Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1975 1st Night / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / LA Forum 1975 1st Night / 3CD / Non Label

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The Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 24th March 1975 & Mike Millard Unmarked 1st Gen Cassettes Transfer


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Mountain Yes it has valley. It is the staging of ZEP in LA forum became the final day of the 1975 US tour. Originally ’75 US tour but wind and Paige of the plant had been press ahead in the context of the wounded that injured finger, ZEP from the second leg of the tour that such trouble has been made fit in rapidly raising the tone snow you. Sound board recording is what has been seen the signs from the famous Dallas Atari, but the Long Beach Arena two days suddenly death and voltage performance is from the eyes is dramatically improved, and each person from there to lively performance peak is followed. This time is in the place that you are well known, if mania is Meien set of ’75, is what you have to prove that it had been even more culminated in there that the excavation of the sound board recording is followed.
But was thought to whether the rip as it is LA three performances even if this situation of momentum, surprisingly so also did not become (laughs). Now strong image, such as LA forum = ZEP of Meien determination of the ’70s, that the item such as Blueberry Hill and Eddie has played a significant be contributing to its spread is no doubt. But 75 years LA forum from that enthusiastic performance to the bottom could not be waged, I unexpectedly evaluation is poor even among ZEP mania. From such image about Blueberry Hill and Eddie you think the item is not there also has not been established.

However, the impression would reflected thinner until there is is because Long Beach the second day and Seattle twice live was too stand out content, it has become a very interesting play content LA also has valley has mountain , it would be fact. First of all the first day, it is a live of March 24. As can be seen from the fact that this day is the happening that the timing of the ending of “Sick Again” in the early shifts have also gone up early, speedy is hushed sound of it until there was to live from March middle, surprising such as we have reflected carefully as if you are trying to play.
Official site this day will 8mm video can be seen that have been taken from the audience in, Paige is playing while accompanied by fairly intense stage action, too much to focus there, careless miss, such as the earlier happening It will was closed. This is the first half of this day somehow true atmosphere that Okkanabikkuri, but Paige is at once makes it easier to play violently in the “In My Time Of Dying” playing the slide guitar.
In other words, (each live, for example, in July) there tends to day not pond in ’77, it is not simply the fact that live to lackluster throughout. In rather someday songs, you place the moment you shine as clearly it can be seen that visit is a place that is interesting in ’75 LA performances. This first day of Meien would say that it was “In My ~”.

Also in “Dazed And Confused” is this time of the feature also began to hypertrophy to a length of more than 30 minutes from Seattle Atari, it comes to LA for three days, we have evolved to a situation where a 30-minute all day . However, these developments are in most cases that stretching is Paige part of “connection” in each section of the main long play, does not mean that the long bargaining of improvisation than usual. On the contrary, this day would be crazy playing Les Paul immediately Paige of starting tuning (’72 “Dazed And ~” of Budokan) is also Yes, but it is early trouble is apt to occur in this song …) , Paige at intervals of playing we somehow tuning, but does not deny feeling that had been foiled a projecting part.
Although there was in the 1st of these waves, it is late and group unity. Paige is of us let the phrase as if burning literally in “Stairway To Heaven”, but this is great! Also appearing in the “Whole Lotta Love,” “The Crunge” also show a much more cohesive deployment than Long Beach. Again there are still instantaneous force to Paige, faster that the bounce back from scattered been Misuton in three days, only it would be unique in ’75 has not yet fallen to the situation the play becomes rough.

Mike Millard and that was Mise to catch a high-quality audience recording of the incredible spectacle show of such first day. It is thought to be either seen, if I listen to this release, but the ’75 of LA three days is a recording state boasts a shocking sound pressure among the ZEP sound source that he left behind. Among them, the first day in the real more the strange sound of Paige of guitar, this is not an exaggeration to say no longer a sound board level. That’s why it has been this day mistouch also vividly captured that he had issued to, anyway there is no so called only with phenomenal.
But the audience recording Maestro, Millard also this day at the same time and had been distracted by the rest of the tape in the middle of “Trampled Underfoot” I think from the fact that the first day, happening happening that volume has cracked the sound up It has. Perhaps you’ve touched the volume level in an attempt to prepare for the tape exchange, or would not be such a place.
Being scattered playing on the mistakes that have been mentioned so far, the latest and eventually is mirrored the ’75 ZEP seems stage of that would Nejifuse recordings captured by the sound of surprise, it that JEMS has been transferred from a low Generation version The best version was released determined by the limit of the press CD. Of course, the purpose is the release that contain the Millard sound source faithfully This time, cut point that including the “Rock And Roll” of the opening does not compensate. Please enjoy the pure Millard recording only!


しかし、そこまで印象が薄く映ってしまうのはロングビーチ二日目やシアトル二回のライブがあまりに抜きん出た内容であったからであり、LAも山あり谷ありで非常に面白い演奏内容となっている、それが事実でしょう。まずは初日、3月24日のライブです。この日は序盤の「Sick Again」のエンディングのタイミングがずれるというハプニングが早くも起きてしまったことからも解るように、それまで3月中盤からのライブにあった疾走感が鳴りを潜め、意外なほど慎重に演奏しようとしているかのように映っています。
オフィシャル・サイトでこの日の客席から撮影された8mm映像が見られますが、ペイジはかなり激しいステージ・アクションを伴いながら弾いており、そこに集中するあまり、先のようなケアレス・ミスが起きてしまったのでしょう。なんとなくおっかなびっくりという雰囲気が当てはまるこの日の前半ですが、ペイジがスライドギターを弾く「In My Time Of Dying」で一気に演奏が激しくなります。
つまり、77年のイケてない日にありがちな(例えば7月の各ライブ)、全体を通して精彩を欠いたライブということは断じてありません。むしろいつかの曲において、はっきりとわかるほど輝く瞬間が訪れるところが75年LA公演の面白いところなのです。この日最初の名演が「In My~」だったと言えるでしょう。

またシアトル辺りから「Dazed And Confused」が30分を超える長さにまで肥大し始めたのもこの時期の特徴で、それがLA三日間になると、すべての日で30分するという状況にまで進化しました。ところが、これらの展開は主に長い演奏の各セクションにおける「つなぎ」の部分をペイジが引き伸ばしている場合がほとんどであり、いつもよりもインプロビゼーションの駆け引きが長いという訳ではありません。それどころか、この日は演奏が始まってすぐにペイジのレスポールのチューニングが狂ってしまい(72年武道館の「Dazed And~」)もそうですが、この曲の序盤でトラブルが起きやすいですよね…)、演奏の合間でペイジは何とかチューニングしていますが、出鼻をくじかれてしまった感は否めません。
こうした波のある一日ではありましたが、終盤になるとグループは一致団結。ペイジは「Stairway To Heaven」で文字通り燃え上がるかのようなフレーズを聞かせてくれるのですが、これは素晴らしい!また「Whole Lotta Love」で登場する「The Crunge」もロングビーチよりはるかにまとまりのある展開をみせています。やはりペイジにもまだまだ瞬発力があり、三日間で散見されたミストーンから立ち直るのが早く、ただプレイが粗くなってしまう状況には陥っていないのが75年ならではでしょう。

しかしオーディエンス録音のマエストロ、ミラードもこの日が初日ということからでしょうか「Trampled Underfoot」の途中でテープの残りに気を取られてしまったと同時に、ボリュームが上がって音が割れてしまうというハプニングが起きています。恐らくはテープ交換の準備をしようとしてボリューム・レベルに触れてしまった、そんなところではないでしょうか。
ここまで挙げてきた演奏上のミスが散見されつつ、結局はねじ伏せてしまうという75年のZEPらしいステージをミラードが驚きの音像で捉えた録音、それをJEMSがロージェネレーション・バージョンからトランスファーした最新かつ最良のバージョンが限定のプレスCDにてリリース決定しました。もちろん今回もミラード音源を忠実に封じ込めるのがリリースの目的です、オープニングの「Rock And Roll」を始めとしたカット箇所は補填していません。あくまでピュアなミラード・レコーディングをお楽しみください!

Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 24th March 1975

Disc 1 (52:55)
1. Rock And Roll 2. Sick Again 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. In My Time Of Dying
5. The Song Remains The Same 6. The Rain Song 7. Kashmir

Disc 2 (57.11)
1. No Quarter 2. Trampled Underfoot 3. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (73:19)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Black Dog
5. Heartbreaker

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