David Bowie / MSG Birthday Bash 1997 / 2CD

David Bowie / MSG Birthday Bash 1997 / 2CD / Johanna
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Madison Square Garden on January 9, 1997. Stereo Soundboard

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4 page offset · full color · booklet / picture DISC
~ ’97, the biggest birthday concert ever in MSG ~
~ Lou Reed and others luxury guest guest performances! Piece boiling! ~


★ D · Bowie, 50th birthday live, stereo SBD recording press 2CD!
★ Lou Reed, R · Smith (CURE), FOO FIGHTERS, SONIC YOUTH luxury co-star!
★ Enhanced music! Bowie’s overwhelming creative ability that also incorporated Digi Sound at that time! The highest band ever!
★ Bizarre Bizarre & Noir! Breathtaking stage art and direction! (Bonus DVDR)

50-year-old birthday live held at Madison Square Garden on January 9, 1997.
A dense event that can be said to be whitebrows even among Bowie’s many live history.
Guests hanging on this festival are Robert Smith of Alternative series big bands who drop the flying birds and the British boasts of the positive brands The Cure.
And “King of New York” ~ Lou Reed!

At the time, D · Bowie announced psychological horror content problem work “outside” and carried out a joint tour with nine · inch · nails. 1973 to produce and play new songs during the tour, being inspired by fulfilling performances with the strongest band members such as Reeves Gabrres (G), Gail Ann Dorothy (Bass), Mike Gerson (Kd) The next work “Earth ring” was produced while creative energy like Jiggy era of the year reached boiling point. In the technique of using the jump speed sampling drum rhythm as a motif, we will continue to produce songs such as “Little Wonder”, “Seven Years In Tibet” and “I ‘m Afraid Of Americans” one by one.

At the height of such 90’s, this event was planned according to Bowie’s birthday.
It seems that we have repeated enough rehearsal (DVD set which also recorded rehearsal video, JOHANNA will appear)
“Scary Monsters” with Frank Black of PIXES, “Hallo Spaceboy” with Dave Groele,
With SONIC YOUTH, “I’m Afraid Of Americans”, Sumapan’s Billy Corgan and the emotional “all young guys” playing songs that are perfect for their guests, but with Robert Smith Co-star with the beautiful “Quicksand”, and the emperor Rou Reed who welcomes “Roux, Rou” in the bass. Bowie also seems to be delighted when she spreads “Ru” and invitation water himself to the audience.

Apart from the guests, the curtain was opened with the new song “Little Wonder” at the time, Gail Ann Dorothy played that bass phrase and immediately wrapped in the “Under Pressure” to listen to a superb vocal “Heroes “The perfect show composition that folds!
Immediately after demonstrating 4 songs in the corner with Lou Reed, “Moonage Daydream” began abruptly, and immediately before Angkor, a spectacular vocal by Gail Ann Dorothy, a chorus of Happy Birthday by audiences and a bowie’s greeting “All the young guys” ‘s intro phrases are singing and all the other classics will continue to crack with only the famous songs that remain in the history of rock.

Just 20 years from this event this year. That’s right, if I live 70 years birth.
Please listen to the overwhelming live of D · Bowie.

Offset 4Page Appears in booklet · jake, color · picture board, press CD. .






当時、D・ボウイはサイコホラーな内容の問題作”outside”を発表し、ナイン・インチ・ネイルズとの合同ツアーを敢行。リーブス・ガブレルス(G)、ゲイル・アン・ドロシー(Bass)、マイク・ガーソン(Kd)という最強バンド・メンバーとの充実した演奏などに刺激されてか、ツアー中に新曲を制作し演奏するという1973年のジギー時代のような創作エネルギーが沸点に達したまま次回作”アースリング”を制作。ジャングルと呼ばれる倍速のサンプリング・ドラム・リズムをモチーフにする手法で”Little Wonder”、”Seven Years In Tibet”、”I’m Afraid Of Americans”といった佳曲を次々と生み出していきます。

PIXESのフランク・ブラックとは”Scary Monsters”、デイヴ・グロールとは”Hallo Spaceboy”、
SONIC YOUTHとは”I’m Afraid Of Americans”、スマパンのビリー・コーガンとは感動的な”すべての若き野郎ども”とそれぞれのゲストにぴったりな楽曲を共演していますが、ロバート・スミスとの美しい”Quicksand”、そして会場中が低音で「ルー、ルー」と迎える帝王ルー・リードとの共演。ボウイも観客に自ら「ルー」と誘い水を撒いて嬉しそうです。

ゲスト以外にも、当時の新曲”Little Wonder”で幕を開け、ゲイル・アン・ドロシーがあのベース・フレーズを弾きながら見事なヴォーカルを聴かせる”Under Pressure”で感動に包まれた直後に”Heroes”を畳み掛けるショウ構成はパーフェクト!
ルー・リードとのコーナーで4曲を披露した直後には”Moonage Daydream”が唐突に始まり、アンコール前、ゲイル・アン・ドロシーの見事なヴォーカルと観客によるハッピー・バースデーの合唱とボウイの挨拶の直後に”すべての若き野郎ども”のイントロ・フレーズが鳴り渡り、もう全てがロック史に残る名曲ばかりでクラクラしちゃいます。




CD disc-1 :
01 Little Wonder
02 Heart’s Filthy Lesson
03 Scary Monsters With Frank Black
04 Fashion With Frank Black
05 Telling Lies
06 Hallo Spaceboy With The Foofighters*
07 Seven Years In Tibet With Dave Grohl
08 The Man Who Sold The World
09 The Last Thing You Should Do With Robert Smith
10 Quicksand With Robert Smith
11 Battle For Britain
12 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
13 I’m Afraid Of Americans With Sonic Youth

CD disc-2 :
01 Looking For Satellites
02 Under Pressure
03 Heroes
04 Queen Bitch With Lou Reed
05 I’m Waiting For The Man With Lou Reed
06 Dirty Boulevard With Lou Reed
07 White Light White Heat With Lou Reed
08 Moonage Daydream Incl.Band Introduction
09 Happy Birthday To Bowie
10 All The Young Dudes With Billy Corgan
11 The Jean Genie With Billy Corgan
12 Space Oddity


JOHANNA / JPCD – 002/3

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