Boz Scaggs /Japan Tour 1988 / 1DVDR

Boz Scaggs /Japan Tour 1988 /1 DVDR /Non Label

Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, July 1988. PRO-SHOT

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Translated text:

Official video out of the legendary first visit to Japan is a gift release decision. This work includes the live work “FAR EAST & FAR OUT: COUNCIL MEETING IN JAPAN”. It is the official image which contained the first Japan tour which I realized right after release of the 1st full album “CAFE BLEU”. First of all, let’s look at the schedule of the Japan tour.

“March 16” CAFE BLEU “Release”
· April 29: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center
· April 30: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Center
· May 2: Osaka Health Pension Center
· May 4th: Nakano Sanguraza 【this work】

As you can see, arriving in Japan for just over a month since “CAFE BLEU” was released. It was my first visit to Japan with Mr. BIG COUNTRY, INXS, THE MOTELS, THE ROMANTICS and so on accompanied by the famous “Tomorrow’s Superstars FM LIVE – ALIVE ’84”. This work was recorded on the last day “May 4, 1984: Nakano Sanguraza Performance”.
Although this show was softened at that time, it was out of print for a long time. In 2008 I added extra tracks for video wakeup, and DVDs that changed the order of the songs also appeared, but that is also out of print. This work is not the DVD but digitized precisely from the original release version. Of course, the former is an official work, so its quality is official. Master used is also Japanese version of mint quality, plenty of immersed in beautiful image beauty that even one white line noise does not even.
The legendary first comeback that revived with such quality, the smell of the ’80s vividly revives. Paul · Weller who wrapped herself in a yellow polo shirt with a French cut and wore a trainer on her waist, a bright red suspender in a black soft hat, Mick Talbot decided in a striped tie … …. Already, from the outdoors it was called “fancy sound” scent Munmun scent.
And, the sound that can be unfolded at such a stage is colorful, it is superb. It seemed like a toy box full of jazz, soul, funk, bossa, hip hop from “CAFE BLEU”, but this work seems to have rolled around it from the stage. It is not sophisticated after digesting like “OUR FAVORITE SHOP”, but rather obediently obedes her admiration for black music. Its first-time shine is shining more than “CAFE BLEU”.

Paul who could not hold down the music he wanted to do even though he threw THE JAM. That passion is spread to straight, freshness. Not only is the legendary first visit to Japan, but the young passion that gambled on the music shines, it is a superb picture that pierces as a melody. Sounds, landscapes, scents that could only exist in “that era”. One piece that carries all of that. Please, enjoy plenty.

今を去ること27年前、5度目の来日公演を行ったボズ・スキャッグス。そのプロショット映像が復活リリースです! 1988年の来日公演は、横浜文化体育館1回と武道館3回、さらにビリー・ジョエル、アート・ガーファンクルらとの東京ドーム公演「キリン・ギグズ ’88」がありました。本作は、そのうち3日連続となった「7月8日・9日・10日武道館」公演を元にテレビ放送された映像です(「ステレオ」マークが懐かしい!)。
その画質で映し出されるボズは、やはり27年前。まだ44歳で、ヴィジュアルはもちろんのこと、声の張りも仕草も実に若々しい。(当時の)ニューアルバム「OTHER ROADS」のジャケットそのままです。本作は約50分の番組なのですが、オープニングや本セットの最後、アンコールなど、見所となる重要曲を網羅。曲目を見ても当時のヒット曲のオンパレードで、8年ぶりとなる「OTHER ROADS」から「Claudia」「Cool Running」「Crimes Of Passion」が披露されるほか、代表作「SILK DEGREES」から「Lowdown」「Lido Shuffle」、そしてもちろんの「We’re All Alone」など……もう、曲名を並べただけでうっとりしてしまうような特濃のセットリストで演奏されるのです。
そして、番組の中盤には「MIDDLE MAN」からの「Breakdown Dead Ahead」「Isn’t It Time」「Jojo」でたたみ掛けた後に、インタビューシーンも挟まります。そこでは、「MIDDLE MAN」から「OTHER ROADS」まで8年間もの時間が空いてしまった理由や、今後の抱負を日本語字幕付きで語っています。「今年の終わりまでにはまたスタジオに戻るつもりだよ」「また8年も待たせるようなことはしないよ」とも語っているのですが、確かに8年はかからなかったものの、次作「SOME CHANGE」まで6年も待つことになろうとは(笑)。


1. Lowdown 2. Claudia 3. Cool Running 4. Breakdown Dead Ahead 5. Isn’t It Time
6. Jojo 7. Interview 8. Lido Shuffle 9. We’re All Alone 10. Crimes Of Passion

Boz Scaggs – Vocal, Guitar Joey Brasler – Guitar Teddy Castellucci – Guitar
George Hawkins, Jr. – Bass Tim Heitz – Keyboards Tom Salisbury – Keyboards
John Keane – Drums Mitchico Sanchez – Percussion Paulette Brown – Vocal
Joanne Harris – Vocal


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