Earth, Wind & Fire / Rotterdam 1979 / 2CD

Earth, Wind & Fire / Rotterdam 1979 / 2CD / ZION

Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands 14th March 1979


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1979 EARTH, WIND & FIRE, where all the albums released were shining in multi-platinum, and the blackness still remained strong. An amazing sound board album that allows you to enjoy the full show of the best season is born. It will be released on the permanent storage press 2CD.
What is recorded in this work is “March 14, 1979 Rotterdam performance”. It is the superb stereo sound board recording. For us, when we think of “EW & F in 1979,” the legendary first visit to Japan comes to mind first, and this is deeply related to the real thrill of this work. First of all, the basic knowledge at that time. Let’s look back on the history of 1979 and confirm the position of the show.

・ January 15: New York performance
・ March 1-17: Europe # 1 (10 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ March 26-April 9: Japan / Hawaii (10 performances)
・ April 16 + May 1: Europe # 2 (2 performances)
<< June 9th “I AM” released >>
・ September 8: Performance in Italy
・ September 21-December 8: North America (51 performances)

[Complete version official grade sound board that is more than double the broadcast version] This is 1979 EW & F. Speaking of 1979, it is the release year of “I AM”, but “ALL’N ALL” two years ago and “THE BEST OF EARTH, WIND & FIRE, VOL.1” of the previous year are in the middle of astronomical hits. .. Rotterdam Quen of this work is the 7th performance of “Europe # 1” which is the final stage of the tour before “I AM”. In other words, it was a concert just before the first landing in Japan with 3 performances remaining.
Also, this show is famous for having abundant records. The FM sound board has become a staple due to the radio broadcast, and the highest level of full audience recording has been left. However, this work is different from either of them. Although it is a superb stereo sound board comparable to FM broadcasting, it is a complete version of the show, which is more than double the FM broadcasting that took about an hour. Don’t get me wrong here. Even if you make a mistake, “Complement with FM broadcasting + AUD” is awesome. An iron-walled sound board from end to end. Moreover, it is completely official. The noiseless master freshness, the well-organized mix of broadcasts, and the intense stereo feeling peculiar to the sound board are all perfect. “Why isn’t it officially released on this?” … Above all, the quality is perfect as if the sound itself was screaming.

[Full set that exactly matches the legendary first visit to Japan] Moreover, the full show is ridiculous again. I have been inquiring about my first visit to Japan from earlier, but this work has the same set because there is only the last show. Yes, it feels like listening to that first performance in Japan on a sound board! Here, let’s organize the set list as well.

・ Last day of the earth: Power (★)
・ Challenge to the Darkness: Shining Star / That’s The Way of the World / Reasons (★)
・ Burning frenzy: Sing a Song
・ Soul: Biyo (★) / On Your Face / Saturday Nite / Getaway (★)
・ Sun God: Jupiter / Fantasy / Be Ever Wonderful / Magic Mind (★) / Brazilian Rhyme / Runnin'(★) / I’ll Write a Song For You (★) / Serpentine Fire
・ Best of EW & F VOL.1: Got to Get You into My Life (★) / September (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that could not be heard on conventional FM broadcast sound boards.

… And it looks like this. The above is organized by the origin album while comparing with the conventional FM broadcast, but roughly speaking, this work and the performance in Japan have exactly the same selection and song order. Of course, there are a lot of songs that I couldn’t listen to even on the first TV pro shot that took only 45 minutes. It’s a good opportunity, so if you list it, “Shining Star” “On Your Face” “Saturday Nite” “Be Ever Wonderful” “That’s The Way of the World” “Brazilian Rhyme” “Got to Get You into My Life” “I’ ll Write a Song For You, “Reasons,” “September,” … Well, more than half of this work is a rare mass.
To be precise, the site of this work is not Japan. However, the sound board directly connected to the audience is far from the breath of the audience, and it is virtually impossible to distinguish the country. And the set full of blockbuster songs, the groove that was still black, and above all, the band potential itself is very similar to the latest first visit to Japan. A miracle live album where you can enjoy such a full show on a completely official sound board. It’s a super-masterpiece of “one for each family”. Please enjoy it anytime, forever with the permanent storage press 2CD.

出すアルバムがことごとくマルチプラチナに輝きつつ、まだまだ黒っぽさが色濃く残っていた1979年のEARTH, WIND & FIRE。そんな一番オイシイ時期のフルショウを楽しめる驚異のサウンドボード・アルバムが誕生。永久保存プレス2CDでリリース決定です。

《6月9日『I AM』発売》

これが1979年のEW&F。1979年と言えば『I AM』のリリース年にあたるわけですが、2年前の『ALL ‘N ALL』も前年の『THE BEST OF EARTH, WIND & FIRE, VOL.1』も天文学的ヒットの真っ最中。本作のロッテルダムクエンは、そんな『I AM』以前のツアー最終盤にあたる「欧州#1」の7公演目。つまり、日本初上陸まで残り3公演という直前のコンサートでした。

しかも、そのフルショウがまたとんでもない。先ほどから端々で初来日を引き合いにしておりますが、本作は直前のショウだけあってセットが同じ。そう、あの初来日公演をサウンドボードで聴いているような体験感なのです! ここで、そのセットリストも整理しておきましょう。

・暗黒への挑戦:Shining Star/That’s The Way of the World/Reasons(★)
・灼熱の狂宴:Sing a Song
・魂:Biyo(★)/On Your Face/Saturday Nite/Getaway(★)
・太陽神:Jupiter/Fantasy/Be Ever Wonderful/Magic Mind(★)/Brazilian Rhyme/Runnin’(★)/I’ll Write a Song For You(★)/Serpentine Fire
・ベスト・オブ・EW&F VOL.1:Got to Get You into My Life(★)/September(★)

……と、このようになっています。上記は従来のFM放送と比較しつつ、出自アルバムで整理していますが、ざっくばらんに言えば本作と日本公演はセレクトも曲順もまったく同じです。もちろん、わずか45分だった初来日のTVプロショットでも聴けなかった曲もてんこ盛り。良い機会なので列挙しますと、「Shining Star」「On Your Face」「Saturday Nite」「Be Ever Wonderful」「That’s The Way of the World」「Brazilian Rhyme」「Got to Get You into My Life」「I’ll Write a Song For You」「Reasons」「September」……とまぁ、本作の半分以上がレアという聴きどころの塊なのです。

Disc 1(60:55)
1. Intro
2. Power
3. Biyo
4. Jupiter
5. Shining Star
6. On Your Face
7. Fantasy
8. Saturday Nite
9. Be Ever Wonderful
10. That’s The Way of the World
11. Magic Mind
12. Horn Section Introduction / Brazilian Rhyme
13. Got to Get You into My Life

Disc 2(64:09)
1. Runnin’
2. Freestyle
3. I’ll Write a Song For You
4. Reasons
5. Sing a Song
6. Serpentine Fire
7. Getaway
8. September song

Maurice White (RIP) – vocals, drums, kalimba
Verdine White – bass
Philip Bailey – vocals, congas, percussion
Larry Dunn – keyboards
Al McKay – guitars, percussion
Johnny Graham – guitars, percussion
Roland Bautista (RIP) – guitar
Andrew Woolfolk – saxophones, flute, percussion
Ralph Johnson – drums, vocals, percussion
Fred White – drums

The Phenix Horns :
Michael Harris – trumpet, flugelhorn
Rahmlee Michael Davies – trumpet, flugelhorn
Louis Satterfield (RIP) – trombone
Don Myrick (RIP) – saxophones
Elmar Brown – trumpet



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