David Bowie / Live Low 2002 / 2CD

David Bowie / Live Low 2002 / 2CD / Helden

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Roseland Ballroom New York, NY U.S.A. June 11, 2002. Digitally Remastered


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Tony Visconti of music producer, the Beatles fan married Mary Hopkin, is known as the man who married May Pang after the divorce and Mary. But was a musician to his own performance originally, his musical talent seems to have been directed to produce industry than to play yourself. It is he is transferred to a produce industry such as a T-Rex and Bowie our focus of activity from the 60s late in evidence. In particular, at the same time has become for a long time an important partner with Bowie, in particular the “LOW” the producer of “HEROES” Tony Visconti worked is in his typical work, work that was to ensure fame it can be said that. Although collaboration with Bowie had been lost since the “scary monsters” of 1980, in the “heathen” of the announcement in 2002 that it has been appointed to again produce for the first time in 22 years has become a hot topic among fans.

Bowie as a producer of the next album, made a singled out to Tony Visconti, which once produced the name board together. Something probably was something the sake in mind, for the sake of new leaf, the “Space Oditi” Tony has been asked to produce a lot of work in the 1970s from Visconti, so were asked to produce the album again is there. First place to start, fill the have time to leave, as if regain the former feeling, Bowie is to record the past songs of self-cover, which was announced in the ’60s. In addition to some of the new songs on the self-cover, which was recorded at this time, the album “TOY” is completed. Bowie crave the release of this album, “TOY”, but that the old music was the main, for reasons such as sales can not be expected, it was not out OK from the record company. After all, it has not been published until now. By the way, this “TOY” is flows out songs by now, it is popular among enthusiasts as unreleased album.

By the production ambitious with confidence “TOY” has refused to release, Bowie is very shocked. So now, collaboration with Tony Visconti as it continues, will be undertaken in the production of the complete original full album. Also frustrated by the fact that received the launch not a “TOY”, free creative activity is in the establishment and its own label “ISO” as can be, the next album, will be released as the first installment of this new label It became a thing. Although the result theory, collaboration of Bowie and Tony Visconti, it can be said that was something worthy of the beginnings of the new label. The reason why the album was completed through the twists and turns “heathen” was released was that of June 2002. Refers to the pagans as “heathen”, is the theme of the album “live era invisible of tomorrow”. This pessimistic and pessimistic theme is to have been inspired by the terrorist attacks in New York that occurred in the previous year, Bowie himself has is already recording is done at the time when the terrorist attacks occurred, the effect is denied there.

And it should be noted, the album “heathen” is, is a point that has been produced to underlay the apparently “TOY”. “TOY” what it had been shelved the release, new song “Uncle Floyd” was born in the course of its production is changing the title to “Slip Away”, it has been recorded in the “heathen” with “Afraid”. It atmosphere of the album that covers the whole also in other cases, lined with music, such as nostalgia to recall the former Bowie 70s. It is such as “Cactus”, just a Bowie itself of the late Berlin era, would say the new Bowie-Classicus built into even the set list in 2004, the end of the tour. And is the tour with the release of this “heathen” began. The Kokeraotoshi of heathen tour is done in New York on June 11, 2002, and 36 performances in the number of performances in just four months, was something relatively small. This work has been recorded its very first day, New York performances June 11, 2002.

Previously, heathen tour is said to have begun from New York June 11, 2002, the beginning of the following London performances on June 29, then, those that around Europe, for the sake of convenience heathen Tour this work treated as, but its contents would like to emphasize the major difference between the actual tour. In fact this might be the day is correct that made the concert in the single-shot in New York. Because the Bowie attempt was not so far been made is because the very special concerts.

This concert is a special stage a collection of only members of the official site called Bowie net. Special set list that called big topic at the time, the best Call of high between the fan Among the many stages of Bowie. What a concert the first half completely reproduce the album “LOW”, that play the songs remain the order of songs in the album, it is the is unheard of attempts have been made. There was to have been played in individual songs once live, I have never ever heard of that album whole. And the second half, the album “heathen”, in turn, that this also entire complete reproduction, of two of the album is as it was played on the stage. Of course, this is different from the usual heathen Tour, a special set list for this day. Then, after finishing the two of reproduction of the album, it is adding an encore four songs. Such irregular set list, and this performance, only two performances of the next London meltdown Fes. One of the only two shows experimental stage that only is this work.

Why it was subjected to such a special set list 2 performances only. Speaking regarding this and New York, it was strong nature of the album of the promotion, and this concert it was Bowie net members only, in other words the audience was only avid Bowie Mania. And perhaps, how this concert is on the premise, which is reported as news to be there all the world that first day, not of made a topicality that dare to completely reproduce the two albums that the “LOW”, “HEATHEN” I wonder. And Bowie dare chose this old and new two albums, is no doubt that there was a purpose to contrast the old and new work of Tony Visconti is a producer. But it will be what is each person feel from this comparison, to play the latest work continues after presenting his masterpiece, this fact is not inferior perfection be compared album “heathen” is a “LOW” It would be a sign of Bowie of confidence that boasts.

As can be seen if you could listen to the sound samples, recording a considerable high-quality sound is also heard in the current ear, is enough to remember the like illusion, such as the sound board recording. Recording location would of been pretty close to the stage, as if the short-range sense of not odd as if Bowie is singing in front of the eyes, especially the sound of the second half at a significantly heavy instrument of “LOW” part is quite clearly and clearly surprised that appear in front of the eyes. And listen to the sound of the saxophone played by Bowie in “Subterraneans”, is much I think that was not recorded in nearly feet beneath. Anyway, not too much to say that is the highest peak of the audience recording can not be expected any more with respect to sound quality.

Album and “LOW” the two old and new album of “heathen”, that songs played in the recorded song order, the special stage that took place in the unprecedented set list, the title is in this work that was completely recorded in the audience recording of the highest peak is there. One of the only a valuable stage is just two performances were showcased in this set list. The Bowie fan is a masterpiece that can not be lacking in poppy. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.




そして注目すべきは、アルバム『ヒーザン』が、明らかに『TOY』を下敷きに制作されている点である。『TOY』こそリリースを見送られてしまったが、その制作の過程で生まれた新曲「Uncle Floyd」はタイトルを「Slip Away」に変え、「Afraid」と共に『ヒーザン』に収録されている。それ以外でも全体を覆うアルバムの雰囲気は、70年代かつてのボウイを懐古的に想起するような楽曲が並ぶ。「カクタス」などは、まさにベルリン時代後期のボウイそのものであり、2004年最後のツアーにおいてもセットリストに組み込まれた新たなボウイ・クラシクスと言えるだろう。そしてこの『ヒーザン』のリリースに伴いツアーが始まったのである。ヒーザン・ツアーのこけら落としは2002年6月11日のニューヨークで行なわれ、わずか4か月で公演数にして36公演と、比較的小規模なものであった。本作はそのまさに初日、2002年6月11日ニューヨーク公演を収録している。






Low Album Complete
01. Introduction
02. Speed of Life
03. Breaking Glass
04. What In The World
05. Sound & Vision
06. Always Crashing In The Same Car
07. Be My Wife
08. A New Career In A New Town
09. Warszawa #1
10. Warszawa #2
11. Art Decade
12. Weeping Wall
13. Subterraneans

Heathen Album Complete
14. Sunday
15. Cactus
16. Slip Away
17. Slow Burn

01. Afraid
02. I’ve Been Waiting For You
03. I Would Be Your Slave
04. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft
05. 5.15 the Angels Have Gone
06. Everyone Says “Hi”
07. A Better Future
08. Heathen (The Rays)

09. Hallo Spaceboy
10. Ashes To Ashes
11. Fashion
12. I’m Afraid of Americans

Helden. Den – 056/057

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