Emerson Lake & Palmer / Definitive Boston 1977 / 2CD

Emerson Lake & Palmer / Definitive Boston 1977 / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 12th July 1977

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A new master of miracles appeared beyond the time of over 40 years. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
It was confined in the master of that miracle “Boston performance on July 22, 1977”. That super superb audience recording. The main point of this work is in the sound quality of the miracle level, but it is hard to imagine if you do not know the position of the show. First of all, let’s check it against the activity schedule of the time.

● 1977
“March 17” Four-part work “release”
· May 24 – August 26: North America # 1 (64 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 15 – November 30: North America # 2 (32 performances)
“November 1” “Work No. 2″ released ”
● 1978
· January 16 – March 13: North America # 3 (48 performances)
“Summer ‘Love Beach’ Production -> To EL & P Dissolution”

This is the outline of the activities of EL & P after “quartz”. There are many obscure points in the record at that time, so the number of performances etc is not strict, but I think that you can understand the approximate time scale. Among them, the Boston performance of this work is a “concert in North America # 1” that roughly exceeds 30 performances, which is about one-third even in total in 1977. In “North America # 1”, 15 performances were performed with the orchestra, but this work was a trio only show.
The quality of this work engraved with such a show is the wonderful unbelievable thing in the 70’s. Although the bass dora ‘s ringing is definitely an audience recording, its clearness, vividness is outside the common sense of the 70’ s. The raging drum is three-dimensional so that the structure of the kit floats in the eyes, it is as if the microphone was stood out one by one for a bus drum, a snare, a hi-hat … … and a contour clearer. And Greg ‘s singing voice jumps on like a radio broadcast, and the base is sharp up to the attack sound hanging with the bing.
Of course, the keeper, which is freaky and free to move, the grain of the sound is beautifully arranged so that the finger moves faster. When the detail of the super fast phrase collapses, the melody becomes “line”, but the sound of this work looks like a “rosary” cleaned up neatly. Moreover, one grain of that one shine brilliantly like a pearl. This shine is the beauty of the audience. Although the sound board is gorgeous like a metal ball even if the grain is bright, this work is not so. It is a beautifully delicate sound world like a bunch of ultra small pearls, knitting a vast carpet.
The recording is transcendental, but the surprising thing is the freshness of the sound. Actually, this master has recently been discovered by the prestigious “Krw_co”, and it is digitized directly from the original master. Speaking of audience recording in the 70’s, genes are unknown as well. It is the world that treasure is 2nd Janet, 1st Gen is big discovery. That is a direct transfer from Omoto. Moreover, the preservation state of the miracle that almost no yore and disturbance are found … …. In addition, the full impact of the show is shocking. Of course, since there is a limit to the length of the tape, there are reversing cuts from place to place. However, it is all out of the performance sound. Especially the miracle is “Take a Pebble”. The tape is reversed in the middle, but it is just a place of break. It matches the kitchen at an extremely small timing in the long performance in about 11 minutes and it does not understand even if you listen it after knowing that “It changes here (at 8:41).” Of course, all other parts are between songs. If it is a coincidence, it is a miracle, it is a record that is too takuma if you aimed at playing and knowing it.
It is like a goddess of rock ordered to record it, but it is a miracle recording, but the show is exquisite enough to believe so. Although the popularity peak may be higher before switching to GX – 1, it was rather 1977 that fat was on hand as a performer. All the songs are wonderful and the brilliant fingering runs through plenty of sprints. Brilliant and rich things of infinite improvisation that springs from its fast tempo … …. Of course, if the genius Keisu is awesome, Greg and Curl are not defeated. Of course Greg ‘s singing voice is youthful, but of course it’ s intense beat. Carl’s rampage challenges Keith straight in a momentum of explosion, and synchronizes the bases of Greg as if it were part of the kit. Keith vs. Carl (& Greg) than Trio’s Three Tombs. It is a sound that vividly draws even one hand of the game which is exchanged for such a sort of exclusion.

As a pioneer of keyboard trio, EL & P showed highs without suddenly exceeding. If they were a bit more mediocre, a trailer beyond the EL & P appeared and the keyboard could have become the main part of the rock … … It is the awesome show that talks to such a lost thing that flows out of this work. It is a new excavation album of miracles that I have drawn with the ultra superb sound all the time.
Keith, even though Greg left EL & P miracle happened again. Super superb live album that jumps over 40 years of time in a blink of an eye. Please experience this miracle by press 2CD.

★ incredible sound quality. There was such a level, that level. It is the best progressive title this year.



録音が超絶なのですが、それ以上に驚くのが音の鮮度。実は、このマスターは最近になって名門「Krw_co」が発掘したもので、なんとオリジナル・マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化されているのです。70年代のオーディエンス録音と言えば、ジェネ不明も当たり前。2ndジャネでお宝、1stジェネなら大発見という世界です。それが大元からのダイレクト・トランスファー。しかもヨレも乱れもほとんど見当たらないという奇跡の保存状態……。更に加えて衝撃なのが、ショウの全編収録。もちろん、テープの長さに限界のある時代ですからところどころで反転カットはある。しかし、それがことごとく演奏音から外れているのです。特に奇跡的なのは「Take a Pebble」。途中でテープが反転するのですが、それが丁度ブレイクの箇所。約11分に長尺演奏の中で極わずかなタイミングにキッチリと合っており、「ここ(8:41のところ)で変わる」と知った上で聴いても分からないほどなのです。もちろん、他の箇所はすべて曲間。偶然だとしたら奇跡すぎ、演奏を熟知した上で狙ったのなら匠すぎる記録なのです。




Disc 1 (66:37)
1. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2 2. Hoedown 3. Tarkus
4. Take a Pebble incl. Piano Concerto No 1 1st Movement 5. Still…You Turn Me On
6. Knife Edge 7. Pictures at an Exhibition 8. C’est La Vie

Disc 2 (50:14)
1. Lucky Man 2. Tank incl. Drum Solo 3. Nutrocker 4. Pirates 5. Fanfare For the Common Man

Virtuoso 383/384

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