Bruce Springsteen / Born In The USA Essential Rare Masters / 1CD

Bruce Springsteen / Born In The USA Essential Rare Masters / 1CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Rough Mixes and Outtakes from“Born In The U.S.A.” session Recorded at The Power Station & The Hit Factory, New York January 1982 – March 1984


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Previous shop has released “Ties That Bind: Unreleased Album” is just rainy day official release was realized, this time rare sound source collection of smash hit album “Born In The USA” of the century will be released! This is a rough mix and outtakes such as rare sound of the album, but not spaced between from the album release of so much, and had been released some in the LP. It is then released in CD item, for example, “Murder Incorporated: The Lost Masterpiece” and the like would be called a nostalgia of the name board.
But herein with respect to recently, there is no sign of upgrade versions of these sound source is released. Rare sound source is why that was heard briefly about it previously …. And it had voice of “” Born In The USA “whether related should not be allowed out?” Were received at the time the shop has released a prototype of “The River”, “Ties That Bind”. Now fossil no better than the items that had been released in the past, yet in and whether … I do not go out more current quality level in the appropriate title, JEMS I was not let flow through the rare sound of “Born In The USA”.
Other summarizes the sound source from the past of the title fans, yet was subjected to re-master “Unsatisfied Heart Remastered Born In The USA Outtakes,” such as, but I title was also in circulation, it is completely the title of “Remastered” has backfired, sound equalization feeling fully open was any way to listen and painful things. On the contrary had been released in ’90 age “Lost Master Series” is also the equalizing feeling was strong. It is not and RESET to a series of “Born In The USA” because rare sound source reference for cassette copy of the rough mix is ​​in the original “Ties That Bind” level master quality. But recently here, JEMS had to get the upgrade versions of these sound source.
JEMS is released separately sound source into two parts, even this temporary had been considering the release of a restrictive press CD by two sets. However, the present invention is not limited to Springsteen, the studio of the rough mix sound sources there is one side that lacks the interesting fact. Also with respect to a sound source of JEMS, such as “Tracks” songs I do not have fun in a different take, such as just sloppy of intense drop of perfection “My Love Will Not Let You Down” and “Murder Incorporated”. So it decided to condense into one about the first appearance sound source in this press CD release, moreover, it was together even more is easy to hear in that it has rearranged in order of songs in the album. It became this title. The characteristics of each sound source Let’s touch here.

1. Born In The USA
“Murder Incorporated: The Lost Masterpiece” familiar, unedited long version for a long time and the like. Mix is ​​still feeling the rough is really, but you know that whole ton had been cut at the time of endlessly riff is subsequently not part of the album, even from past quarters. Rough mix of the most famous songs in the album. This is what I enjoy.

2. Cover Me
Rough mix of the first appearance this time. Intro starts from the count of Springsteen, he also ending will end playing without fade-out continues to play the guitar solo.

3. Darlington County
It is a rough mix that is listen from before, but most recording in natural sound quality this time. Second of the lyrics are different part. And where Springsteen and Little Steven of harmony has not been divided into the left and right have a rough mix natural. Ending Drying without fade-out here.

4. Working On The Highway
on the second of the lyrics is just slightly different, strong and rough mix of echo than the album version. Here also natural sound quality than the previous item.

5. Downbound Train
On intro that starts from the count has not been reduced, the sound of the acoustic guitar that did not hear most of the album is sounded Jakajaka. Here also natural sound quality than the previous item.

6. first appearance of the rough mix. Still thin presence of synth, you end not fade-out on top of all that the ending was followed by endlessly.

7. Bobby Jean
One of the highlights among the first appearance was rough mix this time. It is a “strange keyboard intro” version that has been likened to the in technical book of Springsteen in the past. Since the rough mix that the blues is the sound of piano Roy tail sounded in the middle that the count had suffered, that it was heard like a intro, that it had been represented as such this in I think either Nara you can see in. However, when the play starts it is is interesting conspicuous synth than piano.

8. I’m Goin ‘Down
The recorded rough mix by natural sound quality that has been known for a long time. No guitar overdubs of both acoustic and electric at this time, Clarence Clemons has continued to blow the saxophone in the whole volume instead. It is it I was replaced by the guitar class. Intro and ending long.

9. Glory Days
The Complete version that contains the lyrics that had been cut in the album. This is also famous for a long time, but with clearness is striking because this is the natural state.

10. Dancing In The Dark
big hits rough mix finally appeared. continued blowing the Clarence is endlessly Sachs even after the song part is finished, the last has been completely From far ending without fade-out playing.

11. Protection
Song Springsteen and the version by E · Street Band own that sent to Donna Summer. The basic arrangement is the same, but the disco whiff of that was in her version is nil. It boasts a complete enough not amusing even put into this album remains.

12. None But The Brave
Ten years ago in the “ESSENTIAL SPRINGSTEEN” section in the release is a stretch major exist and turned into out-take as the centerpiece track. Version is Springsteen recorded in there but had been re-recording the vocals in the 1990s, here recorded in the original vocal at the time in 1983. And backing track is also the unfinished state.

13. Drop On Down And Cover Me
Although it is a famous outtake along with previous song, but neither was a painful state to listen to tight distortion in the past of the item. But it is this finally the emergence of the upgrade version that distortion has decreased.

14. Pink Cadillac
Rounding out the last of the rare sound source collection, the first appearance rough mix of popular songs that had been issued in a single coupling-only. It is almost a state such as mono, but again it is a surprise from a ending he listen to the point where end playing without fade-out.

Appeared after a long time, “Born In The USA” only say outtakes collection of even that enthusiasts around the world to attention it seems whether definitely, but rare perfect score contents also the highest-studded rough mix of first appearance. Masterpiece album of nostalgia single has been in rapid succession out of the album, please enjoy slowly and carefully in his natural sound quality of its completion just before. Cassette copy is in the original sound source tend to pitch crazy firmly adjustment of. Suitable for just called Essential, enhancement of rare sound source collection will be released in limited press CD!

以前当店がリリースした「Ties That Bind: Unreleased Album」はまさかのオフィシャルリリースが実現したばかりですが、今回は世紀の大ヒット・アルバム「Born In The USA」のレア音源集がリリースされます!このアルバムのラフミックスやアウトテイクといったレア音源ですが、アルバムのリリースからそれほど間を空けず、LPでいくつかリリースされていました。その後CDアイテムでもリリースされ、例えば「Murder Incorporated: The Lost Masterpiece」などは懐かしの名盤と呼べるでしょう。
しかしここ最近に関しては、これらの音源のアップグレード・バージョンがリリースされる気配がありません。以前はあれほど簡単に聴かれたレア音源がどうして…。しかも当店が「The River」のプロトタイプである「Ties That Bind」をリリースした時点において「”Born In The USA”関連は出さないのか?」という声が寄せられていました。過去にリリースされていたアイテムは今や化石同然、それでいてもっと現在のクオリティ・レベルにふさわしいタイトルは出ないのか…そんな中、JEMSは「Born In The USA」のレア音源を流通せていたのです。
他には過去のタイトルからの音源をファンがまとめ、しかもリマスターを施した「Unsatisfied Heart Remastered Born In The USA Outtakes」といったタイトルも流通していたのですが、それは「Remastered」というタイトルが完全に裏目に出ており、イコライズ感全開のサウンドはどうにも聴き辛いものでした。それどころか90年年代にリリースされていた「Lost Master Series」もまたイコライズ感が強かったのです。一連の「Born In The USA」レア音源はラフミックスの参考用カセット・コピーが元になっているので「Ties That Bind」レベルのマスター・クオリティには及びません。ところがここ最近、JEMSがこれらの音源のアップグレード・バージョンを入手していました。
JEMSは音源を二つのパートに分けてリリースしており、今回も一時は二枚組による限定プレスCDでのリリースを検討していました。しかしスプリングスティーンに限らず、スタジオのラフミックス音源は面白味を欠く一面があるのは事実。JEMSの音源に関しても、例えば「Tracks」収録曲などは完成度の落差が激しく「My Love Will Not Let You Down」や「Murder Incorporated」の別テイクなどは雑なだけで面白味がないのです。そこで今回のプレスCDリリースにおいては初登場音源を中心として一枚に凝縮することを決め、しかもアルバムの曲順に並べ替えたことでなおさら聴きやすくまとめたのです。それが今回のタイトルとなりました。それぞれの音源の特徴をここで触れてみましょう。

1. Born In The USA
「Murder Incorporated: The Lost Masterpiece」などで古くからおなじみ、未編集ロングバージョン。ミックスがまだラフなのがいかにもといった感じですが、4分を過ぎてからも延々とリフが続いていた部分をアルバム収録時にごっそりカットしていたことが解ります。アルバムで一番有名な曲のラフミックス。これは楽しめます。

2. Cover Me

3. Darlington County

4. Working On The Highway

5. Downbound Train

6. 初登場のラフミックス。まだシンセの存在感が薄く、エンディングが延々と続いた揚句にフェイドアウトしないで終わります。

7. Bobby Jean
今回初登場したラフミックスの中でも目玉の一つ。過去にスプリングスティーンの専門書において「strange keyboard intro」と例えられていたバージョンです。ラフミックスなのでブルースがカウントをしている最中にロイ・ビタンが鳴らしたピアノの音が被ってしまったことが、まるでイントロのように聴こえたことで、そのように表現されていたことがこれでお分かりになられるかと思います。しかし演奏が始まるとピアノよりシンセが目立つのが面白いです。

8. I’m Goin’ Down

9. Glory Days

10. Dancing In The Dark

11. Protection

12. None But The Brave
十年前に「ESSENTIAL SPRINGSTEEN」の目玉トラックとしてリリースされて一気にメジャーな存在と化したアウトテイク。そこに収録されたバージョンはスプリングスティーンが90年代にボーカルを録り直していましたが、ここでは1983年当時のオリジナル・ボーカルで収録。それにバッキングトラックが未完成な状態でもあります。

13. Drop On Down And Cover Me

14. Pink Cadillac

久々に登場した「Born In The USA」のアウトテイク集というだけでも世界中のマニアが注目することは間違いなしかと思われますが、初登場のラフミックスを散りばめたレア度満点な内容も最高。アルバムからシングルが矢継ぎ早に出された懐かしの名作アルバム、その完成直前の姿をナチュラルな音質でじっくりとお楽しみください。カセット・コピーが元の音源にありがちなピッチの狂いもしっかりアジャスト。正にエッセンシャルと呼ぶにふさわしい、充実のレア音源集が限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます!

1. Born In The U.S.A. (Long Version) 2. Cover Me 3. Darlington County 4. Working On The Highway
5. Downbound Train 6. I’m On Fire 7. Bobby Jean 8. I’m Goin’ Down 9. Glory Days
10. Dancing In The Dark (Full Ending) 11. Protection 12. None But The Brave (Original Vocal)
13. Drop On Down And Cover Me 14. Pink Cadillac (Full Ending)

Bruce Springsteen (vocals, guitar, harmonica) Roy Bittan (piano, keyboards)
Clarence Clemons (tenor and baritone saxophones, percussion) Danny Federici (organ, keyboards)
Garry Tallent (bass) Max Weinberg (drums)
Steven Van Zandt (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals until June 1983)

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