Led Zeppelin / Offenburg 1973 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Offenburg 1973 / 2CD / Non Label

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Ortenauhalle, Offenburg, Germany 24th March 1973


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1973 European tour, which boasts enormous popularity from enthusiasts around the world. And Bonzo popular secret that woke up to the groove-oriented live sound from the previous year that is located in a too thrilling tactics of his hyper-drumming and equal basis to argue play rolled Paige. Also the autobiography of Paige that was published a few years ago, he is before you fall into a state of “was inseparable and drag”, just before further changes to the big group, to play in the true sense of the word The Paige was able to concentrate feel the finesse of outstanding guitar playing this tour was the apex.
Such ’73 European tour is a series of Meien from the start early. Signs of outstanding play and tactics in the first place from the time of the UK tour in early ’73 by Bonzo and Paige I had seen, but that it was also celebrated the vertices is this tour. Vienna, Munich, Berlin, and such as Hamburg, startle of play Bonzo and Paige has created on this tour none has been loved by enthusiasts around the world.

Miracle of the tour that these Meien was granted, it would be Offenbach performances of the March 24 is the Meien and name sound even in the final stage. “Rock And Roll” from the hard drumming explodes of Bonzo of opening. The echoing of “Misty Mountain Hop” in play from the intro that Johnsy catching of Bonzo like clomp and Seismic was a typical scene of this tour.
Although pattern carried over from there to “Since I’ve Been Loving You” has been known as a live pattern of stylized ’72 from Japan tour until ’73 MSG last day, finished even before song riff this day moment rolled play of Paige of angry waves from the explosion which also was. Although Paige in the United States has played a flashy after this, the difference at that time and is scattered also roughness of the play and woe hard schedule, even smooth play in here rolling up playing him a lot of sound Number of. This is that also charm that does not taste only in the ’73 European tour.
Although 75 years later is Paige that rough play begins noticeable (escalate the stage action, which was aware of the large hall in the opposite), the minute you do not wake up to the action on stage, and precisely because are dedicated to play, here until the slick It will showed Konashi playing.

In the playing surface, that hugely popular in the ’73 European tour “Dazed And Confused”. As long song that technique and tactics of Bonzo and Paige is maximized, Meien of exceptional has been showcased here. Always of “San Francisco” power drum of Bonzo explodes from before entering the section. To just and was waiting for it, and show the play Paige also involved in his drum. And “Machine Gun” pattern of Jimi Hendrix, which was also seen in such as Hamburg is further escalate here, yet Bonzo is instead of runaway alone, it is because Page and he ‘s show the suits tactics of breath surprise. As I first touched, no longer sight of common sense are numerous in this tour of startle play. Not only that, stunning negotiations of Bonzo and Paige is, I was promoted to Meien that enormously among the “Dazed And ~” of this tour high level even for free.

And this day even in sound quality surface we are proud of the popularity of exceptional. Thing that from the first time debut in the analog “CUSTARD PIE”, is a unique breadth and U~omi of realism because it is excellent listening comfort of stereo audience recording of charm. Not only such a performance, also coupled with attractive in terms of sound quality, this Offenbach sound source many items has been produced. However, this stereo recording has had sound image is the instability and some of the cut that would shake from the very beginning, by in recent years the emergence of a different sound source that will compensate the point, the version that you adjust them has also been released. But this time has turned into CD ahead of “Dazed And Confused” in order to solve the instability edited fan version of the remarkable sound image to the original.
It has excellent original edit state, moreover from the fact that accurate pitch, as the shop is to reduce the hiss of the super-high region, and is modest to state what listening through headphones is not tired listening to this stereo recording that exhibits the charm It is not only were the equalization. In ’73 European tour, after all one of the strongest Meien and name sound source and appeared newly brush up. If mania is, of course, especially those who touched the charm of ZEP here recent official Remastered, please try by all means listen to this Meien. Of the day “Stairway To Heaven” Paige is also terrible, such do of, this is a ’73 Europe!


こうした名演が当たり前だったという奇跡のツアー、その終盤でも名演かつ名音源とされるのが3月24日のオッフェンバッハ公演でしょう。オープニングの「Rock And Roll」からボンゾのハードなドラミングが炸裂。「Misty Mountain Hop」でジョンジーが弾くイントロからドスンドスンと地鳴りのようなボンゾのプレイが響き渡るのがこのツアーの典型的な場面でした。
そこから「Since I’ve Been Loving You」へと引き継がれるパターンは72年の日本公演から73年MSG最終日まで定型のライブ・パターンとして知られていますが、この日も前曲のリフが終わった瞬間からペイジの怒涛の弾きまくりがこれまた炸裂。この後のアメリカでもペイジは派手に弾いていますが、ハード・スケジュールが災いしてプレイの粗さも散見されるとその時ちがい、ここでの彼は音数の多い弾きまくりでもプレイが滑らか。これがまた73年ヨーロッパ・ツアーでしか味わえない魅力なのです。

演奏面において、73年ヨーロッパ・ツアーにおいて絶大な人気を誇るのが「Dazed And Confused」。ボンゾとペイジの技巧や駆け引きが最大限に発揮される長尺ソングとして、ここでも別格の名演が披露されました。いつもの「San Francisco」セクションに入る前からボンゾのパワー・ドラムが炸裂。それを待っていましたとばかりに、ペイジも彼のドラムに絡むプレイを見せます。それにハンブルクなどでも見られたジミヘンの「Machine Gun」的パターンがここではさらにエスカレートし、それでいてボンゾが一人で暴走するのではなく、彼とペイジが息の合った駆け引きを見せるのだから驚きです。最初にも触れましたが、驚愕プレイの数々はこのツアーにおいてもはや常識の光景。それだけでなく、ボンゾとペイジの見事な掛け合いが、ただでさえ水準の高いこのツアーの「Dazed And~」の中でも飛び抜けた名演へと昇格させたのです。

そして音質面でもこの日は別格の人気を誇ります。アナログ「CUSTARD PIE」で初お目見えしてからというもの、独特の広がりとウォーミーな臨場感が魅力のステレオ・オーディエンス録音の聴き心地が抜群だからです。そうした演奏だけでなく、音質面での魅力も相まって、このオッフェンバッハ音源は多くのアイテムが生み出されてきました。しかしこのステレオ録音は当初から音像が揺れてしまう不安定さやいくつかのカットを抱えており、近年はその個所を補ってくれる別音源の登場によって、それらをアジャストしたバージョンもリリースされてきました。しかし今回は先の「Dazed And Confused」で顕著な音像の不安定さを解消すべく編集されたファン・バージョンを元にCD化しています。
元々の編集状態が優れており、しかもピッチが正確ということから、当店としては超高域のヒスノイズを軽減し、ヘッドフォンで聴いてこそ魅力を発揮するこのステレオ録音を聴き疲れしない状態へと控えめなイコライズをしたに過ぎません。73年ヨーロッパ・ツアーにおける、何しろ最強の名演かつ名音源の一つが新たにブラッシュアップされて登場します。マニアの方はもちろんですが、特にここ最近のオフィシャル・リマスターでZEPの魅力に触れられた方、是非この名演を聴いてみてください。この日の「Stairway To Heaven」のペイジがまた凄いのなんの、これが73年ヨーロッパだ!

Disc 1 (51:24)
1. Intro. 2. Rock And Roll 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Black Dog 5. Misty Mountain Hop
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You 7. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 8. The Song Remains The Same
9. The Rain Song

Disc 2 (75:36)
1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Heartbreaker

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