively and played at the first time of the land, then the UK is the one strong impression that the atmosphere is quiet. From the fact that the instruments and items in addition to underprivileged about Japan tour, I think than had given up misconception that temporarily “lacks the UK tour brilliance of ’71.” But by the sound source excavation of the advanced ’71 UK tour in recent years, this period also be very nice performance there has been waged has begun to be recognized between mania. After all invincible ’71 ZEP, even Everyplace is glimpses into Scream example plant, also voltage is truly the height of as a live act.
Certainly the scene where the plant resulting in flipped voice from “Immigrant Song” in the opening of the day can be found in several places the fact. The only matchless for his Everyplace also Scream has begin to see … it would be of course even the reflected so. Still, for us to demodulation immediately is, still youthful ’71 where reliable plant. Even try compared with that stick like Scream ’72 summer US tour, which has been keeping the voice quality, it has surely kept more ambition. Still not been established to the popular repertoire, best funny scene of UK tour of the “Rock And Roll” in the usual repertoire treats to live the first half would have been played. And big attraction also that the plant is doing singing at the same melody as the studio version. Again ’71 of the plant is young!

And I feel the height of the performance of ZEP is also in ’71 seems complete. This much even while before playing, warm and watch the UK audience in a concert hall instead of the arena. When you listen to one it gives you the impression that “than quiet over Japan?”, But why drumming Paige and Bonzo of Uchikomeru to play I feel the finesse. In particular version of this day of “Dazed And Confused” I will tell that began towards the frontiers of funky groove deployment. Bonzo and Paige of funky entanglement clearly after “The Crunge” something to be foreseen. On the contrary, “Whole Lotta Love” and even expansion of the rhythm-oriented heating in ’72 or later has been waged around them, it was clearly different things and playing patterns in Japan and the United States.

The UK tour seems fun will be felt in the performance differentially position of “Celebration Day” in the second half live, but what also say scene of presumption of this day unique I have been aggregated into encore. First cover had been played Eddie Cochran “Weekend”. A decade ago it had a strong version of the impression that has been played at Nassau Coliseum in ’72, but that the advanced sound source of the excavation, such as earlier, we have found that it had already been played on this tour . Or there is also the fact that the end of the live, Scream spree skipping plant is exhilarating!
And putting studying thoroughly would blow away even the rare cover of “Gallows Pole”. The only version that has been showcased in Copenhagen of the same in ’71 had been believed to the only live performance, where the excavation is what was surprised the mania around the world. It starts from being told to be specially played by the plant here. Paige has been using the same as double neck SG and time of Copenhagen, but the arrangements were replaced by the Electric There is certainly an urbane not feeling. Stunning Scream of the plant that is willing to be promoted to the version enough to hear even such a performance. One of the few live versions of the same songs that appeal has been reviewed in last year’s remastered CD companion disk.
Since this is a rare content and UK tour best sound source boasting easy clearness to listen, you have to come many times in the past it has been released. However or lack the essential encore part, or the Tari was something strong is the superb while also equalize sense of editing with multiple sound sources, finally definitive edition in misfortune of the sound source that had any way remains discontent appeared. The complete recording of the combination of multiple sound sources of course, unprecedented recording of natural state is a big attraction. More than anything And, if the and released in ’71 UK tour of the splendor of the re-confirmation can be after a long time of the item is of limited press CD, this can not be missed!

確かにこの日のプラントがオープニングの「Immigrant Song」から声が裏返ってしまう場面が数か所で見受けられるのは事実。唯一無比な彼のスクリームにも陰りが見え始めた…そう映るのも当然でしょう。それでもすぐに復調してくれるのが、まだまだ若々しい71年プラントの頼もしいところ。あの刺さるようなスクリームの声質を保っていた72年夏のアメリカ・ツアーと比べてみても、確実にそれ以上の覇気を保っています。まだ人気のレパートリーにまで定着しておらず、ライブ前半に普通のレパートリー扱いで「Rock And Roll」が演奏されてしまうのがUKツアーの最高に面白い場面。しかもプラントがスタジオ・バージョンと同じ旋律で歌いこなしているという点も大きな魅力。やはり71年のプラントは若い!

それにZEPの演奏がまた71年らしい完成度の高さを感じさせるのです。これほどの演奏を前にしながらも、アリーナでなくコンサート・ホールで温かく見守るUKのオーディエンス。一聴すると「日本以上に静かなのでは?」という印象を与えますが、だからこそプレイに打ち込めるペイジやボンゾのドラミングは技巧を感じさせます。特に「Dazed And Confused」がファンキーなグルーブ展開の境地へ向かい始めたことを教えてくれるのがこの日のバージョン。ボンゾとペイジのファンキーな絡みは明らかに後の「The Crunge」を予見させるもの。それどころか「Whole Lotta Love」ですら72年以降に加熱するリズム指向の展開が彼らを中心として繰り広げられており、それは日本やアメリカでの演奏パターンとはっきりと違うものでした。

ライブ後半で「Celebration Day」の演奏される位置にもUKツアーらしい面白さが感じられますが、何といってもこの日ならではの極めつけの場面はアンコールに集約されているのです。最初に演奏されたのがエディ・コクランのカバー「Weekend」。一昔前は72年のナッソー・コロシアムで演奏されたバージョンの印象が強かったのですが、先のような音源の発掘が進んだことで、このツアーで既に演奏されていたことが判明しています。ライブの終盤ということもあってか、飛ばしまくるプラントのスクリームが爽快!
そしてこのレア・カバーをも吹き飛ばしてしまう極め付けが「Gallows Pole」。同じ71年のコペンハーゲンで披露されたバージョンが唯一のライブ演奏だと思われていただけに、ここでの発掘は世界中のマニアを驚かさせたものです。ここでもプラントによって特別に演奏されることが告げられてから始まります。ペイジはコペンハーゲンの時と同じようにダブルネックSGを用いていますが、エレクトリックに置き換えられたアレンジは確かに垢抜けない感があります。そんな演奏をも聴くに足るバージョンへと昇格してくれているのがプラントの見事なスクリーム。昨年のリマスターCDのコンパニオン・ディスクでも魅力が見直された同曲の数少ないライブ・バージョン。

Disc 1 (67:17)
1. Intro. 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Black Dog 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. Rock And Roll 7. Stairway To Heaven 8. Going To California 9. That’s the Way
10. Tangerine

Disc 2 (76:30)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. What Is and What Should Never Be 3. Celebration Day
4. Whole Lotta Love 5. Weekend 6. Gallow’s Pole

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