Roy Buchanan / More Studio Sessions / 1CDR

Roy Buchanan / More Studio Sessions / 1CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Soundboard Live At The Record Plant East, New York July 12th 1972 Soundboard

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Discover a new sound source from the recording session of Roy Buchanan’s 1972 debut album!

This session sound source recorded at New York Record Plant on July 12, 1972 was released as “Studio Sessions” from the “GYPSY EYE” label, but this time it contains a new session sound source that will be the sequel to it.

“Susie Q” and “You Can’t Judge a Book” are also highly recommended titles with interesting sound sources as valuable recording documents!


72年7月12日ニューヨーク・レコード・プラントで収録されたこのセッション音源は”GYPSY EYE”レーベルから『スタジオ・セッションズ』としてリリースされてますが、今回はその続編となる新たなセッション音源を収録。


01. Tuning / Susie Q (Take 1)/02. (Tuning & practice for) Susie Q/03. Susie Q (Take 2)/04. (Tuning & practice for) Haunted House/05. (Tuning &) Haunted House (False Start)/06. Haunted House 1 (Take 2) (Abandoned)/07. (Tuning & practice for) Haunted House/08. Haunted House 2 (Take 3)/09. Tuning / You Got My Mind Messed Up/10. (Tuning & practice for) You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover/11. You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover



Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-364

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