Colosseum II / Reading Rock 76 / 1CDR+1DVDR

Colosseum II / Reading Rock 76 / 1CDR+1DVDR /Amity

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16th National Jazz Blues & Rock Festival,

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Even in the history of the English rock in the legendary band crowded, it is a famous band, COLOSSEUM II. A rare set of cultural heritage grade records that recorded the stage on which the fiercest people such as John · Heisman, Gary Moore, Don Aile and so on are side by side is reprinted.
The engraved in this work is “Reading Festival August 26, 1976”. It is a set of 2 set that best live album and video set. This record was a story of the world as a press title of Langley label. It was a legendary title sold out in an instant regardless of not being a major band, with so much preciousness and tremendous quality shaking the shock. This work is its reprint board. Let’s introduce CD and DVD.

【Disk 1: Ultimate live album of related person recording】
First of all, it is a live album of Disk 1, which was recorded when the record company staff at that time passed, and its original master is made into CD directly. Such a master sound is super-superb superior which requires no pillars of “At that time” and “For outdoor recording”. Especially the performance feeling has no sense of distance, the core is also extremely super direct feeling. If the detail is also abnormal, even if the feeling that the pick touches the guitar string between songs is super sharp between songs, the waveform of the vibe is visible to the baseline. In fact it is a spatial recording of the outdoor festival, but as you can hear it sounds like a soundboard or a sound close to the studio rehearsal.
The show drawn with that sound is also the shock itself. First of all, let’s look back on the activity schedule at the time in order to know the background.

· January 29 – March 28: UK (25 performances)
“April” STRANGE NEW FLESH released ”
· April 22 – 19: Europe (37 performances)
“July Stars / Murray exit → Mall subscription”
· August 19-28: UK (3 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 4 + 5 / November 13: UK (3 performances)
· December: European tour?
“December” ELECTRIC SAVAGE “Production”

This is the flow of 1976. COLOSSEUM II who released his debut “STRANGE NEW FLESH” from the BRONZE label dared to tour the Europe. However, the sale of the album is not good, drops from BRONZE with 1 piece. At the same time Neil Murray and Mike Stars of Vocal will also leave. However, at this time already the appearance to the reading / festival has already been decided, hurriedly adopting John Mall as the base. Vocal will be a system of four people concurrently served by Gary Moore. Although somehow restructured the system, the BRONZE label just exited here and a rights issue occurred. You will not be able to play any repertoire of “STRANGE NEW FLESH” at all.
This work is a live that appeared in that situation. For that reason, we do not play one song from the debut work, other than “Rivers” which will be recorded later on 2nd album “ELECTRIC SAVAGE”, it is a show full of completely unreleased songs. However, because it makes it wonderful, rock and strange things. In addition to being originally a free jazz rock band, members are masterpieces that leave their names in history. Moreover, it is added to the young passion which was trying to rush up the stairs to the heyday, and it becomes a wonderful show which plenty injects a violent improvisionation into the skeleton of a rough song.
Everyone can listen to a tremendous performance, including Heizan, who already has the style of Battle of Martial Arts, but young guitar · crazy is still the most popular. Every song makes a hot and dramatic solo, and with a battle to be withdrawn it pulls the berserkers with guigui. It is breathtaking by overwhelming instruments, but singing voice with it back is slightly ambitious with 24 year old ambition and passion. Especially listening is the last “People Back Home in Ireland”. Based on the Irish folk song riff, it will be prosperous for nearly 20 minutes. As a legendary jazz rock band, as the dawn of the guitar hero, it is a very special and wonderful miracle of a miracle.

【Disk 2: Ultra precious 8 mm film】
Following disc 2 is video editing. Actually, this staff has turned 8 mm in the field, and it was digitized from its original film. In the 1976 Reading Festival there were no pictures left (artwork was produced from 8 mm of this work), and that sight can be seen in a moving figure … …. Moreover, quality is also superb because it is Daimyo Direct. Brilliant coloring and vivid details are incredible, which is completely different from video raising. Don Eile who spins furious phrases while smiling with Nico Nico, Mall to strum the bass all at once, and Heismz who shows supervision while supervising everything … …. Gary is overwhelming here too. With a flashy action beyond the hard rock era, I roamed the stage side-by-side, rebelliously, shouted, teeth playing Jimi henbari! It is amazing. It is a picture that can be said only as a cultural heritage.
Also, the sound is also a point. Because this 8 mm film was a silent filming, basically it covers the top voice of Disc 1 basically. But that’s not all. Actually, this staff was interviewing Gary Moore and John Mall at the back stage of the day. As a result, it is not used for magazines and media, it is an unpublished interview, but its live voice is also included. The talk that the vintage 8 mm sight hits is like a history show. Aroma of 1976 will rise to Munmun.
Moreover, the content is dark again. They talked about the situation of the Colosseum of the time very realistically, especially Gary describes the participation episodes of SKID ROW and the 5-person formation era, and even THIN LIZZY in detail. Furthermore, when the interviewer invites “a message to Japanese fans”, it is surprising that there is someone who knows my name in Japan (laughing) “. No doubt it would have been a dream to have a Japanese who listens to this remark for over 40 years.

Sound, performance, and performance. Anyway, everything is overwhelming and super valuable. It is too legendary title. Discontinued Since it is a long cultural heritage, I want to touch many people even if I am alone. From Amity that you can afford, it is majestically reprinted.


Philip John “Jon” Hiseman (21st June 1944 – 12th June 2018)
Robert William Gary Moore (4th April 1952 – 6th February 2011)
John Mole (25th April 1949 – 1st August 2006)

伝説的なバンドがひしめく英国ロック史でも極めつけの名バンド、COLOSSEUM II。ジョン・ハイズマン、ゲイリー・ムーア、ドン・エイリーといった猛者たちが並び立った現場ステージを記録した文化遺産級の貴重セットが復刻です。


・8月19日-28日:英国(3公演)  ←★ココ★

これが1976年の流れ。BRONZEレーベルからデビュー作『STRANGE NEW FLESH』をリリースしたCOLOSSEUM IIは、欧州ツアーを敢行。しかし、アルバムの売れ行きは芳しくなく、1枚でBRONZEからドロップ。時を同じくしてニール・マーレイとヴォーカルのマイク・スターズも離脱してしまいます。しかし、この時にはすでにレディング・フェステイバルへの出演が決まっており、急遽ベースにジョン・モールを採用。ヴォーカルはゲイリー・ムーアが兼任する4人体制になるのです。何とか体制を立て直したものの、ここで離脱したばかりのBRONZEレーベルと権利問題が発生。『STRANGE NEW FLESH』のレパートリーが一切演奏できなくなってしまいます。
本作は、そうした状況で出演したライヴ。そのため、デビュー作から1曲も演奏せず、後に2ndアルバム『ELECTRIC SAVAGE』に収録される「Rivers」の他は、完全未発表曲だらけのショウなのです。しかし、それが素晴らしくなるからロックとは不思議なもの。元々フリーなジャズロック・バンドな事に加え、メンバーは歴史に名を残す名手揃い。しかも、全盛期への階段を駆け上ろうとしていた若きパッションまで上乗せされ、ラフな曲の骨格に猛烈なインプロヴィゼーションをたっぷりと注入する素晴らしいショウになるのです。
すでに百戦錬磨の風格を漂わせるハイズマンを筆頭に全員が凄まじい演奏を聴かせるのですが、やはり圧巻なのは若きギター・クレイジー。どの曲でも熱くドラマティックなソロを轟かせ、丁々発止のバトルで猛者どもをグイグイと引っ張る。圧倒的なインストに気圧されますが、それをバックにした歌声には若干24歳の野心と情熱が丸出しです。特に必聴なのはラストの「People Back Home in Ireland」。アイルランド民謡調のリフをベースに20分近くド迫力に盛り上がりまくる。伝説のジャズロック・バンドとしても、ギターヒーローの黎明期としても、あまりにも特別で素晴らしすぎる奇跡の名演なのです。

続くディスク2は映像編。実は、このスタッフは現場で8ミリも回しており、そのオリジナル・フィルムからデジタル化されたものなのです。1976年のレディング・フェスティバルは写真すら残っておらず(アートワークは本作の8ミリから制作しました)、その光景を動く姿で観られるとは……。しかも、大元ダイレクトなためにクオリティも極上。ビデオ起こしとはまったく違う艶やかな発色と鮮やかなディテールは驚異的。ニコニコと微笑みながら猛烈なフレーズを紡ぐドン・エイリー、一心不乱にベースをかき鳴らすモール、そしてすべてを統括しながら神業を見せつけるハイズマン……。ここでも圧倒的なのはゲイリー。ハードロック時代以上に派手なアクションで、縦横無尽にステージを歩き回り、仰け反り、シャウトし、ジミヘンばりの歯弾き! 凄い。まさしく文化遺産としか言いようがない映像です。
しかも、内容がまた濃い。2人は当時のコロシアムの状況を非常にリアルに語ってくれており、特にゲイリーはSKID ROWや5人編成時代、さらにはTHIN LIZZYへの参加エピソードも詳しく語るのです。さらにインタビュアが「日本のファンへのメッセージを」と誘うと、「(笑いながら)日本に僕の名前を知っている人がいるなんて驚きだ」と応える。まさか、40年以上も経ってからこの発言を感慨深く聴く日本人がいるとは、夢にも思わなかったことでしょう。



Philip John “Jon” Hiseman (21st June 1944 – 12th June 2018)
Robert William Gary Moore (4th April 1952 – 6th February 2011)
John Mole (25th April 1949 – 1st August 2006)

1. Can’t Get By 2. Sandstorm Ahead 3. Rivers
4. Instrumental feat. Jon Hiseman Drums Solo
5. People Back Home in Ireland Pt.1 6. People Back Home in Ireland Pt.2

Filmed live performance at Reading Festival on 28th August 1976
feat. Exclusive interviews of Gary Moore & John Mole recorded at backstage of Reading Festival 1976

1. Mix #1
2. Mix #2

COLOUR NTSC Approx.15min.

Jon Hiseman – Drums Gary Moore – Guitar & Vocal John Mole – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards

Amity 459

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