David Gilmour / Universal City 1984 2nd Night / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Gilmour / Universal City 1984 2nd Night / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Sigma

Live at Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, USA 22nd June 1984 plus Bonus DVDR “Super 8MM Footage Allentown 1984”

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Gilboy’s “ABOUT FACE TOUR” is also said to be a hidden place for FLOYD collectors. The original master of the prestigious Kinney who can experience the whole picture is a new excavation.

[Showdown with Roger and sister] “June 22, 1984: Universal City Performance” was recorded in this work. It is the best audience recording. At present, Roger Waters’ live album “EARLS COURT 1984 1ST NIGHT (Sigma 236)” is very popular in this store, but this work is the sister edition. Not only the first solo tour in 1984, but also the day after the Roger edition, it was also an original recording by the prestigious Kinney. Moreover, this recording was born from the beginning as a sister work. In fact, this recording has been released for two songs, and was recorded in the analog board “MONEY (XL-1590)”. This LP is a coupling between Roger recording that was the origin of “EARLS COURT 1984 1ST NIGHT” and Gilmore recording that was the origin of this work. Under the subtitle “Waters Vs Gilmour”, the prestigious challenged (almost) simultaneous recording in Britain and the United States to record their first solo showdown.
How was the direct confrontation at that time? Let’s check the show position by fusing two tour dates.

・ DG: March 31-May 1: Europe (22 performances)
・ DG: May 9-June 15: North America (30 performances)
・ DG & RW: June 16-July 6: (DG North America 13 performances / RW Europe 9 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ DG: July 8-16: North America (7 performances)
・ RW: July 17-31: North America (10 performances)
* Note: “DG” is Gilmore’s “ABOUT FACE TOUR” schedule, and “RW” is Roger’s “THE PROS AND CONS OF HITCH HIKING TOUR” schedule.

This is the overall picture of their first solo tour. Gilmore, who released “ABOUT FACE” a while ago, started a tour in early spring. The main was the North American tour in early summer. Although it is unclear how conscious it is, Roger started a European tour in line with Gilmore’s North American tour, and two tours were conducted simultaneously across the ocean for about three weeks. The Universal City performance of this work was a concert corresponding to the 5th performance out of 13 performances during the 3 weeks of the confrontation (by the way, Roger side is the 4th performance).

[Decision board to convey the full view of “ABOUT FACE TOUR”] This work that recorded such a show is also a magical sound of the prestigious Kinney that awakens the eyes. At the opening “Until We Sleep”, the touching sound is awkward and makes me a little uneasy (because of that, I did not turn it into a full LP !?), but the sound of about 1 second is stable in about 3 times. From there, the sound is as beautiful and clear as the previous Kinney collection, and the sound is exceptionally on-the-fly. The enthusiasm of the site must be a real audience recording, but the air is transparent to the crystal clear, and almost no distance is felt to the core that pierces through the middle. The bass, which tends to be weak in customer records, is clear, and if the bass has a sharp attack sound, the subsequent ringing is vivid until the vibe. The keyboard also shines with a sparkle.
And, most importantly, vocals and guitar. The singing voice can be clearly understood up to one word of the lyrics, and the guitar has a sense of stability that will never be shocked even if you play it if you have a small nuance of cutting. It jumps into your ears with the details that you can see up to the height of the choking. It ’s so clear and clear that it ’s so clear that it ’s far away from the customer record.
The whole sound of “ABOUT FACE TOUR”, which has never been fully heard, is depicted with such a sound. Speaking of this tour, there is also an official video (you can enjoy in our “IN CONCERT 1984”) and FM broadcast of Allentown performance, but both are (pretty) incomplete. Let’s organize the set while comparing it with the official video.

● PINK FLOYD (3 songs)
・ Insanity: Money (★)
・ The Wall: Run Like Hell / Comfortably Numb
● Solo (12 songs)
・ DAVID GILMOUR: Mihalis (★) / Short And Sweet
・ ABOUT FACE: Until We Sleep / All Lovers Are Deranged / Love On The Air (★) / Cruise (★) / Out Of The Blue / Let’s Get Metaphysical (★) / You Know I’m Right (★) / Blue Light / Murder / Near The End (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard at IN CONCERT 1984.

… and it looks like this. In this work, all 15 songs are played, but 7 songs, about half of them, are numbers that cannot be heard in “IN CONCERT 1984”. And of course, “ABOUT FACE” is the axis. Unlike Roger, it is not a concept album, so the order of the songs is different, but all 10 songs are acting big. I mentioned FM broadcasts of Allentown performances earlier, but “Mihalis”, “Cruise”, “Let’s Get Metaphysical” and “Near The End” are repertoires that cannot be heard there.
And the performance that spells the set is wonderful. For Roger who tries to reconstruct the story and the world with his brain, Gilmore has a melody that touches his heart and a beat that moves his body. The singing voice is warm and full of emotion, the guitar is engraved dynamically and crying involuntarily. “ABOUT FACE” reminds me of such a good song and a good melody. It was a great success that surpassed Roger’s solo in later “depression” and “versus”, but it was a full show that proved that it was not the power of a gold sign.

“ABOUT FACE TOUR” has been said to be an unexplored area, with many high-quality records other than official video or FM broadcasts. It is a masterpiece of a live album that allows you to fully experience the whole view with the crystal sound of prestigious Kinney. Moreover, if you combine it with Roger’s “EARLS COURT 1984 1ST NIGHT”, you can enjoy the solo showdown between the two. This is also an extravagant pleasure only allowed by sound source enthusiasts.
”Roger of“ Thinking ”and Gilmore of“ Emotion ”. The distinctive personality can be fully experienced with Kinney’s clear sound. There is no doubt that this work alone is a masterpiece of “ABOUT FACE TOUR”, but there is no way to miss the opportunity that has finally been around for 35 years. Please enjoy it with a sister work of 2CD.

FLOYDコレクター泣かせの秘境とも言われるギルモアの“ABOUT FACE TOUR”。その全貌を体験できる名門キニーのオリジナル・マスターが新発掘です。

そんな本作に記録されていたのは「1984年6月22日:ユニバーサルシティ公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。現在、当店ではロジャー・ウォーターズのライヴアルバム『EARLS COURT 1984 1ST NIGHT(Sigma 236)』が大好評となっておりますが、本作はその姉妹編となるもの。同じ1984年の初ソロツアーというだけでなく、この日はロジャー篇の翌日にあたり、同様に名門キニーによるオリジナル録音なのです。しかも、この録音は最初から姉妹作となるべくして生まれた。実は、この録音は2曲分だけ公開されたことがあり、アナログ時代の名盤『MONEY(XL-1590)』に収録されていました。このLPは、『EARLS COURT 1984 1ST NIGHT』の元になったロジャー録音と本作の元になったギルモア録音のカップリング。副題に「Waters Vs Gilmour」とまで題され、初ソロ対決を記録すべく、名門が英米での(ほぼ)同時録音に挑んだのです。


これが2人の初ソロツアーの全体像。一足先に『ABOUT FACE』を発売したギルモアは春先からツアーを開始。そのメインは初夏の北米ツアーでした。どこまで意識的かは不明なものの、ロジャーはギルモアの北米ツアーに合わせるようにして欧州ツアーを開始し、約3週間にわたって大洋を挟んで2つのツアーが同時進行したのです。本作のユニバーサルシティ公演は、その対決3週間13公演のうち5公演目にあたるコンサート(ちなみにロジャー側は4公演目)でした。

【“ABOUT FACE TOUR”の全景を伝える決定盤】
そんなショウを記録した本作もまた、目も醒めるような名門キニーのマジカル・サウンド。オープニングの「Until We Sleep」でゴソゴソとした接触音がして一瞬不安になります(そのせいでフルLP化しなかった!?)が、それも1秒ほどの音が3回くらいで安定。そこから広がるのは、これまでのキニー・コレクションと同様に美麗でクリア、そしてその中でも飛び抜けてオンなサウンド。現場の熱狂もリアルなオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、その空気感がクリスタル・クリアに透き通っており、ド真ん中を突き抜けてくる芯にもほとんど距離を感じない。客録では弱みになりがちな低音もクッキリとしていて、ベースはアタック音も鋭ければ、その後に続く鳴りもヴァイヴまで鮮明。キーボードもキラキラとした輝きで降り注いでくるのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、これまでなかなかフルでは聴けなかった“ABOUT FACE TOUR”の全景。このツアーと言えば、公式映像(当店の『IN CONCERT 1984』でお楽しみ頂けます)やアレンタウン公演のFM放送もあったりしますが、いずれも(かなり)不完全。ここではオフィシャル映像と比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・ザ・ウォール:Run Like Hell/Comfortably Numb
・DAVID GILMOUR:Mihalis(★)/Short And Sweet
・ABOUT FACE:Until We Sleep/All Lovers Are Deranged/Love On The Air(★)/Cruise(★)/Out Of The Blue/Let’s Get Metaphysical(★)/You Know I’m Right(★)/Blue Light/Murder/Near The End(★)
※注:「★」印はIN CONCERT 1984で聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。本作では全15曲が演奏されるわけですが、その約半分となる7曲が『IN CONCERT 1984』では聴けないナンバーなのです。そして、その軸になっているのは、もちろん『ABOUT FACE』。ロジャーと違ってコンセプト・アルバムではないので曲順は異なりますが、全10曲を大盤振る舞いしている。先ほどアレンタウン公演のFM放送にも触れましたが、「Mihalis」「Cruise」「Let’s Get Metaphysical」「Near The End」あたりはそこでも聴けないレパートリーなのです。
そして、そのセットを綴る演奏こそが素晴らしい。物語や世界を頭脳で再構築しようとするロジャーに対して、ギルモアはただひたすら心に染みる旋律と身体を突き動かすビートが心地よい。その歌声は暖かくも情感たっぷりで、ギターは躍動的に刻まれ、無心に泣く。『ABOUT FACE』にはこんなに良い曲、良いメロディが詰まっていたのかと改めて思い知らされるほど。後の『鬱』『対』でロジャーのソロを凌駕する大成功を収めるわけですが、それが決して金看板だけの力ではなかったと証明するようなフルショウなのです。

公式映像かFM放送以外にハイクオリティな記録がなかなかなく、秘境とまで言われてきた“ABOUT FACE TOUR”。その全景を名門キニーのクリスタル・サウンドでフル体験できてしまうライヴアルバムの大傑作です。しかも、ロジャーの『EARLS COURT 1984 1ST NIGHT』と合わせれば、2人のソロ対決まで楽しめてしまう。これもまた、音源マニアだけに許された贅沢すぎる愉しみなのです。
“考”のロジャーと“情”のギルモア。その際立つ個性をキニーのクリア・サウンドでフル体験できる。本作だけでもズバ抜けた“ABOUT FACE TOUR”の代表作に間違いありませんが、現場から35年にしてやっと巡ってきたチャンスを逃す手はありません。ぜひ、永久保存プレス2CD同士の姉妹作でご堪能ください。


DISC 1(70:33)

1. Until We Sleep
2. All Lovers Are Deranged
3. Love On The Air
4. Mihalis
5. Cruise
6. Short And Sweet
7. Money
8. Out Of The Blue
9. Let’s Get Metaphysical

DISC 2(64:56)
1. MC
2. You Know I’m Right
3. Run Like Hell
4. Blue Light
5. Band Introduction
6. Murder
7. Near The End
8. Comfortably Numb

David Gilmour – Guitars, Vocals Mick Ralphs – Guitars, Vocals Mickey Feat – Bass, Vocals
Raff Ravenscroft – Saxophones, Flute Gregg Dechart – Keyboards, Vocals Chris Slade – Drums
Jodi Linscott – Percussion

Sigma 238

David Gilmour / Super 8MM Footage Allentown 1984 / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at Stabler Arena, Allentown, PA. USA 12th July 1984 AMAZING SHOT

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The main press 2CD is a new representative work that allows you to experience “ABOUT FACE TOUR” with the premier sound of the prestigious Kinney. However, the more a masterpiece, the more you want to see the “spectacle” spreading beyond it. So, we have also prepared a valuable video work that allows you to witness the expression of Gilmore who challenges the first solo tour.
What is included in this work is “July 12, 1984 Allentown Performance”. This is an 8mm film that records the show after the 11 performances of the Universal City performance of the main part press 2CD. This video is from Harvested’s master, photographer John Wittmer.
The quality is the highest level of the audience image at that time. Although each image is short for only 8 mm, the image quality itself far surpasses VHS, and if the color is vivid, the detail is super clear. Harvested makes up for the non-video parts with still images, but they are no less inferior to the professional still photos. And the sound is super fine. As mentioned in the commentary on the main press 2CD, this Allentown performance is also known for being broadcast on FM. This work synchronizes the official sound board, and you can enjoy 3 songs “Money”, “Run Like Hell” and “Comfortably Numb”. The last “Murder” was not FM broadcast, so it is 8mm original original audio, but you can witness the tour up to 4 songs in about 16 minutes in total.
ス テ ー ジ The stage drawn with that quality is precious and the best. Gilmore’s expression and fingering, staring from a nearby seat, are perfect. “Money” has a good up solo part, but a twin solo with Mick Ralph in the latter half is a must see! “Run Like Hell” lets you enjoy stage lighting. Twin vocals with Mickey Feet on the bass are so powerful because they are zoomed. The highlight is the action and solo of the 80’s with Greg Desert’s shoulder keyboard.
は And what’s surprising to Harvested’s elaborate editing skills is “Comfortably Numb”. There is a large cut in the middle, but the edit is skillful and flows naturally. The vocals of Mickey at the beginning are powerful scenes, and after all, the long solo part of Gilmore in the latter half is captured with impressive images to the touch. Sound fixing and synchro, and video processing according to it are at a tremendously high level, pouring in techniques and senses that can be held, and the feeling of “Let’s leave good things to future generations” seems to ooze from the screen.
Furthermore, this work comes with bonus images that convey the design clearly. An additional video explaining the production process in three parts has been added, so you can see how you upgraded from the original video. It’s a video that can be entertaining just by the working scenery.

This is a masterpiece of recorded video created by mania for mania. The work itself is valuable and wonderful, but at the same time it inflates the image of the main press 2CD many times. Bonus title that raises the real thrill of the new name board. By all means, please enjoy it carefully.

本編プレス2CDは、“ABOUT FACE TOUR”を名門キニーの極上サウンドで体験できる新たなる代表作です。しかし、傑作であればあるほど、その向こう側に広がっている“光景”も観たくなるもの。そこで、初のソロ・ツアーに挑むギルモアの表情までばっちり目撃できる貴重な映像作品もご用意しました。
そのクオリティは当時のオーディエンス映像としては最高レベル。8ミリだけに1つひとつの映像は短いのですが、画質自体はVHSを遙かに凌駕し、発色もビビッドならディテールも超鮮明。Harvestedによって映像のないパートは静止画で補填されているのですが、その止め画のプロ写真にも見劣りしないのです。そして、音声も超極上。本編プレス2CDの解説でも触れましたが、このアレンタウン公演は、FM放送された事でも知られている。本作は、そのオフィシャル級サウンドボードをシンクロさせており、3曲「Money」「Run Like Hell」「Comfortably Numb」を楽しむ事ができる。最後の「Murder」はFM放送されなかったので、8ミリ本来のオリジナル・オーディオではありますが、合計4曲・約16分でツアーを間近に目撃できるのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるステージは、貴重にして最高。間近席から見つめるギルモアの表情や指使いもばっちり。「Money」はアップのソロパートも美味しいですが、後半のミック・ラルフスとのツインソロは必見! 「Run Like Hell」ではステージ・ライト演出を楽しめますし、。ベースのミッキー・フィートとのツイン・ボーカルはズームだからこそ迫力満点。グレッグ・デシャートのショルダー・キーボードを引っ提げての80年代らしいアクションやソロも見所です。
そして、Harvestedの入念な編集技に驚くのは「Comfortably Numb」。途中の大幅なカットがあるのですが、エディットが巧みで自然に流れる。冒頭のミッキーのボーカルは迫力のシーンですし、何と言っても後半のギルモアのロングソロ・パートが感動的なまでに見事な映像で捉えています。音のフィックスやシンクロ、それに合わせた映像処理は凄まじく高いレベルで、持てる技術とセンスを注ぎ込み、画面から「良いものを後世に残そう」という気迫が滲み出てくるようです。


Featuring excerpts from
1. Money 2. Run Like Hell 3. Comfortably Numb 4. Murder (with original audio)

Audio: Original Westwood One Radio Network LP’s (except track 4 “Murder”)

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 16min.

David Gilmour – Guitars, Vocals Mick Ralphs – Guitars, Vocals Mickey Feat – Bass, Vocals
Raff Ravenscroft – Saxophones, Flute Gregg Dechart – Keyboards, Vocals Chris Slade – Drums
Jodi Linscott – Percussion

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