Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band / Osaka 1985 Day 1 / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band / Osaka 1985 Day 1 / 3CD / Non Label
Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 22nd April 1985

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The masterpiece of Bruce Springsteen’s first visit to Japan, released by the ZION label a few years ago, is “OSAKA 1985 1ST NIGHT”. Realized the world-class achievement of making a CD from the master cassette of “BOSS IN THE EAST VOL.1&2”, a nostalgic LP for maniacs. Especially among old enthusiasts, the sound was finally heard on the CD!
As a result, “BOSS IN THE EAST” LP has fallen into an item that can still be easily found in the secondhand market. Until that day, there were three types of audience recordings, and it is sometimes mistakenly said that the fourth sound source appeared due to the appearance of “OSAKA 1985 1ST NIGHT” on overseas sites, but actually it is ahead. Will it be positioned as the upper version of the LP sound source?
Because it was an excavation sound source of such shock, “OSAKA 1985 1ST NIGHT” (hereinafter referred to as “existing board”) was sold out and has become a long-term item. Therefore, it is also an item that was eager for a re-release as well as the famous “TOKYO 1985 3RD NIGHT” on the third day of the release of Tokyo. However, like the third day in Tokyo, the shock source was delivered to the ZION label. It was provided by a sound source collector who was familiar with the usual Clapton and Stones performances in Japan, and above all, provided the master of the already released board. In addition, the sound quality of this version is also vivid, and the sound quality is so high that it exceeds the sound quality of the already released board. It is a sound source that has a reputation for its sound quality since the LP era, but it is a sound image that is on than that. Moreover, it has a bold taste, and it will have a big impact on maniacs all over the world who thought that the already released version was the definitive edition of this day.

To tell the truth, this sound source is not a new excavation, it was what was spreading on the net in 2013. The taper mjk5510 that appeared at the “ST. PAUL 1984 1ST NIGHT” on the first day of the tour was released. The version he released at that time was a second generation (that is, twice dubbed) copy, but this time of course the master tape itself that exists in Japan. When mjk5510 was released, it was hailed as “the best sound source of the day” overseas, but it still stands out clearly before this release. In the mjk5510 version, the sound of “go” is amplified when it becomes a quiet part such as between songs, and there is also a feeling of being muffled as if it was veiled. There is no doubt that they are evidence of Gene dropping that was carved between the two dubbings.
In that respect, this version has an extremely natural and clear texture. The freshness is also wonderful. The one that shows the difference in master quality in various ways. Even though it was recorded using Densuke, unlike the master, it is not said that it was dubbed twice in the 80’s cassette trade (as mjk5510 testified).

Also, the Osaka performance had a great excitement, and he also caught the appearance of playing the heated up before the excitement of the blues, but on the other hand, it seems that there were many foreigners around the board. It was true that there were some parts that seemed offensive to the ear. However, this time there is no offensive presence near the foreigner before (I’m On Fire) around the start, and in that respect, it also conveys an upper feeling that clearly exceeds the existing board. It will be even more prominent if it is recorded from a master tape.
The stadium has become the norm for the “BORN IN THE USA” tour, and Bruce and his group are enthusiastic about the gymnasium gig in Kyoto that they realized for the first time in the Far East. I think I got in Osaka. The show of the day, with the excitement of the example, is really wonderful. The proof of this is the prominent performance of “Backstreets” in Japan for the first time. In the first place, on the “BORN IN THE USA” tour, the song that had been completely unplayed since the fall of the previous year was revived in Sydney just before the performance in Japan for a long time, and the reason why even more wonderful performance was shown on this day is simply “ Perhaps it was because Bruce’s thought that “I want to tell people in this country about “Backstreets”” was overwhelmed.
And this sound source had some deficiencies during recording, but in this 2013 version of mjk5510, I was connecting the sound sources with extremely poor sound quality, but this time I took advantage of my country’s strengths (Laughs) I’m carefully adjusting the already released board. As was the case with “Glory Days” in “ST. PAUL 1984 1ST NIGHT”, the editing technique of mjk5510 is so unfortunate that I’m so naive. By the way, the supplementary point for the cut that occurs after the middle stage of “The Promised Land”, this is a perfect sampler part to be compared with the previous sound source, how the sound quality of this time is outstanding It easily proves. The smoothness of such editing is also the ZION label, and above all, the ultimate upper feeling realized by original acquisition is exceptional. World, this is Japanese master quality!

★A world new collection of new spring teen collectors! !! Moreover, the highest sound quality ever! !!

数年前にZIONレーベルがリリースしたブルース・スプリングスティーン初来日公演の名盤が「OSAKA 1985 1ST NIGHT」。マニアには懐かしいLP「BOSS IN THE EAST VOL.1&2」のマスターカセットからのCD化という世界的快挙を実現。特にオールド・マニアの間で「遂にあの音がCDで聞けるようになった!」と大反響を巻き起こしたものでした。
そのせいで「BOSS IN THE EAST」LPは現在も中古市場にて簡単に見つけられてしまうアイテムへと成り下がってしまったほど。この日はそれまで三種類のオーディエンス録音が存在し、海外サイトなどでは「OSAKA 1985 1ST NIGHT」の登場によって四番の音源が登場、と誤記されている場合もあるのですが、実際には先のLPの音源のアッパー版という位置づけになるかと。
こうした衝撃の発掘音源だったことから、「OSAKA 1985 1ST NIGHT」(以下、既発盤と称します)は売り切れとなって久しいアイテムと化してしまいました。よって今回同時リリースの東京三日目の名盤「TOKYO 1985 3RD NIGHT」と同様に再リリースが渇望されていたアイテムでもあります。しかし東京三日目と同様、こちらも衝撃の音源がZIONレーベルの元に届けられたのです。それの提供者はいつものクラプトン、ストーンズの来日公演音源でおなじみ、そして何より既発盤のマスターを提供してくれた音源コレクターからのもの。おまけに今回のバージョンの音質がまた鮮烈で、何と既発盤の音質をも上回ってしまうほどの高音質ぶり。LP時代からその音質には定評のあった音源ですが、それよりもオンな音像。なおかつ骨太な味わいがあり、既発盤こそがこの日の決定版だと思っていた世界中のマニアに大きな衝撃を与えることでしょう。

実を言うと今回の音源は新発掘という訳ではなく、2013年にはネット上に広まっていたもの。それを公開したのは同時リリースのツアー初日「ST. PAUL 1984 1ST NIGHT」のところでも登場したテーパーmjk5510。その時に彼が公開したバージョンはセカンド・ジェネレーション(つまり二回ダビングを経ている)コピーだったのですが、今回はもちろん日本に存在するマスターテープそのもの。mjk5510が公開した際、海外では「この日のベスト音源」と絶賛されたのですが、それでも今回のリリースの前ではあからさまに見劣りしてしまう。mjk5510バージョンは曲間など静音部になると「ゴー」という音が増幅されており、なおかつベールを被ったかのようなこもり感もある。それらが二回のダビングの間に刻まれてしまったジェネ落ちの証であることは間違いない。

それに大阪公演は盛り上がりが素晴らしく、ブルース以下その盛り上がりを前にヒートアップした演奏を聞かせた様子も捉えてくれていたのですが、既発盤はその反面、周囲に外人の観客が多かったようで、それが時として耳障りに映る個所があったのは事実。ところが今回は外人以前に近くで耳障りな存在がなく(「I’m On Fire」開始時辺りで気になる程度)その点においても既発盤をはっきりと上回るアッパー感を伝えてくれるもの。それがマスターテープからの収録ともなればより一層際立ちます。
もはやスタジアムが当たり前となってしまっていた「BORN IN THE USA」ツアーにおいて、初めて訪れた極東の地で久しぶりに実現した京都での体育館ギグに意気の上がったブルース一行は、その勢いを持続して大阪に乗り込んだのでしょう。そこに例の盛り上がりが合わさったこの日のショーは本当に素晴らしい。その証が重厚な演奏による「Backstreets」の日本初披露。そもそも「BORN IN THE USA」ツアーでは前年の秋からすっかり演奏されなくなってしまっていた曲が来日公演直前のシドニーで久々に復活し、この日さらに素晴らしい演奏が披露された要因は、一重に「この国の人たちに「Backstreets」を聞かせてあげたい」というブルースの思いがよぎったからでしょう。
そして今回の音源は録音時にいくつかの欠損が生じていたのですが、これがmjk5510の2013年バージョンですと極端に音質の落ちる音源を雑につなげていたのですが、今回は自国の強みを活かし(笑)既発盤で丁寧にアジャストしています。「ST. PAUL 1984 1ST NIGHT」の「Glory Days」がそうだったように、mjk5510の編集テクニックはどうにも稚拙だから困りもの。ちなみに「The Promised Land」の中盤以降で生じるカットに対する補填個所、これは前回の音源との聞き比べの対象となる絶好のサンプラー・パートであり、いかに今回の音源がずば抜けたクオリティであるかをいとも簡単に証明してくれる。こうした編集のなめらかさもZIONレーベルならでは、何より独自入手によって実現した究極のアッパー感は格別。世界よ、これが日本のマスタークオリティだ!



Disc 1 (75:07)
1. Intro
2. Born In The U.S.A.
3. Badlands
4. Out In The Street
5. Johnny 99
6. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
7. The River
8. Darlington County
9. Prove It All Night
10. Glory Days
11. The Promised Land
12. MC
13. My Hometown
14. Thunder Road

Disc 2 (54:52)
1. Cover Me
2. Dancing In The Dark
3. Hungry Heart
4. Cadillac Ranch
5. I’m On Fire
6. Bobby Jean
7. Backstreets
8. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Disc 3 (30:25)
1. Applause / MC
2. Born To Run
3. Detroit Medley
4. Twist And Shout / Do You Love Me


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